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Not far from the bridge is this scene on 6th Street in Newport. The skyline of Cincinnati is behind that stop sign that has bird poop on it.

The bridge from 11th Street in Newport to 12th Street in Covington, which carries KY 1120 across the Licking River and was later named the Licking Valley Girl Scouts Bridge, was brand new in this pic. This is the intersection with Newport's Brighton Street, and you can tell that the bridge is subpar: The 4 wide lanes for auto traffic are negated by the lack of a sidewalk on the right side. The metal framework you see to the left of the bridge's peak is the old Shortway Bridge that was closed in favor of the new span.

Looking south from the new bridge at the roadbed for the old Shortway Bridge. The span in the background is a railroad bridge.

Looking north towards Cincinnati from the bridge.

Looking east on the bridge into Newport.

From the east side of Newport, we're looking over the fence at I-471 as it crosses the Daniel Carter Beard (Big Mac) Bridge into Cincinnati.

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