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August 28th, 2002 - Moot

    The trail is thick with underbrush and sheltered from view by large rocks and the cliff face that it winds down around. Reaching the bottom, it widens to lead into a bare clearing, hidden under the outward jut of the cliff, and the ring of ancient trees that surround it. In season, a carpet of wildflowers and lush green grass liven the earth with color, in winter, the snow is always a pristine white.
    In the center of the meadow is a large patch of packed earth. About ten to twenty medium-sized boulders ring this area, creating a kind of dirt auditorium. In the dead center of this auditorium is a circle of small stones, which form a kind of speaker's circle. To the south, formed by underground runover from the lake, a shallow pool of clear water sparkles in the light. The water is good to drink, though it is too shallow to really enjoy for a dip. A tall, smooth white stone rises up from the middle of this pool.

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    Whispering Winds
    Obvious exits:

    Jeff nods once and glances to Min. "The talen for Maddy. It's made, I just need to fashion it." He turns back to Maddy. "There are some rules you'll have to follow, Mad. I'll get into that when it's done."

    Gerald stirs a little, then sits up, rubbing his eyes blearily. People. Huh. He gets up and wanders over to the rest before dropping down to sit on the ground. He grunts by way of greeting.

    Min is standing near the fire looking sweaty and holding an empty water canteen. "Is this so the spirits will not enter her freely?" she asks, raising her eyebrows. She looks over at Gerald. "There's a hammock, Gerald-rhya, probably better for your back."

    Dylan makes his way down the trail, shoulders hunched against the chill air, his steps hurried. He glances around the caern as he heads straight for the overhang, smiling faintly as he nods to those that are gathered.

    Jeff shrugs. "It's to protect her from that. Whether it will succeed is up to the spirit I've bound, but it will buy us time and offer warning."

    Maddy seems wide awake now, and nervous. One leg starts a sewing machine needle movement. "Okay... Uh. Okay."

    Jenna comes down the trail.

    Jenna has arrived.

    Gerald grumbles, "Hammocks are for wimps. I'm mighty." It might be more convincing if the last word didn't break off into a huge yawn.

    Jenna heads down the path toward the open area.

    Maddy glances at Dylan, then gives Jenna a slightly surprised smile. "Thought you weren't coming... hey." She stands and gives the younger girl a hug.

    Dark Wolf has arrived.

    Dark Wolf shimmers and appears.

    Jenna smiles to Maddy as she returns the hug. "Some things have been taken care of," she answers Maddy quietly.

    Min pauses for a moment, getting a space cadet look in her eye, then blinks and looks around. She nods with approval at Jeff. "It's a start at least," she says with a leery grin, nodding in Maddy's direction.

    Jeff chuckles. "I do hope so."

    Once he reaches the overhang, Dylan proceeds to take off his clothes. Or rather, proceeds to take off the fleece that covers his upper body and the t-shirt beneath it, revealing the blue glyphs painted across his upper body and the massive scar that remains at his right shoulder. He kicks off his shoes, his shivering picking up quickly.

    Maddy nods, eyeing Jena curiously.

    Dark Wolf steps from the shadow, wisps of webbing melting away from her body as she takes a moment to look around and see who's here. With a satisfied growl she begins to shift to a more conversational form, muscles and bones popping as she rises up and takes the homid shape.

    Maddy wanders over to Jeff, looking him over curiously. "So.. can I see it? The thing?"

    Min heads over to her hammock with a nod to Ocean and Dylan when they arrive and sits in it out of the way. Too much talking makes Min go something something.

    Jenna smiles to Maddy as she wanders off, her glance then finally takes itself around the Caern to the others. A flicker of a gaze over Dylan's scar and the glyphs before it returns to the center. "Evening, all."

    Jeff shakes his head. "It's at home, but maybe afterwards."

    Dylan arches his back, a soft cracking sound rising up it before he twists from side to side. With a great sigh he turns to face the caern once more, a faint smile on his lips as he nods to Jenna. He starts torwards the center of the caern, arms crossed over his chest as a very ineffective ward against the cold.

    Maddy perches on the rock next to Jeff, glancing at him as if she wants to make sure he doesn't disappear or die horribly before this magic Answer to All Her Problems is revealed. She does spare enough time to take in the rest of those gathered, giving Gerald a smile.

    Gerald peers blearily at Maddy. "What." All sleep and no coffee makes Gerald go something so- er, yeah.

    Dee comes down the trail.

    Dee has arrived.

    Dee makes her way carefully in. If she's tired from the hike, it doesn't significantly show.

    Glances once to Gerald as she makes her way to an area nearby. She doesn't say much, nodding to him in respect before settling down and keeping away from most of those assembled.

    Ocean smiles and nods at Min and looks over at Dylan, eyeing the glphs on his chest with interest. She grins with genuine warmth, gibbous moon beating her with the angry stick or no. "Gerald-rhya. It's good to see you here, and in one piece."

    A small bandage can be seen on Dylan's lower left back as he crouches near the pool of water. He cups his hands, reaching for the pool then lifting a handfull of the water to sip.

    Gerald takes a deep breath, then outdoes himself by mustering up words. "Hey. Good to see you all."

    Jeff nods to Gerald. "And you, rhya. Been a while."

    Tsukikage comes down the trail.

    Tsukikage has arrived.

    Dee just looked at you.

    Ocean glance up as the alpha enters and dips her head respectfully.

    Tsukikage hikes down the trail into the caern. Aside from the traditional clothes which she often seems to wear at moots, you might notice that her normally red-streaked hair has changed to blue.

    Dee finishes making her way in in time to get out of Tsukikage's way. What a relief, how convenient. Eventually noticing who trailed in after her, she bows deeply but does not yet speak to anyone.

    Jenna turns a gaze from the assembled to smile to Dee as she enters and then beyond to Tsukikage, a bit of a blink at the color change of her hair. She nods toward her in respect as well.

    Dylan stands slowly, the shivering making it's way to his teeth now as they chatter a bit. Finally he gives up on this form, his body growing and filling out with fur and muscle as he assumes his warform.

    Jeff doesn't say a word. Things are about to get started, clearly.

    Tsukikage smiles and bows to everyone present, offering small nods to all those gathered and heads further towards the center of the caern.

    Jenna just looked at you.

    Maddy raises her voice. "Uh, anyone with a cel phone, I'd strongly suggest turning it off. I'll explain later, when everyone's here."

    The small bandage rips away as Fire's-Promise assumes his warform, the wound hardly visible beneath all that fur. As he sees his alpha has arrived his brow rises at the change of hair color just before he bows his head respectfully.

    Jenna turns her phone off.

    Jeff doesn't seem to have brought his, but nods.

    Ocean shrugs and heads for the hole to make sure her stashed phone is turned off.

    Tsukikage glances down and takes out her red cellphone, considering it for a moment with a slight frown, then turns it off.

    Min rises to her feet and heads over towards the fire again, bowing her head towards Tsukikage with respect. She folds her arms and takes on a silent bouncer stance.

    Dee doesn't seem to give Maddy's words great weight at the moment. If she has a phone, perhaps it is already turned off; she appears greatly unconcerned.

    Leo comes down the trail.

    Leo has arrived.

    Ocean turns her leopard-printed phone off and jams the thing in one of her coat pockets. She covers the hole back up and moves to join the others.

    Fire's-Promise's arms remain crossed as he glances around the caern at all the different groupings of people. Catching sight of Ocean he makes his way over torwars her.

    Leo strides in, carrying with him a certain aura of confidance, perhaps even overconfidance, his dark coat wrapped around him in the air. He scans the area as he steps in, as if finding this place again, noting it's changes.

    Tsukikage looks around the group and steps to the center. "Well it look like most of us are here. I would like to call a start to the moot." She glances around the group, "First, have everyone here been formally introduced to one another?"

    Min nods her head respectfully to Leo as he enters, keeping her arms folded and bouncer status intact, then focusing intently on whoever speaks from here on in.

    Gerald looks around, nodding absently as he says, "Yeah, I recognize all these ugly mugs."

