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Moot - Tue, June 18th, 2002
IC Time: ~ Fri, Sept. 28th, 2013

You slip between two boulders and start down the hidden trail.
The trail is thick with underbrush and sheltered from view by large rocks and the cliff face that it winds down around. Reaching the bottom, it widens to lead into a bare clearing, hidden under the outward jut of the cliff, and the ring of ancient trees that surround it. In season, a carpet of wildflowers and lush green grass liven the earth with color, in winter, the snow is always a pristine white.
In the center of the meadow is a large patch of packed earth. About ten to twenty medium-sized boulders ring this area, creating a kind of dirt auditorium. In the dead center of this auditorium is a circle of small stones, which form a kind of speaker's circle. To the south, formed by underground runover from the lake, a shallow pool of clear water sparkles in the light. The water is good to drink, though it is too shallow to really enjoy for a dip. A tall, smooth white stone rises up from the middle of this pool.

~*~+view is available here~*~
Bearded Wolf
Large Grey Wolf
Gray Wolf
Obvious exits:
Overlook (O)

Ian's sitting on the grass, under a nice tree, furiously mashing buttons on a small game console.

Bearded Wolf creeps down into the glade alongside the much darker wulf. It also moves off, to the edge of the pool where it watches from a distance. It sniffs at the various others here as it makes its way. Soft friendly growls are given freely.

Tsukikage heads down the path carefully, then glances around those gathered and offers a polite nod to everyone.

Gerald comes down the trail.
Gerald has arrived.

Dylan finds what he's looking for, a small blue jar and a paint brush. He pulls the items out, setting them aside as he strips off his jacket, shirt and shoes. He picks up the items, then makes his way over to the pools edge. Dipping the brush into the jar, he proceeds to mark his upper body with the symbols he wore at the last moot, hurrying through them as he's running a little behind.

Ian powers off his game, shoving it in his backpack, which is stowed under the tree he's been leaning against. He stands, stretches, then walks into the proper glade area, then sits back down.

Tsukikage glances over as Dylan paints himself with a grin. Her own attire looking like something out of an old Kurasawa film.


You notice a small, determined looking young woman. Quick chestnut eyes survey those about her. High cheekbones, almond shaped eyes, and a golden complexion reveal her unmistakable asian heritage. Her long black hair flows freely to the middle of her back. The wispy front tendrils have been dyed a bright shade of deep crimson, framing her small face. You'd guess she stands about 5'3 and is in her mid twenties.
Tsuki is dressed rather traditionally. She wears a wide-sleeved, short, silk, patterned kimono with various deep red hues, and a black divided skirt. Her kimono is gathered about her with a wide white and red patterned obi sash. A simple, platinum pendant with an abstract peony design hangs from her neck. On her feet are a pair of split toed socks and straw sandals. Tucked behind her sash, are two swords, housed in carved black scabbards: A longer katana, and a smaller wakazashi.
Tsukikage seems to have a faint air of nobility within her bearing. Perhaps a remote ancestor was a personage of note.

Bearded Wolf is sitting by the pool, watching the Fianna paint himself with woad. It glances over at Tsukikage and Gerald a moment later.

Dylan shivers a bit as he works on the designs, grumbling to himself. He seems to finish, though the small frown on his lips as he examines himself in the pool indicates he's not all that pleased with his work. He shakes his head, making his way back over to put the jar and brush back into his pack before finally taking a moment to look at all those gathered, shivering every so often. He nods respectfully to Tsukikage, offering her a small smile. He then nods to all those he knows.

Gerald meanders toward the clearing, looking pretty much as he always does, only perhaps a little less hungover. A little.

Maddy wakes up with a start from her little hidey hole in the stone enclosure, poking a head out curiously before rubbing one eye with a fist and yawning.

Leo comes down the trail.
Leo has arrived.

Leo wanders in, confidantly and lazily. "Well," he rumbles, "The life of the party finally arrived."

Ian glances over to Leo, grins and says, "Thanks for noticing, Sir. I like to be appreciated."

Dylan goes to cross his arms over his bare chest, then realizes he can't unless he wants to ruin the already bad job he's done marking himself. He sighs, shivering some more. A thin, wry smile finds his lips at Leo's words, nodding to the beta respectfully.

Bearded Wolf says in a language, "..... ....."

Gray Wolf is here, lying on the ground near the pool. It seems to be contemplating the surroundings, slowly looking over the new arrivals out of glowing yellow eyes.

Tsukikage sighs at Leo with a grin and shakes her head.

Bearded Wolf gives a soft, rumbling sound.

Tsukikage steps toward the center of the clearing, "Well, I think most of us here..." She looks around again, "I think for once, we perhaps all been introduced?"

