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Robert W. Miller

Robert W. Miller-"Bob"- was born in Talpusa, Georgia on April 2, 1927. His parents are Robert J. and Maple. He has two sisters named Melisa and Ann. He has one brother named Hubert. Bob tried to enlist in the Navy and the Marines, but was denied due to the fact he was color blind. In June of 1945, he was drafted and went to Fort MacPherson in Georgia. Bob later entered the 1st division, 1st medical corp. He was then transfered to Camp Picket, Virginia. Bob was trained at Camp Wheeler to go to Japan, but the war in Japan was over and the army sent him to Germany instead. It took 19 days to get to Germany from Camp Shanks, New York, which was the port for embarkation. His ship docked in Dover, England. He took over an abandoned maternity hospital in south Germany. The water was so bad that they got kegs of beer from a brewery. His unit drank this instead of the contaminated water. He took care of soldiers who were wounded or sick. Bob nursed them back to health. After each day he would take a vial of penicillin and collect it. This later became valuable because he traded it with the Germans for important supplies. He received the peacetime medals for sharpshooter, good conduct, and occupations.

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