    Ocean unbuttons her coat and glances around, nodding once to Dylan as he approaches. She wipes the last lingering traces of blood from her mouth as Tsukikage speaks, and darts a quick look around. Nope, no strangers here.

    Dee turns her eyes once more about those gathered, then she inclined her head towards Tsukikage in a respectful acknowledgement that apparently alos serves as a polite version of Gerald's observation.

    Jeff scans the crowd and shakes his head, as well.

    Fire's-Promise glances back as he nears Ocean, nodding the affirmative to Tsukikage's question. Turning back on Ocean he raises an eyebrow at the blood on her mouth, not bothering to voice the question now that the moot has begun.

    Maddy brings her knees to her chest, wrapping her arms loosely around them and resting her chin. She's perched next to Jeff on one of the many rocks.

    Tsukikage glances around then smiles, "Hai." She also looks over towards Ocean, though perhaps not minding the blood. "Ocean, gibbous moon, would you take honor of leading the Opening Howl?" With that she steps back away from the center and motions for everyone to form a circle. Slowly, her form begins to shimmer and blur as she shifts to crinos.

    Irma comes down the trail.

    Irma has arrived.

    Jenna rises and moves in closer to form the circle, settling in near Gerald and/or Irma.

    Fire's-Promise's attention falls back to Ocean, the nearest thing to a smile and a look of approval on his lupine features. He then looks back to his alpha.

    Jeff grunts, patting Maddy's leg as he hops off the rock, shifting mid-stride.

    Leo gives Min a respectful nod in return before moving a bit inwards. At the call of the Opening Howl he moves to shift as well, glancing to his alpha with a nod and a faint grin on seeing the color of the streak in her hair.

    Howls-for-the-Lost bows her head respectfully and flows smoothly in the war-form. She throws back her black-furred and howls, her clear, booming voice echoing off the stones and the hillside, announcing the opening of the moot.

    Dee draws slowly closer to the sloppy suggestion of a circle; the only truly revealing motion or expression she yet makes, though her polite detachment is yet informed by deep respect.

    Crane Shadow adds her howl to the song, it's high pitched timber letting lose pent up energy. It's notes are tinged with pride and confidence.

    WalksOnWater adds his howl, a low toned thing, touched with weariness.

    Fire's-Promise follows Howls-for-the-Lost's example, lowering himself to his knees as he throws his head back, letting out a long, eery and beautiful howl.

    Plots-Silently joins in, a bit unsteadily (though it's hard to *really* mess up a howl), but throaty and pitched.

    LightningWalker's howl is low and rumbly, like the scattered sound of a thunderstorm approaching. But it does not add much beauty to the opening howl.

    Moirai's Wrath shifts into her war form also, lifting her head with pride as she joins in with a howl, though not haunting or lovely, at least she's enthusiastic.

    Crane Shadow weaves her song throughout the howls, then lets her voice fade as others do.

    Dee remains silent but interested; perhaps it doesn't go entirely unnoticed that her glance goes to Maddy and then to Jenna before she clearly makes the confident decision to be mute.

    Fire's-Promise eventually allows his howl to fade, letting it echo about the glade.

    Howls-for-the-Lost song begins taper and fade, eventually falling silent as the moot begins.

    LightningWalker lets his howl drift off, then, as soon as it's done, he very businesslike shifts back to his breedform.

    Plots-Silently follows the lead, quieting down.

    Jeff returns to his own breed form, sitting back down near Maddy.

    Gerald lets his howl taper, too. Then shifts back into homid. Then puts on his clothes. Quickly.

    Fire's-Promise stands slowly, remaining in his warform. He glances to Howls-for-the-Lost briefly before turning his attention back to Crane Shadow.

    Maddy uncharacteristically does not leer at Gerald as he dresses, rather glances at Jeff before turning her attention back to Tsuki.

    Jenna turns her head away from her Elder, but a smile flickers across her lips.

    Moirai's Wrath's howl cuts off abruptly and she remains in her warform, dark eyes moving past the light of the fire to keep an eye on the place with usual paranoia.

    Howls-for-the-Lost growls fiercely as the last notes of the howl fade away, and shifts back to her birthform.

    Crane Shadow grins toothily to those gathered then steps forwards a bit again. She looks up towards Luna, then back to the ground and holds out her arms. ~Now we offer what we can to this sacred ground. To Unicorn, and her guardians, Bear.~ She steps forward and faces the East, raising up her arms,

     ~Hear me spirits of the East, Power of Air, we call on you, Starseeker, Whirlwind, Rising Sun, Come! By air that is your breath, send forth your light, be here now...~ She pauses, then turns to the North, ~Spirits of North, Power of Fire, we call on you. Flaming one, summer warmth, Spark of life. By Fire that is your spirit, send forth your flame, be here now...~ She then pauses again and turns to the West, ~Spirits of the West, Power of Water, we call on you. You of the watery abyss, Unicorn, Rainmakers, Grey-Robed twilight, Evening star...Luna. Come! By waters of your life, send forth your flow, be here now...~ She pauses again a little longer then faces South, ~Spirit of the South! Power of Gaia, Lady of Life, Southern Sky, center of all... Stone, Mountain, Fertile Field. Come! By earth that is your body, Send forth your strength! Be here now!~ Crane Shadow's form shimmers for a moment, as a faint light coalesces around her. She opens her arms to the caern as energy flows from her.

    Leo lowers his head, collecting himself quietly. The shadows seem to move slightly around him, though that could be a trick of the eye, and then bleed away, into the ground of the caern.

    Fire's-Promise nods slowly as Tsukikage begins the ritual, lowering himself to a crouch. He lowers one hand to the earth, long clawed fingers spread wide, his eyes closing. Concentrating, a blue glow begins beneath his fur, the glyphs painted there seeming to expel the energy. It rolls over his form like liquid, finding it's way down his arm and into the earth.

    Jeff lowers his hands to the rock he's using as a perch, scowling perhaps a bit too hard. The rock does seem to glow slightly, but the whole affair seems to leave him utterly exhausting, slumping forward.

    Maddy's eyes widen and she goes to steady him with a whispered, "You okay?"

    Jeff doesn't respond, just nodding with a pathetic little cough.

    Crane Shadow lets out a relieved sigh, then glances to Maddy, Jenna and Dee and slowly begins to the shift back to her human form.

    Jenna stands in silence near the pool of water as she watches the caern almost glow and come alive with the energy being fed into the deep recesses of the ground. Her eyes seem fixed on Crane Shadow as she stands in the center, her own being unmoving.

    Dee's stance is respectful and a bit detached, as if well aware of the general idea of what's going on but utterly unaware of the small details she may not be able to sense.

    Fire's-Promise shivers softly as the last of the blue energy enters the earth. Inhaling deeply, his eyes open once more. He stands to watch the Alpha once more.

    Ocean touches the earth near the base of the standing stones. Dry, hot wind gathers around her as she concentrates fiercely on the ground, and flows down her arm and into the waiting earth.

    Tsukikage steps into the very middle again and looks around. "Before we move on with business I have announcement I wish make. I recently again travel to Utah and challenge an elder there, Thunder from Mountain, for the rank of Adren." She stands up a bit straighter with a crooked grin, then winces as she favors her right leg for a moment, and clears her throat, "I pass his challenge and he bestow upon me the third rank."

    Maddy nods to Tsuki, impressed. "Congratulations."

    Fire's-Promise's eyes widen at the announcement, his lips curling back in a wolfy smile.

    Jenna does a doubletake to the Alpha. Her smiles widens and she bows her head toward the small woman in respect.

    Maddy adds a quick "Rhya," with a glances at Min.

    Leo looks unsurprised, but obviously pleased. He lifts his chin to her, a triumphant look, but also flashes her a look.

    Dee smiles a bit but seems utterlu unsurprised, dipping briefly into a deep bow in Tsukikage's direction.

    Jeff bows his head, but doesn't say anything. Twice as bad to mouth off to an Adren.

    Ocean looks quite starled and grins widely at the sept alpha, completely dleighted at the news.

