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Aol Secrets

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Blind Carbon Copy

Send e-mail to alot of people without them knowing who you sent it to.
( ) Around Every name

Mail Bomb

This is to send someone the same e-mail over and over and over again.
Go to preferences then mail. Click off "Confirm Mail After Sent" and "Close Mail After Sent". Then write the email and click send. Then hold down the space bar and hold it down untill you think you've sent enough email.
TOS WARNING: You can get tosed aol intercepts the mail.

Save E-mail Forever

Go to MY AOL and click on Preferences and then click on Mail and make sure "Keep all mail I read in my Personal Filing Cabinet" is selected, then click OK and to check your forever e-mail just click on Mail Center and go down to Read Offline Mail and click on Incoming/Saved Mail.

Turn E-mail Off

Sign on the master screen name. Then go to Keyword: "MailControls"
Click on setup then choose the screenname you want to turn the e-mail off for. Then turn off e-mail and click ok.

Wavy Letters

When you see the pattern you can add your own text.

Rainbow E-mail

Copy And Paste The Code:
<HTML><FONT SIZE=4 PTSIZE=12><BODY BGCOLOR="#ff8000"> </html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000"> </html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#ff0000"> </html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#000000"> </html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#800080"> </html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#0000ff"> </html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#80ff80"> </html> <body BGCOLOR="#000000"> <ml> <BGCOLOR="#000080"> </html> <BODY BGCOLOR="#00ff00"> <ml> <Y BGCOLOR="#0000ff"> <ml> <Y BGCOLOR="#ff0000"> <l> <Y BGCOLOR="#008000"> <ml> <Y BGCOLOR="#ffA500"> <ml><Y BGCOLOR="#ff4500"><ML>
If you paste this a million times you'll get a huge rainbow.