Gerald eyes Leo sidelong. Not a word. Instead, he finds a place in the glade to sit on the ground, leaning back on his hands, his legs outstretched. "More or less."

Bearded Wolf nods its head, peering off to one edge of the glade for a moment.

Dylan's attention finds Gerald, eyes narrowing just a bit due to the darkness. He clears his throat as Tsukikage speaks, shaking his head slightly, still looking at Gerald. "I don't believe I've met one of the sept, Tsukikage-rhya."

Bearded Wolf says in a language, "............ ....... ........ .. ... ........ .. ... ... ........"

Maddy decides to watch from her perch, giving Gerald a surrepticious wave should he glance her way but otherwise being part of the scenery.

Tsukikage nods to Dylan, then glances at Gerald, "Ah. Hai. Please, those who not know, please make introductions."

Dylan nods his head to Gerald, letting the man introduce himself first politely.

Leo lifts his chin to Gerald, a faint, tired grin on his face. He stalks over to the Bearded Wolf, crouching down next to his packmate. Here in the caern, faint shadowy wings can be seen around him when he's looked at out of the corner of the eye.

Gerald darts a glance at Maddy and grins, swift but bright. "Gerald Hazeldine," he says toward Dylan, his bearing and tone less than formal. "Named Walks on Water among our kind -- Cliath Ragabash of the Get." As an afterthought, he adds, "Yo."

Bearded Wolf bears the same shadow-wings, some parts of them dappled darker with shade. It lowers its head, taking the submissive posture as its pack-alpha approaches and kneels.

Dylan's brow arches at the introduction, rocking back on his heels a little at it. He studies Gerald's face, then nods before drawing up with a little pride. "I am Dylan mac Alexander of the Walker clan, rite-named Fire's-Promise, cliath half-moon of the Fianna tribe." He nods his greeting to the man, deflating just a little after the introduction. He looks immediately to Tsukikage afterwards.

Steven comes down the trail.
Steven has arrived.

Gerald smiles at Dylan amiably, though there's a slight edge to his expression -- not particularly menacing. Could just be the hangover.

Ian, sitting with his packmates, looks to them, the large grey wolf getting a vague look of annoyance, then he turns his attention back to Tsukikage.

Tsukikage nods then glances around, "Hai. We have much to discuss tonight." She glances around the group, then her gaze falls momentarily on Ian, "Would the Galliard like to lead the Opening Howl?"

Leo lazily stretches, glancing over at Ian. He twists his head, cracking his neck in several loud pops as he does so. He gives the Glasswalker a vaguely expectant look.

Ian smiles at that, and as he stands up, he says, "I would be honored, Madam." He coughs once to clear his throat, brings one hand up to his chest, then launches into a decent operatic Baritone. His face turned towards the sky and his throat opened wide. Moments into it, he shifts, becoming taller, covered in fur. The voice doesn't change much, just fills out in range and meaning. Steven makes his way as quietly as he can toward the grouping, hanging back around the edges. No, he is not stupid enough to say anything.

Leo shifts as he joins in, pausing to join in to the howl until finished. He takes his damn sweet time shifting, too.

Tsukikage smiles, then steps back, her form blurring as she, too, begins to shift and raise her voice to join the howl. It seems to be strong and expectant, challenging, not the sorrowful tone that it had been of late.

Bearded Wolf raises its head proudly and lends its deep, almost soothing howl. In the reflective surface of the pool, its shadow wings stretch briefly then fold back as when the opening howling comes to a close.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain adds her voice to the howl as she shifts from lupus to crinos form. Proudly displaying the wicked battle scars she recently earned on her back as she howls.

Dylan's attention shifts to Ian as Tsukikage regards him, smiling faintly, eyes squinting. As the man changes, he follows suit, dropping to his knees as he shifts into his hispo form slowly. As fur sprouts from his skin, he joins the howl, his head tilting back as he calls out in the eerily beautiful howl of his tribe.

Gray Wolf adds its howl to the song of the others, but it seems content to just lie there. It seems rather expectant, staring into the night.

LightningWalker adds to the howl, a low rumble, like distant thunder gathering momentum. He too has scars on his back, jagged ones, but old ones, claw marks almost hidden by his matted dark fur.

Pyotr comes down the trail.
Pyotr has arrived.

Crane Shadow winds her howls throughout the song and lets her voice fade into the dark morning.

Ian finishes off the howl, hand still clasped to chest. He bows deeply, then sinks down to his haunches.

Crane Shadow nods to Ian with a toothy grin as he brings the howl to a close.

Gerald's voice tapers off long before the howling of the others ceases.

