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This is where you can store your money or take out loans. There will be intrest on your loans. And the money you have in the bank will increase as it is in there. These banks are on every planet. These banks can be robbed by members, so make sure you pick a bank with security.

These Are The Banks

Da Bank!
We at Da Bank know how much people need money so we are goin to allow bigger loans to be taken out every time you finish payin off a loan.

We have a 5% intrest on our loans. Dis is weekly. (ex: you take $1,000 out on a loan and every week we add $50 to that. so in a week you would have to pay us $1,050. And after 2 weeks you have to pay $1,100. And so on and so on...)

When you store money in our bank there will be a 10% intrest on it(ex:you put in $1,000 and you get $100 every week). So you will be makin money without doin anything. You can put in a min of $100 and a max of $30,000.

We have good security. We have 3 gaurds that are trained very well.

Loan Sharks
We at loan Loans Sharks like to give money (and break knee caps) so that you can buy whatever you please. We do not however store money. We strickly give loans. And if you dont start paying it back when we say so, we will give you a "reminder" (kick in the teeth).

  • We will allow a max loan of $10,000
  • This has 10% intrest on it.(ex:you borrow $10,000 than you owe us $11,000 after a week)

Money Makers
This is a bank that does not give loans. We only store your money so that you can make money. We have a 20% intrest on your money that is in our bank. There is a min of $5,000 that you can put in, and no max. We have the best security imaginable. It is only one extreamly strong gaurd. Thanks for giving us your time and hopefuly your money.

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