    Tsukikage bows forward a bit with a grin, then looks over to Leo, "You also wish to speak, Rio?"

    Moirai's Wrath's eyes dart to Maddy and she grunts softly with acknowledgement, then bows her head respectfully to Tsukikage.

    Leo nods. He steps forward. "I do. I as well challenged for the rank of Adren and passed, the challenge was recieved by Cold Storm of the Shadow Lords, the Master of the Challenge of the Sept of my fosterage, the Sept of the Seven Thunders, and I passed the challenge...just barely." He manages a cocky grin, and a shrug, as if he knew all along he'd make it, despite what he said.

    Fire's-Promise's attention goes to the Beta, the smile returning as he bows his head. and says in Garou, "Congratulations Leo-rhya."

    Maddy nods and echoes her congrats in turn, even remembering to add the rhya this time.

    Dee's smile broadens by perhaps the width of an eyelash, but that is all, other than another slightly less deep bow in Leo's direction.

    Gerald rumbles, "Congratulations, both of you."

    Jeff's taken immediately aback by this, but nods slowly, if a bit perplexed.

    Tsukikage grins to Leo as well, "Hai. Congratulations, Rio-/yuf/," She corrects with a smile.

    Jenna swivels her gaze over to the Beta, she smiles toward him and her head lowers in respect to his words. She doesn't speak however.

    Ocean grins even wider, doing a fine impression of the Cheshire Cat. There's no sign of the Strider disappearing, sadly enough. "Well done, rhyas both."

    Moirai's Wrath grunts with approval, nodding respectfully to Leo again. "This bodes well for the Sept of the Forgotten, with garou of such impressive rank as our elders."

    Tsukikage grins and bows forwards again to everyone in thanks. She looks around, "Any other announcements before we move to Sept matters?"

    Maddy raises a hand tenatively.

    Leo glances down and dusts an invisible bit of lint off of his coat, "Yeah, well," he says, stretching. "I wasn't worried." He then nods to those who congratuated him, thanking them, but then turns specifically to Tsukikage, "Thank you, 'Kage-rhya." He steps back.

    Ocean shakes her head and replies to the sept alpha, "No, Crane-Shadow-rhya. But I have a tale, for later."

    Gerald clears his throat and says, "I have a little something."

    Tsukikage nods to Ocean, then looks over to Gerald, "Hai? Please." She steps back for Gerald to speak.

    Fire's-Promise starts to speak, but stops as Ocean does. He glances over at her, nodding his head, then looks back to Gerald.

    Leo is shaking his head. He steps back, then wanders over towards Dee, though he casts a curious glance at Gerald.

    Gerald gets to his feet, then says, "I'll be right back, talk amongst yourselves." Then he heads toward the woods bordering the glade.

    Jenna also looks from Maddy's hand toward Gerald, her gaze follows him as he heads toward the glade.

    Fire's-Promise's brow furrows as Gerald heads off, his head cocking to the side curiously. He remains silent, looking back to Tsukikage for guidance.

    Gerald emerges in a bit, carrying a burlap bag tied off with baling twine. He holds the thing out from his body as he approaches the group. "This is a little something for the kinfolk," he explains. "I meant to do this awhile ago, but, you know. Stuff happens."

    Tsukikage furrows her brow curiously as Gerald heads off, then tilts her head as he brings back the bag. She nods and glances towards Maddy, Jenna, and Dee, then returns her attention to Gerald.

    Leo glances over at Dee, then turns back scratching his head. He spies Gerald coming in and raises an eyebrow.

    Dee turns an idle glance of acknowldgement to Leo in Geral's direction now, with considerably more interest.

    Ocean frowns at the bundle, not at all convinced it's as harmless as it seems. It /is/ hidden in that bag, after all.

    Fire's-Promise swivels his head around to look on Gerald again, looking as confused as ever.

    Gerald sets the bag down by his feet and says, "Okay, this is about respect. I know we bitch at you all about respect, and I know that, while the lessons take for awhile, eventually, it all gets lost again. So, I'm just going to try to put a little perspective on this. You with me so far?" His attention is on Jenna, Maddy, and Dee. He seems amiable enough. Nothing wrong here.

    Jenna well she /is/ Get after all. Walking up to Gerald, she spies the bag and gives him a curious look. She nods to his words slowly, still a bit curious.

    Maddy arches a cautious eyebrow, but nods slowly.

    Dee regards Gerald's chin for a moment that stretches out like hot bubblegum. At length, she inclines a nod, still inquisitive, at his question.

    Gerald smiles warmly. "I love you girls," he says. "I think the world of you. As people, I couldn't meet any finer. As people, I think of you as my own family. As people, I'd take any one of you out for a rootbeer float any day." He crouches, then, unwinding the burlap bag carefully. He's very careful about all of this, and why becomes revealed as he draws out of the bag, holding it by its head, a rattlesnake. "But," he says cheerfully. "I'm not people, and neither is anyone else in this Sept."

    Ocean stares at the rattlesnake, sudden comprehension dawning as she glances from one kin to the other.

    Fire's-Promise tenses, his lips curling back to bare his teeth as he growls softly at the sight of the snake. He holds his position, though his eyes dart to Tsukikage and Leo expectantly.

    Dee seems oddly undisturbed but increasingly curious by this bizarre revelations of Gerald's. She watches him, but without any fear; just a cool interest. Unlike some others', her eyes do not dart towards other elders.

    Jenna snaps a look at the snake and she is completely frozen in time. She is far too close to move forward and any backward movement, Gerald holding the snake or not, can set its tail rattling.

    Maddy sighs and watches, glancing from the snake to Gerald, waiting to hear the rest.

    Leo raises an eyebrow, like he was the Rock. He folds his arms and looks patient, giving no sense that he approves or disapproves of this story. Either he approves of where he thinks the Get of Fenris is going with this...or he's giving Gerald enough rope to hang himself with.

    Tsukikage tilts her head curiously. She does not make any movement yet, but watches closely.

    Jeff mutters something about why does it have to be snakes.

    Gerald explains, "This is my friend, Mr. Rattles." He takes a step back from Jenna, reassuring pleasantly, "He can't hurt you, kiddo. Not when I'm holding him like this. Just don't tickle my ribs, huh? Now, who wants to play with Mr. Rattles?" He walks around the circle, looking quite earnest. "Who wants to hug him? Kiss him? Who wants to whip him around their head like a piece of rope?"

    Dee arches one eyebrow, then two, at Gerald. They meet a little fretfully at the brow of her nose. She doesn't volunteer, but obviously tries to follow where he is going with this.

    Fire's-Promise's gaze returns to the Get elder, his brow furrowing though his teeth are no longer showing. He remains silent, though his shoulders still seem tense.

    Jeff says "Does that apply to any of us, rhya?"

    Jenna doesn't move, doesn't even hardly blink, maybe she even quit breathing. Hug it? The thoughts in her head move in quick succession, before even that folds into shutting down. Her form seems to echo one of those stilled rocks behind her.

    Gerald glances toward Jeff curiously. "You want to play with him? Go long." He lifts his arm, like he might just lob the reptile. It's a slow motion, though. He's not quite as glib as all that, considering he's holding the thing.

    Jeff winces reflexively and cups his hands like he's trying to catch something. He pauses at this for a second, as if not sure Gerald will actually do it.

    Maddy glances at Jeff, but stays where she is. She just watches Gerald, then pinches the bridge of her nose.

    Leo keeps that eyebrow raised. He mutters something under his breath, but it's likely hardly anyone can hear it. He watches Gerald patiently, keeping his arms folded, as sort of 'get to it' look about him.

    Ocean stands as silent as stone and as still as death, gaze locked on the scene unfolding before everyone's eyes.

    Gerald shakes his head slowly and lowers his arm. "No, Jeff. Part of my responsibility is the protection of my people. I would be failing in my rank if I did that, and I would not be worthy of the respect we're always complaining about." He glances around. Nope, not going to throw it. "Mr. Rattles isn't a bad guy, here. He does his part in the cause. He keeps the world from being overrun with vermin. Cuts down on disease that way. He's on our side, really. He doesn't have anything personal against any of you, but if you corner him, he's going to bite. There is no maybe. That's why you respect this creature. Not for his sake, but for yours."