LightningWalker finishes off his howl. He chuffs happily to Ian, then glances over to Crane Shadow.

Crane Shadow looks around the group as the howls fade and steps forward again, ~Now we offer what we can to this sacred ground. To Unicorn, and her guardians, Bear.~ She steps forward and faces the East, raising up her arms,

~Hear me spirits of the East, Power of Air, we call on you, Starseeker, Whirlwind, Rising Sun, Come! By air that is your breath, send forth your light, be here now...~ She pauses, then turns to the North, ~Spirits of North, Power of Fire, we call on you. Flaming one, summer warmth, Spark of life. By Fire that is your spirit, send forth your flame, be here now...~ She then pauses again and turns to the West, ~Spirits of the West, Power of Water, we call on you. You of the watery abyss, Unicorn, Rainmakers, Grey-Robed twilight, Evening star...Luna. Come! By waters of your life, send forth your flow, be here now...~ She pauses again a little longer then faces South, ~Spirit of the South! Power of Gaia, Lady of Life, Southern Sky, center of all... Stone, Mountain, Fertile Field. Come! By earth that is your body, Send forth your strength! Be here now!~ Crane Shadow's form shimmers for a moment, as a faint light coalesces around her. She opens her arms to the caern as energy flows from her.

> Crane Shadow spends a point of Gnosis.
> Ian spends a point of Gnosis.
> Crane Shadow spends a point of Gnosis.
> LightningWalker spends a point of Gnosis.
> LightningWalker spends a point of Gnosis.
> Scent-Of-Red-Rain spends a point of Gnosis.
> Scent-Of-Red-Rain spends a point of Gnosis.
> Bearded Wolf spends a point of Gnosis.
> Bearded Wolf spends a point of Gnosis.
> Dylan spends a point of Gnosis.
> Min spends a point of Gnosis.

Ian looks to the ground, and the area around him as if he doesn't really know what to do with it, but he tentatively reaches down, petting the grass like one would pet a small animal.

Bearded Wolf makes soft animalistic whispering sounds, and dips his muzzle into the water of the pool.

Giant Black Wulf shifts to his homid form as the howl ends. As he releases some gnosis to the caern, the symbols release a blue glow, the energy feeding into the earth.

Bearded Wolf says in a language, "....... ... ........ ... ..... ........ ... .... ...... ..... ...."

Crane Shadow glances around the clearing, then glances towards Maddy and Steven, then shifts back to homid.

Bearded Wolf retains Lupus form.

Greta comes down the trail.
Greta has arrived.

Tsukikage steps towards the middle of the clearing again, holding a sun-bleached bone adorned with various glyphs and carvings. "Before we move on, I wish to inform everyone of a new kinfolk in town, named Dierdre Kadijian. I not have chance yet to meet her, but she knows our ways."

Dylan nods his head quietly at the mention of the kin, glancing to Leo for a moment before returning his attention to Tsukikage.

Maddy doesn't seem surprised at the news, just sits, knees to chest, in the stone enclosure.

Gerald watches Tsukikage attentively, though his expression remains vague at best.

Bearded Wolf licks away of the droplets of water around its nose, and peers at Tsukikage. Its ears seem to perk up at the sounds of... crickets, perhaps.

LightningWalker bobs his head as well, and sniffs the air. He keeps watching Tsukikage speak of the new kinfolk, though he as well expresses no surprise.

Tsukikage glances around again, "She a Shadow Lord and guest here for now. Until she fully introduced to Sept, we do not tell her all our secrets until we know she trusted and of her intentions." She searches the faces for a moment, and looks slightly displeased as she does not find who she's looking for. "We only lucky recently of that Jenna can be trusted. I displeased to hear she knew so much before even meeting Sept elders."

Greta just listens quieitly, sitting cross-legged on the ground. Tsukikage glances around the group again and then nods. She glances over to Leo, passing him the bone, "I believe you wish to add something?"

LightningWalker nods, and moves forward. He takes the bone into his clawed hand, then shifts back down to Homid.

Leo looks at the bone, holding it in his rough hand. He glances up, then steps into the center. "It's come to my attention," he rumbles, "That some of the guests living on our lands have proven themselves worthy of entrance into the Sept. Though neither of them are here, let it be known that the Glasswalker known as Cleanses-the-Streets, an Ahroun, has, despite his jail time, proven trustworthy. And the kinfolk, Adrienne, of the Children of Gaia, despite her loose tongue with Jenna, has also proven worthy. Let the spirits hear this." He then turns, passes the bone back to Tsukikage, and moves back to his packmates.

Bearded Wolf wags its head as Leo rejoins the pack.

