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Y2T_clan page
This is the offical web site of the Y2T clan. We stomp in AoE,and AoK. We are not scared and we have taught ourselves through hard work and practice how to whip A**(you know what I mean).

allies or enemies History Y2T_members
THE HISTORY OF Y2T- The clan started out with a great leader(Y2T_warrior),the clan grew strong and prevailed in many things. We had 19 members at one time but people began to fall away and we lost hope. By this time I was second in command. Then all of a sudden my leader decided to shut the clan down but I made up my mind to keep going with Y2T. Now at the bottom again this clan will rise up with some of the best members playing AoK. I know before my life is over we will be at the top of the food chain. The choice is yours join forces or die!!!!!!

(our imaging is created by Steve Weaver.)

The background music on this page was composed by Bjorn Lynne.

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