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The War Council - July 23rd, 2002

    Ian's making an effort to ignore Maddy, and just pay attention to Leo.

    Maddy glances at Jenna with a dull, sleepy interest.

    Dylan's brow knits at what Jenna mutters to him, nodding torwards her before going silent and looking torwards Leo.

    Leo glances around the room. He gets a focused look, then says, "Very well. By now all of you have heard that I have taken the position of War Leader until Tsukikage-rhya returns from her quest to challenge an Elder of the Shadow Lords for rank. She could return later today, or months from now. I'm told that Adren challenges are quite strenuous. After the attack on the Healing Caern, which has left it damaged and in pain, we are now in a state of war. Our efforts to return the beast under the volcanos into slumber must be redoubled, but now with urgency, as the Wyrm now knows of our efforts and has already quite effectively worked to hinder them. Our first order of business will be the reorganization of the Sept. Then we will meet and devise a strategy to combat the Wyrm and restore the bane into slumber. Is that clear/"

    Maddy nods to Leo, rubbing idly at one eye.

    Ian nods, then sneaks a few more bites of food.

    Irma lets out a low growl and she nods to Leo's words.

    Jenna nods quietly.

    Dylan remains silent, following the crowd with a nod of his own.

    Leo gruffly nods. "Very well. Our first order of business is the three guests on our protectorate. Walks-on-Water-yuf," He glances at Gerald, "Since you have successfully challenged for Rank, you get more responsibilities. I charge you with testing their merit. Work with Fire's-Promise to see if their story holds true, and find if they are willing to be loyal. Will you take this?"

    Irma's dark expression becomes totally unreadable as she listens. Her arms are crossed over her chest and she slowly scans the Caern for any signs of trouble or encroachment as she listens.

    Gerald nods gravely and says, "I will, Leo-rhya."

    Dylan glances to Gerald briefly, brow rising. He nods before looking back to Leo.

    Leo glances at Irma. He furrows his brow for a second.

    Greta comes in from New Dawn.

    Greta has arrived.

    Maddy uses Ian as a crutch to hop up on the safe, where she sits hunched over her coffee as if it were a warming fire. She glances at the door and offers Greta a tired smile, motioning towards the coffee that's left.

    Dylan stands near the door, near Jenna. He glances up as Greta enters, a small smile on his lips. He nods to her, then makes his way over torwards Gerald.

    Jenna smiles over to Greta as she comes down the stairs.

    Leo peers at Irma for a second. He shrugs and turns away. "Next issue is of the Bastet, Raeth. Jenna, you said you spoke with him. Perhaps you'd like to tell the Sept what his wishes are?"

    Gerald eyes Dylan sidelong, and he smiles ever so slightly. Then his attention returns to Leo.

    Greta didn't expect the crowd, that's for certain. She closes the door hastily, and doesn't speak, she just freezes inside the cavernous space, waiting, watching, and looking more than a little hesitant. A little too much white is showing around her eyes.

    Ian frowns, just slightly, at the mention of Raeth. Then he puts some more burrito paste in his mouth.

    Maddy sips her coffee, sitting up straighter.

    Irma turns her dark gaze to Greta and she studies her for a long moment.

    Jenna stands up from her seated position, leaving the steaming coffee sitting on the ground in a small hollow of dirt. "His position is one of a loner. He doesn't follow Rose or her people, he says they can barely be in the same city most of the time. He is willing for me to be Liason between he and Leo-rhya. He will stand and defend his area, but he is only one, he will fight beside us, but not as one of the Pack. He would like to bring the rift between the Bete and the Garou to a close and I said I would help if that is possible. I also gave him money for a phone, he has my number should he see anything that needs reporting when our eyes are not on the Volcano." She glances to Leo for a moment. "He knows of the Ritual"

    Leo nods. "In the past we have had Bete as allies of the Sept. In fact, Rose was such an ally at one point." He turns to the group. "I open up this issue to the group. What are your opinions on this?"

    Gerald grumbles, "So long as they don't overstep their bounds, it's better to have an ally than an enemy."

    Dylan glances from Gerald, back to Leo. A small frown touches his lips before he clears his throat. "I know very little of the cats, other than what I was told by my Uncle, and what you yourself have told me Leo-rhya. However, I would not wish to treat one of them as equal unless they followed the Litany as we do. I suppose it all depends on what you mean by alliance."

    Ian frowns lightly as he says it, "I don't approve of Raeth, but none of my personal experience with him is relevant to the circumstances. If he thinks he's man enough to die for the cause, by all means, let him prove himself."

    Irma's dark expression shows no sign of change. She continues to let her black gaze linger on Greta, studying her. She doesn't seem to care to speak up on the subject at hand.

    Maddy shrugs. "I say we can use all the help we can get. And we're all on the same side anyway. Or supposed to be." She eyes Ian's hair, smoothing down a cowlick idly. "Might as well at least try to act like it." She leans in and whispers to him.

    Leo nods at those who have given their opinions so far. He glances at Irma and Jenna. He follows Irma's look over to Greta, and nods to her. "Welcome to the War Council, Theurge," he rumbles.

    Jenna says "Anyone that can walk on stickers without shoes, has my vote."

    Dylan's frown grows at the others answers, then he says, "Let him prove himself before we share any information. We're not to share anything with newly arrive Garou or kin, I see very little reason to do so with this cat until he's proven he can be trusted."

    Jenna says "I only shared about the volcano of what he mostly knew, but that the Wyrm gathered to fight, that seemed to bring his rage to the surface, someone remind me about full moon's again."

    Greta dips her head to Leo, offering up a brief but silent greeting and moving to somewhere near the edge of the group. She gives everyone plenty of space. After Dylan's comment she nods and adds her piece. "As long as both he and we understand the limits to what having an Ally means..and as long as he speaks truth and is free of taint, if the Leader deems it appropriate I have no arguments."

    Leo considers this, then nods. He frowns, then says, "I have fought along side the Bastet and against them in the past. They are fierce, mysterious, aggrivating, but honorable in their own way. I have dealt with this Raeth as well, given him more information that I would normally and have been insulted that I did not divulge all of our secrets to him. His self-righteous indignation did not sit well with me. If the Sept wishes it, we will ally with him, but he is to follow our lead in this, and he is to only gain as much information as we choose to give to him. He will not know the location of our caerns and he will not be privy to our council. Since Jenna has opened a dialogue with him, she will relate this to him. Explain to him that we have had trouble with his kind before. That it is in our best interests to remain guarded, and as he proves himself, the relationship will continue to grow."

    Dylan glances to Jenna at Leo's words, the frown stuck to his features. He says nothing however.

    Jenna nods in response to Leo and reseats herself.

    Gerald nods curtly and keeps quiet.

    Leo glances around. "Next in order is the issue of battlefield appointments. Fire's-Promise, will you step forward?"

    Irma remains silent. Her eyes narrow as she watches Greta for another long moment, before she returns to scanning the Caern for any signs of intrusion, or any warning signs from the Owl spirits. She keeps returning her gaze to Greta now and again though.

    Dylan blinks as he is addressed, his attention snapping back to Leo as the frown is smoothed from his features. He does as ordered, walking torwards Leo, stopping a few steps away. "Yes rhya..?"

    Ian looks at Irma, then at Greta, then to Dylan. Then back at Leo. He scrapes the bottom of his takeout box.

    Leo gives him a steely look. "By the powers granted to me as War Leader, I name you both Truthcatcher and acting Master of the Rite. From this day forth, you shall mediate arguments and keep the Sept focused on our goals. I expect you to do such a good job that the Sept leadership shall not hear of a dispute save for your meetings to inform the Alpha and or Beta of the goings on, and your judgements. You will hold Master of the Challenge until a Half-Moon comes along who is worthy to take it. Will you take these offices?"

    Jenna listens, her eyes going to Dylan with a slow blink.

    Gerald arches a brow as he looks Dylan over. Still with the keeping quiet.

    Maddy shakes her head, sipping her coffee.

    Dylan's brow shoots up as both jobs are laid on him, forgetting himself for a moment, his gaze almost meeting Leo's. Self preservation wins out however and he averts them just in time with a deep nod, almost a bow or respect. "Yes, rhya. I will perform both tasks as honorably and wise as I am able. I will not fail." He pauses, then says "I've returned from my old mentor, and after time to think, I've brought with me judgement for that which you requested. Whenever you'd like, I'd like to share that judgement with the rest of the sept."

    Ian smiles just a bit, when Dylan accepts, he gives a golf clap. A smack, smack, smack of leather on leather.

    Ian frowns, slightly, however, after Dylan's pause.

    Jenna keeps a grim watch on Dylan at his last words.

    Maddy blinks, nodding to Ian. She looks at Dylan again.

    Greta musters the faintest slip of a smile as the proceedings continue. Finally, her eyes turn to Irma for a moment, noticing the occasional attention. Just as fast she faces forward again, folding her arms across her chest, utterly failing to look casual.

    Leo nods to Dylan. "Very well. We will hear you speak when I am done with appointments. The next appointment is my own. I appoint myself as warder of the Caern of Visions until another Garou is deemed worthy to take that responsibility. I swear an oath that I shall defend this caern with my life, if it suffers I too will suffer." He pauses, grimacing with that, looking faintly pained, though it's obvious he tries to hide this expression. He then turns to Greta. "Burns-with-Silence, will you speak for your pack and tribe sister, Moirai's Wrath?"

    Dylan nods respectfully to Leo once more, turning to walk back torwards Gerald. He glances up briefly at Greta as her name and his other packmate are mentioned, then settles in beside Gerald to look back at Leo.

    Gerald watches Dylan approach, flashing him a brief, but brilliant and cheery grin.

    Startled. That's the word for Greta's initial reaction, though it's only for a moment or two. Greta's eyes widen again, just a little, but she nods, and her voice comes in reply with remarkable force and clarity. "I know her heart as I know my own. I will, Rhya."

    Leo nods, gruffly. "Then pass on to her that she has been appointed the Warder of the Caern of Healing. She will allow no act of violence to cross it's sacred grove unless in defense against a Wyrm attack, and she will do whatever it takes and learn whatever she needs to in order to fulfil this. If the caern dies, she dies. If the caern sickens, she too will sicken. She is to report to me as soon as possible to speak of this."

    Irma continues to scan the Caern with a watchful eye, actively searching the perimeter of the space and the area above for the slightest signs of disturbance. She seems to still absorb what is being said around her.

    Dylan leans back against the wall near Gerald. He smiles at Min's appointment, though he doesn't look all that shocked at it as he nods his unnecessary approval.

    Maddy blinks at that, narrowing her eyes as she studies Leo. She then drains her coffee.

    Ian golf claps again for Leo, then again for Min. He does seem to be taking it seriously, though.

    Gerald nods approvingly, still doing that quiet thing. It seems to be working for him.

