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In Honor of Reverend Turner

Reverend William Turner
Birthdate: June 29,1922
Division: 451 AAA Aircraft Artillary
Date of Entry: 1943
Date of Discharge: November 14, 1945
Family: Wife, 3 Children
Battles: Anzio, Battle of the Bulge, Costello

"Once I was positioned on a mountain in Anzio. A southerner had just been transferred to my division. He was paired with me. He had never seen true action until this day. I was using the bathroom when suddenly I heard a big, loud sound. My partner was frightened and ran away from the machine gun. I thought an enemy had destroyed the gun because I saw my partner running. He hid inside a cave. I never knew his name. Back then they called it shell-shocked. They had to send him home this way."
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