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Quests are tasks you must complete to gain an object, or some kind of power. They will be more or less difficult depending on the reward.

  • You must stay alive. If you die you will be sent to the other dimension and then back to your home planet.
  • You must go alone.
  • No working
  • There are no hospitals on any planet

These are the quests
(There will be more added.)

Journey For The Mystic Armor

On this journey you will encounter villinous creatures and have to search for maps in order to travel any further. There will be riddles and more surprises. You will need a ship. You can only use a healing tank if you are in your ship and traveling. You may use senzu beans to heal. Good luck. E-mail me ( with the answer to this question in order to go on the Journey For The Mystic Armor. What is: 4+355-51x37+5+3+9x9x2-99+34x0+-2=?

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