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Searching for the Dragonballs

From now on the Dragonballs take 30 days to recharge and reappear after a wish.

The dragon balls will be divided between the planets and every planet has 10 sectors a ball could lie in. So in order to obtain all the dragon balls you must have a spaceship to travel to other planets. And without a Dragonball Locator you must guess what sector a DB may be in and it takes a day to search that sector. If you have a Dragonball Locator you then e-mail me saying what DB you would like to find and I will tell you were it is. If another member has a DB that you want,then e-mail me to battle that person for thier DB.


You cant wish for imortality,all moves,more wishes, or anything else that out rageous. You can wish for up to 500,000pl. You can wish for up to $25,000. You can wish for one move so make it a strong one. You can wish someone back from the other dimension early.

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