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They have these things called airplanes, which are really nifty because they enable you to fly. In the olden days, when I took this set of photos, Lunken Airport offered recreational flights to real people like you and me. The above photo is approaching Cincinnati from the east, with the Ohio River in the foreground.

Cincinnati's West End, with the rail bridge to Ludlow, KY, at left.

The edge of downtown, overlooking West End and I-75.

I have no idea where this was, but this had to be out pretty far. It looks vaguely like I-71 near the Norwood Lateral.

Highland Heights, KY! My original hometown! This is southwest on US 27 to I-471, which it meets in the center of this photo. The large patch of pavement in the foreground is the old shopping center, which was later torn down and replaced with Lowe's. I-275 can be seen in the background.

The celebrated Malfunction Junction in Highland Heights, where I-471 ends at my beloved US 27, which forks off to the right. This was the first flawed design of the intersection, which was in place for about 15 years.

US 27 in Highland Heights runs horizontally across the bottom of this picture. This photo barely misses its high viaduct over I-275. For its part I-275 is seen crossing the Ohio River. Parallel to US 27 near the lower right corner of the pic is the old part of US 27 bypassed when I-275 was built.

The plane lands at Lunken Airport.

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