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This is a new site. This is were i will post fights, the outcomes and anything else of importance.Our fights will be monitored by refs. Referees are people who calculate everything during a fight.Refs cannot ref their own fight. The refs so far are:Double2C16 <-(me), Goveghan, spike6944.These are the only people who can ref fights.My friend does not have aol yet so he will be using my screen name to battle.

11/5/00::Gorenten had a violent run in with the evil android, Goveghan. But good has triumphed over evil once again and Gorenten sent the android to the Other Dimension to prevent him from his evil plans.

11/7/00::Gorenten has also fought and won against Bill Clinton but has let him live. Since Bill serves no threat to them for the time being.

11/10/00::Chiende has traveled to Earth and fought Bill Clinton. Bill was no match for th superior power of the changeling and lost his life to this monster.

11/11/00::Bill Clinton cant get a day off. After being sent to the other dimension by Chiende he was brutaly beaten by the android Goveghan.

11/14/00::The day that the evil android (goveghan) returned, from the other dimention, he found an android named jp close by. Goveghans search for strength led him to destroying the weaker android. Who can stop this killing machine? Back to home