*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

5:30 am

Rebecca opened her eyes early in the morning with a pounding headache from hitting her head on the wall. She rolled on her side to wake up Jill but she wasn’t there.

“Jill?” Rebecca said sitting up.

She was completely nude but she didn’t care. She stood up and walked through the hallway and into the living room. The room was dimly lit by the rising sun and she saw Jill lying on the couch with her back facing the hallway. Rebecca was lightly sweating from the summer morning and the light glistened off her nude body as she walked up to the couch. She kneeled down and put her hand on Jill’s shoulder.

“Hey Jill.” She whispered and shook her shoulder

Jill moaned as she opened her eyes and turned to see Rebecca.

“Hey.” Jill said sleepily. “Are you ok?”

“My head hurts but I’ll be fine.” Rebecca said.

“I’m sorry.” Jill said. “You caught me off guard.”

“It’s ok.” Rebecca said. “But anyway there’s no reason for you to sleep on the couch. Come to bed.”

Rebecca stood up as Jill sat up and rubbed her eyes. She slowly got to her feet and walked with Rebecca into her room. Rebecca lay back in her bed as Jill pulled the covers down on the other side. As soon as Jill was in the bed Rebecca scooted over and rested her head on Jill’s shoulder.

“Don’t you have to work?” Jill asked.

“Not with my head the way it is.” Rebecca said.

Jill sighed and closed her eyes as Rebecca started kissing her on the neck and rubbed her chest.

“Not now Rebecca.” Jill said. “I have a killer hangover and you have a concussion.”

“I’m not trying to make love to you.” Rebecca said. “I just want to be close to you.”

“I’m not going anywhere.” Jill said.

“I know but I haven’t had anyone sleeping next to me sense the night we broke up.” Rebecca said.

“That was almost a year ago.” Jill said.

“I know.” Rebecca said. “I was hopping that you still wanted to be with me.”

“Well I do.” Jill said.

“I figured that out.” Rebecca said.

Rebecca continued rubbing Jill’s chest and Jill rolled on her back and put her hands behind her head. Rebecca took that as an offering and moved her lips to Jill’s and started to unbutton her shirt. Jill went along and removed her shirt and tossed it to the floor. Rebecca moved her lips from Jill’s and kissed her way down to her exposed breasts. Jill breathed in through her teeth and Rebecca reached her nipples.

“Rebecca.” Jill moaned. “Please not now.”

Rebecca stopped playing with her and rolled off and faced her back to Jill and pulled the covers over her shoulder.

“Come one Becky don’t be mad.” Jill said calling her by her nick name. “I’m just not ready to do that. “I just feel bad but I’ll be ready tonight I promise.”

“Ok.” Rebecca said without looking at her.

Jill sighed and faced her back to Rebecca and closed her eyes.

10:00 am

When Rebecca woke up Jill had her arms around her and was sleeping peacefully. Rebecca was still a little mad at Jill for leading her on like that but was willing to let it go jut to have Jill’s arms around her. Jill had one hand around her waist and the other under her back and resting on her chest. Rebecca reached up and lifted Jill’s hand from her chest and kissed it before slowly sliding out of her lover’s arms and walking into the kitchen. Rebecca brewed a pot of coffee and walked into the bathroom to look at the bandage on her head. It was covered in blood but it all looked old so she tossed it in the trash can and hopped in the shower. The warm water stung the back of her head and was turned red from the blood in her hair but the wound wasn’t bleeding anymore. Once she was finished she dried off and walked into the room and put on a pair of sweat pants and a plain white t-shirt and walked into the living room. She walked to the phone and called work and let them know she wasn’t coming in then walked to the coffee pot. After taking down a few cups she made one for Jill and walked into the bedroom where she was still sleeping. She set the cup down and leaned over Jill and brushed her lips to Jill’s.

“Time to wake up.” She whispered and kissed her just hard enough to wake her up.

Jill opened her eyes and smiled when she looked into Rebecca’s eyes.

“Morning.” She said and gave Rebecca a kiss.

“I brought you some coffee.” Rebecca said. “Black 2 sugars.”

“You’re a life saver.” Jill said and sat up.

Rebecca handed her the mug and walked into the living room and turned on the TV. Jill watched her walk away and sighed.

‘She’s still mad.’ She thought.

She looked down at her exposed breasts then set the mg down and stood up. She removed the rest of her clothes and walked into the living room. She leaned against the wall in the hallway so Rebecca could see her.

“Hey.” She said. “If you still want me I’m all yours.”

Rebecca never took her eyes off the TV and was rather pail.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Jill asked.

“Plenty.” Rebecca said turning the volume up on the TV.

“These images you are seeing are not make believe.” The reporter said. “It appears that the dead have come back to life and are attacking everyone they come into contact with. Every one they kill comes back to life and adds to the straight of the undead.”

Jill sat next to Rebecca and looked on in horror as they watched live coverage of Umbrella Special forces solders trying to stop the Zombie horde but not succeeding.

“Where is this happening?” Jill asked.

“Up in the San Francisco area.” Rebecca said. “It looks like the Army has set up a barricade around the whole area. They are letting people that are not infected through to safety and killing everyone else.”

“Well it looks like they have it contained for now.” Jill said. “But we better be ready incase the virus makes it here.”

Rebecca nodded her head and looked at Jill and finally saw that she was necked.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“I wanted to say sorry for turning you down earlier.” Jill said. “I wanted to make it up to you.”

“Hold that thought.” Rebecca said kissing Jill on the lips. “Let’s be sure we’re ready to go through hell again before we go the heaven.”


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