Tsukikage nods towards Leo taking the bone, "Before me move on to news of volcano and items, is there any other Sept business to bring forth?"

Gerald comments, "I've go something. It can wait till after."

Leo glances at Gerald, favoring him a curious look before looking back at Tsukikage.

Dylan remains silent, squinting quietly, wrapping his arms around him to try to fight off some of the chill from the wind.

Bearded Wolf sniffs Hotpaws' boot briefly before turning its head back to listen to the unveiling of important news.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain remains silent, as she has thus far except for the howl. She crouches near her pack.

Dylan's eyes droop closed after a few moments, rocking slowly on his heels, his features relaxing.

Tsukikage nods to Gerald, then glances around. "Hai." She circles around slowly as she talks, so that she has a chance to see everyone, "I believe we have now found all four of item we need to fullfill the Rite to bind Bane." She looks around, "First, Gerald found the drum of his ancestor." She glances to Gerald momentarily, then continues around the group. "Second, this Needle was brought to us from the Wendigo by Jon." She holds up a thick Cactus needle for all to see. She then wraps it carefully in a cloth and places it on a rock. Third, is this sewing kit that I found in Highland Park." She holds up a leather case with a glyph on it, "I recognize this glyph from the Rage caern where the beast sleeps..." She glances to the spirit wolf, "He also believe it to be what we seek." She unfastens the case and shows it around. Inside are various sewing tools: Scissors, crochet needles, a thimble, all inlaid with abalone shell. She gently places this down as well, "Finally, there is the Flute given to me by Coyote." Her cheeks flush red momentarily, as she pulls out an intricately carved wooden flute and holds it up for all to see as well. Then places it down by the other two.

Maddy watches, looking a bit uncomfortable.

Dylan's eyes flutter open as the items are presented. Suddenly, his nose wrinkles, his face paling a bit. He rocks on his heels even more, then drops into a crouch rather quickly, placing a hand on the cool earth before him for balance. His brow furrows, gaze dropping from the items to his hand on the ground in deep thought. He mumbles to himself, shaking his head slowly.

Leo listens to this. At the mention of Jon, he scowls angrily, but listens. He cranes his neck when the case is opened, however, and murmurs quietly, "Shells..." almost absently. He watches Tsukikage explain the rest, looking stoic.

Maddy eyes Dylan warily, staying small and inconspicuous. Or however you spell it.

Gray Wolf gives voice to a soft howl. It rises to its feet, looking toward the items. It then looks around, as though it hears something.

Bearded Wolf studies Tsukikage for a moment, then proceeds to visually assess the items spread forth. His yellow wolf-eyes look sleepy, half-lidded. Introspective.

Tsukikage glances towards the spirit wolf, "You have verified the kit, do you believe these other two what we seek?" She glances to Gerald, "You not bring the drum by chance?"

Bearded Wolf says in a language, ".... ......... .. ... ....."

Bearded Wolf looks at the Gray Wolf-spirit.

Gerald eyes the sewing kit, and his brow furrows a bit. "What are we going to do," he asks reasonably, "Quilt it to death?" As flippant, and wearily spoken, as the words are, there is a genuine tone of a question there. He then shakes his head and says, "Nah, but it's at the house. Steve can get it." Greta surveys all this quietly, though Gray Wolf's reaction appears to make her restless, as well. She scans the forest around the caern.

Maddy eyes the Gray Wolf with suspicion, as well. But remains quiet.

Dylan peers up at Tsukikage, shaking his head slowly still. He mumbles a bit more loudly, "Something... something isn't right." His brow furrows as he turns his gaze to the gray wolf.

Tsukikage shakes her head, "I not know. But in knots there is perhaps binding?" She looks around, "I believe we must bring these to Tallie, for her to prepare the ritual... She may have more she can share with us." She looks back to the spirit wolf again, waiting.

Maddy furrows her brow worriedly, scooting back further into the enclosure.

Gray Wolf sniffs the air. It seems to be staring out into the shadows.

Bearded Wolf peers at Dylan, now pawing the ground and rising onto all fours. Tsukikage gets a brief glance as well, but the animal's posture grows excited. Effortlessly, it begins to change form.

Whispers-With-Spirits undergoes a startling transmogrification into the terrifying Wolf-Man form. His clothes meld with his body during this proccess, becoming lost under a layer of brown fur.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain rises to her feet and she looks out in the direction that the gray wolf is staring. Her eyes narrow and she starts to move in that direction.

Leo glances at Dylan. He gives Dylan a faintly suspicious look...suspicous but thoughtful, and folds his large arms.

Gerald glances over as well, frowning as he gestures for Maddy to come over where he's sitting.

