*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

Jill, Rebecca, Leon, Clare, Chris and Kim met back at the helipad and waited for 10 minutes for Julie and Johnny.

“Where are they?” Jill asked pacing back and forth.

“They were searching the East side of the island.” Chris said. “We can’t wait for the Rangers. We have to look for them.”

“Are we splitting up?” Clare asked.

“No.” Chris said. “Let’s stay together.”

They headed to the east side of the island and searched for the missing members. They searched the Laundry room but found no sign. There were some tracks outside and they followed them to the Hole.


Chris pushed the door open to one of the room and looked in.

“Jesus.” He said. “I think this is Johnny.”

There was blood all over the floor and bed. Chris slowly walked in and picked up the M60 and some grenades. He was walking out when he saw Julie’s cloths and armor on the floor. He continued out and looked at the prison.

“Angel may look like Julie.” Chris said. “Look for the shoulder wound.”

They could hear the choppers heading to the island and ran back to the helipad to meet them. 2 choppers dropped off 10 Rangers and 2 doctors with body bags one of the Rangers ran up to Chris.

“Sir you are in charge.” He said.

“Ok I want you all to search the island.” Chris said. “Kill anything with a shoulder wound that is the monster we’re looking for. I want you to take one of the body bags to the water tower. One of out team mates is there. And another is in the hole.”

“Yes sir.” The man said and went back to the others and told them the orders.

“What are we gonna do?” Jill asked.

“We’re heading back into the Prison.” Chris said.

“Sir take this.” One of the Rangers said handing Leon a Flam Thrower.

“Do you think Julie’s alive?” Clare asked.

“I don’t know.” Chris said.

Death Row

Julie opened her eyes feeling nauseous. Her vision was blurred and her head was pounding. She tried to move but something was holding her against the wall.

“Relax.” Her own voice said. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“Wha…What do you want?” Julie asked.

“Don’t worry.” Her voice said. “If I wanted to kill you you’d be dead.”

“Angel?” Julie asked.

“That’s what they named me yes.” Angel said.

Julie started struggling against what ever was holding her to the wall.

“Give up I’ve cocooned you to the wall.” Angel said.

“What do you…you want?” Julie asked.

“I need your help.” Angel said. “You see I’m gonna be having a baby.”

“What?” Julie asked. “How?”

“I took the eggs from Anna.” Angel said. “I wasn’t sure what to take so I ate most of her organs.”

“Anna no.” Julie said. “You bitch.

“I seduced your partner Johnny for the other part I needed.” Angel said. “I didn’t want to kill him but he discovered who I was and fought so I ripped his chest open.”

“You monster.” Julie said.

“Be that as it may.” Angel said. “But Soon I’m gonna be a mother. With your help that is.”

“I’ll never help you.” Julie said.

“Yes you will.” Angel said. “Because I ‘m having Jimmies baby. You loved him I know.”

“Yes I did.” Julie said.

“Well you might like to know that he fantasized about you often.” Angel said. “I also know you help me because if you don’t I’ll kill you and your child.”

“What?” Julie asked.

“I put some of Johnny into you.” Angel said. “I assure you that it’s human. I didn’t taint it at all. I may be a monster but I’m still a woman.”

“Why can’t you deliver it on your own?” Julie asked.

“Because I will die before it’s born.” Angel said.

‘If she’s dead she can’t kill me if I don’t deliver it.’ Julie thought. “Ok I’ll do it.”

Angel reached up her hand and caressed Julies face then recoiled and slapped her.

“You bitch.” She snapped. “I can read your mind. Do you think I’d let you live just because you said you’ll do it?”

Angel reached up and put her hand around Julie’s throat and started squeezing. Julie went lightheaded and her vision went black as her life was being chocked out of her. She tried to tell Angel to stop but couldn’t speak.

‘Ok I’ll do it.’ She thought hoping Angel would hear her.

Angel released her and she started gasping for air.

“You we’re telling the truth.” Angel said. “Keep that up and you’ll be fine.”

Julie’s vision was cleared and she looked at Angel. She looked like her and her stomach was extended and Julie knew she was almost ready. Angel ripped the cocoon off of her and she fell to her knees. Angel turned around and walked into one of the cells and lay on the bed. Julie walked in with her arms around her chest.

“Where are my clothes?” She asked.

“I left them up top.” Angel said. “But your sword is here. You’ll need that to deliver the baby.”

Julie picked up her sword and unsheathed it.

“It is time.” Angel said. “I want to say thanks”

“I’m only doing it to save my life.” Julie said.

“I know.” Angel said. “But still…Thank you.”

She took a deep breath and slowly let it out as she died. Julie sheathed her sword and was about to leave the room until she saw Angel’s stomach move.

‘I promised.’ She thought pulling her sword again.

With one slash she sliced open Angel’s stomach and the baby crawled out.

“I never said I would look after it.” She said walking out of the room.

Cell block C

Chris and the others were heading through Cell block C and were only 30 feet from the door to the stairs when the door opened and Julie walked out. Chris and the others stopped and raised their weapons.

“Wait.” Julie said holding out her arms. “It’s me.”

