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DC-3 Windtee CF-CPY
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Built in 1942, she spent several months in camouflage flying with United States Army Airforce on transport missions to India & China. During this time the aircraft was condemmed and was eventually returned to the the U.S. where it was repaired. At the end of the war she was converted to the Civilian DC-3 configuration and sold to Canadian Pacific Airlines where she served 15 years flying Canadian scheduled routes, as CF-CPY. Laura Spicer July/98
Heather Clements July/98
In 1960 the aircraft was sold to Connelly - Dawson Airways of Dawson City and spent the next 6 years flying cargo to places like Old Crow and oil exploration camps in Eagle Plains. In 1966 until her last flight in November of 1970, she was based out of Whitehorse serving Yukon scheduled routes for Great Northern Airways. When Great Northern Airways declared bankrupcy, ownership of the DC-3 fleet was transferred to Northward Airlines. CPY by then was not operational and used for parts. It was the idea of Joe Muff to donate the aircraft to the Yukon Flying Club and use it as some kind of monument. The aircraft was then donated to the Flying Club by Northward Airlines, who also donated the heated hangar space to restore CPY for the weathervane monument.
In 1977 the Yukon Flying Club undertook the restoration of the DC-3 to it's original Canadian Pacific colors and in 1981 it was mounted on a pivot pedistal. It takes a 5 knot wind to move the plane. A Katimavik project did all the exterior painting of the aircraft. In October of 1993 the Yukon Transportation Museum took ownership of the DC-3. Doug Davidge Feb/2000
Doug Davidge July/2000 In July 29, 1998 the aircraft was removed from it's pedistal to facilitate a second round of restoration. As of July, 2001, the restoration project is continuing. A total of 1200 person/hours of volunteer time involving over 30 people has gone into the restoration. As of 1997 the DC-3 are no longer used in the Yukon. The last remaining DC-3 in the Yukon that flew passengers and cargo with Air North have been sold. The last one left in May of 1998, they were sold to USA cargo companies and private owners (Colorado, Oshkosh) This DC-3 is very unique and holds a wealth of history and service to the Yukon, not only is it part of early aviation history but at present offers a unique tourist and resident attraction.

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