Tsukikage glances around suspiciously. She peers around and sniffs the air as well, then looks back to the spirit wolf. "Do you sense something? The guardians raise no alarm..."

Steven , quietly, eases over at Gerald's gesture as well, joining the Get - and Maddy, if she moves.

Maddy seems torn between going to Gerald and staying put so's not to draw the attention of the spirit wolf.

Dylan's eyes widen as he stares at the wolf, then where the wolf is staring. He mumbles something about an old lady, falling to his knees, his hand still on the ground before him. He pales a bit more, looking quite ill.

Whispers-With-Spirits frowns, his eyes searching the same area where Dylan looks. And then unexpectedly, he wrenches his gaze away and briefly peers down into the reflective surface of the water pool.

Leo looks confused. And when Leo gets confused, he gets irritated. "What the hell's going on, Dylan?" he asks, gruffly.

Tsukikage follows the gaze of the wolf and Dylan, tensing, then nodding towards Leo.

Maddy finally decides between descretion and valor and makes a quick scurry to Gerald.

Gerald gets to his feet, holding out an arm to Maddy. He glowers around, between Dylan and the wolf. "Yeah, what he said," he mutters with a nod toward Leo.

Whispers-With-Spirits steps sideways into the Umbra, then in the same undulating shimmer of air, he returns. "I see nothing... nothing."

Greta rises to her feet, moving toward young Dylan but not touching him. She still hasn't said anything.

Tsukikage nods to Whispers, then looks back towards Dylan curiously.

Whispers-With-Spirits casts Greta a brief concerned look.

Maddy gets behind him, back to him to keep an eye out. She whispers, "What's going on?" Then grabs Steven's arm reassuringly. Whether its supposed to be reassuring to him or her is up for grabs.

Dylan mutters his reply to Leo as he stares where the wolf is looking, his free hand moving to his stomach. "I.. I don't remember. Something isn't right. Something is happening." His body tenses as he shudders. His gaze is dark, searching, trying to recall something.

Gray Wolf raises its voice in a lengthy howl, eyes blazing a bright gold. It jumps up to its feet, its lazy posture carelessly discarded. It suddenly rushes off into the darkness, like a dark gray shimmering arrow. It moves so quickly, one might almost miss it.

Tsukikage looks to Gerald and Steven. "Steven. Go get the Drum." She looks to Irma, "Protect him and howl if danger finds you. Come back quickly."

Scent-Of-Red-Rain nods to the Alpha. ((I will do as you command.))

Maddy gives a little shriek when the wolf jumps up, grabbing Steven, then letting him go when Tsuki tells him to go get the drum, albeit reluctantly. She hides without shame behind Gerald, occasionally peering around him when she's not watching his back.

Leo walks over to Dylan. "You'd better remember," he says, a hint of menace in his voice. He then lifts his head up, watching the gray wolf dart away. He blinks, and glances at Tsukikage. drink, though it is too shallow to really enjoy for a dip. A tall, smooth white stone rises up from the middle of this pool.

Whispers-With-Spirits continues to ponder the goings-on, his eyes never pausing to focus on any one person or place, but roaming the dark caernscape as if drifting on the sea.

Gerald nods toward Steven, stepping away from him, but staying close enough that Maddy can still hide. Folding his arms over his chest, he watches Dylan sharply.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain looks over to Steven. ((Come))

Hotpaws's ears flatten back at all the commotion, and he bares his teeth slightly at Maddy's shreik, but he stays where he is, alternately watching Leo and Tsukikage.

Steven doesn't argue. He detaches from Maddy and Gerald, flicking the latter a quick glance and a nod in return, and moves to join Scent-of-Red-Rain. Fortunately, it's only his /face/ that's harboring fading bruises. It doesn't slow him down much.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.
Scent-Of-Red-Rain has left.
Steven makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.
Steven has left.

Whispers-With-Spirits remarks under his breath, "You know, if this was me seeing the unseen, no one would think twice." His tone has an ironic, amused sound to it, though his expression is still serious as he looks to and fro.

Tsukikage looks around, "Some must stay to guard the caern. I will see what troubles the wolf spirit. She glances around, "I need one to come with me."

Whispers-With-Spirits volunteers immediately.

Tsukikage nods to Whispers, "Hai. Follow me."

Whispers-With-Spirits pauses, actually, and looks at Leo first.

Ookami blurs as she shifts to lupus.

A small, but sturdy wolf regards you cooly from firey-chestnut eyes. It's gracefull body is covered in shiny black fur, flecked with silver-white, giving it a misty sheen. It's hind left foot is a silvery-white, matching a small tuft of white on the tip of its tail.
Ookami seems to have a faint air of nobility within her bearing. Perhaps a remote ancestor was a personage of note.

