*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

“Damn it!” Chris yelled slamming his fist into the wall. “If only that damn thing hadn’t shown up.”

“Give me the antivirus.” Jill said.

“Why it’s useless.” Chris said.

“I don’t want he coming back.” Jill sobbed. “She’s my friend I won’t let that happen to her.”

Chris sighed and handed Jill the syringe.

“Inject it into her heart.” Chris said and walked out of the cell.

Jill wiped the tears from her eyes and lifted Rebecca’s tank top and ran her finger along her sternum to the soft spot right below it. She uncapped the needle and inserted it into Rebecca’s chest and injected the antivirus. She tossed the needed against the wall as she started crying. She slowly slipped out from behind Rebecca and lay her on her back.

“I’m sorry Rebecca.” She said and put her hand on Rebecca’s chest.

She put her other hand on top of her first hand and positioned herself over Rebecca and started pushing on her chest to circulate the antivirus through her body. She kept the compressions going for 2 minutes then stopped.

“Good bye.” She whispered and kissed Rebecca’s forehead.

She looked at Rebecca’s face and stood up.

“Chris!” She yelled.

“What?” Chris asked from outside the cell.

“She’s warmer.” Jill said dropping to he knees.

She placed 2 fingers against Rebecca’s neck and felt a pulse. It was weak but it was there.

“She’s alive!” Jill yelled.

“You said she was dead.” Chris said coming back in the cell.

“She is…was.” Jill said.

“Jill get away from her.” Chris said pulling Jill to her feet. “She’s turning.”

Chris pushed Jill out of the cell and pulled his sidearm.

“Chris don’t.” Jill yelled running towards the cell only to be stopped by Johnny and Leon.

“You know as well as I do that I have to do it.” Chris said.

“No wait.” Jill yelled. “Please… Let me.”

“Will you do it?” Chris asked.

“She’s my girlfriend I have to.” Jill said.

The whole team looked at Jill in surprise at what she just said. Chris lowered the gun and walked to Jill.

“Do it.” He said and handed Jill the gun.

Jill walked into the cell slowly with the gun at her side and tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Rebecca.” Jill said and raised the gun and aimed it at Rebecca’s head. “I’ll follow you.”

She closed her eyes and put her finger on the trigger.

“Hummm…Jill.” Rebecca said weakly.

Jill’s eyes shot open and she removed her finger from the trigger.

“Do it Jill.” Chris said. “Or I will.”

“She just said my name.” Jill said.

“You’re hearing things.” Chris said.

Slowly Rebecca opened her eyes and looked at Jill who still had the gun aimed at her head.

“Jill…Wait.” Rebecca said.

“She’s alive.” Jill yelled dropping the gun and sitting on the bed.

Jill leaned down and hugged Rebecca tightly letting her tears fall on the bed. Chris stepped into the cell and looked over Jill’s shoulder. Rebecca’s eyes were closed and she was crying. She reached her arms up and wrapped them around Jill.

“She is alive.” Chris said. “But how?”

Jill and Rebecca stayed like that for several minutes until the silence was getting on the rest of the teams nerves.

“This is a real touching moment but we still have a mission to do.” Clare said.

“First we need to get Rebecca out of here.” Chris said.

“I’ll be ok.” Rebecca said letting Jill go and sitting up.

“Are you sure?” Chris asked.

“Yea I’ll be fine.” Rebecca said. “Just let me rest for a minute.”

“Ok lets rest for an hour to be sure your ok then we’ll go on or evac. you.” Chris said.

“I need to know something.” Leon said. “You were dead. So how are you sitting there now?”

“I probably wasn’t dead.” Rebecca said. “I may have slipped into a near death coma. My heart would still have been beating but very lightly. Only an EKG could pick up the beats.”

“It’s that easy?” Clare asked.

“Yea.” Rebecca said. “Damn good thing I came out when I did otherwise Jill here would have killed mw and never known”

“Ok well let’s relax for a while.” Chris said.

“I’m gonna go to sleep for that hour.” Rebecca said.

She lay back down and closed her eyes. Jill sat on the edge of the bed for a minute before laying down with her.

“What are you doing?” Rebecca whispered.

“They know about us.” Jill said.

“Oh.” Rebecca said.

Jill and Rebecca faced each other and looked into each other’s eyes.

“I almost lost you today.” Jill said.

“I told you I wasn’t going anywhere.” Rebecca said with a smile.

“Yea you did.” Jill laughed.

“Hey when we get out of here.” Rebecca said. “I want you to marry me.”

“What?” Jill asked.

“I mean it.” Rebecca said. “I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

“But the lay says we can’t.” Jill said.

“Jill we’re in San Francisco.” Rebecca said. “Their still doing gay marriages.”

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Jill asked.

“Yes.” Rebecca said.

“Well I guess I have no choice then to say yes.” Jill said with a smile.

Rebecca smiled and kissed Jill on the lips.

“Now let’s get some sleep before we continue the mission.” Rebecca said closing her eyes again.

About an hour later Chris rapped on the cell door waking Jill and Rebecca up.

“Let’s move out.” He said.

Rebecca sat up and stretched then looked at Jill.

“How do you feel?” Jill asked.

“I’m good.” Rebecca said standing up.

They both walked out of the cell and met up with the rest by the stairs.

“Ok we’re heading to death row.” Chris said. “We’ll be going through solitary confinement. Its about 50 yards from door to door. Rebecca can you run?”

“Yea.” Rebecca said.

“Ok we go full speed through the corridor.” Chris said.

They headed down the stairs and into the corridor.

“Ok here we…” Chris said.

“Wait.” Jill said looking at the wall. “How about we push the button marked close doors?”

“What?” Chris asked looking at the wall.

Jill pushed the button and all the doors slammed shut.

“You got to be shitting me.” Chris said. “We almost lost Rebecca because we didn’t see a damn button?”

“Looks that way.” Rebecca laughed.

The team walked through the corridor and heard zombies on the other side of some of the doors. They walked through the door at the other end of the corridor without even firing a shot.

Death Row

They were in a long single floor cell block with cells on only one side.

“Ok let’s look for the cause of the virus.” Chris said.

The team started looking around death row for anything that looked like it could have started the virus. Jill and Rebecca walked into one of the cells and found a journal from an Umbrella scientist.

“Hey guys look at this.” Jill said walking into the corridor.

She handed the journal to Chris and he read it to everyone.

Jun 23


Orders have come down from the top that we are to abandon the Angel project. We are to back all the material and specimens including the Angel embryo and transport them to our Europe facility. I don’t know why they want us to abandon it when we’re so close to finishing but orders are orders. I think I’ll take a vacation once we’re finished.


Arthur Kinsmen Umbrella science team.

Jun 24


This cant be happening. The Angel embryo hatched. We don’t know where it is. The prison is surrounded by those God damn zombies. I’ve locked myself in Death row and will wait for a rescue.


Jun 25


How ironic, Death row lives up to its name. I have been attacked by a zombie and I’m infected with the Z strain. I know we engineered it to work fast but I wasn’t expecting it to be this fast. I can feel by self slipping into death. All I can hope is I’m killed before I hurt someone. I will leave this journal here so any one that finds it will know the truth. Angel is a creature that can rip a man apart like a paper doll. She has morphing capabilities. She can make herself look like anyone she comes into contact with. She can even mimic their voice and steel all the knowledge they have. The down side is that she can’t heal herself. If she is injured she will have to rest like any human and let it heal naturally. Now I’m gonna to take one last look at the sky before I die.


Chris looked up from the journal and looked at his team.

“Plisken.” He said. “Plisken is Angel!” 

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