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History Of Raword Records/AGH Bestseller Productions

AGH Bestseller Productions created Raword Records and begun on August 2, 2003 by Alexander Gordon Hornby who runs every inch of this company. The label is located in the Kirkland, Washington area. We're an independent Record Label that supplies the genre of Hiphop and some R&B and our reason of our presence is to stay true to the definition of Hiphop Culture. We want to create new artwork, not destroy it like some in the Music Industry are doing at this point.

We consider ourselves as honorable individuals who run a strong business company to supply many persons of the public with what they want which is some truth in music. They need something new and I plan to give the public what I believe they want and need which is a strong new change in what they listen to, in what they believe Hiphop is.

I also have a slogan for this Record Company which is as follows, "Where else can you go that lets you do you?" Basically what I mean by that is that you can write your own lyrics, record your own tracks (if Out of State), and so forth. I'll also sell those tracks that are labeled a "final product" by hand to walking customers which means that I'll be walking down the street passing them out for a certain amount of money. Plus, I'll be able to promote our Artists through other Record Companies around Seattle, Washington and Tacoma, Washington such as OneFamm Records or YUNstandME? Records. All we want is our Emcees/Artists happier at the end of the day.

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