    Greta remains solemn. "Moirai's Wrath holds no task so dear as the defense of the Caern. In her name, done and done. Your words will reach her unchanged, and she will speak with you." When she falls silent again, she closes her eyes a moment, inhaling deeply.

    Leo nods. "Good." He turns to the direction of the safe. "Hotpaws of the GlassWalkers, step forward."

    Maddy glances at Ian, then back at Leo.

    Dylan glances to Greta, then motions her over torwards her packmates with a proud smile.

    Jenna finally begins to enjoy the coffee now that it has cooled. She drinks quietly and watches the proceedings.

    Ian jerks himself vertical, from where he was leaning against the safe. He looks nervous as he walks forwards, stopping a few feet in front of Leo, looking to one side and down, "Sir!"

    Leo says to Ian, "I appoint you to the office of Master of the Howl. I also charge you with a special task that may take you some time, and involve the other Moon Dancers should this Sept be blessed with them. I have noticed that some of the Garou who enter this Sept know only of duty, while others," and he gives a pointed look to Irma, "Know only of war. But we Garou are more than that, we have traditions that reach back to the dawn of time. The successive decimation of the Sept of the Forgotten in the past has all but destroyed this Sept's unique traditions, thus it is to you that I charge with bringing these back, and when necessary, creating new ones. We are a proud, gregarious people. Find a role for stories once more in this Sept. Will you accept these appointments?"

    Ian nods gravely, "I will, Sir. I am honored."

    Leo grunts. "Good." He turns to Irma. "Scent of Red Rain, step forward."

    Ian turns, sharply. He walks back to the safe looking honored, and, well, relieved. He grabs his coffee and takes a deep gulp.

    Maddy offers Ian and smile and a golf clap.

    Dylan motions Greta over torwards her packmates once more, a small frown on his lips. As he hears Leo's appointment of Ian, he glances over, brow rising with a smile. He nods torwards Ian, an approving yet curious look to him.

    If Irma catches Leo's pointed nod in her direction, she shows no sign of it. But, when he speaks to her directly, she turns her eyes from scanning the shadows and she steps forward, standing before him solidly. Her eyes are cast at the proper distance below Leo's gaze. "As you command, Rhya," she says in a low, gravely voice.

    Leo rumbles, "Scent of Red Rain, I appoint you to the title of Wyrmfoe. Of all the positions I have granted, you are the least suitable. You have shown yourself to have been trained an effective warrior, but little more. As Wyrmfoe you will aid and advise the Sept Leadership in the strategy of the attack, and inspire us to further glory. That means more than boasts of how you never sleep and how you will fight until you die. We are small and spread thin. I have no doubts in your ability to inspire us to fight, but as Wyrmfoe you must learn to think less like a warrior and more like a general. Will you accept this position?"

    Greta keeps her neutral expression, and her silence, and edges slowly around the larger bulk of the group to where Dylan stands.

    Gerald turns his attention to Irma intently.

    Dylan rocks back on his heels at the latest appointment, watching for a reaction intently.

    Irma does not answer Leo immediately. There is a long pause as she stands there before him, still as a statue, eyes locked where they were when she stepped up to him. Her expression darkens, like a gray shadow creeping over the moon. Just about the time when the pause would become awkward for most social situations, Irma replies in her dark tone, "I accept, Rhya." Her answer seems not to be given lightly or simply without thought. Her words come out evenly, with a clear resolve and seriousness behind them.

    Leo allows a brief smile, then says. "Good." He turns, searching Greta out again. "Burns-with-Silence, step forward."

    Dylan turns a proud, yet curious glance on Greta as she's called out. His lips curl into an encouraging smile.

    Greta freezes in mid-step when she's addressed, and very nearly topples over, but she has grace enough to make it almost look like it was intentional. She pads forward, toward Leo, nervousness showing in her gait.

    Leo says to Greta, "You are to assume responsibility for Caller of the Wyld for the Healing Caern. You will also give word to my packmate Whispers-with-Spirits that he will be the Caller of the Wyld for the Visions Caern. With this role you will maintain contact and knowledge of the totem of the caerns and the spirits of the caern. You will also work to research into where the pathstones of the caerns are. Should there be another attack, I want to be able to instantly moonbridge from one caern to another to defend it. Also, both you and Whispers-With-Spirits will assume acting responsibility as Master of the Rite, and will begin to work towards any gaps in learning you might have to fulfil that office. Will you accept these tasks?"

    Greta dips her head to Leo, a sharp bow. "I will. In all of these, I will."

    Leo nods, gruffly. He turns to Gerald. "Finally, you. As a Fostern and a Ragabash, I expect you to fulfil any and all of the other roles as they come up. If someone is not available to fulfil their duty, you will do your best fulfil that role until they can. Is that clear?"

    Gerald tips off a jaunty salute Leo's way as he replies gruffly, "Clear as Evian, Leo-rhya."

    Dylan smiles proudly torwards Greta, then glances to Gerald briefly at Leo's words for him, the smile remaining.

    Leo nods, "Great. That concludes that. Now on to pressing business. Hotpaws, I believe you witnessed the attack. Will you inform the Sept what happened?"

    Dee comes in from New Dawn.

    Dee has arrived.

    Ian nods, standing up straight again. He begins slowly, "Myself and Ben were talking in the Glade, and Philomina had just returned from patrol when the guardians.. the bears, roared a warning." He smiles slightly, "Min ran up, questioning us, when five figures stepped out of the darkness."

    Jenna listens intently to Ian's words.

    Leo listens, furrowing his brow. He reaches up to rub his stubbly chin. He spies Dee entering out of the corner of his eye, and faintly nods to her.

    Maddy watches the back of Ian's head, fiddling with her empty cup. She finally looks awake.

    Dylan listens to Ian quietly, smile turning down into a dark frown at the five figures stepping from the darkness.

    Dee creeps in and moves to stand somewhere behind Jenna, though she does incline her head once to Leo en route.

    Jenna notes Dee and she squeezes her hand with a faint smile.

    Ian sips his coffee and continues, "They came into the glade under cover of the New Moon. Moving quickly, the five fallen Garou spread out. Two were attacked by the guardian spirits as the bears materialized. I took one, though Olivia prooved to be fairly innefectual without proper ammunition. Ben took one, and Min took one, the leader."

    Irma listens carefully to the recounting of the battle.

    Jenna drops her gaze to the ground at the wording of the attacks, her face paling slightly.

    Dylan's frown loses some of it's darkness as confusion settles in his eyes as Ian's re-telling.

    Leo folds his arms, listening, his expression emotionless. He keeps his head tilted to one side, glancing away from Ian.

    Gerald listens intently, still not talking.

    Ian says "Ben got in first blood, scoring a deep gash on his target. Min and I started out pretty innefectual, the bears did steady amounts of damage to theirs. One of the Dancers, I believe, the leader, released a howl full of the pain and degredation of the Wyrm, causing one of the bears to cower. But not before it got it's kill in. At that point, mine was pretty much incapacitated, Bens' was fairly fucked up, and the leader, had made it to the stones where the drum was held. He ran right to it, knew exactly where it was."

    Gerald grimaces, then slams his fist down on the wall he leans upon in futile frustration.

    Maddy frowns deeply at this, glancing at Gerald, then back at Ian. A slight flash of... something, crosses her face.

    Dylan growls quietly, the sound deep in his throat. His attention jerks to Gerald stiffly at the sound of his fist connecting with the wall before he returns his attention to Ian.

    Leo narrows his eyes, right at the part where the leader takes the drum. He takes a deep breath.

    Jenna steps back once, closer to Dee as she listens. Her features pinch slightly at the information.

    Dee becomes even quieter, tenser and more attentive if possible. Her glance briefly darts around and then back to Ian. That Jenna might draw closer at this juncture doesn't seem at all unwelcome.

    Ian continues, "He escaped, across the Gauntlet, the remaining two, though Min was wounded, and one bear spirit seemed cowed, were no threat to Min. Ben and I stepped over to persue the dancer with the drum." He frowns, "It was then, when the attack's full nature was evident. There were more than two dozen Wyrm spirits ravaging the Caern. Or, rather, at that point, making sure the Dancer with the drum could escape. Many of the Gaian spirits lay dead or dying. We lept up to follow, but I was attacked by a flying spirit. Some kind of Wyrm harpy. I sent Ben after the departing ravagers, while I handled the harpy as well as the other flying spirits."

    Jenna makes a little sound in her throat at the word of the spirits dying or dead.

    Leo blinks, as if piecing things together in his mind.

    Irma takes all of this in, and her gaze darkens with each passing word. Rage can be seen slowly boiling up into her black eyes and her teeth begin to grit together. She remains utterly silent though.

    Dee's hand is a bit white-knuckled on Jenna's, who she draws gently closer to offer a half-hug that will still let them both pay strict attention.

    Maddy leans forward as if to touch Ian's back, but refrains, fiddling with her necklace instead.

    Gerald broods, scowling at Ian.

    Ian sips some more coffee. He looks up from the ground, "I destroyed them," he looks like he has a foul taste in his mouth, "then crossed back over, to check on Min. Mister Calus had arrived by then, thankfully hearing my howl earlier. He and I crossed back over, after the, eh, prisoner died. And ended up at the volcano, where Koko informed us Ben and the spirits had gone. There was no sign of Ben there, though, the volcano had a glow, as if alive. And there were several sentries evident, though, none of them Garou, all spirits." He looks to Leo, "It is speculation, sir, but from what I've seen, I suspect only one other Pack. No more than two. But, definately more powerful than the suicide pack."

    Leo nods, gruffly. He takes over. "Walks-on-Water-yuf, and the Silver Fang Philodox, the guest, heard the call as well." He turns to Gerald. "What did you learn after we left?"

    Dylan's brow rises at Ian's speculation, curiosity lightening his dark demeanor a little.

    Gerald grits his teeth as he says angrily, "I learned they were the ones I had hunted, Leo-rhya. The comrades of the one I killed some years ago, who have hunted my family since my childhood. They followed someone here, a woman -- I didn't get a name. By 'here' I assume the caern, since they have already been here, at least as far back as nineteen years ago, when they killed my brother. It was in his grave that I found the drum, and they knew right where it was. Make of that what you will, Leo-rhya."

    There is soft rustling feathers, the beat of wings, and then the Gauntlet parts. Ben drops down from a position above the ground by several feet, landing unceremoniously onto one knee and both palms. Immediately he glances to and fro, and assumes an out-of-the-way position near Leo and Ian and Irma. However, he perks up at the conversation.

    Leo nods to Gerald. "I will now relate the intelligence I gathered in the old Caern of War."

    Gerald nods to Leo and falls silent. Broodily silent.

    Jenna pulls in a breath at Gerald's words. Her fingers grow tighter on Dee's.

    Dee's tautly chilled attention fixes on Gerald and then on Leo, seeming unaware of much else other than Jenna, who she gives a brief squeeze about the shoulders.

    Ian glances at Ben, sips his coffee, then looks to Leo, listening.

