*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

For the next 3 weeks Jill’s life was the same day in day out. She was able to get over her alcoholism with Rebecca’s medical and moral support. Everyday Jill went through her withdraws and mood swings and every night Rebecca had to sleep with a constant PMSing woman and that was hell. Rebecca watched the news and kept an eye on the zombie infection in San Francisco and so far it was being kept under containment by the army. Rebecca had to drag Jill with her to work so she wouldn’t fall back into the bottle which took Jill’s mind off of the withdraws. The morning that Jill woke up without a headache and a craving for alcohol she jumped on Rebecca kissing her until she woke up.

1 week after Jill’s withdraws 5:00am

The alarm snapped Jill and Rebecca out of sleep and Rebecca smacked the snooze button.

“Oh I hate waking up.” She said rolling on her side and looked at Jill.

“Oh it’s not so bad waking up next to you.” Jill said.

Rebecca smiled and climbed out of bed and walked into the bathroom. Jill stretched out in the bed and curled up to go back to sleep.

“Jill come here quick.” Rebecca yelled.

Jill ran into the living room where Rebecca was looking at the TV that was flashing ‘Breaking news’. The TV was showing images of San Diego with crashed cars and people running through the streets with the living dead in hot pursuit. There was a scroll at the bottom of the screen saying ‘All STAR and SWAT members report to the nearest station immediately.

“Oh shit.” Jill said as they both ran down the hall and into the bedroom. Jill had moved in with Rebecca to make things easer as she went through the withdraws and decided to stay. They both tossed off their nightgowns and dressed in their STAR clothes. Rebecca was in suburban camouflage pants with a black tank top. And Jill was in her blue tank top black skirt and boots with her black beret. Jill grabbed her Beretta .9mm and Rebecca grabbed her new combat 12 gauge shotgun.

“I had a feeling this would come in handy.” She said as she put a bandoleer of shells around her shoulder and loaded the shotgun.

They ran out of the house and up to Jill’s jeep.

“I remember you thought I was nuts for getting this jeep with a turret mount on it.” Jill said as she reached into the bolted down locked box and removed an M60 heavy machinegun and bolted it to the turret mount.

Jill loaded the gun with the belt of ammo that was in an ammo can to the left of it then hopped into the driver’s seat.

“I don’t think there here yet but I want to be ready.” She said as she started up the jeep.

“Damn Jill.” Rebecca said looking at the M60. “Can you say over kill?”

“No.” Jill laughed as she speed to the station.

Seeing as it was only 5:10 am not many people on the road but those that were fleeing the city after hearing what was going on. Jill and Rebecca pulled into the parking structure of the police station and parked the jeep in an armored area meant for APC’s and ran into the STAR meeting room. Jill and Rebecca were the senior officers in the room so they walked up to the podium. There were only 3 other officers in the room besides Jill and Rebecca and they were all new and only one had dealt with what they are dealing with now. The officers were, Leon Kennedy, Julie Carmickle and Anna Smith. The rest of the members were on their way but they had to start the briefing without them.

“Ok this is the situation.” Jill said. “You all have heard about what is happening in San Francisco. Well now it’s happening here.”

“Is Umbrella behind it again?” Leon asked.

“More than likely.” Jill said. “There are only a few ways to kill the things we are up against. The best way is to put a bullet in their heads.”

“No problem.” Julie said patting her .308 sniper rifle. “Just give me a clear shot.”

“Yea well you better take lots of ammo.” Jill said.

“What about removing the heads?” Anna asked.

“That would work if you want to get that close.” Jill said. “Personally I don’t.”

“Well you know I like to bring my Katanna with me.” Anna said. “Just for close encounters.”

“Well you’ll probably get to use it.” Jill said. “And what ever you do don’t any of them bite you. They can transfer the virus to you. And that counts for scratches as well.”

Anna looked at what she was wearing and smiled. She was like an armored knight. She was covered from head to toe with Titanium. It was light but strong. She had full range of movement in the suit so top brass let her keep it.

“Ok as soon as the others get here we’re on search and rescue.” Jill said. “I’ll designate areas once they are all here. Until then your on you own. Dismissed.”

They all stood up and walked out of the room. Leon was looking out of one of the windows at the street and Julie was setting up a sniper post for target practice on any Zombie that came down the street.

“Hey Leon.” An officer said walking down the hall. “The wife’s on the phone.”

“Ok thanks.” Leon said walking back into the meeting room and up to the phone. “Hello.”

“Leon it’s Clare.” Clare said.

“What’s up?” Leon asked.

“Oh plenty.” Clare said.

In the back ground Leon could hear the sound of doors rattling and scattered gunfire.

“Are you ok?” Leon asked.

“For now.” Clare said. “There are Zombies outside. Our neighbors our here and there helping take down any that get through the doors.”

Clare’s voice was a little shaky but she was in control of the situation.

“Come home soon and get us out of here.” She said.

“I’m on my way.” Leon said. “If anything happens get into the attic and go to the back.”

“Ok be fast.” Clare said.

Just before the line went dead Leon heard the sound of boards breaking and Clare screaming and 2 shotgun blasts.

“Clare!” Leon yelled.

He dropped the phone and ran for the door. Jill and Rebecca heard Leon yelling Clare’s name and head for the door.

“Leon wait.” Jill said grabbing him by the shoulders. “Let’s rally the troops.”

She grabbed her radio and keyed down on the button.

“Anna, Julie meet in the parking garage we have a rescue mission.” She said and ran with Rebecca and Leon to the garage.

