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TripleJ's Site of Stuff

Welcome to TripleJ's Site of Stuff

Welcome to my site! You may not be interested in anything here... but I am! Sorry if I sounded a bit mean. Well, are you wondering what you can find here? Take a look

- My reviews/ FAQs
- Video Game News
- Links
- A NEW! Community
- And More!

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I am willing to chat just tell me your GFAQs name.

News that you don't care about!

- Some minor updates... a new poll on the Stuff page. Now you can tell me if you like that picture. I'm also working on some other things. Oh, and Send me links to your site! And I will put them up, if you put a link to mine up! I also have a new community... Hope to see you there.

- Yay! Again. No VG News, now it is called "Stuff". I hope you enjoy the one thing that is there now! Um... Yeah...
- JJJ 3000 (Still me)

- Yay! The site is finished. Except for one thing, the VG News section. I probably will turn it into a credits page as soon as I get someone that helped me some way... Well, enjoy what is here for now!
- DJTJ (That's still me, triplej3000)

- Umm... The site is created... and a lot of work is needed to be done to finish it! Just be patient, and soon enough it will be all done! Just wait....
-- TripleJ 3000

TripleJ 3000