*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

Police station

Jill and the others arrived back at the station just as Chris was pulling in.

“Well hey there big brother.” Clare said hugging him.

“Hey.” Chris said. “So Jill who’s all here?”

“Well we just got back from a mission so more may be here but the ones I know about are Leon, Anna, Julie and Rebecca.” Jill said.

“Well I think I saw Johnny heading in a minute ago.” Chris said. “I haven’t seen Tom or Kim.”

Johnny was the kind of guy that any gung-ho solder would like. He never went anywhere with out an M60 and plenty of grenades. He drove an armored truck with a mount for his M60 like the one on Jill’s jeep. Tom…Now there was a character. He could be acting serious one minute then out of the blue start laughing at nothing. He was ex-Delta team and a little cracked after he incidentally killed a child that ran past him in a firefight. Kim on the other hand was always serious and she could backup anything she said. Once she saw a man hit his girlfriend and she stepped in and almost killed the guy. She had a large scar on the left side of her face from a rape attempt. The attacker slashed her face after she kicked him in the balls. The knife split her left eye in half and she was permanently blind. Even though you needed prefect vision to get into STAR she was an exception. Chris was in a bar in the downtown area and hitting on a girl at the counter when a group of bikers came in and threatened to kill him for talking to the sister of the leader. Kim stepped in and between her and Chris they leveled all 8 armed members. After that Chris started hanging around with her and she joined STAR with his recommendation. And unknown to everyone she and Chris have been dating for the past year and it’s getting very serious.

“Well let’s go inside and wait for them.” Chris said and walked into the meeting hall.

The group walked into the meeting hall where Johnny was cleaning his M60.

“You see some action?” Chris asked.

“You can put it like that.” Johnny said and tossed something to Chris.

Chris looked at a bloody pair of dog tags.

“Tommy McClaren Delta 165-73-9937.” Chris read and lowered the tags.

“I was going to pick him up at his place but it was ransacked and covered with Zombies.” Johnny said. “I leveled all of them in my path and got to Tom’s room. He was sitting with his back to the wall with his sidearm in his hand. I looked to see if he was alive and saw that he ate a bullet. There was nothing I could do so I took his tags and ran.”

“They were at his place?” Jill asked.

“I out ran them from my place.” Johnny said.

“So did I.” Chris said.

“There after us.” Jill said. “Like they did with Nemesis.”

“Who’s after us?” Julie asked.

“Umbrella.” Jill said. “They don’t like STAR because we have caused them too much trouble.”

“But how did they get zombies to our houses?” Julie asked.

“All I saw outside my place was a U-Hal truck.” Chris said.

“There was one at my house and one outside Tom’s.” Johnny said.

“I saw one at Leon’s.” Anna said.

“Holy shit.” Jill said. “Well looks like we get to pay them a visit if we get out of here alive.”

“If they are dropping Zombies off at our places.” Chris said. “Then…”

He ran to the phone and dialed Kim’s cell phone number. It rang and rang with no answer.

“Shit.” Chris said hanging up the phone. “Kim is in trouble we have to get to her.”

“She’s almost 2 hours away.” Jill said. “That’s why she works 24 on 24 off instead of 8 hour on 8 off 8 on like the rest of us.”

“I don’t care we have to go.” Chris said. “She’s one of us and we never leave a man behind.”

“Well I’m not a man.” Kim said standing in the doorway. “Sorry I forgot my phone.”

Chris sighed and sat in the chair.

“You cant do that to me.” He said.

“Sorry captain.” Kim said. “I saw a U-Hal truck pass me by on my way in.”

“Ok well now that we’re all here it’s time to get to work.” Chris said. “Clare I know your not a STAR member but we can use you.”

“I figured.” Clare said.

“We’re gonna break into teams of 2 and take different areas.” Chris said. “Johnny and Julie you take the Best Western Bayside Inn. Get everyone out and into any trucks you can find and take them to the Convention Center you are team 1. Clare and Leon you take the Marriot Hotel. Take all survivors to the Convention Center you are team 2. Jill and Rebecca you take the US Grand hotel take everyone to the Convention Center you are team 3. Anna and Kim you come with me to secure the Convention center.”

“Got it.” They all said.

“Ok we’re gonna move out in 10 min get all the ammo you can carry and meet in the parking area.” Chris said. “Ok lets go those people aren’t gonna be safe for long.”

They all ran down to the armory leaving Chris and Kim in the meeting room.

“You scared the hell out of me.” Chris said giving her a hug.

“Sorry but when I heard what was going on I ran out of the house taking only my Ak.47 with me and some extra mags.” Kim said.

Kim was always serious except when she was with Chris then she was a typical woman in her mid 20’s. She put her arms around Chris and kissed him on the lips before braking free.