    Maddy gets that look again, hugging herself and looking from Ian, to Gerald, to Leo.

    Ben looks around at everyone, noting each person's facial expressions, and ends up with his gaze on Leo as well.

    Dylan listens to each as they tell their part of the tale, his gaze snapping away for a moment at Ben's sudden appearance. He nods over to the newcomer before looking back to Leo, waiting to hear his words.

    Leo turns to nod to Ben for some reason, stepping aside to allow his packmate to stand next to him. "It is I who discovered the beast waking underneath the volcanos, long ago. I know that dead caern like the back of my hand, I have examined every part of it. Using Owl's grace I was able to sneak past the guardian banes and see what has become of it. It is in the process of being more and more corrupted. No Spirals wait there, though. I was able to overhear banes speaking of the success of the attack - it was indeed a suicide attack, and the drum was definitely to be used to keep it asleep, not waken it. Evidence enough that there is a hive somewhere in the city, on our protectorate. Whether the drum is still around, or has been destroyed, I do not know. Judging from the spirits there, we could retake the caern if we choose, and we may need to - but we cannot hold it and hold the caerns we protect. And now our Enemy knows the location of both, and can strike at any time." He gets a grave look.

    Irma absorbs Leo's words with narrowing eyes. Her expression is still like stone, though Rage boils behind her dark gaze.

    Ben looks deeply troubled and seems to nod against his own will.

    Dylan shakes his head slowly, his gaze dropping to the ground as he broods over everything he's heard.

    Jenna tries a smile to Dee in hope, but it fails miserably.

    Leo turns to Ben. "Whispers-with-Spirits, glad you could make it. Do you have anything to add?"

    Dee keeps hold of Jenna's hand and keeps her arm about the taller girl's shoulders. Her expression is grave, there's a lot of it going around. Briefly, she touches her free hand to the blonde's cheek as she remains otherwise still.

    Ian hands Ben a cup of still-warm coffee.

    Ben studies Leo for a moment, then bows his head respectfully to his pack Alpha. He seems to nod twice, then turns and flashes Gerald a brief sidelong glance before says softly, "I do, though I'm not sure how useful the information is. This council will have to decide what to do with the knowledge. I make my guess that the Drum isn't destroyed. I have no proof, but every fiber of my being tells me that the Black Spiral Dancers want it for some other, nefarious purpose..." he takes the coffee from Ian with a thankful smile and has a tiny sip just to wet his throat. "Gerald-rhya will be able to make more sense of this than I can, maybe. He has fought these before."

    Leo nods. He turns to Hotpaws. "I have one question: When I asked you to retrieve the items and put them in the safe after the fight, did you find the sewing kit in the caern of healing as well?"

    Gerald darts Ben a withering look. He nods, scowling as he looks away, all steely-eyed and mean.

    Ian nods, "It took awhile, but, yes, I found it. It was still in there, when I checked this morning." He pats the safe.

    Leo rumbles. "Interesting." He thinks for a moment, then says, "I believe that the Spirals were acting, then, on old information, or they would have tried to recover both items. The information they gathered was before we had recovered the sewing kit, or they would have taken both."

    Ben says to everyone, but mainly looking at Leo, "I think I know where they took the Drum."

    Dylan glances from Ben to Gerald, then over to Ian as Leo speaks to him. He lets out a small sigh of relief that the sewing kit was found.

    Leo turns to Ben. "You do?" he asks, blinking.

    Maddy blinks at Ben's pronunciation, sitting up straight and looking directly at him for the first time.

    Irma's dark gaze snaps to Ben at hearing his words.

    Gerald regards Ben expectantly.

    Jenna watches Ben now, her arm going around her friend's shoulders in waiting for those words.

    Ben nods gravely. "The airts - spiritual 'trails' - left behind by the Banes and the Black Spiral thief led to a dark part of the western desert. I followed it as far as I dared. There is one person here..." he pauses, turning toward Gerald slowly without meeting his gaze "... who has been there."

    Ben says "Or so the spirits told me."

    Dylan looks back to Gerald, his brow rising non-accusingly.

    Gerald seethes. His hands clench at his sides, and the anger just rolls off of him palpably. "I've been there," he says flatly.

    Jenna sets her jaw tightly at the words, but her glance is on Ben for a moment.

    Ben finally looks up at the Ragabash. "You could lead us," he suggests softly.

    Jenna says "No.." The word slips out before she can stop it."

    Leo nods to Gerald. "Good," he says emotionlessly. "You could-" He stops. He /looks/ at Ben. "Whispers-with-Spirits?"

    Gerald nods slowly. "In my sleep with both eyes closed. I could."

    Leo growls. "Your position here is to advise, not direct. For the rest of this meeting, you do not speak unless I tell you to. Am I /clear/?"

    Ben blanches. "I... I'm sorry." He turns to Leo a little flushed. "Isn't that what we want, Leo-rhya? Have I spoken too soon?"

    Leo growls. "We do not want disarray. We do not want Cliaths to lose their sense of position. Now." He turns back to Gerald. "We'll keep this information. You'll consult with Scent-of-Red-Rain and I after this about forming an attack to reclaim the drum. Back to my original point, before I was interrupted."

    Gerald nods to Leo sharply. Not a word from him.

    Ben frowns and bites his lip after saying that. He stares at Leo without malice, but something else... something more indefinable, glows in his eyes.

    Ian pats Ben gently on the arm, still paying attention to Leo.

    Leo asks Gerald. "What exactly did the Spiral say before dying, in the attack?"

    Irma looks over to Gerald and she crosses her arms, giving the other a nod before she turns her gaze back to Leo.

    Gerald arches a brow quizzically. "The one I killed before, or the one in the Caern? The latter said, of the woman in question, she was just a hole, like they all are, and that she led him right here. Someone we know and trust." He says the words evenly, but he doesn't seem terribly pleased with them.

    Ben peers over toward Maddy for some reason.

    Ben looks back to Leo and Gerald.

    Jenna blinks at Gerald in confusion.

    Leo mms. "A hole," he says. He looks thoughtful. "When was the drum placed in the healing caern?"

    Gerald replies, "Recently, Leo-rhya. Within the past month or so, I would say."

    Dylan's features darken considerably at Gerald's words, finally understanding what he meant by 'lead' earlier. His eyes too wander torwards Maddy for some reason before he drops his gaze to his feet, shaking his head as if he disagrees with himself.

    Leo nods. "Before the incident regarding the red-haired woman and the recovery of the sewing kit?"

    Gerald shakes his head and says, "No, I think that incident is what prompted Tsukikage-rhya to bring the keys to the caern for safe-keeping."

    Leo turns to Ben. "Whispers-with-Spirits, when Maddy was cleansed of the possessed bane, was the drum in the healing caern?"

    Ben peers at... past... behind Leo. He cocks his head to the side, as if picking up on an inaudible sound. His lips move, but no sound words come out.

    Gerald darts a glance toward Ben. "Leo-rhya," he says in an undertone, then apparently thinks better of cutting in, and falls quiet.

    Leo glances away from Ben, bahing. He turns to Gerald. "Yes?"

    Jenna watches Ben quietly as he speaks with something only he can see. The fascination on her face is almost animated.

    "Exactly!" Ben whispers to Leo's shadow.

    Ian elbows Ben.

    Ben peers around, "Huh?"

    Ben looks at Ian.

    Dylan looks to Ben at Leo's question, then back to Gerald, his gaze pausing on Maddy once more for a brief moment en route. When Ben exclaims, he jerks his attention back over to the metis, brow furrowing.

    Gerald says carefully, "The history of the drum seems linked with the history of my family, but I tell you this, before I saw it in my brother's grave, I had never seen it before -- and I knew everything he had with him that day. I don't know who placed the thing in his coffin. My injuries were too great, and I wasn't there, but if they found the drum, consider that they also killed the one who bore it. Their knowledge of it may extend further back than the past few months."

    Ian mutters to Ben, "... asking if... was in... caern... Maddy."

    Leo nods to Gerald. "Your son. Did he say how his mother died?"

    Gerald's expression darkens. "Car accident," he replies succinctly.

    Ben scratches his beard with a thoughtful expression on his face. He nods thankfully to Ian, and starts to open his mouth, but falls silent since Leo seems to have moved on to a new line of questioning. He doesn't want to be yelled at for speaking out of turn again, it seems.

    Leo nods, thoughtfully. He turns back to Ben. "You're back," he says, drily. "Do you know if the drum was in the caern of healing when Maddy was cleansed?"

    Ben nods. "I do," he admits. "It wasn't. The Four were kept seperate, until we thought we had them all. The Misshapen cleansed Maddy's blight before the Drum was moved. The Drum is very significant. The beats are a rhythym that could wake the dead."

    Jenna listens quietly, shifting from one foot to the other as she listens.

    Leo nods, grimly. "All right." He turns back to Dylan. "Trutcatcher. We don't have time to investigate this at this coucil, so I leave it up to you. Figure out how the compromise in our security happened, report back to me."

    Ben can't stop himself from peering at Maddy as he listens to Leo.

    Dylan turns to look at Leo, nodding slowly, his gaze thoughtful. "As you wish, rhya."

    Ian surreptitiously gives Maddy a pat on the backside, and a couple not so surreptitious harsh looks at those who keep staring at her. Then he looks back to Leo.

    Ben peers at Ian and leans toward him for a second.

    Gerald leans back, folding his arms over his chest again as he listens.

    Jenna glances at her cold coffee for a moment. Her gaze then slides back to Ben as she smiles faintly.

    Leo turns back. "So, now I want to hear suggestions on a plan of battle. I want you to keep in mind several things: First off, the Wyrm likely knows the location of two of our caerns, so we can't overextend ourselves. We know that the Wyrm has claimed the old caern in the Volcanos, and we suspect the Drum is still around. Gerald feels he can lead us to where the drum is."

    Leo rumbles. "I'd like to start with our new WYrmfoe."

    Leo turns to Irma.

    Ben peers at Irma, unsurprised by the declaration of office. He smiles, ruefully, and looks interested in what she has to say.

    Jenna finally releases her hand from Dee's as it is losing feeling from the tight gripping.

    Irma nods her head to Leo's words and she says in a dark tone, "I suspect that if the drum has not been destroyed, then it is being used as bait, to draw our forces form the Caerns we protect and make them vulnerable. Otherwise, they would have destroyed it already to prevent us from performing the ritual." She growls and then continues. "However, retrieval of the drum is essential for our plans at the Volcano. What I would suggest is a small, surgical strike at the site where the drum is believed to be held, while the other two Caerns are fortified to protect them in case it is merely bait for a trap to be sprung on our guarded holy places." She then adds gruffly, "I think it can be done, as long as the small assault force attacked with speed and surprise. This is my suggestion Rhya."

    Leo nods. He turns to the rest. "Anyone have anything to say about this?"

    Ian raises a hand.