    Dee glances ever so briefly at Leo before returning an enigmatic look to Gerald. She is far too well-schooled to let any sense of 'yes, and?' touch her features, but the most perceptive might realize that this sentiment is there nonetheless.

    Jeff nods and relaxes even as Gerald finishes. He seems to have picked up *something* from this little anecdote.

    Maddy seems to get it. She looks tired, but she gets it. She looks at Gerald patiently.

    Fire's-Promise lets out a short, frustrated sigh. He shakes his head slightly, crossing his arms as he looks at each of the kin, studying their features.

    Ocean grinds her teeth and stares into the pool, refusing to let the moon's call gallop away with her.

    Jenna has yet to move, but she is listening and her eyes do move to Gerald and Mr. Rattles. A small breath does ease outward, but her features are pretty much white as a sheet.

    Leo tilts his head to Gerald, but keeps his expression blank. He glances at Dee, and then back at the snake, looking thoughtful, but saying nothing.

    Gerald says, "So. I'm done pampering. I love you girls. I really do. Like you were my own kids. Which is exactly why I don't want to come unhinged some night on a new moon and tear your throats out. If you can't see that, then there isn't much I can do to protect you anyway." Then, without another word, he turns to walk back into the woods.

    Dee doesn't seem unnerved by this. Perhaps, since she stand next to a full moon, she's already made as much peace as it it possible to with the beast; certainly she doesn't seem unaware or other than filled with the deepest respect for the fact that most people here could eat her spleen before she ever knew they were on her.

    Jenna begins breathing again, really, maybe it's more like hyperventilating once the snake is gone and out of sight. She backs up slowly to find a place to sit down. She hasn't said one word and isn't about to at this rate.

    Fire's-Promise glances after Gerald, then back to his Alpha, shifting his weight.

    Tsukikage nods to Gerald with a slight smile, "Hai. Thank you for metaphor." She then glances around the group, "But respect is something that not only kinfolk, but all must remember. We must be respectful to each when dealing with problem and opinion. We must listen to all sides, and we must all remember the beast in each of us."

    Moirai's Wrath's jaw tightens at Tsukikage-rhya's words and she stares down at the ground, looking about as morose a nine foot tall beast with a wolf face can.

    Dee's face is touched with the slightest smile at Tsukikage's words, and she bows her head in acknowledgement. Still, there is a sense of even greater expectancy about her.

    Greta comes down the trail.

    Greta has arrived.

    Leo gets an enigmatic look, but says nothing. He focuses his gaze on the pool for a few moments, glancing over it's still waters.

    Ocean grits her teeth as she remembers a certain conversation with absent septmates, and clamps her jaws firmly shut as she listens to Tsukikage. She continues to stare blackly into the pool, but manages to nod curtly at Tsukikage's words.

    Gerald doesn't look at all enigmatic when he returns. The cheery whistle can be heard before his form emerges from amidst the trees. Notably, he does not have a rattle snake.

    Fire's-Promise bows his head to Tsukikage's words.

    Maddy nods to Tsuki's words, scratching her chin on her knee idly.

    Tsukikage looks around again, "While I think that move a bit toward Sept matter, any more announcements?" She looks to Maddy, "You raise your hand before?"

    Maddy glances around uncertainly before raising her voice to carry to the edges of the circle. "If you have celphones on you, turn them off any time you're someplace you don't want to be tracked to. Jase told me that's how the cops found Raechel's cel in Ian's saddlebags. Might be a good idea to leave them behind altogether when going to a caern. Or have a lockbox or something." She shrugs. "That's it."

    Dee listens politely to Maddy's point, but there's something about her politely smiling interest in the girl's direction. Probably not that this is a stupid point, oh no. But something, something.

    Ocean glances down at her coat pocket and slowly closes her eyes. She rubs her temples fiercely and forces herself to calm the hell down. She has a story to tell, something you can't do while you're howling for blood.

    Tsukikage nods to Maddy, "Hai. That a good point. We have discussed a similar issue before and I think it a policy the caern warders should consider." She glances to Min and Leo. "Any other announcements?"

    Moirai's Wrath nods briefly towards Tsukikage but looks to Leo to wait for him to speak first before she says anything.

    Leo shakes his head, slowly, staying silent.

    Greta remains unobtrusively quiet and in the background.

    Gerald finds a place on the ground to sit, and keeps quiet now.

    Moirai's Wrath rumbles in High Tongue once she is sure Leo isn't going to say anything, "I have found a hole in the ground just outside the caern proper, where I have been storing the weapons to be used to defend the caern. If people bring things with them, there is room for it to be kept there. I have already asked people in the past not to speak on their telephones (telephone is mangled in human tongue) on the caern itself, not only because of security but because I am concerned that the waves coming from them may damage the spiritual essence. So I suppose it is an official request now." She shrugs her shoulders gruffly.

    Dee turns her attention to Moirai's Wrath, regarding her with a respectful and utterly blank look. If required to answer, she might very well say Oh yes, bedbugs, very good, rhya. At the finish of this growling speech, a slightly inquiring glance goes towards the alpha.

    Jeff nods slowly, seeming to come back to the conversation.

    Tsukikage nods to Min, "Hai. Everyone, please respect the warder's request." She then looks around, "I wish to bring up that a new Bone Gnawer Theurge is in town. His name is Nick, deeded "Giver." Several of you meet him already, but if not, you will soon."

    Jenna rubs her head slightly, pushing some hair out of her eyes now that she has returned to a normal state of being. She listens to the distant rumble of Min and then turns her attention to Ms. Tsuki.

    Jeff blinks, eyes sharpening to focus as Tsuki mentions the arrival. He tilts his head sideways in a fashion rather unbecoming of a human (though, were he more wolfish, it would look almost normal), then huhs quietly.

    Leo steps forward. "On that note," he rumbles. "I'd like to announce the acceptance of Megan into the Sept of the Forgotten, as a kinfolk. We will work with her on finding out what her heritage in. Also on that note, I have slightly sadder news to bring..."

    Tsukikage turns to Leo, she nods thoughtfully as he speaks of Megen, then furrows her brow as he continues, listening.

    Jenna raises a look toward Leo-rhya at his words.

    Fire's-Promise nods quietly to everything said before before turning his attention on Leo. On the news that Megan has been accepted, he stands up a bit straighter, happiness and pride in his eyes. His brow rises at the mention of sadder news.

    Jeff eyes Leo, brimming with some sort of additional knowledge. He nods, then quirks at this 'sad' news?

    Dee regards Leo as he steps forward. Her reaction to his first bit of business is most difficult to read; the second receives a polite curiosity. So perhaps she isn't psychic.

    Maddy wrinkles her nose a bit at the happy news, then glances at Jenna as she waits for the other shoe to fall.

    Leo makes a face. "Regretfully, I bring news from the kin of the Glasswalkers, Dennis Stratton. He is leaving the Sept, going for an early retirement to a Sept in Florida where he golf or whatever it is that retired people do. It seems that our esteemed Mayor has been calling for the resignations of many people in the force, and he wants to retire before he is fired and loses his pension." He shakes his head. "We wish him well, he has served the Sept for quite a while."

    Ocean brightens at the news and turns to smile at Fire's Promise, pleased to see a bit of happiness in these proceedings.

    Jeff coughs slightly, nodding with a bit of a smile. He glances at Leo as if asking to speak.

    Jenna glances to Maddy, having never met the Chief, she doesn't have much to say. She offers Maddy a smile though for her loss in her tribe.

    Tsukikage scowls at the mention of the Mayor, then nods with a slightly sad look. "He has served this Sept honorably and will be missed."

    Gerald clucks his tongue and says, "That's too bad. Yeah, he'll be missed. Good guy."

    Maddy frowns. "We should a going-away party or something."

    Jeff nods along. "The tribe takes care of its elders, kin and Garou. It's unfortunate, and I never met him, but I know he'll be treated well."

