::.. Torrie Wilson + Buff Bagwell ..::

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Torrie Wilson + Buff Bafwell

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Being the newest and the best couple on the block!

..::..Once again we are LIVE in the XWWA arena, the fans are wild, the superstars ready and once again we are about to...Just at that moment "not such an innocent girl" plays over the PA system, the fans boo as Torrie is seen, she comes to the entrance way of the ramp and looks out to the crowd, she then comes to the steel steps to enter the ring and very slowly enters the ring, she walks around in circles, she seems to be waiting for something as she looks back at the entrance way, just then the arena goes silent and black "Its TIME!" hits around the stereo system the fans have no idea who it is when all of a sudden Buff Bagwell is seen, he walks down the ramp looking at Torrie the entire time, he reaches her and giver her a kiss, she smirks as he grabs a mic, he begins to speak..::..

..::..Buff Bagwell..::.. Isnt life great? take a look at what i got, i got a women who has the hottest legs, ass and everything in the sports entertainment industry, she can wrestle, she loves me, what more do i need? you may all think that but what i have is a lot more, i have the best damn guns in this business today, the best body, the best ability, and the best mic skills..as i will now show you with my very first XWWA promo! Now of course im no HHH that comes out here with his same old lines and his same old ring entrance, same old fat wife, oh damn did i just say that? hell who cares! whats HHH gonna do come out here and get me? come on HHH im waiting and the clock is ticking? Looks like the almighty game has just been conquered! You think that because you have been here longer than me you can talk like this is your federation? i dont think so my man, because this federation is about to destroy the game and his wife with Buff Bagwell and Torrie Wilson, but it seems you dont like to work like that do you? because you would gladly hide behind your wife! Im not like that HHH because i basically know what i want out of life, i know what i want out of my time here and thats the heavyweight championship! If you were the champion im gonna come after you, if your not hell i might just do it for my amusement! But i can tell you something now, the one thing that Buff Bagwell does not do is RUN! I can tell you HHH that i have been doing this a lot longer than you have, back in the WWF i heard that you were whining, complaining how they held you back for five years, when really HHH you have no damn idea about the words you said! Im the one that has been held back, but i dont need to whine about it, HHH you want to see whats been eating me up inside day in and day out then please go ahead and let me show you..In the ring! You can call me "Tough" all you like HHH, but the one thing you have got to realise is i dont play games, i play my life! If this is all about your wife then you are a sad sad man, cant you let the women handle things? but if you need to bring this to the men i understand, i understand that you may be a little jealous of what i have, of my body, my looks, my brains and my all around ability! But we can soon sort that out HHH, you name the time, place and i will be there! No doubt in my mind you are the game, no doubt that you could probably beat most guys in this federation with your skills, but the one man that is now brining you everything you bring to the others you FEAR! I have never seen fear in your eyes HHH, but now, i can, i see that you are used to being the best, but this time, you are second best, you and your wife are now not the top couple in the CWO because Torrie and Buff are taking over, just like i am the gold!

..::..Torrie Wilson..::.. Now as for what you have just said about HHH, i need to talk about his darling of a wife Stephanie McMahon - Helmsley! I wanted to talk about what she said to me, but all of three words couldnt really be picked up on, i mean take a look at what she has to offer, and then take a look at me, me and Buff Bagwell are the people around here that need to be taken note of, we are the two people around here that need to be seen as a threat and although HHH hasnt got what you want Buff, Stephanie Mcmahon has not only what i want, but what i need, i want that title of yours Stephanie, and i will get it, i want to challenge you to a match up on the next show for your title, whenever it is i will beat your ass for your gold and your status as Princess, because this little Princess Buff is taking over! Stephanie you and HHH may be acting tough now, but lets see who the tough ones are when we take your ass's out, get back to me on our challenge, and even though you are used to taking things EASY and resting on your back a lot, dont take things to EASY will you Stephanie, because the clock is ticking and the longer you make me wait, the less fun this will be for you, The Princess is about to take the trash out of the CWO, for good!

..::..Torrie drops the mic and looks at Buff as they both laugh as the camera fades..::..