*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

Chris folded the journal and put it into his pocket.

“Angel could be anywhere by now.” He said. “We need to get to the radio tower and alert the Army.”

The team ran out of death row and through solitary at full speed.

“Why would she tell us to look in Death row?” Leon asked as they ran up the stairs.

“How should I know.” Chris said.

It took them only 5 minutes to get to the helipad and Chris ran to the radio tower.

“This is Chris Redfield of The San Diego STAR’s team we have and emergency. Over” Chris said into the microphone.

“This is HQ what is the problem? Over.” The operator asked.

“You need to find the Ranger that came back on the chopper that brought the antivirus. He is Angel, an experiment and the source of the virus. Over.”

“We’d like to STAR but the chopper went down shortly after it left the prison. Over.” The operator said.

“Did you find bodies? Over.” Chris asked.

“We found the bodies of the door gunner and pilot. The doctor survived. Over.” The operator said.

“Was she injured? Over” Chris asked.

“That’s a negative STAR she was unharmed. Over.” The operator said.

“Ok we need as many men as you can spare to search the island. Over.” Chris said.

“Acknowledged STAR we will have our people there in under an hour. Over.” The operator said.

“Ok we will begin the search of the island and wait for reinforcements. Out.” Chris said and dropped the microphone.

Chris looked at his team and then at the island.

“She’s not in the prison otherwise she would have attacked us.” He said. “So she’s out there some where.”

The team looked at the island from the helipad and seeing all kinds of hiding places.

“I don’t like this.” Clare said.

“Yea we’ve gone from being the hunters to the hunted.” Leon said.

“Ok let’s split up.” Chris said. “2 man teams. Anna run to that water tower near the port and give us cover.”

“Got it.” Anna said and ran off for the tower.

“Leon and Clare you take the south side. Julie and Johnny take the east side. Jill and Rebecca take the west side. Kim and I will take the north.” Chris said. “If you see Angel do not engage it call for backup and wait. Only engage if you have no choice.”

The team nodded in agreement and looked over their weapons.

“As soon as Anna is in position we will start.” Chris said.

Water containment facility

Anna kicked the old rusted lock off the gate and walked in with her sidearm in hand. There wasn’t many places for Angel to hide but she still wanted to be careful. She checked all the small buildings in the area before climbing the latter to the top of the tower. She looked around the tower to be sure it was clear before setting up her sniper rifle.

“This is Anna I’m in position.” She said.

“Ok Anna we’re starting keep your eyes open.” Chris said.

“Rodger.” Anna said and looked through her scope at the helipad.

She saw the team break into groups and head to their areas.

West side

Rebecca and Jill set about checking the guard houses and the warden’s house. Jill was on point and walking just a few feet away from Rebecca.

“Hey Jill I think I should take point.” Rebecca said.

“Why?” Jill asked.

“Well you have a nice ass and it looks really good in that mini skirt.” Rebecca said.

“Dose it now?” Jill asked. “Well I do want your mind on the mission and not my body for now so by all means take point.”

Jill stepped aside so Rebecca could pass by. As Rebecca was walking past Jill, Jill reached out her hand and stopped Rebecca.

“What is it?” Rebecca asked looking at Jill.

Jill looked over at her and quickly leaned in and pressed her lips to Rebecca’s. After a few seconds they separated and looked into each other’s eyes.

“What was that about?” Rebecca asked.

“I just felt like kissing you that’s all.” Jill said. “Ok let’s move on.”

Rebecca smiled and took point for the rest of the search of the houses.

East side

Julie and Johnny searched the laundry room and only found a few zombies. Julie easily took care of them with her sword and they moved on.

“Damn it’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack.” Johnny said as they walked out of the laundry room.

“Yep.” Julie said. “But it’s got to be done.”

“Hey I don’t want to be crude but I have to go to the bath room.” Johnny said.

“Well be fast.” Julie said. “I’ll wait here.”

Johnny ran back into the laundry room and did his business and came back out.

“Julie?” He said looking around.

Julie was nowhere to be seen so Johnny cupped his hands to his mouth.

“Julie!” He yelled.

“I’m right here.” She said walking from around a bush. “I had to use the bathroom to.”

“Damn girl don’t freak me out like that.” Johnny said. “Ok let’s go we have to check out the hole.”

The hole was a place they put the worst of the prisoners to make them sweat. It was in the sun and only had a bed and toilet in it. The room was 6 foot by 4foot. And only 5 feet high. Julie went into one of the holes and Johnny went into another. Johnny’s room was empty and he walked back out.

“Hey Johnny give me a hand.” Julie said from the room she was in.

Johnny walked into the small room and where Julie was. As soon as he was in the room she grabbed him and threw him on the bed and pulled the door almost completely shut.

“Julie what the hell are you doing?” He asked sitting up.

“I’m sorry Johnny but I just can’t take it anymore.” Julie said.

“That what?” Johnny asked.

The room was dimly lit by the sun and Johnny saw Julie unsnap her armor and tossed it to the ground and removed her shirt.

“Julie we’re in the middle of a mission.” Johnny said.

“Shut up and take your clothes off.” Julie said taking off her pants and panties.

Johnny slowly started to take off his clothes but Julie was too impatient. She walked up to him and pulled his pants off and dropped to her knees. Johnny was speechless as Julie worked him over. A minute later she wiped her mouth and pushed Johnny on his back and got on the bed.

“Now sit back and relax.” She said.

Johnny had fantasized about this ever sense he first saw Julie and now it was happening. Julie was moaning softly and Johnny reached up and started rubbing her breasts.

“God this is great.” He said.

Julie was moaning louder and bucking wildly and Johnny had to put his hands on her shoulder to keep her from falling off. When his hand was on her shoulder he felt something sticky he looked at his hand and in the dim light could see blood.

“Hey Julie your bleeding.” He said.

Julie stopped bucking and looked at him and he looked into her eyes.

“Oh shit!” He yelled and threw her off him and reached for his gun.

She was back on her feet in less than a second and jumped on him digging her fingers into his flesh like a knife into butter. Johnny screamed and tried to fight back but she ripped his chest open. His body was convulsing and she watched with amusement as he died.

“Was it good for you too?” She asked standing up and walking outside.

She felt the sun on her nude body and transformed into her true form and walked away.

South side

Leon and Clare searched the entire area without finding anything other than the occasional zombie.

“This area is dead.” Leon said. “Let’s head back to the heliport.”

“Yea that sounds like a good idea.” Clare said. “Where the hell is that thing?”

North side

Chris and Kim finished their sweep of the residential area of the island without seeing a thing.

“Anna this is Chris have you seen anything?” Chris asked.

There was only static from the other end.

“Anna can you hear me?” Chris asked.

Still only static.

“These damn things.” He said. “Let’s go to the tower and see is she’s seen anything.”

They walked the short distance to the tower and Chris climbed to the top.

“Has she seen anything?” Kim asked.

“If she did we’ll never know.” Chris said looking at the mutilated body of Anna.

It looked like Angel had come up behind her and just ripped her apart. There was blood all over the place. It also looked like Angel had eaten most of her organs. The look on Anna’s face was one of shock and pain. Chris closed his eyes and headed back down the latter.

“She’s dead?” Kim asked.
”Yea.” Chris said. “She’s dead.”

Chris punched the latter and keyed down on his headset.

“Everyone Anna’s been killed met back at the helipad we’ll wait for help to arrive.” He said and looked at Kim. “Let’s go. We’re gonna get this son of a bitch.” 

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