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Jampacked with DiscoRoboPirate Goodness!

The Nyshchives!

Welcome to the Nyshchives! Be sure to check out my cool new website!

Nysh Stories!
Happy Legends Story! (08/05/02)
The Tale of Djcool! (08/13/03)
Iostboy and his Hoop! (08/13/03)
lolololo u=warned! (09/23/03)

Nysh Pictures/Comics!
Nyshraak the Target! (02/19/02)
Bamkitty and Foulou goin' at it! (06/05/02)
Gorag from Eternal Sovereign getting what (s)he deserves! (06/05/02)
The French Canadia--er..Quebecer! (07/26/02)
The Happy Anarchy Online Pirate! (05/02/03)
Harrrrr!!! It's the DiscoRoboPirate!!! (06/09/03)
The Haggis Comic! (06/20/03)
The Scotland Comic! (06/20/03)

Nysh Texts/Chat Logs!
Zola Chat Log 1 (06/24/03)
Zola Chat Log 2 (06/25/03)
Zola Chat Log From a Friend (Short&Sweet) (06/25/03)

Stick Around! More Nyshertainment to Come!