Leo says to Whispers, "Makes you think, huh?" He nods to him again. "Go." He turns to Tsukikage. "I'll protect the caern, watch over our Fianna here."

Whispers-With-Spirits nods to Leo and follows Tsukikage where she leads. Maddy whispers to Gerald, "What's wrong with Dylan?"

Dylan shakes his head violently, speaking more loudly, "I'm trying Leo-rhya. It's there. I.. I just.. It's beyond me.. I should know something.. something happened." he shudders, voice quieting as he repeats "Something is going to happen. Something is wrong."

Gerald glances over his shoulder at Maddy. He looks like he's on the verge of whipping out some smart-ass remark, but he hesitates, saying instead, "I don't know, kiddo."

Maddy watches Dylan, slowly paling as a look of dread creeps across her features. "It doesn't have anything to do with a Silver Fang sherriff named Ivan Moon and a big white werewolf with a Southern drawl, and a crazy old Bone Gnawer ragabash woman, does it?"

Ookami shifts back to homid, grabs the flute, stuffs it in her bag, then shifts back to lupus. She barks, "Protect the items". Then bounds off into the darkness after the wolf.

Hotpaws gets to his feet, growling. He reaches up under the back of his coat, drawing out a chromed and engraved glock.

Greta drops into a crouch, her dark eyes still scanning back and forth. In a changing roil of fur and cloth she assumes her Crinos shape. Unfortunately, what she's wearing is her work uniform...not the clothes she has Bound to her. With a shake of her head she lopes over to the rock where the Alpha had placed the items.

Leo sighs. "Something's always wrong, Dylan. Fate's a bitch that way. What did the old woman tell you in the dream? Can you remember that much?"

Ookami seems to bound out towards the bawn.

Whispers-With-Spirits drops to all fours, a hulking crouch in his Crinos form as he tears after Ookami.

Hotpaws pads over to the tree his backpack is nesting under, pulling out a massive crescent wrench which he holsters through a belt-loop. He pads towards the center with the items, "Should someone watch the umbra?"

Leo nods to Hotpaws. "Yes," he rumbles, "Though if there's something amiss, the spirit guardians should let us know."

Dylan growls softly under his breath at Leo's response, trying to remember what he's forgotten. "I.. earlier I remembered a little.. she said "I was going to tell her everything. It just didn't work out that way."" He shudders once again, "there was more, more. The oak.. the great oak.." he rocks slowly.

Gerald watches Dylan grimly. "Don't know," he says quietly toward Maddy. "Just stay close. It's fine."

Maddy snorts faintly at that comment, but sticks close enough to probably get in Gerald's way should he need to go all kung-fu on somebody.

Burns-with-Silence keeps alert, watching. She doesn't interrupt.

Leo mms. "Great oak," he rumbles, glancing off in the direction Tsukikage went. "Any idea what this big bad was going to be? You think the old lady was that chick's great aunt, perhaps?"

Whispers-With-Spirits whispers "I don't quite understand. It seems to be exicted, maybe something is coming?"

Ookami pads around the bawn, following the excited wolf spirit. Her form can be seen occasionally through the rocks with Whispers as they circle back around closer again. She wurfs, "The drum?"

Gray Wolf returns to the glade. It seems exultant, excited. ~She is here!!!~ it howls into the night air, its voice strong and sure. ~Even now, she comes!~

Maddy starts at the noise, looking at Gerald.

Steven comes down the trail.
Steven has arrived.
Irma comes down the trail.
Irma has arrived.

Gray Wolf howls excitedly. The air itself seems to shimmer around it as it does so.

Leo glances back as the Gray Wolf arrives. He blinks, again, and scratches the side of his head, by his ear.

Irma follows Steven back down the path, watching over him even as they enter the Caern.

Burns-with-Silence keeps right where she is, silent, tense, and ready. Nah, she's not paranoid. Much. The wolf's joy relaxes her a little, but not..entirely.

The air near the Spirit Wolf shimmers, and a woman steps out. As easy as that.

Ookami returns to the Glade with the wolf, ~Tallie? Sister Leaping Waters?~ She glances over as Steven and Irma return.

Whispers-With-Spirits follows Ookami back to the caern, nodding his big head, shaggy beard flapping a bit. "Yes," he says in the Garou tongue, as if in agreement. "Who else?"

Steven is carrying, upon his and Irma's, a bodhran decorated with a glyph. In short, a drum.

Gerald keeps quiet, watching with an intent expression. "It's fine," he tells Maddy reassuringly. Not that he looks like he actually believes the statement.

