Photos of my trip to Taiwan in 1999. That summer I financed my entire trip back. Spent four years planning for it, since I was a poor student. I also attend the Taiwanse Cultural Study Tour, aka "Love Boat". Pictures of my time on the Love Boat are also on this web site. I left on May 12th and stayed until December 23rd before returning to Canada.

Patiently waiting in line for Cliffhanger
Still waiting in line for Cliffhanger
"Just how long is this line?!?"
"Since we're still here, take more pictures..."
Finally! This is the "before" shot.
And the "after" shot....
And this is the closeup....
Two monkeys climbing trees
  • On the left is Cleopatra, queen of Egypt.
  • On the right, the aforementioned monkey.
  • Scream...'nuff said
    Pictures of Canada's Wonderland
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