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The Story of CPG - In Dr. Seuss Rhythm

This is the story of CPG,
A division of Compaq, if you please.
CPG sells computers, it sold them with glee,
It sold them to consumers like you and me.
It sold lots of computers when the economy was good,
It made profit for Compaq, like good little divisions should.

But the real story begins about two years ago,
When Mr. Derek Smith was hired to run the CPG show.
"CPG isn't bad," was what Compaq had said,
"But we think it could be better instead.
So Mr. Derek Smith, you're now the big boss,
Make CPG grow, but do not take a loss."

So with a wave of his hand and with all of his might,
Mr. Smith made changes, based on what he thought was right.
He made changes to logistics and to the HR,
He cut back expenses, both near and far.
He made changes to the structure of CPG,
He made changed based on what he thought CPG should be.
He made tactical changes, because he's in control,
He made tactical changes to help CPG grow.

But the market was tough, especially this season.
Economic slowdown is but one of the reasons.
Competition was really intense as well,
From commoditization by companies like Dell.
And there's HP with product diversification,
And big IBM is also stiff competition.
There's Toshiba and Sony and "White Boxes" too,
Oh what, oh what, should CPG do?

Thought Mr. Smith to himself "I've made all the changes I can,
It's time I get another strategic plan."
He contacted Schulich School of Business at York U,
And he said "This is what I'd like you to do,
I'm Mr. Smith and I'm the one in control,
And I want to help make CPG grow.
So here's your task, let's see if you can,
Come up with a really good strategic plan."

So we're here today, our little group of five,
To present to you, right here, right now, live.
Our strategy project, our objective to show,
What we believe will help make CPG grow.