Dylan forces his attention over as the Grey Wolf appears once more, eyes wide, shivering quietly as he rocks back and forth.

Hotpaws slides his gun back into his wasteband as people start returning, though he still appears tense.

Maddy sticks close to Gerald, eyeing the woman suspiciously.

Whispers-With-Spirits hmms quietly and seems oddly calm and thoughtful to the Gray Wolf-spirit's exuberance.

Gray Wolf seems exultant, dancing aroung the woman who appears out of the shadows. It is clearly very excited to see her.

Ookami does a wolfish double take as a woman apears out of the air next to the spirit wolf.

Whispers-With-Spirits eyes the woman.

Tallie has arrived.

Ookami raises her hackles defensively momentarily, then relaxes as she recognizes the woman.

Whispers-With-Spirits nods at Tallie's familiar form.


Of average height and slim build, this young woman looks to be in her early twenties. Her features are well defined; high cheekbones, a straight nose, large brown eyes and full lips. Dark brown hair falls to her shoulders with a slight natural curl. Her stature and carriage is strong and proud, making her appear taller than she really is. Her eyes are expressive, watchful and guarded at the same time.
She wears practical clothing that appears to have seen a lot of wear - a pair of faded blue jeans with innumerable colored patches, a white cotton t-shirt, and an army-style jacket when the weather is cooler. Scuffed yet sturdy cowboy boots cover her feet.
Tallie's carriage and demeanor immediately reveal the nature of her noble breeding. It is likely that her ancestors were great heroes.

Leo turns to scrutinize the woman as well, tensing. He glances at Ookami and then relaxes, slightly, widening his stance, less ready to spring to attack.

Whispers-With-Spirits mutters under his breath, "She has finally found the right medicine."

Burns-with-Silence dips her head to Tallie respectfully as the woman shimmers into the clearing and her form becomes clear.

Ookami's form shimmers and blurs as she shifts back to homid and offers a polite bow to Tallie.

Tsukikage looks to Tallie, "Welcome Leaping-Waters-Rhya. It an honor you have joined us."

Maddy relaxes slightly, seeing its just some other Garou and not like, a spirit or anything.

Gerald's eyes narrow as he watches Tallie. Seems he'll be borrowing Maddy's tension as she relaxes. He doesn't say a word, but the defensive shift of his stance is noticeable, and the sudden wariness a palpable thing.

Whispers-With-Spirits hmmms again, not speaking. He observes the Uktena known as Leaping Waters with discerning - though open and honest - amber eyes. He's not wary as Gerald, but isn't 'leaping' to greet her either.

Leo glances at Tsukikage again. Taking lead from her, he turns to Tallie and gives her a respectful, deferent nod.

Tallie inclines her head, her steady gaze traveling between each of the gathered. She says, "The wind has traveled far, gathering memories in its wake. My intrusion upon your sacred circle is because time is of the essence."

Irma crosses her thickly muscled arms over her broad chest, listeing to Tallie speak. Her dark gaze studies her features.

Dylan remains on the ground, staring at Tallie with wide eyes.

Tsukikage nods to Tallie, not meeting her gaze directly, respectfully." She glances to the rock, "These are what we have gathered.." She motions to the drum Steven holds, the kit on the rock and the needle wrapped in cloth. Then brings the flute out of her own bag again, holding forward for the woman to see.

Dylan gasps softly, moving to rise back up on his knees, his hand leaving the ground as he stares at Tallie with wide eyes. His mouth moves slowly, no words escaping them.

Tallie holds out her hands for the flute, not yet offering any further words.

Hotpaws's gloved paws are on his hips, conveniently this keeps one hand near his holstered wrench. His gaze is one of polite distrust.

Gray Wolf settles down now that Tallie is here. It sits near here, gazing at her with bright yellow eyes.

Burns-with-Silence rests a hand on Dylan's shoulder. It appears intended to be a comforting gesture, since she isn't trying to harm him in any way. She turns up her nose and scents the air again, just to be safe..

Tsukikage stiffles a small sneeze, then nods to the woman respectfully. "Excuse me." She steps forward, holding the flute out to the woman, "I have promised to protect it with all that I have..." She doesn't take her eyes from the object as she passes it over.

Dylan shivers a bit at Burns's touch, but he doesn't pull away from it, focused entirely on Tallie now.

Min hovers over near Burns and Dylan as well. She doesn't seem to distrust Tallie but watches her with intense fascination, arms folded, mouth shut.

Tallie takes the flute in both hands, and bows her head over the item. Words are whispered, soft and fast, reverently repeated until she offers it back. "It is said that the Old Man who made the world gave a piece of his first flute so that this one could be made."

