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Taken at the MBA Formal.

MBA Formal, 2001. From left to right are me, Cathy, and Mike Sullivan, a former lawyer.
This is our 601 group (MBA graduating thesis/strategic field study project). From left to right are me, Qing Xing, Cathy, professor Asaf Zohar (our chair), Reshma Prabhu, and Greg Radwan.
One the left is Angie Lin, MBA friend, and on the left her boyfriend Liam.
I actually don't know the two people on the left. From the right is Yoyo and Sidney. Sidney's an MBA from Taiwan's National University. She studied Arts and Media in MBA.
Once again, I don't know the person on the left. The rest are, left to right, Reshma, Lyla, Jenny, Alice, Angie and Liam.
Sidney and Yoyo again. Yoyo was studying English here, but she's since gone back to Taiwan.
Okay...once again, I have absolutely no clue who's the person on the left. I gotta stop snapping shots of people I don't know. It'll give the false impression I'm popular or something.
Oooo...more ppl I dunno well. Gaven's on the far left, Corey behind him, David beside him, a girl I should know but can't remember her name, Sophie beside her, and David on the right. No clue who's everyone else.
Left to right, Liam, me, Angie.
These are the people at my table. Right to left are Cathy, Mike behind her, Reshma, Qing behind her, some dude I dunno beside him, Greg at the front, me, Shirley-Sue, Pam (Greg's wife), Shirley's husband.
Sidney and Yoyo once again. I think I've probably posted up one too many of their pix from the formal. This is Sidney caught in the act of transferring her wine to her Schulich MBA martini cocktail glass.
Sidney, making good use of her Schulich MBA martini glass and showing it off.
Oh boy...what was I doing?!? Caught in the act...I deny all allegations and I refuse to further incriminate myself....
Okay, one of these four people don't belong in this picture. Can you figure out which one? Hint: It's the one that looks least human....=P
Behold: This is either the future CEOs and triumvirate of Microsoft, or the latest reincarnation of the Three Stooges. From let to right are Dave (Zettas), Dave (Yang) and Dave (Fletcher).
MBA Formal
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