*Barely Breathing By Jessica*

The plane touched down in Strepon city in the early hours of Monday morning, the flight had been rough, terrible winds had been haunting the night.

Rebecca and Bravo Team grabbed their bags and drove to the Brecon Inn. It was a small dingy hotel on the outskirts of Strepon City. They checked into their rooms.

“Hay honey.” Marked placed his arms around Rebecca’s waist. “What you looking at?”

“Just at the area, there’s not much here. You can see a huge forest over there that must lead to the Pascoe Factory.” She continued staring out the window.

“Anyway love we better get some sleep if you’re planning to start early today.”

“Yeah, if we get some sleep until 9:00am we can get going. It’s better to start early, that way we can really take a good crack at this factory.”

Rebecca stood on the platform at the train station and smiled as the train arrived. She ran towards the train doors and watched the people get off onto the platform. Then she saw him......

She ran over and jumped into his arms, their lips locked in a passionate kiss, as her hands ran through his dark hair

Rebecca shot up, she was sweating, it was that dream again, she had to stop thinking about him. She’d tried to forget about him before but he was always there in the back of her mind. Rebecca glanced at the clock; it was 5:30am. They had only been asleep for and hour.

She quietly got out of bed and peered though the curtains; she could hear the thumbing of the music from the night club, she grabbed her jeans, t-shirt, and jacket. She pulled them on and quietly left the hotel.

As she entered the nightclub, she could see a wave of people dancing. There was a small stage at the far end of the club with a DJ.

“I need a drink.” She said to herself as she headed towards the bar.

“Hay Morgan go grab some crisps from the back will ya.” Mick yelled over the music

As Morgan went into the store room Rebecca was being served at the bar by Mick.

“Hay what can I get ya?” Mick gave her a creepy smile

“I’ll have a beer, thanks.” She flashed a smile back

“You new in town? I haven’t seen you in here before.”

“Actually I’m here on business. I’m here to investigate the old Pascoe factory.”

“The Pascoe factory! I’d be very careful, that factory holds a weird and frightening atmosphere.”

“I will, thanks for the drink.” Rebecca placed the money on the beer and disappeared into the crowd.

Morgan returned with the crisps, just in time to see the back of Rebecca’s head.

“Here are the crisps Mick.” He passed the crisps “Who was that?”

“Some pleasant women, she’s here on some business to do with the old Pascoe factory.”

Billy’s heart stopped, It couldn’t it.........

“Did you get her name?” Morgan asked pleadingly

“No sorry kid, did you know her or something?”

“I’m not sure....”

Time passed quickly and soon the club began to empty, Billy kept searching the crowds from the bar, but he saw no sign of Rebecca.

He looked through the last group of people and saw no sign of her.....

“Damn!!” He yelled as he smacked the bar.

Mick left him to tidy up and close up; he began collecting the empty glasses and bottles, when he came across a set of keys. He placed the glasses on the bar. He went back and bent down, his eyes locked on the eyes in front of him.

Rebecca’s whole world stopped....

It was those eyes......

Those eyes that haunted her......

Those eyes she remembered so well......

Those eyes she dreamed of........


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