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Personal Profile
Gender Male
Double Y
Dave's Photo
Self Introduction:
I am Double Y, aka DDT. If you're reading this, it means you actually give a damn who I am, which is already pretty impressive in my books. The page only gives general info about me. If you want details, go to the Ultimate E-mail Survey. Thanks for stopping by. Note: not all of the following answers are of a serious nature.
Age 25
Birthday January Horoscope Capricorn
Rabbit Family
4 dogs, 4 fish tanks, 6 ppl
Measurements Secret IQ Low
Height 161cm Weight Light
Aptitude Confusing ppl Religion Me
ICQ 174835697 AIM yangdt00
MSN yangdt00 Yahoo yangdt00

Other Info
Residency Scarborough Occupation Recent Graduate
Birth Place Taipei, Taiwan Title Poor Graduate
Education MBA Work Location Hopefully Corporate
Language English, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Proper Taiwanese Mandarin Average Income STUDENT!!!
Nicknames Double Y, DDT, Yang, Yangman, Yanger, Yanger Banger Investments Spent it all on girls! That's an investment, ain't it?
Marital Status Impending
# of Children I don't even have a g/f yet?!?
Smoking Habits Only if you count sending smoke signals!
Drinking Habits Cocktails!
Pets Fish, Rabbit, dogs
Physique Mine
Personality Split
Personal Info
Favourite Movies As long as it's got a decent plot. Favourites include Field of Dreams, GATTACA and Dead Poets Society.
Favourite Places As long as you're with me for the journey, anywhere is fine.
Favourite Food Japanese, LBD and anything that'll fill my stomach
Favourite Music Chinese and Western pop mostly
Favourite Activities Taking care of other people's daughter
Ideal Location of First Date This has got to be a trick question!
My Idols People on bills (The handsome George Washington and the beautiful Queen Elizabeth)!
Interests Taking care of other people's daughter
What I Most Love to Do Taking care of other people's daughter
What I Most Hate M B A
Ideal Partner
Gender Ummmmm...female
Age Age is not a problem
Astrological Sign Who comes up with these questions?
Chinese Zodiac Who comes up with these questions?
Measurements This has got to be another trick question!
Blood Type Once again, who comes up with these questions?
Religion Negotiable
Height Height is not a problem
Weight Weight is not a problem
Current Residence Earth
Education Required
Language Chinese, English
Occupation Whatever.
Average Income Guess that depends on how much she takes from me
Marriage Status Single
Ideal # of Children Once again, who comes up with these questions?
Smoking Habits Preferably not.
Drinking Habits Cocktails!
Physique Healthy
Personality Type Required!