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Study Tour Pictures

On the left is Angela Huang, on the right Min Hsu. Both are counselors at Chien Tan. Unfortunately Iíve lost touch with both of them. Iíll assume the chimp in the middle doesnít need any more introduction.
Me and Angela. One of my roommates seemed interested in Angela (I won't name names) but she told him ďMy mom warned me about guys like you"....
These are some of the counselors that I've gotten close with during my time on the Study Tour. I'm on the left, followed by Doris, Christine, Ken and Angel.
Me, Evie, and Mr. Lin. Evie's an OC (Oversea Counselor) from the Seattle. This is the only photo Iíve got of her.
Me, Ingrid, and Mr. Lin. Ingrid is the only person from Norway attending the Study Tour that year.
From left to right are me, Mr. Lin, Christine, Thomas, Chris and Ingrid. Thomas is one of the smoothest mackers around. Word to all the females out there: Be careful of this dude!
Me and Cher at the Study Tour Olympic Games. Another one of those counselors with whom I've since lost touch.
Ken and me. One of the most popular, if not the most popular male counselor with the ladies at Chian Tan. He's tall, dark and single.
Chien Tan ounselor group shot. Actually, one of the people in this picture is not a counselor. Can you figure out which one is the odd person out? Get outta there, Judy (second row, first person on the left)!
Me, Christine, Angela, Rosie, and Angel. Actually, I don't know Rosie. She seems to be closer with the other counselors.
I like this photo. Taken from a very unique angle and perspective, and virtually all of my closer friends from the Study Tour are in here. Only one missing is Chris, whoís taking the shot. The leg from the left is Mr. Lin.
Keelung Templeís night market. We snuck out that afternoon during the Olympics.
Thomas, me and Angela pigging out at Keelung night market.
Say cheese. This is at one of the amusement arcades at Keelung. I shouldíve gotten the name of the place.
On the right is Alex. Heís cool. We seem to have gotten along right off the bat. Unfortunately, I met him towards the end of the tour and didnít see him since, so I never got his contact information.
Study Tour Photos
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