    Gerald nods to Irma as he listens, then looks to Leo and lifts his hand.

    Leo nods to Ian.

    Dylan starts to speak, then notices Ian's motion. He stops, letting the galliard speak first.

    Ian grins, "I can get us an airplane. I doubt there's anything they'd expect less, than garou parachuting in the dead of night."

    Jenna glances to Leo with a small smile.

    Leo blinks, a little confused, but nods. "Noted." He turns to Gerald. "Yes?"

    Gerald says gruffly, "I think it's important that we induct these new garou, should they prove trustworthy, as soon as possible. That will give us more people and spread us less thin. Kevin and Jeff proved their mettle last night in a little field exercise of sorts. I'll work on getting their stories cleared. That's all I have to add to my tribemate's plan."

    Jenna glances up and around the caern a moment, looking far too innocent from that little plan.

    Dylan lifts his hand after Gerald.

    Irma adds in a low growl, "I would also suggest that the exact war plans be kept known only to a small few, until Fire's Promise-Yuf learns the source of the Wyrm's information on us."

    Leo nods. "I agree with you. Work quickly on that." He turns to Dylan and nods. "Truthcatcher."

    Ben slowly raises his hand.

    Dylan says, "I actually have a question." He then looks to Gerald, lowering his gaze respectfully after re-remembering Gerald's new rank. "This place, in the desert. What is it? Where is it?"

    Gerald glances to Dylan, then to Leo, inclining his head as he asks, "May I, Rhya?"

    Leo turns to Gerald, expectantly. "Yes."

    Ben glances over at the Ragabash with a dark expression, waiting on tenterhooks.

    Tsukikage comes in from New Dawn.

    Tsukikage has arrived.

    Maddy is very, very quiet, face pale and stricken as people look from her to the others. She stares at her hands, clenched tightly in her lap, and doesn't really respond to anything. (OOC gah, sorry for the inopportune idle)

    Gerald says gravely, "If it is the place I'm thinking of, it's an area of the desert where my aunt was slaughtered, and my brother and I attacked, an eventually the leader of these spirals killed, by myself. I've spent some time since then in that area hunting these four, but they eluded me."

    Jenna makes her way quietly to stand near Gerald.

    Ian glances over as the door opens, spies Tsukikage and says simply and quietly, "Woof."

    Tsukikage heads into the central area quietly, a concerned look on her face and glances around at those gathered, "I sorry for my recent absence, I return as soon as I hear what happening..." She looks over to Leo and pauses, tilting her head.

    Ben smiles at Tsukikage's arrival, though his gaze is inexorably drawn back to Gerald-rhya for a moment as he speaks. He looks troubled, curious, and thoughtful all at once. Then he glances back to Tsukikage and nods simply.

    Dylan bobs his head to Gerald, starting to speak again, then Ian speaks up at the sound of the door opening. He turns his attention their, his brow shooting up at the sight of Tsukikage. "Tsukikage-rhya." he says, bowing his head respectfully.

    Jenna turns as well to see the Alpha, her head bows in respect of her return.

    Tsukikage seems to have a faint air of nobility within her bearing. Perhaps a remote ancestor was a personage of note.

    Ian salutes Tsukikage, then sips some coffee.

    Maddy glances at the door, then looks at the cup in her hands.

    Leo turns, tensing as the door opens. When he spies Tsukikage he brightens, opens his mouth excitedly, closes it, then inclines his head, "'Kage-rhya. You have returned at an opportune time. A lot has happened in your absence. The Caern of Healing was attacked by Spirals, who ravaged the caern until it was crippled, but Philomina, Ian, and Ben, with the aid of the spirits, drove them off. They got what they wanted, though...the drum is now in their hands. This is a War Council, to plan the attack to retake the drum."

    Gerald glances over, frowning at the distraction, but then he sees who it is, and he smiles faintly, nodding to Tsukikage.

    Greta is lingering on the edge of everything, quiet and withdrawn, her attentive eyes moving around the place with interest, absorbing what people say.

    Tsukikage glances over as Gerald continues a story, then nods to Leo, "Hai. I heard whispers in my travels." She glances around the group, a moment, then looks back to Leo, "Rio-yuf, I not know of what happen while I away. I imagine it you who call this council, so please continue. I will listen and learn of what happen." She glances around the group, then steps to the side.

    Jenna waits quietly beside Gerald, as she waits for the stories to be recanted.

    Leo nods respectfully to Tsukikage. "As you wish, 'Kage-rhya. I will fill you in on the rest afterwards." He turns back to Dylan. "I believe you were speaking, Dylan?"

    Ben notes Tsukikage's stance and expression, then turns to listen attentively to the Truthcatcher.

    Dylan glances from Tsukikage back to Leo, and then to Gerald. "So, then it is just an area of the desert? Not a cave or anything of the like? How big is this area?"

    Gerald gestures vaguely as he says, "Miles, but there are a few points of interest. Gravesites, mostly. Leo-rhya, since I've made it a habit to travel there in the past, I can do so again with your leave. It won't seem unusual to anyone watching us. While I'm there, I could look around and try to narrow down where to look."

    Ben nods at Gerald, emphatically. "It's also..." he pauses.

    The expression on the blonde's features are carefully neutral as she lends her support to the new Fostern. Her gaze rests on Dylan at his questions, but the pain her family member feels weighs on her heavily.

    Ben falls totally silently and says nothing else, avoiding Leo's gaze.

    Ian opens his mouth, then bites his lip.

    Dylan bobs his head, glancing back to Leo. "Thats all I wondered."

    Leo nods. He rumbles. "If you do so, you should appoint someone else to the task of appraising the three new Garou." He turns to Ben. "Ben, do you have something to add?"

    Ben studies Leo for a moment. He eyes Ian, and then shakes his head. "No, Lightning Walker-rhya. I'm sorry."

    Leo nods. "All right." He turns back. "Anything else?" He looks around.

    Gerald shakes his head.

    Ben groans inwardly and slowly raises his hand.

    Irma nods her head to Leo's question.

    Leo glances at Ben, giving him a rather patient look. "Yes?"

    Ben breathes a sigh of relief as he catches Irma's hand rising out of the corner of his eye. "Let Scent-of-Red-Rain speak first. I will wait," he says, forcing a little smile and stepping back between her and Ian.

    Leo nods. "Very well." He turns to Irma, expectantly.

    Irma says in a low growl, "I would like to repeat the fact that the Wyrm claim to have a source -inside- our Sept, and suggest strongly that any information about our actual plan of attack should be kept to a small number of us, until the actual implimentation."

    Jenna leans closer to Gerald at the suggestion of the Sept being infiltrated comes around once more.

    Leo nods to Irma. "That's already been noted, Scent-of-Red-Rain." He turns to Ben. "Do you have something to say before we move on to the state of the healing caern?"

    Dee remains quietly still, pointedly not looking at anyone until Irma's point has been covered, as though it would be unbelievably rude and misconstrued to do otherwise.

    Irma bows her head to Leo and takes a step back from him.

    Ben nods. "Only one thing, Leo-rhya," he says quietly but in a deep voice. "And it's not a hard or fast fact, it's just a possibility that I wanted to mention. Remember, what I said about the Uktena?" He pauses and doesn't really wait for Leo to answer. "It's very possible that the Black Spiral Dancers have plans for the Drum, other than bait or fodder. It's possible that they could use it to awaken the ThunderWyrm."

    Ben heaves a sigh and steps back.

    Tsukikage blinks and looks around somewhat surprised at Irma's words. Then glances around the group curiously.

    Dylan tilts his head as he looks at Ben, brow knitting.

    Gerald eyes Ben oddly. "I had a vision about those once," he says, then winces and adds, "Sorry, Leo-rhya. I spoke out of turn."

    Jenna grimaces slightly at Ben's words, having heard the same thing from another not long ago over a campfire.

    Ben didn't seem to mean to make everyone uncomfortable. He sighs and says, "I could be wrong! It's not necessarily what they plan, I... I just wanted to voice the possibility. Please, everyone, we need to keep some hope here. Forget what I just said."

    Leo glances at Ben. "It's possible, but highly doubtful. In my reconnaisance of the War Caern, I overheard banes speaking of the suicide attack. The drum was taken to foil is from putting it back to sleep, not to enable it to wake. And the many Gaian spirits that have helped us, none of them would have said that it could wake it?" He turns back to Gerald. "What was your vision?"

    Leo growls at Ben. "For the love of Gaia, Ben. Have a spine. Stick by what you said!"

    Ben growls at Leo. "Stop telling me what to do!'

    Ben freezes.

    Jenna swallows hard at the spoken words, her hand tightens on Gerald's arm.

    Ian winces and looks at the ground.

    Leo turns back to Ben. He blinks. "You've been ordering me around all day. Now you openly defy me? What the hell is the matter with you?"

    Well, something had to make Irma's steely expression change tonight. Her jaw drops.

    Gerald starts to speak, then eyes Ben, and snaps his mouth shut.

    Dylan glances back and forth between the metis and the war leader, his gaze coming to rest on Ben at his exclamation, eyes widening just a bit in shock. He hesitantly lets his gaze inch back to Leo, then drops his gaze to the earth, his jaw setting tightly.

    Dee's somewhat sleepy gaze goes to Ben. Not a whit of sympathy or mercy is seen, but then her face is rather blankly composed.

    Greta makes a surprised squeak, and then just tries a little harder to blend into the furniture. She watches everyone with wide eyes.

    Tsukikage raises an eyebrow at Ben's outburst, as a dark expression crosses her face and she shakes her heard just slightly. She remains silent for now, and looks back to Leo.

    Leo focuses on Ben now, glaring at him, his voice a low gutteral howl. He twitches, opening his mouth to speak, but controlling his inner demons. He stares at Ben for a while.

    Ian grits his teeth and continues staring at the ground.

    Ben closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. His lower lips quivers, his eyes squint shut even tighter. He cannot seem to muster the courage to even open his eyes and look at Leo, let alone speak. His whole body trembles.

    Irma's expression of shock soon fades and it is replaced with open displeasure. She frowns darkly, crossing her arms, but she seems to bite back a growl, remaining silent.

    Pure fury seems to rise from Leo as he glares at the Theurge. He takes slow steps to him, slowly invading his personal space. "You dishonor yourself and your pack," he growls to Ben, lowly. "I will give you one last order tonight. You will /leave/ this council before I /kill/ you. Am. I. Clear?"

    Ben says in a foreign language, "....."

    Dee displays no shock, no displeasure. Her expression is impassive, though she shivers just slightly.

    Leo keeps growling. He's staring down Ben. He raises an arm up, ready to strike, and slowly shifts.

    Ben backs away slowly, his form changing rapidly. He howls out something in a strange tongue.

    Whispers-With-Spirits undergoes a startling transmogrification into the terrifying Wolf-Man form. Any clothes he was wearing meld with his body during this proccess, becoming lost under a layer of brown fur.

