Miscellaneous Pictures

Rainey Ginseng Farm in Waterford, Ontario. Don't I look absolutely precious?
Lisa, my cousin, along with her mother and father. This was at the Butterfly Gardens on the road between Niagra Falls and Niagra-on-the-Lake.
Another picture of my uncle, aunt, and cousin at the same gardens.
Wasaga Beach in northern Ontario. I heard the sand was imported to the Sydney Olympics for volleyball. I dunno if it's true. Left to right are my brother, his girlfriend Carrie, her cousin Joy, and yours truly.
Gary and Cathy at Niagra Falls. Gary is a friend of around 10 years. Cathy is one of Giles's friends that came to visit from Taiwan.
Cathy Yang, up close, at Niagra Falls, in the middle of winter.
Tanny, a family friend of Giles that came over during winter 2001. Actually, Cathy is a close of friend of hers, and came along with her.
Giles and Tanny. 'Nuff said.
Cathy, once again, striking up a pose....
Gary and Cathy, in front of the lights display. The background is, obviously, Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Miscellaneous Pictures
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