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Recruit Information

Now please type this in an e-mail and send it to Alexander Hornby. We'll get back to you with an honest answer, as soon as possible!

Personal Information
Real Name (First and last):
E-mail Address:
AIM/AOL (If any):
Yahoo Messenger (If any):
Home Address (To send checks/money/updates):
Sex (Male or Female):
Present Location (Where do you live?):
Birthplace (City and state):
Birthday (Include year):
Age (No one under Fourteen):
Martial Status (Single, married, etc.):
An In-depth Biography (What do you want the public to know?):
A Quote (A personal saying of yours):
A Photo Of Yourself (This is important):
Do you want this information shown on your Artist Page? (If selected):

Artist Information
Present Alias:
Past Alias (List the names that you had gone by in the past):
Which format of a track are you into? (Battling, Spoken Word, Topical, etc.):
How many overall tracks have you recorded? (If none, don't bother submitting.):
How many years have you been doing this? (Writing, rapping, singing, etc.):
What type of Emcee/Artist are you? (Fundamental, etc.):
Sample Audio (If any/Spoken Word, Battle, etc.):
Sample Lyrics (Spoken Word, Battle, etc.):
Music Page Link (If any/, etc.):

Random Information
Do you love this form of Art? (Hiphop Culture):
Why have you chosen THIS Record Label? (Explain):
Will you be honest with us at all times? (Yes or no):
What will you do for us, in return for us selling your material and working for YOU? (Explain):

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