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Sep. 2 Nov. 20 2012

This small batch of road photos includes 2 very minor events - but they're Scholarly anyhow...

This is from the Riverfest fireworks on Labor Day weekend. The evening was a total rain-out - as much of the year was - but the fireworks went on as scheduled. This is southwest on Riverboat Row, with the garage for the high-rise condos clearly visible. I had to take cover in this bus shelter throughout the fireworks. Folks who walked past kept saying I was the smartest guy around for that.

Fast-forwarding to November, this is under I-471. Sixth Street becomes Donnermeyer Drive as it enters Bellevue. The item that's of interest here is the face that was painted on the column at right...

When I first saw this, I thought this was Che Guevara, but I'm pretty sure this was actually Jesus.

Northwest on Wildcat Drive - the old Incinerator Road that once intrigued me so. We're paying special attention to the billboard in the middle, which was out in front of Newport High School...

That billboard had a Paul Ryan look-alike!!! I guess the reason it's on Newport High School's grounds is that the Newport Board of Education's politics were about like Paul Ryan's. Also, in the background is the Church of the Immaculata, which is way across the river in Cincinnati's Mount Adams neighborhood.

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