*Barely Breathing By Jessica*

The car drove down the quiet street, in the middle of Werdon City. It stopped infront of a beautiful house. This was the house, Rebecca’s dream home. It was freshly painted white, with blue windows with shutters, and a blue door.

Rebecca’s dream home.....

Rebecca’s fiancé Mark Logan had brought the house as there engagement present.

Rebecca had met Mark a year after her departure with Billy; He had joined S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team. At first him and Rebecca hadn’t got along, she had been bitter and her heart still ached, ached from something she wasn’t sure of.....

She was confused....

Confused about Billy......

But eventually Rebecca realized Billy wasn’t for her, it must have just been the heat of the moment. She started dating Logan and began to grow fond of him. She told herself she loved Mark but she wasn’t sure she did......

Rebecca stepped out of the car and looked up at the house, she felt Mark’s arms around her waist.

“It’s beautiful, hay?” Mark said admiring the house.

“Beautiful....no beautiful isn’t good enough to describe it I just......I love it!!”

“That’s why I picked it. It reminded me of you, It’s beautiful, everything I want, and I love it.” Mark gently kissed her neck.

“Aw Mark, I love you too.” Rebecca turned and planted a sweet kiss on Marks lips.

Mark walked over to the delivery van and began stacking the boxes in front of the house. Rebecca grabbed a box and went into the kitchen.

“I hate saying I love....” She said while unpacking the box “I wish I could say it without feeling this unbearable aching in my heart.”

Mark popped his head round the door and passed Rebecca her phone. “It kept going off honey.” He smiled and left

Rebecca flipped open her phone, the missed call had been from S.T.A.R.S headquarters, she hit redial, and went into the garden.

“Chambers.” Rebecca spoke in a professional tone.

“Rebecca, Bravo Team has been given a new case. There have been a few complaints about the old Pascoe factory.”

“The old Pascoe factory?” She asked confused, sitting down on the bench.

“Yes, The Pascoes’ were a rich family who ran a bunch of factories which created Artillery. But something terrible happened at their factory in Strepon City; they covered it up, but closed the factory down. And now a few people have been reporting strange things about the factory, so it’s Bravo Teams job to investigate.”

“Strepon City, I’ve never been there, were about is this deserted factory?”

“Strepon City isn’t to far from Werdon; the factory is right on the outskirts of the City.”

“Ok. Strepon City here we come. Who’ll be leading this operation?”

“Rebecca S.T.A.R.S. has been very impressed with your work, and we believe you would direct this team to success. A van will be by to pick you and Bravo Team up tomorrow at 6:00am sharp.”

“Thank you.” Rebecca smiled, leading Bravo Team was her dream.

“Thank you, Sergeant Chambers.”

Rebecca hung up, and ran around to the front of the house and jumped on Mark.

“Whoa, whoa, what’s this for?”

“I’ve been made into Sergeant, and I get to lead Bravo Team.” She grabbed Marks face gently between her hands and kissed him passionately.


It was 3:00am, the club was empty. Morgan wondered round collecting the empty glasses and bottles, and cleaning the tables. He changed the barrel and poured himself a shot.

“I’ll have one before I go.” Mick smiled and slid his glass to Morgan.

“Sure thing.” He passed the shot back to Mick. “Here’s to another shit birthday.” He held his glass up and swallowed it.

“Yeah, happy birthday Morgan. I’ll see ya tomorrow.” Mick passes Morgan the keys and left.

“Happy Birthday Morgan.” Billy laughed as he said it. “My names Fucking Billy Coen, and my Birthdays next month.” He continued laughing as he flipped the light switch and locked the door.

He walked to the door around the corner from the club and unlocked the door.

“Home sweet home.” He through his jacket on the sofa and grabbed a beer.

He sat on the edge of his creaky old bed and opened this can of beer.

“To Billy Coen.” He took a sip and placed the can on his dresser.

Billy laid back on his bead and shut his eyes.

“Night Morgan. Night Billy.”


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