“How can we be sure?” Chris asked.
”Well first I’m nude.” Julie said. “And seconded I don’t have a hole in my shoulder.”

One look was all it took to convince the team she was the real Julie. Rebecca pulled a blanket out of her pack and wrapped it around her.

“Where’s Angel?” Chris asked.

“She died giving birth.” Julie said. “I promised I’d deliver the baby to save my own life. I left the baby in Death Row.”

“I’ll take care of it.” Leon said heading down the stairs.

Death row

Leon turned on the Flam Thrower and searched Death Row for the baby but didn’t find it. Angel’s body was laying on the bed and Leon torched it for good measure then headed back to the others.

Cell block C

Leon walked back to the group with the Flam Thrower over his shoulder.

“Did you get it?” Leon asked.

“I didn’t see it.” Leon said. “But I cooked Angel.”

“Ok let’s go back to the helipad and tell the Rangers.” Chris said.


Chris and the others stood on the helipad and watched as the Rangers finished searching the island.

“We’ve finished our sweep.” One of them said to Chris. ‘No one’s home.”

“There is a baby on the island.” Chris said. “It’s the monster’s we have to destroy it.”

“We have to go.” The Ranger said. “HQ is gonna nerve gas the island and drop bunker busters full of the gas on the prison. If it’s still on the island we’ll get it.”

The choppers came back and picked everyone up and headed back for the main land. As soon as they were all out of harm’s way the island was gassed killing everything on the island.

San Francisco bay

Julie stood on the beach in a pair of camouflaged pants and a black shirt watching the sun sink into the sea.

“I may be a monster but I’m still a woman.” Angel’s words echoed through her mind as she watched the orange rays of the sun dance across the sky.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” A woman said walking up beside her.

“Yes it is.” Julie said.

“This is the first time I’ve seen the sun set.” The woman said.

Julie turned to look at the woman. She resembled Anna but had Johnny’s eyes.

“Angel!?” Julie said taking a step back.

“It’s ok.” Angel said. “I’m a human now and I have free will and I’m using it.”

“How did you?” Julie asked.

“When I died my life went into the baby.” Angel said. “The only ability I have from my first form is the ability to change shapes. And luck was on my side that the Ranges didn’t count how many were with them. 10 landed on the island and 11 left.”

Julie reached for her hand gun as slowly as she could.

“What do you want me to be?” Angel asked.

“What?” Julie asked.

“I can look like whoever you want but that ability will be gone soon.”

“Just be yourself.” Julie said.

“I don’t know who I am.” Angel said. “I can bring about the end of the world or to live out my life and die an old lady.”

“That’s a choice you’re gonna have to make on your own.” Julie said.

They looked at the water in silence for a moment. Then Angel smiled.

“I think I’ll be a human.” Angel said.

“That’s a good choice.” Julie said sliding her sidearm back in its holster.

“I should go.” Angel said. “I have a life to get started.”

They both started walking up the beach towards the hummer’s that was to take Julie back to San Diego.

“You know.” Angel said. “Now that I’m a human I have human emotions. Like love.”

She reached out her hand and took Julies as they walked.

“Love is a good thing.” Julie said looking at her hand. “You know there are some openings with the STAR team.”

“I don’t want to do that.” Angel said. “I don’t want to kill anyone.”

“I understand.” Julie said.

“I want to help save people.” Angel said as they stepped into the street.

“That’s a good thing to do.” Julie said. “But you should choose a new name.”

“I like my name.” Angel said.

“Ok suit yourself.” Julie laughed.

The team was hopping into the Hummer when Julie and Angel walked up to them.

“Who’s this?” Jill asked.

“This is my old girl friend from high school.” Julie said. “She lost her home and is gonna be stating with me.”

“Dose she have a name?” Jill asked.

“My name’s Angel.” Angel said.

“It’s nice to meet you Angel.” Jill said and got into the Hummer.

The whole trip home everyone slept but none more peacefully than Julie and Angel. Even though she knew what Julie really was she knew she would be happy with her. Angel for the first time knew what happiness was sleeping with her head on Julie’s shoulder.

1 year later San Francisco church

The sun was falling sending its last rays through the stain glass window. The rays were falling on Jill and Rebecca as they exchanged the sacred wards and rings. The team was all sitting in the audience looking at them. Chris was sitting with his new wife Kim by his side. Clare had one hand on her extended stomach and Leon’s hand in the other. Julie was holding her baby girl in one arm and leaning on Angel. Angel went to medical school and quickly excelled to the front of the class and became a nurse in the ER. She was happy with her job saving lives and loved Julie. None of the team members questioned Julie about Angel suddenly showing up or how she got pregnant. Julie and Angel had fallen in love shortly after leaving San Francisco but even though they loved each other they wanted to wait to get married. Rebecca was looking into Jill’s eyes as Jill slipped the ring on her finger and she slipped one on Jill’s. They slowly leaned into each other and pressed their lips as their friends cheered and applauded.

“I love you.” Rebecca whispered in Jill’s ear.

“I love you too.” Jill said hugging Rebecca tightly.

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