    Moirai's Wrath looks genuinely crushed to hear that news, looking up at Leo for visual confirmation. "He is a man of great honor," she rumbles to Jeff in High Tongue. "I am proud to know him."

    Leo glances up at Jeff. "A tribe takes care of it's elder kin, yes. The Winter Wolf is what waits for us when we age." He then turns and steps out of the circle, glancing to Tsukikage.

    Fire's-Promise bows his head briefly at the sad news then turns his attention back on the alpha.

    Greta keeps her own counsel, her attention flitting from person to person a they speak. She moves a few steps toward Moirai's Wrath, but that's all.

    Ocean rubs her jaw, saddened by the news. She looks back to the alpha expectantly.

    Moirai's Wrath turns to her sister and shoots her a fond look, reaching out to pat her shoulder, mindful not to use claws.

    Ocean just looked at you.

    Tsukikage glances around once more, then steps forward, holding out a sun-bleached bone carved with various glyphs. "We now move to the cracking. I wish to speak of the bane who threaten to wake in the volcano. We retreived all the item needed to perform Rite and Megan sewed the scarves we need. We must perform the Rite soon." She glances around, "We believe there many bane protecting the volcano, and I wish to make two part strategy. First, we will send in warriors to clear out any remaining small Bane or enemies. We will need a small war party for this. Hopefully, we can spare a day for healing, rest, and recharge. Shortly after, those who have a better connection to the spirit world needed to participate in Rite. This group will move in with Tallie, and we probably need some guards to make sure Rite not interrupted. We all need to spend next few weeks recovering as much energy as possible. We cannot afford mistakes or squabbles."

    Jeff glances up through his funk, nodding with a heavy head in agreement. He nods more furiously when the offer of a recovery time is extended.

    Fire's-Promise's brow furrows a bit at Tsukikage's words, his gaze shifting to Jeff, then Ocean. He gives her an encouraging look, nodding torwards Tsukikage.

    Ocean looks puzzedly at the Fianna, not understanding what that look is all about.

    Jenna listens quietly to the words of the Alpha, her eyes going around the room for a moment to touch on each garou, wondering if she will lose any in the near future.

    Tsukikage looks around the group, holding the bone out for anyone else to speak. She looks over towards the meaningful and confused glances of Dylan and Ocean.

    Animated a bit at last, Greta too gives a firm nod. She seems to want to say something.

    Fire's-Promise glances back at Ocean, brow furrowed once more before he lifts his gaze back to Tsukikage. He growls out in the high tongue, "Tsukikage-rhya, Ocean-yuf, Jeff-yuf, and myself gathered information about those that guard the volcano."

    Gerald listens attentively.

    Dee listens, on the other hand, blankly -- at least to the Fianna.

    Leo keeps his arms folded, taking another step back. He gazes around at people, watching their reactions. As Fire's-Promise speaks he turns to glance at him.

    Tsukikage glances to Greta, then back to Dylan. She nods, "Hai. Please." She passes the bone to him, then nods to Greta, as if noting she might wish to speak next.

    Fire's-Promise accepts the bone, glancing from Ocean, to Jeff, then back to Tsukikage as he speaks in a loud voice for all to hear. "The other evening, we set out to find Tallie so that we could summon the bane which tortued Megan, possessed our kin, and later led the spirals on their attack here. I will leave the tale-telling to our moondancer," He glances to Ocean again at this before continuing, "but the short of it is we found out what it is we will face." There's a pause, probably for the dramatic effect as he glances around from face to face slowly. "Two dozen banes, all led by what the 'Dark Man' referred to as the 'Dreaded One'. A dark spirit with the ability to warp reality. This was the creature that killed our sept-mate, Whispers-with-Spirits. This is the creature that awaits us." Once done with that, he offers the bone back to Tsukikage.

    Jenna rubs the bridge of her nose between her glasses as Dylan rumbles out his speech, waiting for someone to relay the words, if they are important enough to know.

    Moirai's Wrath tenses at Fire's Promise's words and looks at him with a sort of blank confusion, looking to Greta with a questioning expression.

    Tsukikage frowns, "You believe this spirit is truthful in their numbers?"

    Fire's-Promise nods slowly, "The gifts Gaia graced me with told me that it believed it's words were true." He casts a quiet glance over at Min.

    Greta listens in continued polite deference, though her features are tainted with loss at the words Fire's Promise offers. She rests a hand on Min's arm, this time.

    Tsukikage nods to Dylan, "Hai. We can only hope some are small. We should focus attack on this Dreaded One if can. Perhaps some will run when his command is lost." She takes the bone back and looks over to Greta, "You wish to add something?"

    Leo hrms, looking thoughtful. He listens to the conversation with some faint concern.

    Greta takes the bone in hand with a little half-bow, her expression grave. "There are many parts to play in this yet. I ask that we all be careful to remember that at this time the Caerns also need to be under constant guard. To send too few would be disastrous, but to send so many that we are left vulnerable is equally dangerous. Where we talk of two groups, there are actually four: one to clear the area, one to perform the rite, and one to guard each of the caerns, so that we don't return and find them..harmed. And we need to stay in constant communication."

    Moirai's Wrath looks a little disconcerted, glancing between her packmates and then moves away on stiff legs to crouch down and focus on her own thoughts for a moment.

    Tsukikage nods at Greta's words. "Hai. Though we must protect the caerns and many will stay to do so, I do not expect a counterattack immediately. We need send our strongest warriors in the first wave to the volcano if we wish to succeed."

    Fire's-Promise watches Moirai's Wrath with a little confusion in his eyes before glancing to Greta. He nods just slightly, then looks back to Tsukikage quietly.

    Ocean rubs her jaw and clears her throat a bit when Tsukikage is finished speaking. She steps forward slightly, waiting for acknowledgment to speak.

    Tsukikage nods and moves towards Ocean, handing the bone to her.

    Ocean steps forward and accepts the bone, looking around at the entire gathering. "I'll be conducting a gathering for both Whispers-with-Spirits-yuf and Hotpaws-yuf before we strike against the banes and their master lurking at the volcano." She stares around the circle, and when she speaks again, it's not a request. "Tell me your memories of both our brothers after the moot. They must be laid to rest, and we must grieve for them and move on."

    Greta relinquishes the floor to Tsukikage again and stands there awkwardly, casting the occasional vaguely worried glance at Moirai's Wrath, but saying nothing more.

    Jenna watches and listens to Ocean, her eyes staying her back for what seems like forever before she looks down at the water.

    Fire's-Promise meets Ocean's gaze, nodding slowly at her words.

    Ocean senses "Fire's-Promise gives you an appreciative look, easy to see in his eyes despite the form meant for combat."

    Moirai's Wrath sighs heavily, wiping away her tears with a furry forearm and rises to her feet, drawing herself up to a proper stance one of such breeding and dignity should be taking. She frowns and focuses intently on what people are saying once more.

    Jeff seems to catch sight of this, glancing intently at MW before nodding uneasily, and paying Ocean further attention.

    Leo doesn't show any outward pain, but he does seem to withdraw inward, becoming veerrry distant and removed, as if he has completely stepped outside of himself. He gives the person with the bone an unfocused, but calm look.

    Gerald keeps quiet, yep.

    Jenna rises up quietly and moves over to Gerald, she sits back down beside him, gently touching his arm and giving him a smile.

    Dee is clearly attentive throughout all of this; often impassive, but this does not automatically denote uncaring.

    Ocean doesn't dare to look around after dropping that bombshell. She hands the bone back to Tsukikage and steps back out of the line of fire.

    Maddy just sits, like a lump on a log. Or a rock on a bigger rock. She rubs her nose against her knee, face blank.

    Jeff doesn't take his eyes off Ocean yet, but pats Maddy's leg sidelong.

    Tsukikage nods to Ocean, her expression cloudy, "Hai. Thank you. I look forward to honoring their memory and spirit." She steps forward to take the bone again, then glances around, "I wish to restate that when we move onto the volcano, it will not be all at once, those who participate in rite will also stay behind to guard caerns or will follow short distance away to heal the injured. Several of us can heal once a day, thanks to our totem, Ikitomi. I prefer those who have her gifts to use them when can than to tap gnosis from those we need for the rite. If that cannot be, we will join in meditation after healing to prepare for the Rite."