    Jenna lowers her eyes to the ground as Leo-rhya speaks. They then close tightly at the sound of the howl.

    Tsukikage tenses, watching Leo and Ben closely, but makes no move to interfere.

    Gerald leans back against the wall, watching silently and alert.

    LightningWalker has his clawed arm raised, still ready to strike. and says in Garou, "Why haven't you gone?"

    Ian looks up, and over at Whispers. His face is full of an angry pleading.

    Dee's somewhat businesslike look seeks out Maddy and Jenna. Then she drops back even further than she stands as it is, her face positively masklike.

    Ian reaches a hand up, grabbing Maddy by the shoulder and pulls her off the safe and out of the way.

    Dylan's gaze rises at the shifting, his brow furrowing in distress at the scene before him, displeasure in his eyes. He moves torwards the kin, making sure to be between them and the facing off Garou.

    Tsukikage studies Leo, then glances Dylan, and finally lets her gaze fall to Ben closely, she takes one slight step forward, waiting for his reaction.

    Irma's dark gaze, already filled with a low boiling Rage from the earlier description of the attack on the Caern, begin to burn more hotly with Gaia's fury. She backs away from Leo and Ben, leaving a respectful distance between herself and the conflict. Though, her expression is not even close to as businesslike as Dee's. It betrays a dark desire to act that is being restrained by force of will and her respect for the War Leader and tradition.

    Dylan moves to stand between Dee and the facing off garou, noticing Ian's covering Maddy and Gerald's near Jenna.

    Whispers-With-Spirits backs further away, against the old ticket booth. "I will go, then," he says in the Garou tongue, which sounds like nothing but a snarling growl to the Kinfolk.

    Maddy blinks, not apparently having noticed the big bruhaha. She stumbles, grabbing Ian'ss arm and staring wide-eyed.

    Whispers-With-Spirits turns away and turns toward the window of the booth. He swings his arm against it, shattering it, and a shower of slivered broken glass spews outward as he vanishes into the realm of spirits.

    LightningWalker doesn't answer, just growls. His muscular arm is tensed, the claw raised, ready to strike at Whispers-With-Spirits. He looks, to those that can understand lupine expressions, betrayed as much as shamed and angered. He keeps stalking towards Whispers-with-Spirits. His posture is clear. If the Theurge doesn't leave soon, he'll strike.

    Gerald draws Jenna closer, putting an arm around her shoulder as he does, and he watches intently.

    Jenna jumps, almost ducking against Gerald's side as the window of the booth shatters and glass flies outward in all directions.

    Dylan tenses at the shattering of the glass, staring in a mixture of displeasure and awe at where Ben stood. After a moment, he sighs, gaze flickering back to Dee before lowering to the ground once more.

    Ian twitches when the ticket booth is smashed. His face screwing up into unconcealed rage.

    Dee cups the elbows of her crossed arms in her hands, tensely still otherwise and doing her best 'notice me not' statue impersonation from the far end of the room.

    LightningWalker gives a frustrated roar, then slames his clawed hand into one of the supports, letting splinters fly. He turns, stalking around and glaring at the company. ~My own *packmate*!~ he howls, sounding pained.

    Irma's eyes practically ignite with Rage as her packmate damages a part of this holy place upon his exit. She snarls blackly and shows teeth, fighting hard agains the fury burning hot inside her, fighting for control.

    Ian looks to LightningWalker, somewhere around his waist, stating in as calm a voice as he can muster. Not very calm, "Please do not damage the Caern any more, Sir."

    Greta makes a low, displeased noise, and starts to move, to take some action, but then pauses, eyes lifted toward the unseen sky above. "If it is your will, I will go after him, Rhyas?" There's a tension to her that's even more pronounced, discomfort clinging 'round her shoulders.

    Jenna whispers, her lips barely moving. "Gaia..." The splintering of wood almost makes her knees buckle as the anger emanates around the caern.

    Gerald leans closer to Jenna, murmuring soothingly, "Shh." Outwardly, he seems calm.

    Dylan starts yet again at Leo's release of rage, looking torwards his elder tensely. He stares at him for a long moment, then at Ian's words and Irma's growling, he moves back closer to Dee.

    Tsukikage's face darkens as the glass is shattered and Ben travels across the umbra. A visible frown, mixed with anger can be seen on her normally composed features. She glances around, her eyes focused nowhere in particular and calls loudly, "You were asked to leave this place for now because of your shame. It includes all aspects of this sacred ground, including the other side." She seems to be squinting as if trying to see across. Then looks over to Dylan, "I believe this will need judgement as well."

    Dylan looks over to Tsukikage from Dee, squinting as he nods slowly. "Ben-yuf broke the fifth law of our Litany in front of many witnesses. There is very little to judge, other than his punishment." A soft sigh escapes his lips as he nods again, "I'll devise something fitting."

    LightningWalker whips around to face Ian, tensing, perhaps misinterpreting his suggestion as more outright defiance. A curdled roar rises in his throat and he lowers himself, moving towards him. It's at that point that Tsukikage's voice rings loudly, and his head whips to her. His ears flatten, and he moves towards her. ~I...regret you had to see that, Crane Shadow-rhya,~ he howls, meekly.

    Irma shakes her head, as if trying to clear the thoughts of death and anger that are ripping through her mind. She backs away from those gathered here and she paces off toward one of the tunnels. Once there, she drops down to one knee and digs her fingers into the dust of the Caern, clenching it between her fingers, trying to use the holy ground to aid her calming of her Rage. She falls totally silent, as if in dark meditation.

    Maddy winces, dropping out from under Ian's hand if she can. "Ian..."

    Ian stares firmly at the Beta's waist until he turns. Then looks to Maddy, realizes that he's been slowly crushing her shoulder and releases her, looking apologetic.

    Tsukikagelooks back to Dylan, "Hai. I am confident you will." She furrows her brow at Ian momentarily, the unsettled frown still on her face. She then nods to Leo, and says softly, "Hai." and waves a hand as if to say it is all right.

    Jenna murmurs quietly to Gerald.

    Gerald replies quietly, briefly.

    LightningWalker nods his head, once. He rises up to his full height next to the diminuative woman in a kimono next to him, and snarls angrily at the group, still unable to contain his fury. His lantern-yellow eyes continue to search people's expressions, as if daring them to mock him for this.

    Jenna goes quiet and still against Gerald's side as if the air itself waits for what is to come next.

    Maddy rubs her shoulder, staring at the ground. She keeps close to Ian.

    Gerald lowers his gaze promptly to the ground.

    Irma seems to be in deep meditation for the moment. She is unmoving.

    Dee retains her mute immobile pose, though her eyes do now alight more boldly on the exchange between Tsukikage and Lightning Walker than the one which preceded it. She starts slightly at the snarl and averts her gaze somewhat but remains otherwise still, her face positively stiff with the composure she forces upon it.

    Dylan's gaze drops to his feet respectfully after speaking to Tsukikage, not willing to give LightningWalker an outlet for his rage. He stays near Dee, body rigid.

    Tsukikage flinches almost imperceptively as Leo rises up next to her, she does not look down, but also does not meet his gaze, instead scanning the gathered group as well. She seems to suddenly recover that impassive buisness-like look.

    Ian stands tall, looking forward at no one in particular.

    Greta gives herself a shake and tries to focus. Her vision seems to clear to the present, gaze falling on Leo and staying somewhere around his shoulders. Not trying to meet his eyes. Not challenging. Certainly not laughing. "We.. .ah" she says softly. "Such as this has happened before, and will happen again, all down through the ages. We are creatures of wyld and fire, bred for war. But as Leo-Rhya has said so many times, we must not let what is personal divide us, or stray us from a task more important than any of our singular lives." And with that she winces, as if waiting for someone to strike.

    Irma finally opens her eyes again and she rises up slowly to her feet. She rolls her massive shoulders and tips her head from side to side, making it pop. She lets out a slow breath, seeming much more in control.

    Jenna dares to move her gaze toward Greta as she speaks. There is an almost uncontrollable urge to break and run from what may come next.

    Ian asks, "Do we have any more business for the council?"

    Dylan nods his agreement with Greta's words, adding softly, "Greta-yuf is right. Is there more we should discuss? Ben's indiscretion will be dealt with appropriately at another time, when matters are less pressing, I assure you rhya."

    LightningWalker keeps slowly gazing around. His lantern eyes alight on Greta, and his first impulse is to snarl at her, but he listens, ears pricked forward. After a moment he recovers, and rumbles, his voice low, like thunder rolling on the hills, ~Burns-with-Silence speaks wise.~ He turns and gazes about the room. ~I shall wrap this council up, then Crane Shadow-rhya may call the Inner Sky.~ He takes a deep breath, preparing to speak.

    Gerald nods quietly, folding his arms over his chest, and he relaxes somewhat.

    Tsukikage nods to Leo, "Hai. I also have some news I learn while traveling, but it not specifically of drum." She quiets again, and looks to Leo, waiting for all the business to wrap up before she continues.

    Dee's expression thaws out by a faint margin as Greta speaks and she inclines her head in a nod it's unlikely anyone will notice, before glancing about in what is probably expectancy.

    Jenna rubs her head in frustration at the low growling coming from LightningWalker, but when Gerald begins to relax she feels her own breath slide out from holding it so long.

    LightningWalker stands next to Tsukikage still. ~Walks-on-Water shall assign the task of indoctrinating the new guests, the Silver Fang, the Glass Walker, and the Silent Strider, to someone of his choosing as soon as possible, as we are in dire need of new, trustworthy warriors. Then he shall scout the territory where we believe the missing drum to be. When he returns he shall meet with Scent-of-Red-Rain and the Sept leadership, and we shall choose a course of action. The strike will be quick. Those who are not called to fight will need to be called to guard, as there *will* be reprisals. Both caerns have been compromised. We must not let our guard down, we must not tire. Is that clear to all?~

    Dylan relaxes noticeably at LightningWalker's words, standing up a bit more straight, his gaze moving to the crinos'd elder respectfully.

    Gerald clears his throat and asks tentatively, "What of my son, Rhya? Shall he be indoctrinated too?"

    Dylan nods his head in assent to Leo's plan as it's laid out.

    Irma bows her head to Lightning Walker-Rhya. "It is clear, Rhya."

    Jenna glances to Gerald as the speech finishes, she then looks back to the caern floor, hoping to learn what was said later.

    Dee seems to take her cue from Dylan, watching him carefully; her face less stiff, but not much less blank.

    The Greek girl seems surprised when she isn't struck, and folds herself back into the quiet that is her deed-name. Again she drifts among the group, moving to the edge, to where she can watch , but is not in the midst. She nods her assent to Leo's plan.

    Ian nods. He pats Maddy's shoulder where he was previously squeezing.

    LightningWalker bares his teeth. ~He has seen only to introduce himself to *you*, Get. Should he wish to join, he must first ask. What is he, kin or Garou? I know nothing of him.~

    Gerald replies dutifully, "He is Garou. A Galliard of the Fianna tribe."