Leon was in his jeep waiting for the others as Jill and Rebecca got the M60 ready to rock. Julie and Anna ran out of the building and hopped in Leon’s jeep and they speed off. Leon’s house was only 4 miles away and as soon as they got within a block of it they saw smoke rising from the street.

“Ok Rebecca mount up.” Jill said.

Rebecca took off her seat belt and got behind the M60 and aimed in front of the jeep. Both jeeps slowed down to avoid hitting anyone that was running away and soon were on Leon’s street. Anna had her rifle positioned on the roll bar of the jeep and looked for targets. Most of the houses on the street had windows knocked out and doors broken down.

“Ok lets split up.” Jill said into the radio. “Anna there is a latter on the side of the house to your right. Get to the roof and give us sniper cover.”

“I’m on it.” Anna said and hopped out of the jeep as it rolled past.

Her rifle was slung over her shoulder along with a rope and she had a .40 caliber Beretta in her hand. She ran to the side of the house and dropped 2 zombies with a shot to the head each and climbed up the latter. She looked around the roof to be sure that it was clear then aimed her handgun at the bolts on the latter and fired. The latter fell to the ground sealing off her exit but also preventing anything from coming up behind her. She attached the rope to a pipe that was on the roof and set the coil by her and readied her rifle.

“Ok I have the high ground.” She said into her headphone.

Jill and the others were out of the jeeps and moving up to Leon’s house. Leon tried to open the door but it was barricaded from the other side. He took a step back and kicked the door as hard as he could. The door broke off it’s hinges and fell to the floor. The place smelled like gun powder as they entered. There were Zombies lying on the floor with shotgun blasts in their chests and heads.

“Leon take the kitchen.” Jill said. Rebecca take the bedrooms Julie take the basement I’ll look upstairs.”

“They should be in the attic.” Leon said.

“Ok we’ll go there after the house is secure.” Jill said.

They all split up and started searching the house. Leon walked into the kitchen and found his neighbors 17 year old son lying and the floor with a bullet in his head and several bite marks on his neck.

“Good girl.” Leon said to himself she kept him from coming back.

The room was full of bullet holes from a shootout but very little Zombies.

‘They must have panicked.’ He thought as he checked the zombies to be sure they were dead for good.


Julie walked down the stairs into the basement that was lit by several 100 watt bulbs making it easy to see. She listened for any sound but there was none. She pushed open the door at the bottom of the stairs with the barrel of her AR.15 a semi auto M16 and walked inside. The room was nicely cleaned with only a few bullets lying on the table next to the gun lockers. She walked up to the lockers to see if there was anything she could use but there was nothing so she headed back up the stairs.

“Basements clear.” She said.

“So is the kitchen.” Leon said.

“Rodger.” Jill said as she walked up the stairs.

She was almost at the top when she heard a shotgun blast.

“Rebecca.” She said into her headphone. “Rebecca are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” Rebecca said.


Rebecca looked at the Zombie that she had just blasted in the face with her shotgun. It was behind the door and almost had her but she was faster and took it down.

“First bedroom clear.” She said as she walked out and headed for the last one.

This time she went in ready for anything. Well almost anything. Laying on the ground was the mutilated body of one of Leon’s friends. His throat was ripped out and most of his chest was gone. There was no chance of him coming back so she left the room.
”Leon this is Rebecca.” She said. “John Baker is dead.”

“Yea so is his son.” Leon said.

“I’m heading up the stairs.” Rebecca said walking down the hall.

“Julie and I will meet you there.” Leon said.


Jill walked down the hallway and into the master bedroom. Her stomach turned when she looked at the floor.

“Leon its Jill.” She said.

“What’s wrong?” Leon asked.

“You two are sick.” Jill said as she picked up the leather whip and used condom. “Why the hell did you leave a condom on the floor?”

All Leon heard was Rebecca, Julie and Anna laughing over the head phones.

“Ok my room is clear keep checking.” Leon said turning a bit red.

“Hey Leon I knew she had you whipped but damn.” Julie said.

“Oh go to hell.” Leon said.

Jill laughed as she walked out of the room closing the door behind her. She finished the sweep of the seconded floor and waited for the others. They all walked up to the attic entrance and pulled down the latter.

“Hold your fire.” Jill yelled up the latter.

She was the first in and looked around. There were boxes stacked up all over the floor and she moved through the room.

“Clare?” She said.

“In the corner.” Clare said standing up.

Leon raced past Jill and hugged his wife tightly.

“Are you ok?” He asked as he gave her a kiss.

“I’m fine.” Clare said. “But I’m out of ammo.”

Just stay behind me.” Leon said and looked around. “Where are the others.”

“Their dead.” Clare said. “Their all dead.”

“Where’s Cindy?” Leon asked.

“A large monster got her in the living room.” Clare said. “We were all out of ammo and she had no hope.”

“We didn’t see her body.” Leon said.
”It…It ate her.” Clare said.

“Ok let’s get out of her we have other houses to search.” Jill said.

They all walked out of the house and ran to Jill’s jeep. Clare mounted the M60 as the others split up in 2 groups of 2 and started searching all the houses. There were no survivors in any of the houses and the ones that lived made a run for it.

“Ok Anna we’re on out way out.” Jill said. “Be ready for pickup.”

“Rodger.” Anna said.


Anna pushed the rope off the roof and waited for the others to get to the jeeps. As soon as they were in the jeeps she climbed down the rope and ran to Jill’s jeep and climbed in. Clare had jumped out to be with Leon so Rebecca manned the M60 fore the whole back to the station.


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