    Tsukikage glances around the group again. She holds the bone forward again, "Any other issues to bring up?"

    Jenna glances to Tsuki a moment as she waits for any others to relate any other vital information.

    Jeff coughs, reaching out. "I... have one, rhya."

    Gerald shakes his head, then glances toward Jeff curiously.

    Tsukikage nods and moves over, handing Jeff the bone.

    Jenna keeps her arm wrapped around Gerald's, especially since there are no snakes around. Her gaze moves to Jeff as she waits.

    Jeff takes it and sighs. "I'll be quick. I have done a fair amount of binding in the past few days. The first was our little bane friend, whom I bound with Tallie-rhya's assistant. The second was a spirit designed to protect Maddy. I cannot guarantee it will be truly effective, but it will at least be a layer of protection for her, and in turn, warning for us. Maddy and I will be going over the specifics. If anyone has further requests, I am always available, but this recent work has drained me tremendously." He bows his head and hands back the bone.

    Ocean rubs her jaw uncomfortably, not at all happy with the damage she knew this announcement would inflict. She looks almost grateful as Jeff pipes up. It gives her something else to look at besides miserable faces.

    Dee listens to Jeff with great care and interest, sliding a slow glance in Maddy's direction and smiling somewhat.

    Leo motions for the bone, stepping forward once more.

    Tsukikage nods to Jeff, "Hai. Thank you. I believe you would be great use to us on the Rite, please rest when you can." She glances over to Greta, "You as well, if you both are available." She pass the bone to Leo.

    Maddy offers Jeff a tenative smile when he returns, as well as a helpful hand.

    Tsukikage glances over to Maddy with a hopeful smile.

    Fire's-Promise nods quietly to Jeff's words, then holds a hand out for the bone quietly.

    Jenna smiles to Maddy as well with a hopeful nod.

    Leo takes the bone. "Tonight's been grim in some ways. And in a lot of ways, we've had more than our share of pain in the last few months than lesser Septs could handle. We're all of different Tribes, with different views and different beliefs. We're used to working as individuals, some of us only know how to go it alone. But what is pain? Pain tells you your body is working, pain can be growth, you can learn from pain. And as I look around this Sept today, I think we *are* learning from it. We are stronger than ever before, despite our losses. We have learned in our own ways to respect one another, and we have recovered from the attack on this very caern to strike back not just once, but twice now." He pauses, but continues.

    Fire's-Promise listens to Leo, waiting patiently for his turn with the bone. He nods his agreement with the Beta's words, eyes squinting.

    Leo rumbles. "This Sept is young by some standards, but in reality, it's even younger. This Sept's traditions stem back only a few months, when the first influx of you came here. But we are building on these traditions, we are learning from one another, and we are developing our rules, what we will allow and not allow. We stand together now, ready to strike back at the Volcano, when only a month ago, all looked lost. While there is much to grieve, there is much, much more to celebrate." A more persuasive man might have something even more rousing to say, but he just kind of trails off, glancing around, looking suddenly uncomfortable. "Eh," he rumbles. "That's it." He stalks back to where he was, leaving the bone for someone to pick up if they want to.

    Tsukikage smiles at Leo's words with an affirmative nod, then looks towards Fire's Promise.

    Dee listens carefully to this somewhat unprecedented speech, and watches Leo both as he makes it and when he wanders out of the circle. Some might deem this to be supportive, but again, it's a pretty coolly impassive courteous look.

    Ocean smiles faintly at Leo's words, nodding a bit as she shakes off the last of her depressed mood.

    Gerald nods slowly, keeping a pretty cool regard as he watches Leo.

    Leo steps back to his spot next to Dee, glancing down at her once before turning to gaze upon Fire's Promise and what he might relate.

    Fire's-Promise rumbles appreciatively at Leo's words then picks up the bone. He looks to Tsukikage, speaking in the high tongue. "I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Nick, he seems honest and helpful. I've asked him to help us in the creation of talens, so hopefully he too will be providing us with tools for the fight to come." He then hands the bone back to Tsukikage.

    Moirai's Wrath nods respectfully towards Leo, admiration for his words in her eyes. She looks to Fire's Promise and nods too. She then looks expectantly to Tsukikage, indicating that she would like to hold the bone.

    Jenna squeezes Gerald's arm slightly as she makes to stand, taking in a deep breath. It certainly looks like she is ready to add something to this little gathering once all the Garou have finished their speeches. Her gaze goes to the Alpha as she waits.

    Gerald glances up at Jenna, watching her curiously. Then his attention turns to Min as she indicates she'd like a little bone-holding.

    Tsukikage smiles and takes the bone, "Hai. Thank you." She looks to the caern warders, Leo, then Min, "I believe he is trustworthy to allow into the caerns, though he not a fully part of the Sept yet." She looks around the group again, "I forgot to mention something earlier. Both Raeth and Zef have offered their help to us in this matter in past. One is some sort of cat, and the other...well. Most of us now know he a child of Dragon. I would be willing to ask for their help in fighting these banes, but wish to hear the thoughts of the Sept." She glances to Min with a nod, acknowledging she will speak in a moment.

    Maddy looks from Jenna to Tsuki with interest.

    Fire's-Promise's canine snout wrinkles up, his teeth showing just a bit at the idea Tsukikage presents. Lifting a long arm, he indicates that he has something to say on the matter.

    Tsukikage nods, then passes the bone to Fire's Promise.

    Jenna watches Tsuki with a smile. She nods faintly to the Alpha at her words of the Bete joining.

    Fire's-Promise takes the bone, brow knitting as he growls out, "We do not know them well enough to allow them to help us in so important a task. We would not trust some random garou with the task ahead of us, I do not see why we should trust these two. The bete have their own agendas, their own motivations." He offers the bone back to Tsukikage.

    Jenna frowns slightly at the growl from Fire's Promise, but she can tell it isn't something that is going down his craw too well.

    Tsukikage nods to Fire's Promise. "Hai. A good point." She looks around the group again, holding the bone out again.

    Ocean frowns as Fire's-Promise speaks his peace, and holds her hand out for the bone.

    Tsukikage 'bones' Ocean.

    Gerald glances to Ocean, then holds up a hand, indicating that he too would like a chance to speak.

    Jenna waits to the side beside Gerald still, her eyes going to Ocean.

    Fire's-Promise glances to Ocean as she receives the bone.

    Ocean steps forward to accept the bone. "I don't know Raeth or Zef, so I can't vouch for either of them personally." She clears her throat and continues. "If they've been honorable in the past, I see no reason to doubt their willingness to help. Dragon's children are well-known among my tribe for their hatred of the Wyrm's minions, and the cats have fought with us against leeches in the past. If they're honorable, I say we accept the help. We're going to need it."

    Ocean hands the bone to Tsukikage and steps back.

    Tsukikage nods to Ocean, then passes the bone to Gerald.

    Dee listens with more interest to words that strike her as such. But with no difference in courtesy.

    Fire's-Promise's soft growl indicates his disapproval of Ocean's words, but he looks away as the bone is given up, turning his attention back on Gerald.

    Leo gets a clouded look, but says little. He rubs his clean-shaven chin, looking thoughtful.

    Jenna nods to Ocean with a faint smile. Her eyes then move to her Elder as he takes the bone.

    Gerald takes the bone, looking it over thoughtfully. "I don't have anything to add," he remarks. "I just wanted to hold the bone." He flashes a cheeky smile around. Then, clearing his throat, he says, "Uh, yeah. The cats. I say if we can use their help, do it. We have a common enemy, and that's well and good. Just let's not get too cozy. Once that common enemy is gone, I doubt things would stay peaceful for long. Accept their aid, but don't look to make friends with them." He offers Tsuki the bone.

    Fire's-Promise shakes his head just slightly, his gaze leaving Gerald to move back to Tsukikage... or rather, her feet. His jaw sets stubbornly.