    Ian glances at Gerald at that, a quirk of a smile on his face.

    Jenna raises her gaze to Gerald at his reply, one-side conversations are the best kind.

    Tsukikage gives Gerald a confused glance at mention of his son.

    Maddy holds back a wince as Ian pats, glancing at Gerald. She takes a step closer to Ian, rubbing her shoulder absently, as if for lack of anything else to do.

    Dee may possibly be having less trouble than Jenna in piecing together the conversation, but it's difficult to say considering she continues to hang back and to wipe nearly all presence of thought or emotion from her features.

    Dylan glances back at Dee, giving her a small nod. Since most of the anger has left the room, and things seem safe, he makes his way over torwards the door, standing beside it quietly. He crosses his arms as he watches the room with a sober demeanor.

    LightningWalker rumbles, ~If he wishes to stay, then, he'll have to at least meet either the Alpha or the Beta first. Then he can be tested. But I am already angered that a Fianna Galliard treads on our territory and has not bothered to do a Howl of Introduction. That is one mark against him.~ He gets a dark look. ~See to it that he is properly respectful.~ he orders Gerald.

    Ian raises a hand slightly.

    Gerald nods once and says, "Yes, Rhya."

    Greta glides toward Maddy in quiet paces, until she stands scant feet from the redhead and her apparent keeper. With a hand she reaches for the girl, as if to touch her hair.

    LightningWalker glances, turning to Ian. He flattens his ears, and rumbles angrily, ~Yes?~

    Maddy glances over at Greta, suppressing a flinch as the theurge reaches for her. Her eyes have the same cast as a cornered dog at the pound that just knows its time for the trip to the room of no return.

    Jenna tracks Greta's movement with her eyes. A curious look moving over her features as she reaches to touch Maddy.

    Ian motions towards the broken glass and wood, "The Caern is in disarray. It has been slipping farther that way for some time, though I am only now truly noticing it. Philomina has been doing a good job of restoring the Healing Caern after the attack. This Caern needs similar, long term, attention. Unless anyone would like to challenge me for it, or you wish to appoint anyone else to it, I would like to take on the duties of Keeper of the Land for this Caern."

    Dee listens to Ian carefully, half her attention seemingly otherwise on the nearly-flinching Maddy.

    LightningWalker bows his head, his anger diminishing, giving the Galliard a look of respect. ~Unless anyone challenges you for it, it is yours.~ He turns back to the group. ~Is there anything else before I pass the Council and leadership back to Crane Shadow-rhya?~

    Irma remains silent. Her attention seems to be shifting more toward Greta and Maddy.

    Dylan clears his throat, raising his hand to be acknowledged.

    LightningWalker nods his head. ~Truthcatcher~ he rumbles.

    Tsukikage nods to Ian and glances around the caern, then looks over to Dylan.

    Jenna leans against the wall, crossing her arms over her chest as well. She watches the room quietly as the rumbling and words flow around the area.

    Dylan nods respectfully to Leo before saying, "I have three things Leo-rhya. The first has to do with the punishment that I was sent away to decide for Ben and Min. I think it best that this be said before as many of the sept as possible. I will share this with Ben and Min later in private, since they could not join us. Is that acceptable, rhya?" he seems to ask both his elders the last.

    Greta touches the back of Maddy's hair with caution, like she might harm her if she didn't take care. She smiles faintly, the expression not reaching quite to her eyes, which maintain a predator's neutrality. She takes a little half-step closer, and tucks a stray lock behind the kin's ear.

    LightningWalker glances at Tsukikage, apparently already shifting some of the control back to her. For his part, though, he nods.

    Dee straightens slightly, her attention fighting to go more primarily to Dylan.

    Maddy's eyes get very bright, and she leans in to whisper to Greta.

    Irma begins to circle the group, moving slowly in Greta and Maddy's direction.

    Tsukikage glances to Leo, then looks back to Dylan, "Hai. Though, it is duty of Dylan to tell them of his decision and he who shall tell them." She glances around the group, "Do not discuss with Ben or Min until Dylan has chance to contact first."

    Jenna bites her bottom lip until it turns white as she watches Maddy and Greta.

    Dee inclines her head slightly but with respect at Tsukikage's caution. It seems clear enough she'd have done no such thing even without this instruction.

    Ian watches Dylan, nodding slightly.

    LightningWalker looms over Tsukikage, standing just behind her, as if he was her hideously large and violent shadow. He watches the group, barely keeping from snarling still.

    Gerald shifts his attention to Tsukikage attentively.

    Irma continues to close in on Greta and Maddy as she replies to the Alpha, "As you say, Rhya, so shall it be done."

    Dylan nods, taking a deep breath as he is given assent. "Most here know already of Ben and Min-yuf's crimes. Ben's crime was that he approached the women of our sept" he puts extra weight behind the word 'approached' "with impure intentions. Both kin, and garou." He pauses, letting that settle in. "He approached Min in his quest for physical contact. He frightened her, telling her that he wished to be her mate. She resisted. However, in doing so she promised not to share what he had felt, what he had done, with the rest of the sept. That in itself was a mistake, but then she broke this promise to Ben, a promise she should have never made." He lets out whats left of his breath, then takes another before continuing. "I left to ponder their punishment, to learn the rites I might need to punish them properly. Once I considered what they had done, it became apparent that I did not need those rites... in this instance. Their punishment has already come to pass. The dishonor they feel is punishment enough, along with the wait that they were put through while I came to this decision."

    Greta cocks her head to the side for a moment, and peers at Maddy as though the older woman had sprouted a spare head. Speechless, she stands there for a bit, agape. Her teeth click as she closes her mouth and refocuses upon the sept.

    Jenna begins to step away from Gerald, not that she is being disrespectful, but the worry on her features for Maddy is overriding her common sense at the moment. Irma's movement isn't helping her feeling either.

    Dylan continues, "While what Ben wished for, and did is of the worst dishonor," and by his tone, he means it, "he broke none of our laws. Neither did Min. If anything, she owes her apology to Ben-yuf for breaking his trust, but that is between them, and has not been put before me. If anyone disagrees with what I have laid out, speak now." He glances around the room quietly, from face to face.

    Gerald grimaces distastefully as Dylan describes the crimes in question.

    Ian frowns slightly, in apparent confusion more than anything else.

    Dee's face does not tend towards revealing what, if anything, she feels about this particular punishment. But then, it is hardly her place to say, and not much more her place to otherwise appear to pass judgment. She merely nods at Dylan's words, presumably not in the sense that she's about to speak up with further suggestions or disagreements.

    Maddy looks at Greta's chin steadily, hand still cupped to her shoulder. She blinks and looks down as the theurge looks away, brow furrowed and jaw clenching and unclenching as she takes a few steadying breaths, eyes still bright.

    Irma stops moving about a meter or so away from Maddy and Greta. She crosses her arms in front of her again and she just settles in there. She doesn't look directly at either of them, or say anything. She just inserts herself in their general close proximity. She frowns at Dylan's statement.

    Jenna stops before the safe and where Ian stands as she watches Maddy's back in concentrated worry. Her gaze then goes to Dylan and the words he speaks. Her opinion is silent and she looks away.

    LightningWalker's ears flatten again, and his eyes narrow. He looks very displeased. But despite this, he says, ~It is your judgement, Fire's-Promise. That is good enough for me. 'The Full-Moon does not stand against the judgement of the Half-Moon.'~ he rumbles, reciting an old song the Galliards howl sometimes in winter. He turns, then, and looks down one of the tunnels.

    Tsukikage nods at Dylan's words, a slight frown. "It true he not break Laws, though perhaps intent still there. I hope he clear why such action, had they happen, are considered shamefull. However, I stand behind your judgement." She nods once decisively to Dylan.

    As noone disagrees openly with his judgement, Dylan continues after nodding to both the alpha and beta. "The second thing I wish to speak of is in regards to the healing caern itself. As we've all heard, the healing caern has been wounded by the attack on it. While we will be giving of ourselves to this caern tonight, I think it would be wise if we were to tall stop by and give of ourselves to the healing caern as well, so that it has the energy it needs to recover." With that, he looks to Greta. "Greta-yuf, do you agree?"

    Greta says "I do. And I intend to do so..." She looks around the room, cautious in her words. "But know well that our power may be heavily drawn in battle soon, as well. Do not spend yourselves to help the Caern, only to the detriment of a battle for it." Casually, she puts an arm around Maddy. A friendly gesture. Really."

    Maddy stiffens a little, against her will. She keeps staring at that same interesting spot on the floor.

    Maddy mutters to Greta, "... not going..."

    Irma, casually, takes one step closer to the hugger and the huggee.

    LightningWalker gets a pained look, but rumbles, ~The Inner Sky is needed desperately by both caerns. Along with that, your pack and the new Caern warder should take extra care to make sure no violence happens on the bawn. This is perhaps more important than a simple moot rite.~

    Tsukikage gives Dylan a slightly displeased look as he speaks, is about to say something, then quiets as Leo speaks.

    Greta nods emphatically, but doesn't speak further.

    Dee seems to think now is as good a time as any to tear her attention from Dylan and stare impassively over at Maddy and Greta. Doesn't seem she understands much if anything of what Lightning Walker might be communicating.

    Jenna lays her hands lightly on the safe, the cool metal releasing the tension she had clenched in her palms.

    Gerald darts a glance around, keeping quiet.

    Ian continues watching Dylan.

    Dylan nods to Greta, then to LightningWalker before moving on to his last piece of business. "Lastly, before we all leave here tonight, I'd like to ask you each a single question, so please do not leave until I have. I figure with as many gathered as we have here now, I may as well start working torwards the goal Leo-rhya set out for me."

    Jenna nods quietly to Dylan before she turns and speaks in a low whisper to Ian.

    Tsukikage nods to Dylan, her displeased look earlier seems to have faded quickly.

    LightningWalker bows his head to Dylan, still content to be Tsukikage's rather violent shadow.

    Ian turns back to the Elders, listening to them, as well as tilting his head slightly to the side as Jenna speaks. He smiles, coughing slightly and raising a gloved hand to about shoulder height.

    Greta lets everything go on around her, staying where she is for the moment. In the space between conversations, she leans close and says something in a low, silken whisper to Maddy.

    Gerald turns his attention to Dylan.

    Dylan glances around once more, then nods. "That is all I have. Thank you, rhya." Again he seems to speak to both the alpha and beta.

    Once it it clear that Dylan is finished, Irma gives him a quick, hand signal to come over to her.

    LightningWalker glances over at Irma, Greta, and Maddy, flashing them a rather irritated look.

    Tsukikage looks over to Dylan, and nods, "Hai. After the Moot Rite, please ask what you will." She then shoots a look around the group, first to Greta Irma, and Maddy, then to Ian and Jenna, "Is there something more important than proceedings here you all wish to share?"

