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Personal Information
Real Name: Dave Passmore, Jr.
E-mail Address:
AIM/AOL: Daven0tti
Yahoo Messenger: Davenotti
Sex: Male
Present Location: Spring Valley, New York
Birthplace: Spring Valley, New York
Birthday: May 19th, 1985
Age: 18
Martial Status: Single
A Quote: "I can only teach you what you do not already know." - DaveNotti

Artist Information
Present Alias: DaveNotti
Past Alias: Quaz
Which format of a track are you into?: All Around
How many overall tracks have you recorded?: Too many to count, I'd say well over eighty or so.
How many years have you been doing this?: A little over a year.
What type of Emcee/Artist are you?: I see myself as that of an on and off consciences emcee.
Sample Audio: "Sampler (26 Seconds)"
Lo-Fi (Dial-Up Modems)
Hi-Fi (DSL, Cable, etc. Modems)
Sample Lyrics:
"Its..About that time yall’ and DaveNotti gon speak, don’t hit the church on Sundays so DaveNotti aint-week// STOP…THINK ABOUT IT, Straight up confounded…my word play is Astoundin’//If you feel me..then know that DaveNotti is heat, I’m tough-actin like Tinactin goin’ Afta ya Feet// you an Athlete…I’m known to keep the shit in the streets, so when you run home I can jake you an change ya fuckin bed-sheets// See I’m A…Spittin off the Dome type of nigga, You jus a Dinner-Party no excuse for Cologne type of nigga// Sista’s Speak and I’ll Teach-ya…waitin to beat ya face, an spittin Hymns like Preacha’ Ma$e// I’m Fin’ to rip…an spin the shit, I don’t roll wit a fuckin crew…Vocabulary’s My syndicate// An I’m gon keep it ahead-of-you…yall bitin rhymes like its edible, committin Haneous crimes you Federal// Weak Minded Like I Led You To…"
Music Page Link:

Random Information (Straight from the Artist)
Do you love this form of Art?: I live For Hiphop, it's what I do.
Why have you chosen THIS Record Label?: With so many oppurtunities brought to me within the past and present, I question sometimes as to what exactly they see in an artist as myself. Signing with an independant label such as AGH, will be a growing experience not only for myself, but for the label as well. As we bring ourselves from the ground up.
Will you be honest with us at all times?: Yes, I have to be don't I?
What will you do for us, in return for us selling your material and working for YOU?: I can do but so much. I can bless the beat any which way you want it. My rhyme style is flexible to accommodate that of any beat.

Additional Information
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Biography of DaveNotti
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