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Sin Ontology's Biography (Directly from the Artist)

"I was born in Long Beach California in 1984 lived there untill I was 2 years old and my parents broke up, from then me my mom and my brother moved to Sacramento California. I moved alot as a kid, went from apartment building to apartment building as my dad followed us everywhere. In 1992 my dad went on a run to get his fix to sell and he got in a car accident, left him crippled for life and braindamaged. Sense then I was uncontrollably angery at the world. so as a kid growing up after about 4th grade I was a problem child, always getting into fights and causing trouble, I used to steal alot and rob people, got kicked out of several schools, almost went to jail for beating a kid up so badly, in seventh grade I missed alot of school, I was truent, used to smoke weed everyday, try and drug I could get my hands on, drank alot of alchoh was a fuckin junkie back then. I used to hang out with alot of older people that were into gang banging and they taught me alot about life. My mom used to work alot or she'd be gon' fo days without anyone knowing where she'd go so I never really was raised by anyone sept the people I hung out with. I used to sell weed a little bit and take hand offs because I was a little white kid. I was alwasy poor growing up, used to be embaressed to go to school because all of my clothes were from like thrif stores and shit, shit was hard back then. Then when my mom lost our house that we lived in for like 6years, she left me and my brother at our grandparents house and moved to various states. so now I live with my grandparents in Perris California and have lived with them for 3 years. I got into music when i was young, influenced by people like Dr Dre, Metallica, Snoop Dogg, Master P, Kool G Rap, Alice and Chains, N.W.A., Nirvana and more. I started writting poetry when I moved with my grandparents, I have won awards for Poetry peices I have written and alot of the time when I write rhymes Im just writting poems I can rap. started rapping about a year ago and cant stop, I constantly write, freestyle, recite rhymes, structure rhymes, write stories, I got days sometimes just listening to beats. Id consider myself a abstract emcee but at the same time I can make songs for different tastes, like I can battle, I can spit punchlines constantly, I can spit real life shit, I can spit gangsta type shit, I can write possitive vibe type shit, I can write deep poetry, I can write not so deep poetry, political poetry, pimp shit, anything and I am diverse with styles so I can change up styles for beats and such."
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