In Honor of Jim Ansley, veteran of World War II, from Grady County, Georgia
Jim Ansley, World War II veteran, was inducted into the Army in 1942 at Ft. McPearson.
He served as a member of the 26th Regiment, 1st Division, but later, due to illness, transferred to the 104th Infantry Division, Company 413.
He is married with two children.

"We started to cross the Rhine River and there were nine of us in the boat. Two of which were engineers and seven were men. There was a new boy in the boath with us that had never been under no fire and they would shoot them oldd 88's they sounded like they were about head high coming in there like rifles, they sounded just like they were gonna get you. That new boy jumped up in the boat and got that thing rockin' and he flipped it bottom upwards in the middle of the Rhine Riber and it was cold, boy it was cold! I knew how many there was to start with and I was the squad leader. I said. "Lord there's one under the boat", 'cause everywhere I looked there were only eight, and one of them said, "Why don't you count yourself, all nine of us are here!"
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