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Every race has a certain advantage but no race is greater than another.


Super Saiyan level 1 at 250,000pl adds 250,000=500,000pl.

Level 2 at 1,000,000pl adds 1,000,000=2,000,000pl.

Level 3 at 3,000,000pl adds 3,000,000=6,000,000pl.

Level 4 at 8,000,000pl adds 8,000,000=16,000,000pl.

Level 5 at 20,000,000pl adds 20,000,000=40,000,000pl.


Super Namek at 250,000pl adds 750,000=1,000,000pl.

Ultra Namek at 3,000,000pl adds 6,000,000=9,000,000pl.

Perfect Namek at 15,000,000pl adds 25,000,000=40,000,000pl.


Super Human level 1 at 100,000pl adds 100,000=200,000pl.

Level 2 at 400,000pl adds 400,000=800,000pl.

Level 3 at 1,000,000pl adds 1,000,000=2,000,000pl.

Level 4 at 3,000,000pl adds 3,000,000=6,000,000pl.

Level 5 at 7,500,000pl adds 7,500,000=15,000,000pl.

Level 6 at 17,000,000pl adds 10,000,000=27,000,000pl.

Level 7 at 30,000,000pl adds 10,000,000=40,000,000pl.


An android is a superior being but has no levels. Instead an android grows 5 times as fast as any other being.


A changeling has no levels either. Instead it learns the many transform moves.

At 500,000pl it learns Transform 1, witch when used in battle adds 500,000 to base pl.

Transform 2 at 2,000,000pl adds 3,000,000 to base pl.

Transform 3 at 4,000,000pl adds 12,000,000 to base pl.

Transform 4 at 8,000,000pl adds 32,000,000 to base pl.

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