*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

Rebecca burst through the doors of the station wearing a pair of cut off jeans and a white t-shirt and stormed up to the counter.

“Where is she?” She snapped.

“In the break room.” The officer behind the desk said.

Rebecca stormed down the hall in almost broke down the door to the break room making the officer inside spill coffee in his lap. He jumped to his feet with a yelp of pain. Rebecca walked over and stood with her hands on her hips glaring down at Jill.
”Get up.” The young medic snapped.

Jill didn’t move from the coma like state.

“If I have to wake you up you’re gonna hate it.” She snapped.

Jill still didn’t move and Rebecca’s eyes narrowed.

“You asked for it.” She said and walked over to the refrigerator.

She reached in and took out a large bottle of hot sauce and some eggs. She cracked open the eggs in a cup and poured most of the bottle of hot sauce in then mixed some coffee with it.

“Are you trying to wake her up or poison her?” The officer asked.

“Both are fine with me.” Rebecca said. “I’m tired of dragging her ass out of here.”

She reached into the cupboard and pulled out a funnel with a thick tube that was kept in there for when some of the officers wanted to have some fun and pour coffee into the funnel like a beer bong. She opened Jill’s mouth and leaned her head back clearing her airway.

“Leon, as soon as I put this in her stomach pour this down the funnel.” Rebecca said.

“Ok.” Leon said.

Rebecca slid the hose down Jill’s throat and into her stomach.

“Now.” She said and Leon poured the cocktail into the funnel.

The cocktail quickly disappeared down the hose and Rebecca removed the hose from Jill’s throat and snapped her mouth shut. Jill remained still for a few seconds before her eyes shot open and she sat up and started gagging.

“Damn.” Leon said. “That worked.”

“Yea that’s my form of a Molotov Cocktail.” Rebecca said. “She’s gonna puke in 3…2…1…and now.”

Right on queue Jill ran to the sink in the room and vomited all the contents in her stomach including the cocktail.

“What the hell?” Jill asked.

“I told you that you wouldn’t like it if I woke you up.” Rebecca said with a smile.

“How could I hear you I was out cold?” Jill yelled

“Well I needed to wake you up.” Rebecca said. “And you know that when you’re drinking you go overboard.”

“Rebecca don’t start.” Jill said walking towards the door.

Rebecca walked behind her and waved good bye at Leon as they closed the door.

“I’ll come to the funeral.” The officer behind the desk said.

“Bite me.” Jill said as she and Rebecca walked out.

Jill and Rebecca walked out to Rebecca’s car and got in. Jill sat in the seat with a flop and crossed her arms.

“Do we need to have another talk?” Rebecca asked as she started up the car.

“It’s my life.” Jill said stubbornly. “I’ll throw it away if I want to.”

“Not if I can help it.” Rebecca said. “I know why you’re doing this but it won’t bring him back.”

“Shut the hell up Rebecca.” Jill said with an angry tone.

“Or what?” Rebecca asked.

Jill reached into her purse to grab her .22 then realized that Leon had taken it.

“ Sigh Never mind.” Jill said slumping in the chair.

The rest of the drive neither of them said another word. Jill was already taking off her seat belt as Rebecca pulled into the driveway of her small apartment in the Downtown San Diego area. Jill opened the car door and got out just as the car came to a stop and slammed the door. Rebecca sighed and climbed out if the car and walked up behind Jill who was trying open the door.

“It’s locked.” Rebecca said as she reached around Jill and pushed her key into the lock and opened the door.

Jill pushed the door open and walked right into the kitchen and relieved Rebecca of the rest of her Vodka witch was about half of a fifth.

“Jill!” Rebecca yelled. “You have hade enough!”

“Not sense youpoured that shit down my throat.” Jill said tossing the bottle into the trash can.

Rebecca took a deep sigh and walked into the kitchen and stopped beside Jill.

“Jill.” She said becoming very serious. “You are my friend. We faced death next to each other more than once and have came out ok.”

Jill folded her arms in preporation for the “You’re my friend” talk and closed her eyes.

“I can’t just sit by and watch you drink your life away.” Rebecca continued. “I know my words mean nothing to you but I have to say them if just to ease my own conscience. I have watched as your life fell to shit after you lost Carlos and it hurts to watch.”

“Leave him out of it.” Jill said coolly.

She walked from the kitchen and into the living room and flopped down on the couch with Rebecca behind her with arms still crossed.

“Jill listen to me.” She said.

“I know this lecture inside and out.” Jill said.

“This is the last time I’m gonna say it.” Rebecca said. “I…I wont be there for you next time.”

This made Jill look at her in surprise. The tone in Rebecca’s voice was enough to convince her that she was telling the truth.

“I don’t even know why you help me as it is.” Jill said.

“Because.” Jill said looking at the floor. “You’re my best friend and at one point in my life even a lover.” She said as tears formed in her eyes.

Jill smiled as she remembered the time she had with Rebecca by her side and still couldn’t figure out why she had ended it.

“We were a good couple.” Jill said sitting up.

Rebecca sat down next to her and sighed.

“This is just like old times.” She said. “I come to get you in the middle of the night. Then it’s the “Talk” followed by…”

“Yea well.” Jill said. “The old times are gone. It’s time to start some new times.”

“What are you saying?” Rebecca asked looking at Jill.

“I mean you and I.” Jill said putting an arm around Rebecca’s waist. “I’d like to start over.”

“I’d like that.” Rebecca said smiling. “But there’s only one thing.”

“I’ll need help but I’ll stop drinking.” Jill said.

“You got all the help you need.” Rebecca smiled.
”I don’t need help just with the withdraws.” Jill said. “I’m gonna break before the end.”

“I know.” Rebecca said. ‘She’s gonna have to face the fact that Carlos is dead.’ She thought.

“Thanks.” Jill said and pulled Rebecca closer to her.

“You’ve been smoking.” Rebecca said. “Haven’t you?”

“Yea.” Jill said laughing a bit.

“Ok into the shower for you.” Rebecca said pulling Jill to her feet.

It was right about then that the half a fifth of Vodka hit Jill and she started to sway. Rebecca took Jill’s arm and placed it over her shoulder and helped her into the bathroom.

“Are you gonna be ok or do I need to help you?” Rebecca asked.

“I be fine.” Jill said starting to slur.

Rebecca let Jill go and Jill started to strip down out of her shorts and shirt. She had nothing else on underneath making Rebecca smile. Jill lifted her right leg to get into the shower but fell off balance. Rebecca reached out and caught Jill before she had the chance to crack her head open.

“You ok?” Rebecca asked.
”Yea.” Jill said.

Rebecca helped Jill the rest of the way into the shower and closed the door. Jill turned on the water and adjusted the heat and turned the shower on. She put her head under the shower and closed her eyes.

‘Rebecca’s willing to take me back.’ She thought. ‘Why? After the way I treated her.’

She lifted her head up letting the water fall on her face. It may have been the alcohol in her system or the fact that she was thinking and that always hurt. But she never heard the door to the shower open or the sound of Rebecca giggling. But when Rebecca put her hands through Jill’s hair she for an instant thought about a Zombie behind her.

“WHAAAA!!” She screamed and spun around with her elbow swinging.

Rebecca saw it coming but she couldn’t get out of the way and caught Jill’s elbow right in her jaw. Blood was sent flying from lips as she smashed into the wall with the back of her head smacking the wall. She saw a flash of light then everything went fuzzy. The last thing she saw was the blurry image of Jill dropping to he knees and putting her hand on the side of her face. She felt the warmth of Jill’s touch just before everything went black.


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