    Dylan catches sight of Irma's motion, his brow knitting at that. He starts to make his way over, till Tsukikage speaks torwards that group of people. He decides to stay where he is for the time being.

    Gerald's attention returns to Tsukikage, and he remains silent.

    Jenna drops her eyes to the floor as Tsukikage speaks, she stands next to Ian, awaiting for him to ask the question.

    Irma looks up to the Alpha and she bows her head to her.

    Maddy bows her head at Greta's whisper, tucking her chin almost to her chest. She shakes it silently in response to Tsuki's question, not looking up.

    Greta shakes her head, lets her arm fall away from Maddy, and lowers her eyes. "No, my Alpha. I apologize to the Sept for my slight."

    Ian says "Jenna was asking me to bring up a question of the Caern gaurding, Ma'am." He looks down around Tsukikage's feet, "Whether Kin will be needed to help guard them, during this time. I can only say on this matter, that the help and visitation of the Kinfolk has been, and should continue to be, valuable without measure. I believe it is through them, that the last two weeks of myself and Irma living down here, has resulted only in the spilling of our own blood, and not each other's." He smiles, slightly, almost shyly."

    Dee's attention goes swiftly, sharply to Ian before glancing back to Tsukikage.

    Irma seems to relax somewhat as Greta's arm is removed from Maddy's shoulders and she takes a step back from the two of them, keeping her attention on the Alpha.

    Maddy just stays where she is, staring at the floor, one hand on the opposite shoulder.

    Tsukikage nods to Greta, "Hai. If it something to share with the Sept, please do so after Moot Rite." She then looks to Ian, "Hai. The kinfolk can always help bring food, supplies, company and watchful eye. However, if fighting break out, it best to clear away. I imagine each caern warder will have own thoughts on the matter." She pauses, "As for what I learn while away: It seem word has spread of the darkness that threaten to awake in the Volcano. Other Garou turn eyes towards us. Wondering if we can stop it. Things dire elsewhere as well. We must succeed in this." She takes a breath, "I again visit the Sept of Latter Day Saints in Utah. It seem they also have problem with corrupting power bars in a gym. They take care of immediate problem but believe manufacturing here in the city. The only wrapper they salvage say, "Made in Albuquerque" by "...something... 'ness Incorporated'." She glances around a moment.

    LightningWalker narrows his eyes in thought. He stares off down one of the tunnels again.

    Dylan's brow furrows once more at something Tsukikage says, then his eyes widen just a bit as he realizes something. He shifts anxiously, but keeps it to himself, wanting to get the moot rite finished.

    Dee listens attentively and -- surprise, surprise -- doesn't speak.

    Irma takes all this in, but does not respond.

    Gerald coughs delicately, but keeps quiet otherwise.

    Jenna brings her glances up slightly as the Alpha speaks. Her brow wrinkles slightly at the words as she runs them over in her mind, sifting a filing cabinet of information.

    Ian looks up, maybe around Tsukikage's pretty little knees. He nods, once.

    Tsukikage nods, "Our first priority is to retrieve drum right now. But, if you find something, or kin want to look up business names in meantime, keep in mind." She glances around, We can discuss more if want after Rite. But, now, we turn our thoughts to the spirits..." She moves to the center of the caern and kneels down, then looks up with a glazed look in her eyes.

    Jenna smiles to Ian briefly in thanks before she turns her attention to Ms. Tsuki with quiet repose.

    Tsukikage says "Chimera, and guardians, Owl. We offer what we can to this sacred ground." She raises her head and looks ot the East, "Hear me spirits of the East, Power of Air, we call on you, Chimera, Starseeker, Whirlwind, Rising Sun, Come! By air that is your breath, send forth your light, be here now..." She pauses, then turns to the North, "Spirits of North, Power of Fire, we call on you. Flaming one, summer warmth, Spark of life. By Fire that is your spirit, send forth your flame, be here now..." She then pauses again and turns to the West, "Spirits of the West, Power of Water, we call on you. You of the watery abyss, Rainmakers, Grey-Robed twilight, Evening star...Luna. Come! By waters of your life, send forth your flow, be here now..." She pauses again a little longer then faces South, "Spirit of the South! Power of Gaia, Lady of Life, Southern Sky, center of all... Stone, Mountain, Fertile Field. Come! By earth that is your body, Send forth your strength! Be here now!" Her form shimmers for a moment, as a faint light coalesces around her. She opens her arms to the caern as energy flows from her."

    LightningWalker stays where he is. He puts a massive paw down on one of the rails, watching Tsukikage as she enacts the rite. He lowers himself down, directing his hidden power towards the caern. The shadows around him ripple slightly, but perhaps that was just a trick of the eye.

    Ian moves over to the damaged booth, his boots crunching in the rocks and dirt. His hands run up and down it's surfaces, examing it's marred planes and broken endges. His hands glow faintly blue as he does so.

    As Tsukikage begins the rite, Dylan sighs softly bowing his head. The tell-tale blue symbols, hidden beneath his clothes if they are even drawn there do not glow as they usually do.

    Jenna stands eerily silent as she watches the power that is drawn into the Caern. Her breath catches in her throat.

    Dee hangs back, arms crossed. It's likely that some might consider her somehow closed to what occurs. Whether or not that would be true and whether she simply has the good manners to stay out of what cannot concern her would be a difficult puzzle even if it were worth the attention.

    Maddy's shoulders tighten as she hears the calling of the winds, but she otherwise doesn't respond.

    Tsukikage glances around after everyone spends gnosis. "I also like to mention that something strange in the umbra of the park behind the fomori, Lisa's house. It seem, in the umbra, it was once a place of power. There a strange circle of stones there. When have time, a theurge should look into this."

    LightningWalker shifts back to his human form after he is finished, looking drained, worn down. Dark fur blurs into the familiar bowling shirt and pants, sensible construction boots. He turns and paces over to a section of the yards, looking for something.

    Leo paces around a bit. He picks up his cel phone, inspects it for scratches, scowls at it, then pockets it. He turns around, shoving his hands in his pockets.

    Tsukikage looks between Gerald and Leo, "If one of these new arrivals a theurge, it may be something he look into."

    Jenna wraps her arms around herself as she listens to the Alpha, her gaze the flickers with a quiet, respectful look to the Beta.

    Ian walks back over, noting, "Jeff is."

    Gerald nods as Ian speaks and adds, "What he said."

    Leo has his cel phone in hand. He wanders lazily over to where Irma is, still respectfully watching the proceedings.

    Tsukikage nods, "Hai. This may be opportunity to prove self if he find information about it."

    Dylan moves back to stand by the door.

    Jenna smiles to Tsukikage, happy to have her back within the folds of her family and safe.

    Irma nods to Leo when he approaches and she looks back to the Alpha.

    Gerald nods to Tsukikage. "He took a bullet last night for us. Didn't even scream much when I pulled it out with some pliers. Very promising."

    Leo folds his arms, nodding to Tsukikage. He takes in this umbral stones thing, but it's obvious it means nothing to his Ahroun way of thinking. He shrugs after a moment.

    Dee casts a sidelong glance Geraldwards, raising her eyebrows ever so slightly.

    Tsukikage looks around, "Any other thoughts on what brought up, or other news to discuss?" She tilts her head towads Gerald with a grin, "Hai."

    Jenna walks back over to Gerald with a small smile on her lips. She looks like she could drink half his stash right now.

    Dylan glances at Gerald briefly, brow rising a bit before he glances around the room quietly, his arms crossed over his chest while he waits to question you dirty liars.

    Irma doesn't appear to have anything to add.

    Leo briefly shakes his head. He keeps his arms folded.

    Tsukikage nods, "Hai. Then we will conclude business and turn attention to Dylan's request." She nods to Dylan, focusing her attention on him.

    Leo nods to Tsukikage. As business is concluded, he turns to Irma, speaking to her quietly.

    Greta listens to all o' ya, nods absently for a moment, then fishes a small notebook from her backpack and scribbles into it. She's all quiet and linger-y.

    Gerald glances over to Dylan expectantly.

    Dylan smiles faintly to Tsukikage, it's almost an apologetic smile as he says. "I believe I should ask everyone here, no matter who, my question. It will be a simple one, and will require only a yes or no answer. I'll start with our kin first." With that, he casts his gaze about, letting it finally fall on Dee. He nods once to her, indicating she's lucky number 1.

    Jenna squeezes Gerald's arm lightly, the expression holds a meaning for various things. She then turns to regard Dylan as well. Her eyes rather focused and neutral as she rests them on the TruthCatcher.

    Ian reaches a hand up and scratches, or, rather, rubs, Maddy behind the ear.

    Maddy flinches slightly, then stills, letting him.

    Dylan's attention is distracted by something, his attention shifting from Dee to Irma, his brow furrowing once more. "Irma-yuff..?"

    Jenna turns to speak to Gerald a moment as she waits her turn in line for the questioning.

    Jenna mutters to Gerald, "... want... with... the... you..."

    Irma nods to Leo's quiet words and then she says to the group in general, "If no one objects... I'd like to speak to the Truthcatcher before he questions anyone..."

    Tsukikage shakes her head, "No objection." She then motions to Dylan, "Please speak if wish."

    Dylan assuming that noone would object, he makes his way down torwards Irma from the door, his brow high.

    Gerald glances to Jenna, holding up a hand in a 'wait' gesture, and he stays quiet.

    Irma bows to Tsuki and she turns and she walks over to where Dylan stands. She leans in and speaks to him very quietly.

    Jenna nods in response and turns her attention back to the room.

    Irma whispers "If you discover the traitor, may I suggest that you do not let on, except for telling the Elders and perhaps myself. I'd like to use this source to feed misinformation to the Wyrm about our attack."

    Ian move over to the area where the makeshift kitchen is, grabs a bag and moves over to the booth. He kneels down and starts picking up shards of broken glass. Big and small, they're everywhere over there.

    Dylan tilts his head at Irma's words, seeming a bit confused as he replies. He mutters to Irma, "... alone... to... people... than... to be..." He nods to Irma.

    Dee spares Dylan an expectant glance and thereafter watches Ian.

    Irma nods her head to Dylan and she turns and returns to Leo's side.

    Dylan returns to his position, looking to Dee once more. "Dee."

    Dee offers Dylan a faint smile that, while respectful, is several shades of sardonic as well. Uncrossing her arms, she approaches Dylan and waits quietly before him with bowed head.

    Jenna furrows her brow at Ian, then her steps follow, kneeling nearby to help with the shards of glass, placing them almost reverently within the bag.

    Greta looks toward Maddy again while everybody's conversing. "Maddy..." she says quietly. "Think I could talk to you sometime?"

    Ian waves at Jenna, "Get some gloves if you're going to help. We don't need you cutting yourself."

    Dylan gives Dee a solemn, emotionless look. The look of a judge as he asks, "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum?"