    Ocean nods at Gerald's words, silently agreeing with his words of caution.

    Jenna returns her gaze to the Alpha, waiting patiently for her chance to speak as well.

    Moirai's Wrath rumbles at Gerald's words and indicates to Tsukikage that she would like to speak on the topic.

    Tsukikage nods to Gerald, "Hai. I have no intention of including them in our secrets." She glances around the group again, "If I to ask, I would only ask for their help in battle. I think things too complicated with Rite." She holds the bone out to Moirai's Wrath and nods to Jenna in acknowledgement.

    Greta has been quiet a while, but at this topic, she, too, seems to have something to say. She indicates this with a raise of her hand and some nervous fidgeting, then drops into restless semi-stillness to await permission for a comment.

    Moirai's Wrath takes the bone and looks around at everyone with a nod, before rumbling in Garou, "My concern is that they will try to hold this help over us, twisting the situation to say that they helped us out because we couldn't help ourselves and that we 'owe them one'. I would fight with them against this threat, only with the understanding that we fight against a common enemy, like was said and that they aren't doing /us/ a favour, they are doing the city itself a favour. We owe them nothing for their assistance." She shoots Gerald a puzzled look for a moment then passes the bone back to Tsukikage.

    Tsukikage nods to Moirai, then passes the bone to Jenna, she acknowledges Greta's hand with a nod, indicating she will follow Jenna.

    Leo glances at Moirai's Wrath and nods, agreeing with that sentiment. He gets a hard look, then glances away towards the next person to take the bone.

    Fire's-Promise doesn't follow the bones progress anymore, his gaze on the ground. He rumbles softly at Min's words.

    Jenna takes the bone and holds it in her hand a moment, this being her first time at doing this. "I doubt this is going to fall on ears that will enjoy hearing it, but, as some of you know I have been Liason between Leo-rhya and Raeth for awhile now. The cat has offered his assistance in the Volcano, as it threatens him as well. He has also given me the honor to know where his Den lies, which I will keep my word on keeping it safe as well. I have already spoken to Leo-rhya of this and he is aware of it. I was unable to help him with the Fat Man information, because Ian was killed, perhaps we can work on that as well at a later date. I also have discovered how to melt Silver with a microwave and am purchasing some from a metalsmith in town, if it is needed for the arrows." She hands the bone back to the Alpha.

    Tsukikage nods to Jenna thoughtfully, grinning when she mentions a microwave, then moves over to Greta, passing her the bone.

    Ocean stands deep in thought, gazing down at the ground as she absorbs everyone's words.

    Greta takes over the bone and adds, "I will stand alongside whomever the Alpha and Beta call to this battle. This isn't a democracy, I know, and it's a good point that we are going to need the help. But while fighting together is one thing, trust requires more building than this, especially after the history here. That's all." She offers the bone back to Tsukikage and returns to her spot.

    Maddy raises a hand wearily.

    Tsukikage nods to Greta, "Hai." She then spots Maddy and offers her the bone.

    Maddy slides off her rock and takes it, saying, "We're all supposed to be on the same side in this, right? Can we at least act like it for once? We need the help." She hands the bone back to Tsuki and makes her way back to her rock.

    Fire's-Promise lifts his gaze at that, looking at Maddy, then lifts his hand, requesting the bone.

    Tsukikage nods to Maddy, then passes the bone back to Fire's Promise.

    Fire's-Promise takes the bone, growling out in the high tongue as he looks at Maddy. "Yes, we supposedly are all on the same side, but that doesn't mean they can be trusted. They do not run in packs, they do not understand how to run in them. They do not fight like us. Who's to say they know how to respect authority? It seems we will be fighting with these creatures, fine. However, they must understand right away who is in charge." And he hands the bone back to Tsukikage, his gaze turning to the Alpha.

    Maddy looks from Fire's Promise to Tsuki. "Translation?"

    Jenna frowns at Fire's Promise, trying to figure that out.

    Dee has obviously long since given up on assuming manners.

    Ocean raises an eyebrow and looks at Tsuki, then glances to the kin. She hold her hand out for the bone again.

    Leo flances Maddy a faintly disapproving look when she speaks up. He glances back to Tsukikage, mildly.

    Tsukikage nods to Fire's Promise. She glances to Maddy, "He say they not fight in packs like us and may not respect authority. They must know who in charge." She looks around, "If they to fight with us, they will follow our orders, or they most likely die trying to be lone hero. If I ask them to fight, I do not want anyone telling them details about any Sept matters. If they cannot agree to our terms, they will not come, if I ask them.' She hands the bone over to Ocean.

    Maddy nods, check on the awfully silent Jeff to make sure he hasn't keeled over or anything.

    Jeff lives up to his deedname, bitch.

    Dee listens carefully to Tsukikage, inclining her head as she absorbs this before flicking a brief glance towards Leo.

    Ocean waves her hands and says, "You've already said what I was going to, rhya. I have nothing else to add."

    Tsukikage smiles to Ocean and nods. She glances around the group one more time. She looks questioningly at Leo to see if he has anything to add.

    Leo shakes his head, keeping his arms folded. He has little to add to this, but his bearing suggests approval in what Tsukikage said.

    Tsukikage nods, "I will ask Rio-yuf to lead war party on the volcano. We hear all your thoughts on matter and will think on this some more before making decision." She glances around the group again, holding out the bone, "Any more issues?"

    Moirai's Wrath nods in agreement with Tsukikage, gesturing she would like to speak.

    Tsukikage nosd to Moirai and passes her the bone.

    Moirai's Wrath nods towards Tsukikage her thanks and then she shoots Maddy a meaningful look. She says in High Tongue, "I don't think this has been addressed officially yet, and I realise that there are a lot of other things going on that are important, but both Kevin-yuf and Maddy have mentioned to me a significant wyrm presence in the *mangled human* cemetary */mangled human* that nearly caused Kevin-yuf to fall unconcious, it was so overwhelming. I think this is something we should keep an eye out for, or at least try to understand what it is, so once our problems with the bane are less urgent, we can eliminate it before it gets out of hand." She bows to Tsukikage and Leo then hands back the bone.

    Tsukikage nods to Moirai, "Hai. Thank you we definately look into this. I also wish one of the theurges to look into park behind where the girl Lisa used to live. I sense some old power there in Umbra some time ago. This may have to wait until after Volcano as well."

    Dee inquires with most of her attention on Tsukikage She mutters to Leo, "Cemetery?... whole..."

    Jenna glances over to Dee a moment at her words. Raising a slight brow.

    Leo leans down to listen to Dee, then turns and fills her in in quiet tones.

    Tsukikage glances to Dee, then looks around the group again, "Anything else?"

    Ocean shakes her head. Nothing more from her for now.

    Maddy looks from Min to Tsuki, saying nothing.

    Greta seems to be done also.

    Moirai's Wrath is done, folded arms and all.

    Jeff is done done done. Stick a fork in him (not silver).

    Tsukikage looks around, "If there no more business, I believe our Story Teller has a story for us."

    Dee nods somewhat to Leo, murmuring thanks and seeming both understanding and distracted.

    Fire's-Promise shakes his head to Tsukikage, having nothing more to say. He glances to Ocean, brow rising faintly.

    Jenna leans over on Gerald, just to keep him company in his silence.

    Ocean steps forward into the center of the circle, head and shoulders set squarely as she gazes around at the crowd. "My tale this night is one of duty," she says in a clear, carrying voice. She sweeps her gaze across the crowd and continues. "It is the story of three of this sept, who travelled to seek the wisdom of an elder to the north." Her eyes rest on Dylan and Jeff for the briefest of moments before plunging into the tale.

    Ocean kneels down and dips one hand into the pool, swirling the clear cool water as if asking if for its blessing with her tale. "My tale begins two night ago. I was hunting by the lake in wolf-shape when I heard a call on the cold night wind, a howl of summoning from Fire's-Promise-yuf." She glances briefly at Dylan and contiues. "I found him near the overlook with Plots-Silently yuf, waiting for my arrival. Fire's Promise had a task he wished to perform, one of great urgency for the sept. It was his wish to travel to Mount Taylor to seek out Tallie, Leaping Waters-rhya, the Uktena elder shaman who's been helping us with the volcano, and see what aid she lend to our cause."

