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make a new image (file>new) 432x432, fill the first layer/background black (edit>fill). make a new layer and fill it black (edit>fill) add lens flares to this layer (filter, render, lensflare) all around the border of the image. use these settings: 50-300mm zoom, brightness 100

apply glowing edges (filter, stylize, glowing edges) with these settings: 1 (edge width) 15 (edge brightness) 5 (smoothness) then apply polar coordinates (filter, distort, polar coordinates) choose "Rectangular to Polar" and finally apply plastic wrap (filter, artistic, plastic wrap) with the settings: 15 (highlight strength) 9 (detail) 7 (smoothness)

make a new layer and fill it black (edit>fill) now add a lens flare (filter, render, lensflare) to the center of your new layer, and use these settings: 50-300mm zoom, brightness 130. then apply plastic wrap (filter> artistic> plastic wrap) use the same settings we used previously. set the layers blending mode to screen.

make a new layer and set its blending mode to color. click the black and white half-circle next to "create a new layer" and select gradient. you can choose any gradient you want for this part, but if you want the same effect that was intended, click the image to the left

this tutorial was created and brought to you by irond. feel free to show me what you can do with this, send them here

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