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make a new image (file>new) 400x200, fill (edit>fill) the first layer/background black. now with your type tool add some white text. Apply a gaussian blur (filter, blur, gaussian blur) with the settings: 1. this is just to soften your text layer up a bit

merge (layer, merge down) the text layer. there should now only be one layer. Drag this layer onto the new layer icon and add some mosaic tiles to it (filter, pixelate, mosaic) with the settings: 10-12. Set this layers opacity to about 50 or so. now sharpen this layer (filter, sharpen, sharpen) apply this 3 or 4 times by hitting ctrl+f to repeat it

merge (layer, merge down) the sharpen'd layer, and hit ctrl+u to colorize it. To do this, check the colorize box and move the hue/saturation sliders around till you get the desired color. This tutorial can be applyed to images as well as text. Hope it proves usefull to you in someway or another.

this tutorial was brought to you by irond. feel free to show me what you can do with this, send them here

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