“We better get going.” She said. “We have a mission to do then we can fool around.”

They both ran out of the meeting hall and ran down to the armory and stalked up and ammo. And ran to the parking area. Everyone was setting their gear up and testing their headphones.

What took you guys?” Anna asked.

“Nothing.” Chris said. “Ok let’s get going.”

They all piled into their personal vehicles and headed for their designated areas.

Marriot Hotel

Leon and Clare ran through the doors to the hotel and up to the reception desk. It was abandoned and Leon jumped over the counter and pressed the intercom button that signaled all the rooms that was for emergency’s only.

“Attention everyone in the building this is Officer Leon Kennedy San Diego STAR team. We are here to evacuate you to the Convention center. What I need from all of you is to meet in the lobby in 10 minutes. And if you have a truck grab you keys we’ll need the transportation. If you need help call the front desk.”

Within 2 minutes there were about 30 people in the lobby and 4 rooms calling for help. Room 202 has a pregnant woman and a child. Room 254 had 3 injured people. Room 323 was full of school children that stayed at the hotel while on a field trip and room 333 had a man that was trapped in the room with a Zombie at the door.

“Well room 333 is my first stop.” Leon said. “Clare stay here and keep everyone safe.”

“I will.” Clare said. “Stay safe.”

Leon nodded and ran to the stairs he wasn’t gonna get into the elevator incase there were zombies. He ran up to the 5th floor and ran to room 333. The door to the room was busted in and Leon stepped in carefully. He could hear the man that called sobbing somewhere in the room and saw a zombie walking into the bathroom. The man screamed and Leon bolted for the bathroom. The zombie was hammering on the shower doors and the man was holding the door shut.

“GET DOWN!” Leon yelled.

The man dropped to the floor and Leon fired 3 shots into the zombie one of them passing through its head. The glass to the shower shattered from the bullets and fell all over the man. He slowly got to his feet and stepped over the zombie.

“Thank you.” He said.

“Your welcome.” Leon said. “Now take the stairs down to the lobby.”

The man nodded and ran out of the room. Leon’s next stop was room 323 that was just down the hall. The door was locked and he could hear children crying.

“Kid’s.” Leon said. “Unlock the door and let me in.”

There was a click from the other side of the door and Leon opened the door. There was about 10 small children and an adult that was laying with her back to the bed. Leon could see that she was bleeding from the neck and walked up to her with his gun in his hand. He reached out and touched the woman’s head and it was cold.

‘She’s dead. She must have called for help before she died.’ He thought as he looked at the children. “Come on kids lets get you to safety.”

He stood up and they all started walking to the door when one of the kids screamed. Leon spun around and saw the woman getting to her feet. Her eyes were white and she was drooling. He raised his gun and fired one shot through her head and she toppled back onto the bed. He sighed and walked out of the room with all the children and took them down to the lobby and left them with Clare then ran to room 202. The woman was laying on the bed with her daughter next to her when Leon walked in.

“I’m…I’m going into labor.” She said.

The daughter was about 12 years old and could move one her own so Leon picked the woman up and headed down the hallway. They were almost to the stairs when a Zombie walked out of a room in front of them. He was about to put the woman down until he felt his gun being pulled from the holster. He looked down and the girl was aiming at the zombie.

“Aim for the head.” Leon said.

The girl fired one shot and dropped the gun but also dropped the zombie with a bullet to the head.

“Wow.” He said as she picked up the gun and put it back in his holster. “Nice shot.”

They walked down the stairs and into the lobby. Thankfully there was a doctor in the lobby that was in town for a seminar and he took charge of the woman. Finally Leon ran to room 254 to get the 3 injured people. As he got to the door he heard the sound of 3 zombies in the room.

“I’m not going in there.” He said and ran back down the hall and into the lobby.

“Where are the others?” Clare asked.

“Their dead.” Leon said. “OK now who has trucks?”

I have one.” A man said.

“I have a U-Hall that I’m taking back to Kentucky.” Another said. “It’s empty.”

“Good we’ll use that.” Leon said. “Let’s go.”

They all ran to the truck and opened the back and piled everyone in. Clare sat in the back with the door open and Leon got into the front.

“Ok let’s get going.” Leon said and the man started up the truck and headed for the convention center.

It was less than a mile to the convention center and there was no traffic so it only took about 3 minutes to arrive. All of the other groups were arriving at the same time.

“Now how the hell did you all get her as fast as us?” Leon asked.

“The bayside Inn burned to the ground.” Julie said. “No survivors.”

“The Grand hotel was closed for fumigation.” Jill said.

“Well hell looks like we had all the fun.” Leon said. “Ok lets get inside before we’re dinner.”


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