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You can become a gaurdian of a planet! This has advantages and disadvantages. To become a gaurdian you must get to the planet's look out point. There you must learn the gaurdian ways. This takes 5 days. One Gaurdian to a planet.

Gaurdian abilities

Sensing PL
You can sense the PL of anyone on your planet from the look out point.

You grow 2 times as fast while on your look out.

Ability to create Dragon Crystals
You can create Dragon Crystals. These are a smaller version of the Dragonballs, but they are not based on wishes. It takes 2 days to make your Crystals. There are 4 crystals a person must collect (you, the gaurdian, cannot get them).(pick one) Here are the Crystals you can create:

Ability to create a Training Chamber
You can create a chamber that will be placed on your look out. You can go in your chamber. It takes 10 days to make a chamber.(pick one) Here are the chambers you can make:
You can plant a Mystic Tree
There are 3 seeds to choose from. You can choose only one. They all bear a certain fruit that gives power to the person who takes it. It takes 1 day to plant the seed. It takes 20 days for a Mystic Tree to grow. You are the only one that can harvest this fruit, so you can keep it to yourself or give it to whoever you like. It takes 2 days to harvest. You must get off your look out to plant your tree and harvest your Mystic Fruit. Here are the trees:

Some rules

Look Out Points
Earth=Sky tower:takes 5 days to climb
Vegeta=Vegeta's Moon:takes 2 days to get to but you need a ship
Blizerd=Death Valley:takes 5 days to get down to it
Namek=Kana's Platuea:takes 5 days to get to