*Resident Evil Nightmare By Linnafan*

It has been 3 years sense RaccoonCity was wiped off the face of the earth. Jill Valentine managed to escape the city along with a member of the Umbrella’s mercenary team Carlos. After their escape they found themselves fighting once again for their survival.

Umbrella HQ 3 years ago

Jill slowly walked down the abandoned corridor of the Umbrella HQ with her Beretta .45 hand gun at the ready. She could hear the sounds of the monsters that haunt her past and dreams coming from around the corner as she approached. She pressed her back against the wall and closed her eyes.

‘God steady my hand and let me shoot strait.’ She prayed as she spun around the corner and raised her firearm.

As soon as her hand was steady she fired at the first monster that was in her sight. The full metal jacket rounds passed right through the chest of the monster and logged in the head of the smaller one that was behind it. The closer one stumbled back but didn’t fall as the one behind it fell to the floor twitching. She re-aimed and sent a round through the closer ones head before it got its balance back. It fell on top of the other with a moan.

“Carlos!” Jill yelled.

She had heard him calling her name no more than 2 minutes ago and she ran to his aide. She could see Carlos with his back against the wall with his weapon at his side and a Zombie bighting his neck.

“CARLOS!!” Jill screamed as she aimed and fired at the Zombie that was on Carlos.

She saw the back of the monsters head crack as the bullet passed through. Jill’s heart stopped when she saw both Carlos and the Zombie fall to the floor neither moving. She quickly started mowing down all the Zombies standing between her and Carlos. She ran up to him and threw off the Zombie that was lying across his lap.

“Carlos!” She yelled shaking his shoulder with tears in her eyes.

She felt for a pulse by putting her fingers on his wrist but found none. She went into uncontrolled fits of sobs as tears fell from her eyes. She started stroking his hair and that’s when she saw it. There was a single bullet hole in his throat. She couldn’t breath as she imagined Carlos looking at her as the zombie was bighting him as she fired. She knew that it was her bullet was what killed him and not the Zombie. She closed her eyes and leaned her head on Carlos’s head and pressed her lips to his forehead.

“I’m sorry.” She sobbed and stood up.

She was still fighting for her life in this God Forsaken place and had no time to greave. She heard the sounds of Zombies coming down the hallway and she ran the other way.

‘Carlos I promise I’ll live and see that Umbrella is brought to justice.’ She thought as she ran out of the building to the weighting car that Chris stole.

“Where’s Carlos?” Chris asked as Jill dove through the open door.

“He’s dead.” Jill yelled as she started rummaging through the large bag that was in the back seat.

She pushed weapons out of the way and picked up a box and inserted a key. A light started blinking and she looked at the door to the building.

‘Good bye Carlos.’ She thought and pressed the button next to the light.

She could hear a series of explosions begin in the back of the building and could see the windows shatter sending glass flying. A few seconds later the door of the building blew apart as the remaining blocks of C-4 exploded.

Present time

Jill extended her hand and extinguished the cigarette she was smoking and picked up the Vodka bottle on her night stand. She put the bottle to her lips and sucked down the remnants and threw it across the room smashing it on the wall. She had remained in a drunken state almost nightly after the death of Carlos. She stood up and looked at her nude body and reached for her clothes. Once she was dressed she picked up her purse and rummaged inside. She pulled out her wallet and pulled out about $200 dollars and set it on the nightstand and looked bat the prostitute she slept with. The woman had black hair and was of Filipino decent. Jill looked at her in disgust about what she did for a living then looked in the mirror at her own reflection with even more disgust. Finally she stumbled to the door and walked out. The streets were almost deserted as she stumbled her way down the street to the nearest Liquor store. She walked into the store and stumbled up to the counter and pointed to the Vodka bottle.

“Gim me tha Voodkea.” She slurred.

“I’m sorry ma’am but you seem to be intoxicated.” The clerk said.

“Gimme it!” She yelled.

She reached onto her purse and pulled a small .22 hand gun.

“NOW!” She yelled.

“Ok ok.” The man said stepping back quickly and reaching for the bottle. “Here just take it.”

“Hoo mutch?” she asked.

“Just take it.” The man said trembling.

“I don’t wanna roob you.” Jill said.

She reached into her purse and pulled out about $40 dollars and threw it at him.

“Juss rig it up.” She said.

The man quickly scanned the bottle and opened the register and handed her her change. He stepped back and continued trembling. Jill stood still for a moment with the gun facing the clerk before a hand landed on her shoulder. She turned around and saw a uniformed officer looking at her.

“Ok Jill put the gun down.” He said.

“I juss wansed a dink that it.” Jill said. “I paid him.”

“I know you wouldn’t rob anyone but you’re still brandishing a firearm.” The officer said. “I’m gonna have to arrest you.”

Jill lowered the gun and looked at the floor. The officer reached around her and took the gun and placed it in his belt.

“Are you gonna press charges?” The officer asked.

“Well she paid me.” The clerk said.

“Is that a no?” The officer asked.

“Yea that’s a no.” He said.

Jill reached for the bottle on the counter and opened it and started drinking. Both the clerk and the officer looked on in utter astonishment as Jill downed the whole bottle in one breath.

“Wow.” The clerk said.

“Ok Jill lets go.” The officer said and put his hand on her shoulder.

Jill let the officer lead her out to his patrol car and even let her sit in the front seat with no hand cuffs. Jill just looked out the window as they drove to the Sheriffs office. Once they were there the officer led her through the front door and up to the counter.

“Well Officer Valentine.” The man behind the desk said as she was led to the desk.

“Hi.” Jill chirped swaying side to side.

“Oh.” The man behind the desk said. “Have a little much again?”

“When I found her she was pointing a .22 at a clerk of a Liquor store for a bottle of Vodka.” The arresting officer said. “All she wanted was the Vodka and even paid for it.”

“Is the clerk pressing charges?” The other officer asked.
”No.” The Arresting officer said.

“Well that’s good.” The man behind the desk said. “Well let’s get her some coffee and I’ll call Officer Chambers to pick her up.”

“Oh she’s gonna be pissed.” The arresting officer said as her led Jill down the hall and into the break room and sat her on the sofa and went to the coffee pot. “Its black with 2 sugars right?”

“Yep.” Jill said.

The officer laughed and poured the coffee. He walked over to the sofa and handed Jill the cup and she took it with both hands. She slowly started sipping at the coffee as she swayed side to side.

“You really need to stop drinking Jill.” The officer said.

“I can’t.” Jill said. “Ever time I does I see Carlos looking at me and asking me why I killed him.”

The officer looked down at the floor and sighed.

“Jill it’s been 3 years its time to move on.” He said.

“No!” Jill yelled throwing the cup to the floor. “I can barely remember what his voice sounded like if I move on I’ll forget him.”

Jill stood up and walked to the wall and slammed her fist against it. The officer cringed when her heard the sound of flesh and bone hitting the drywall.

“I…I loved him.” Jill sobbed.

Jill calmed down after several minutes and walked back to the sofa and fell face first on it. The officer stayed in the room to make sure she kept breathing and waited for Rebecca to arrive.


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