    Leo was speaking quietly with Dee, he glances up to listen to the tale, looking thoughtful.

    Dee pours her attention into Ocean's tale now, listening with mute alertness.

    Maddy glances at Ocean, shifting uncomfortably on her rock.

    Tsukikage listens attentively as well, she leans back on a rock, relaxing, glancing now and then to Jeff and Dylan.

    Ocean continues, "We drove to Mount Taylor and crossed into the Shadow. The Umbra was rich with life, teeming with wyldings and animal spirits. All of thesen were peaceful and serene: no harm would come to us in this place." She pauses to glance over the audience and presses on. "I howled our introduction to the Elder who dwelt there, and she graced us with her council." She smiles slightly as she looks at Dylan. "Fire's -Promise conducted himself with the true grace of Stag's children. He bent on knee like a knight of old and presented Leaping Waters-rhya with a proper token of chiminage; his words were well-chosen and fair-spoken." Ocean turns back to the gathering. "There were two things he sought of Leaping-Waters-rhya this night."

    Fire's-Promise watches Ocean as she tells the tale, arms hanging at his sides. He nods his head just slightly at certain parts of it, as if re-affirming them in his own mind.

    Ocean says, "The first thing requested was her aid against the beast slumbering in the volcano. Leaping-Waters-rhya told us she would lead the rite, and that four of us would join her in the binding. Another scarf must be made, but she said we are ready in all else." She pauses to let that news sink in. "The elder grieves for the loss of Whisper-with-Spirits, lost at a time when he is so desperately needed." Her jaw works furiously for a moment before she continues.

    Gerald watches Ocean as she speaks, giving her the whole of his attention.

    Jenna listens quietly to Ocean as well.

    Leo shifts his feet slightly, standing where he is, then straightens, lifting his head as he listens to the story, gazing up at the sky as Ocean speaks. His eyes grow briefly sad when Whispers-with-Spirits is mentioned.

    Ocean forges ahead. "The second thing asked was a summoning of a spirit: the Dark Man who has struck at us among hearth, glen and kin." She glances at Maddy and then Dylan before she continues. "It was our intention to battle the thing when it appeared, and bind its foul essence into an object, so that it could be forced to tell us of the other beasts lurking at the volcano." She pauses and continues, "Leaping Waters-rhya agreed to do this, and led us to a cave where we would battle the bane."

    Jeff smirks at the mention of the 'cave.'

    Ocean continues her tale. "We entered the cave and waited while Leaping Waters-rhya summoned the bane to us. Fire's Promise would battle the beast, I would guard the cave entrance to prevent its escape and keep reinforcements from joing the battle, and Plots-Silently would trap the bane in a binding object." Her voice deepens and roughens, taking on a harsh, grating note. "The Dark Man appeared in a dark vortex of evil and corruption, screaming with all the voices of the damned. It spat its bile and hatred at its mocking us all and calling for our deaths and the annihilation of all we hold dear. It claimed that two dozen of its brothers lurked in the volcano, and served a dark master, the Dreaded One, who would destroy us all."

    Leo gives a snort that is both dubious at that challenge, and supremely confidant.

    Tsukikage listens, concentrating on the tale, smiling at one point, frowning another.

    Ocean 's eyes spit fire and she begins to pace. "The bane mocked us with Whispers-with-Spirit's death, telling us how he was slain by the Dreaded One and fell in darkess." She snarls fiercely and growls, "It was an insult that could not be borne. Fire's-Promise attacked the thing, tearing into it with all his Luna-gifted wrath. He paid it back in blows for all the damage it has done, and he tore it's materialized form into doll rags as we howled our victory to the skies."

    Jenna stares at Ocean and the relating of the tail, thoroughly transfixed on the moment at hand.

    Dee's own attention is less revealing. No snorts, no great confidence, no smiles or frowns. Just a serious intensity as though she is both enjoying the words in a way, and sucking them dry for any hidden meaning. But that, perhaps, is just her way.

    Ocean grins fiercely and continues. "Plots-Silently imprisoned the bane in a binding object. It goes to the hands of our elders, and they will force the bane to give us information about what waits for us at the volcano." She growls harshly and shifts to the war-form, throwing her head back as she utters a ringing howl of triumph.

    Maddy huhs, and claps, glancing at Jeff.

    Jeff 's eyes are dull, but he nods weakly and smiles at Ocean and Maddy.

    Jenna grins at the end of the story, smiling to Maddy and Jeff.

    Fire's-Promise tilts his head back, joining in Ocean's howl a moment after she begins.

    Gerald glances over at Jeff. "There's a beer in all this for you."

    Tsukikage lets out an encouraging 'wooo' of her own. Though in her human form, sounds more like some party-goer than a howl.

    Moirai's Wrath has connected.

    Leo's chin lifts in faint approval of the resolution of the story, even as his eyes narrow in thought.

    Maddy looks around, uneasily. "So... where's the thingy?"

    Fire's-Promise's howl ends just before Ocean's, letting her finish it out before he glances over at Gerald with bright, amused eyes. He then looks to Jeff, brow rising.

    Jeff waves in Tsuki and Leo's direction. "The elders have it. What they do with it is their perogative, but presumably they're keeping it isolated until we need it."

    Howls-for-the-Lost ends her howl with a flourish, pouring her mocking scorn of the enemy into her cry. She snarls with satisfaction and hunkers down on the ground to survey the gathering.

    Maddy stifles a yawn, checking on Jeff.

    Jenna checks her watch, frowning slightly and rising from Gerald's side. "I'm late for another meeting and need to go," she murmurs to her Elder.

    Jeff seems to be hanging in there. He grunts. "There's more, isn't there? There's been so much... this was my first moot here."

    Maddy rubs his back comfortingly. "Almost done."

    Tsukikage grins, "Now we revel."

    Gerald glances up to Jenna, commenting, "I'll be in touch, okay?"

    Maddy nods, rising. "And that's all non-garou's cue to take off." She glances at Jeff, then looks at Tsuki. "Can Jeff be excused? I think he's all reveled out."

    Jenna smiles and nods to Gerald. "I'll be around." She then turns and bows to Tsuki, "Tsuki-rhya, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this."

    Tsukikage bows in return to Jenna, "Thanks for coming."

    Moirai's Wrath has disconnected.

    Jenna nods to the others and heads by Leo, giving him a thumbs-up, before she dashes up the trail and out of the Caern.

    Maddy helps Jeff home, going slightly slower than Jenna with a bonked Jeff in tow.

    Jenna makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.

    Jenna has left.

    Dee steps away from Leo and also approaches Tsukikage, bowing deeply and with great care. "Rhya," she murmurs, seeming equally intent on leaving before the revel can even think about commencing.

    Leo glances after Jenna. He nods to her, but, ah, too late.

    Tsukikage bows back to Dee, less deeply, with an easy grin.

    Dee smiles a bit to Tsukikage, offers a general nod, and heads out.

    Dee makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.

    Dee has left.

    Leo watches Dee leave. He shoots a faintly confused expression to her back, then scratches his head.

    Howls-for-the-Lost watches the kin leave, and turns to gaze around the group. The moon's call is stronger in this form, her rage rattling the bars of its cage as she curls her muzzle in a silent snarl.

    Tsukikage shifts and joins in the revel.

    Howls-for-the-Lost howls the call to revel and races after the pack.

    Fire's-Promise seems all charged up for the revel after the tale, he shifts into his hispo form in preparation for the madness.

    Leo dances around, "Woo hoo! I'm an Adren!" Then glances, blinking, looking faintly sheepish.

    Leo kicks the dirt and mutters.

    Tsukikage laughs and grabs Leo's hands twirling him around in a childish ring around the posey type circle.

    Leo woos! Then he stumbles off, revels some more, heads home.

    Leo makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.

    Leo has left.