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This photo doesn't fit with any of the others. I assume this to be Lexington on my special route home from my 1995 trip to Hopkinsville, KY.

From my 1996 trip to Chicago. Incidentally this is not the same trip where we went to a Denny's restaurant and blew bubbles in our soda through our straws to protest being expelled from a miniature golf course.

Getting closer to Chicago. As you can tell, this entire roll of film was (keek!) ruined because it contained the photo where I waved a burning stick around at one of our bonfires where we burned phone books and old bubble gum, causing orange marks to appear on many of the pics.

The best Chicago shot of all!

From my 1996 road trip to the Western U.S. and Mexico, this is a photo of Little Rock, AR, where some little kid sitting at a nearby table at Shoney's kept jabbing me with a French fry.

Shreveport, LA.

Houston, TX.

Corpus Christi, TX, from the US 181 bridge.

San Antonio, TX.

El Paso, TX.

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