    Maddy looks up finally, rubbing at her face. She glances at Greta and says quietly, "Yeah. Soon as we're done, here, good for you?"

    Jenna nods to the words, not even thinking about it. She pulls the ones from last night out of her pocket and slides them on. A simple pair of gardening type gloves.

    Dee holds her head reasonably high but doesn't make eye contact, addressing Dylan's cheekbones demurely and apparently without fear. "I did not."

    Irma chuckles. She mutters to Leo, "Yeah, we... fingers."

    Dylan shows no sign of what he thinks of Dee's answer, he simply nods his thanks. "Thank you, you may leave." He then turns his attention to Maddy, calling her forward. "Maddy."

    Dee does not in fact run out the door. She inclines her head to Dylan and draws back, glancing somewhat intensely at Maddy but not in any actual expectation.

    Maddy sighs heavily and moves over to Dylan, rubbing one arm repeatedly.

    Greta says "If not then, soon. I gotta get back to the healing caern pretty quick tonight, though, deliver Leo's message to Min, and take care of some things there, too. go talk to Dylan."

    Jenna works alongside Ian as even the tiniest shards of glass are picked up and placed in the bag.

    Dylan nods politely as Maddy comes close, his look remaining the same as when he spoke to Dee. He repeats the question, "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum?"

    Leo lifts his chin, favoring Irma with a wry grin at her last comment. He turns back, watching Dylan continue to do his job.

    Maddy looks down, saying almost inaudibly, "No."

    Ian continues sifting through rocks and dir, digging out broken glass.

    Dylan nods politely in reply, "Thank you." He then turns his gaze, finding Jenna. He calls her up, "Jenna."

    Jenna glances over her shoulder before she stands, dusting off her hands and facing the Truthcatcher squarely. She walks over and pauses before him.

    Dylan repeats the process, working hard to keep his visage the same constantly. "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum?" he asks of Jenna.

    Jenna shakes her head slowly. "No."

    Dylan again nods, moving on to the garou. He picks randomly.... Greta. "Greta." he calls forward.

    Irma mutters to Leo, "They said... the traitor... right? What... you..."

    Jenna returns to her task at hand beside Ian.

    Leo mutters to Irma, "... the... 'she was... hole,... like all... were'.... the... but... that... after I... Ben had... after... alone."

    Maddy moves back towards the safe, bending over and snagging something off the ground.

    Greta paces over to Dylan. Her answer is tired, and she seems patient, but exasperated. "Yes, Dylan?"

    Dee's eyes follow Maddy, and she seems unsurprised at her actions.

    As soon as Jen clears an area of glass, she takes the pieces of shattered wood in the area an lays it aside in a small pile. Something warm tracks down the dust along her cheek, but she shoves it away with the back of her hand.

    Dylan repeats the question once again, "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum?" Studying Greta's features. Each time he asks the question, there's a small glint in the corner of his eye as he activates his gift.

    Greta says "No, I did not. May I ask you a question before you continue?"

    Ian stands, looking at the damage to the booth. He grabs a still attached shard of glass, breaking it off quickly and cleanly. There's a pained look as he does so, then he drops it into the bag. He looks at the booth, then continues with the surgery.

    Irma hmms darkly and then leans in to speak to Leo in a lower voice.

    Some emotion actually leaks out at this, Dylan's jaw clenching just slightly. "Thank you." He seems to be taking comfort in the pattern of this, and now it's been broken. "What is it?" Despite doing his best not to display any emotion, especially a negative one to his own packmate, there's a tinge of annoyance in his tone.

    Leo leans in to listen to Irma, though he watches Greta and Dylan.

    Greta closes a step on Dylan, invading the hell out of his personal space as she speaks to him in low, even tones.

    Dee's eyes remain primarily on Maddy, her expression far too elaborately unrevealing in the way that tends to make the beheld snap 'What?!'

    Tsukikage seems to be watching Dylan and Greta thoughtfully, off to the side.

    Maddy makes her way over to Gerald, enveloping him in an unexpected hug.

    Jenna crouches, moving along slowly as she sifts through the dirt for more glass and wood shards.

    Gerald blinks a bit, then slings an arm around Maddy, looking perplexed, but hey, he goes with it.

    Dylan's brow rises at Greta's words. He shakes his head slightly, "No, I did not." His features smooth once more as he stares at her quietly.

    Greta speaks in quiet tones to the Truthcatcher, then withdraws a bit, awaiting her answer in her usual animated silence. "Good, pack-sibling. Success to you in yoru task. Now I bid you good-night. May I go?"

    Dylan nods to Greta in response before looking for the next 'victim'. He chooses Gerald, "Gerald."

    Irma continues to speak to Leo in low tones.

    Gerald speaks quietly to Maddy, then steps away to face Dylan. "Yeah?" he asks.

    Maddy dredges up a smile for the new fostern, then looks over at Jenna and Ian.

    Leo nods back, flashing Irma an urgent, worried look. He murmurs to his packmate.

    Dee continues to rest her gaze on Maddy, slipping her hands casually into the pockets of her jacket.

    Dylan repeats the question in low tones to Gerald, with a small alteration "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum, rhya?"

    Jenna wipes across her cheek again as she stands and moves a few steps away where more glass flew across the area.

    Gerald shakes his head and replies, "Nope."

    Greta also closes distance toward Maddy.

    Maddy takes a deep breath and moves over to Jenna and Ian. She's intercepted by Greta.

    Dylan nods his response, "Thank you." He glances around once more, stopping on Ian. "Ian."

    Ian was looking at the booth, trying to figure out which part to remove next, when his name is called. He looks over, brushes off his gloves over the bag, then walks over standing impassively in front of the half-moon.

    Dylan repeats the question once more, "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum?" to Ian.

    Ian says easily, "Nope."

    Tsukikage suddenly looks up with start and a dark frown, "Rose?"

    Dylan nods his response, turning his gaze on Irma now. "Irma." Once she approaches, he repeats the question "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum?"

    Tsukikage mutters under her breath worriedly.

    Ian walks back to the booth, he declares, "I need my tools."

    Irma knows the question is coming, but still seems offended by it. Reason doens't always help. She growls darkly, "No."

    Leo pauses, lets Irma respond, then continues his quiet conversation.

    Greta touches Maddy's shoulder and says, "If you want to try to fix it at some point, call me. You know the number." And then she takes a step away, letting the woman pass if she choose.s.

    Jenna glances over to Ian a moment.

    Dylan nods his response, turning his gaze on the elders now. "Tsukikage-rhya." Once she approaches, he repeats the question "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum, rhya?"

    Tsukikage moves over, and shakes her head, "No, I did not."

    Leo suddely laughs quietly at something Irma says. He gets a rather dangerous grin, then glances absently back as Dylan questions his Alpha.

    Maddy looks at Greta, eyes empty. "Yeah. Kind of late."

    Dylan nods once more, moving on to the last person. His gaze settles on Leo and he calls him up, "Leo-rhya."

    Tsukikage pauses a moment, then tilts her head to Dylan, "But I just remember that the cat, Rose, know where the healing caern is. She uncooperative, but she did swear to me to protect it and knowledge of it. I do believe she intend to keep Oath. But she is still someone to consider."

    Leo excuses himself from his packmate and strides up. "Trutchcatcher," he replies.

    Dylan repeats the question, again with the slight alteration for respect, "Did you knowingly lead the enemy to our caern or the drum, rhya?"

    Ian leans, affectionately, against the damaged booth. He smiles at Maddy and Greta. He looks tired.

    Leo glances at Tsukikage. He grimaces at the mention of Rose, but nods at her assessment. He turns back to Dylan. "I did not."

    Jenna takes in the area before listening to the Alpha's words. "Does that mean anywhere near the opening or going within the caern itself, ma'am?"

    Dylan bobs his head in a nod, "Thank you, rhya." He glances around, "Thank you everyone." Finally he lets out a short sigh, his posture relaxing.. and he too looks tired.

    Tsukikage looks over to Jenna, "Sorry...I not understand question?"

    Greta touches Maddy's hair again or tries to, at least. She seems very tactile tonight. She mutters to Maddy, "I... Maddy.... you... believe... the..."

    Gerald stretches, grunting wearily as he finally moves away from the wall and looks around blearily.

    Ian looks to Dylan, asking, "Here's a fair question, asked without intent for disrespect. How can we be sure of your honesty in this matter? We are all suspect, sadly."

    Jenna smiles a bit tiredly herself. "If a woman led them to the caern, did they have to enter it, or is the Over Look close enough?"

    Maddy nods to Greta.

    Leo glances at Jenna. "The woman would have to know not only the location of the caern, but the location of the drum inside the caern, as well."

    Tsukikage shrugs, "I not know. I not hear when it happen." She looks to Leo, "It possible they have ways to find other than willing leading. Perhaps dreams?"

    Dee remains detached and quiet. She continues to watch Maddy in particular, though her ears myst certainly be open.

    Tsukikage frowns, "As I recall, not many knew where the drum hidden..."

    Leo looks troubled by Tsukikage's suggestion. He nods. "Perhaps, yes. It's as good a guess as any."

    Jenna nods to Leo. "I wasn't sure, just getting some facts straight. I wasn't aware the keys were there either."

    Dylan glances around, realizing that everything is finished. He nods to his elders and then, makes his way out quietly, looking tired.

    Greta speaks out, breaking her conversation with Maddy long enough to speak to Ian's question. "Dylan is not the only one among us who can see truth. I did not wish to make an issue of it, but that was our whispered exchange earlier. His hands are clean of this."

    Leo shakes his head. "It's all too confusing. None of this makes sense." He turns back to Irma. "Good, I'll stay here and guard. See you in eight hours or so."

    Dee unexpectedly makes a quiet announcement to no one in particular. "I didn't know, and I still don't know." A faint shrug as if to herself suggests it doesn't in fact change the caliber of her answer to the Fianna philodox.

    Dylan stops in turning for the door, glancing back at Ian. As Greta replies, he nods torwards her, "Greta checked me for honesty. I'll submit myself to another half-moons questioning as well, your packmate if you choose."

    Ian frowns, muttering, "Which packmate? The one who can't bother himself to join us?"

    Tsukikage tilts her head, "How do we know they knew where drum was? They say someone told them where drum was?"

    Jenna glances to Maddy, asking in a quiet tone. "Do you want to start hunting down the manufactuer of the Power Bar tommorrow?"

    Gerald starts toward the door, looking a little dazed. Then again, he has been sober for an awful long time now.

    Irma nods to Leo and then turns to give the Alpha a respectful bow before she heads over to the makeshift campsite. She releases her hair from her pony tail, something many of you have never seen before, making her jet black hair spill around her chiseled face. She then flops down onto her sleeping bag.

    Dylan lifts his shoulders in a small shrug to Ian's new questions before turning a tired, apologetic smile on Greta. He then turns for the door, heading out after all.

    Jenna pulls her gloves off as she notes Gerald, shaking the tiny bits of glass off.