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joins SL right after this snap andI don't know what happened to him Tundra aka Gannon is a good fighter and a good fellow as well Weapon is as equally a good fellow:). .
I started with 2 more and still beat jin (Silver lion) dark knight(GK) SoldierElite(baddies) all the same fool      



Guild Shots: The defintion of respected is a little bit different when you have shots all from the same guild... Ussually if I have a lot of pics of the same guild over and over then I am probably at war with them or was. However if somone is found in respected from that guild then I have found them to be better in character than their guild as a whole. They might be my friend ect, but I have a snap from a spar or before we became friends. Or we sparred and I surprisingly won, or we are at war and I just think this person is "an honorable decent person" in respect to me.The order of my headings will depend on my status with the guild.

Silver Lion:
Generally all around a pretty good group of guys/girls.



Total unique members since 3/24/00

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