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These abilities are taught on the planet of Jidion (2 days to reach). In the temple of Tyand there are masters of these abilities. You must study and train under the master whos ability you would like to learn for the amount of days listed.

Master Cio

This ability allows you to be hidden from other members. You can hide for a max of 5 days. After that you need to rest your camealion ability for 4 days. You can also use this twice every battle. It can dodge a move and get enough endurance to use a level four move (doesn't take any en to use).
31 days to learn

Master Taseka

This ability allows you to split yourself into 4. It also splits your stats. But now your opponent has to defeat the first of you. Then the second of you. Then the third of you. And finaly the fourth of you. You can come back together but it will add up the amount of stats that all the little yous have left. This ability must be called in battle and takes a turn to use. It doesn't take any en to use. If you decide to come back together that fight then you can not split up again (during the same fight).
30 days to learn

Master Cholea

This ability changes the form of your body from flesh to metal. It increases your Hit Points greatly. It will last throughout the whole fight. It must be called in a battle and takes a turn (but no en).
30 days to learn

Master Yasamich

This ability consentrates your energy into your speed. It allows you to travel much faster during a battle and search 2 sectors of any planet a day. It must be called during a battle using a turn (but no en).
34 days to learn

Master Mnid

This ability increases your muscles making your pl and en a lot larger but it lowers your speed. It must be called in a fight and it takes a turn to use (no en to use).
33 days to learn

Master Jhenfo

Ki power
This ability makes it so all Ki blasts take 2 levels lower edurance to use.(L-1 uses L-1 en. L-2 uses L-1 en. L-3 uses L-1 en. L-4 uses L-2 en. L-5 uses L-3 en.)
35 days to learn

Master Huloea

This ability allows a person to heal himself. Out of battle you can heal half your HP every 5 days. In a battle you are able restore 1/4 of your HP. This takes a turn and may only be used once in a battle. (doesn't use any en to use)
35 days to learn

Master Nahog

The Power Hidden Within
This is a very unique ability. It is a last option. You will not be able to use this at will untill you have had to use it several times. In your battle it will only be summoned at the last blow which would have beaten you. It will give you an unbelievable boost to all your stats, but this power will not show itself if you have used an ability already. (doesn't use any en to use).
50 days to learn

You can have up to 4 abilities. But only one can be used in battle. You can use more than one out of battle(example=using stealth while searching 2 sectors a day).

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