Welcome to the Henna Hair Treatment System. We are specialists in the art of henna hair care. We maintain the highest standards of henna hair care with the most creative henna hair range and henna hair ideas on the henna plant and its uses.

From our base in the UK we provide wholesale and retail henna and henna related products. Our products are of the finest quality and are imported from around the world. We cover vast distances to provide you the most versatile and decorative patterns.

Our product range is diverse and known to be of quality. This includes black henna, hair dye, henna hair color, henna powder, 'Liquid Henna', henna shampoos, henna conditioners, henna waxes, henna hair finishing products. We have a worldwide international client list. Indeed many of our clients are USA citizens. 

Henna or menhdi as it is also known is a substance which comes from the plant "Lawsonia inermis". Henna has been used in India, the Middle East and Africa for coloring the hair, as a healing therapy and also as a natural dye.

Not only is henna available in a wide variety of hues but it actually benefits your hair as opposed to burning and damaging it.

The system below has been proven to be of use throughout all stages of the hair care process.



For those who are interested in the  benefits of henna, you can find it in neutral or colorless or most other colors. Using this henna once every couple of months won't change the color of your hair but it will leave it softer, shinier and easier to manage.

Today its use communicates spiritual expression as well as ancient ritual. We invite you to try the Henna Hair Treatment System!


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Customer satisfaction is of prime importance to us. We offer full refunds on all products guaranteed. We are affiliated with the e-commerce merchant trading organisation CCNow. Use our secure online service with CCNow to order any of the products.

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