Gerald bristles, and he starts forward a step, his gaze focused on Tallie. His fists clench at his sides. Just a step. He doesn't rush her. Still, he looks sorely tempted.

Tsukikage bows to Tallie as the flute is passed back to her. She says sofly, "Hai."

Whispers-With-Spirits inches away from his packmates and closer to Gerald, sensing the increase in tension.

Steven glances aside toward Gerald, looking uneasy. But keeps quiet.

Maddy takes a half-step towards Gerald as he makes to run, then stops, standing awkwardly and looking around.

Tsukikage seems to notice the movement towards Gerald and glances his way curiously.

Dylan seems to stare past Tallie now, right through her. He mumbles softly, those near him hearing the words "no... dad..." the faintest of growling sounds catching in his throat.

Burns-with-Silence stands still and keeps quiet, but her gaze flickers to Ben, worry evident in the set of her ears and the tension that's her constant companion.

Tallie turns from Tsukikage, nodding again to her, before starting to walk toward Steven and the drum he holds. It seems she means to inspect that next.

Tsukikage then looks around the group and says, "This is Tallie, ~Leaping Waters~, Adren Theurge of the Uktena. She has offered to help us to bind the Bane again."

Hotpaws scratches at his head, confusion warring with distrust.

Gerald's gaze darts to Dylan briefly, just a touch on the manic side. Then he looks back Tallie, and the air of menace falters in confusion. He steps after the woman, tracking her with his eyes. "Anna..." he says.

Leo's expression is dubious, irrational. He glances around the place, looking at everyone, as if trying to figure out what might happen next, and not really being able to tell. At the name of 'Uktena' he takes a wary step back, worried. He watches Tallie now.

Maddy seems really confused and decides to retreat back to the stone enclosure, giving the visitor a wide, wide berth.

Irma watches in silence. Her dark gaze still seems to be evaluating everything.

Whispers-With-Spirits says in a language, "... .. ... .... .... ... ...... ..... ..... ... .... .. ... ..... .. ...... ... .... .. . ......"

Whispers-With-Spirits watches Tallie with wondering eyes, though he does keep an eye on Gerald intermittently, too.

Burns-with-Silence keeps her grip on Dylan and nods that big shaggy head.

Tallie's receives the drum, letting her fingers trace over the glyph on the soft leather. "Locked away, hidden by the dark forces of the Wyrm itself. It was foretold that it would be the last gift of a dead man."

Steven glances toward Gerald, not saying a word.

Gerald shakes his head and says, "Don't. Don't do this." Pleading rather than threatening. He also keeps his distance, stopping a few paces from the woman.

Tsukikage tilts her head towards Gerald, curiously. Then says simply, "We must re-seal the bane who threatens to awake."

Min looks over at Gerald and says in a soft voice, "The person who buried the drum may be dead, Gerald." She refolds her arms and goes quiet again.

Tallie gives Gerald a look of great sadness, "I must." A slow movement of her head to take in Whispers-With-Spirits, "Yes."

Leo's confusion turns to resignation, though he looks faintly ill for a moment. A cold, faint cynicsm returns to his expression like an old friend. He glances down at Dylan, then back at Tallie.

Whispers-With-Spirits pats Gerald on the back with an outstretched clawed hand, then slinks off to observes the goings-on from a distance, near the pool and behind his packmates. He looks at Min but says nothing.

Burns-with-Silence seems to be working on getting "Watching quietly" down to an art form. She continues to hover by Dylan, and that's about it.

Gerald opens his mouth to speak, but the words falter, and he just stares at the woman pleadingly, shaking his head. For an old guy, he does an alarmingly good impression of a scared teenager.

Whispers-With-Spirits calls out softly from that more distant position, to Tallie, "Yes." And his expression is brutish but extremely curious and maybe even hopeful.

Steven runs one hand through his hair, and glances toward Gerald. "Don't worry. It already has been."

Tsukikage looks between Gerald and Tallie with a confused expression.

Whispers-With-Spirits briefly eyes Gerald with sympathy, and Steven with relief.

Tallie returns the drum, and then moves on to the sewing kit. She traces her fingers over it gently, "Ah yes. The last piece of the puzzle, it came to me recently. But where is the daughter of the Red Running into Water people? Is she here? Or has the robe already been made? I do not see it."

Irma's dark gaze shifts to Tsukikage.

Leo glances at Irma. He blinks, then looks at Tallie.

Whispers-With-Spirits murmurs, "The Village people," under his breath.

Tsukikage shakes her head, "If you speak of Megan, she is dreaming. We not know how to wake her. We heard of this robe, but your friend seem to think the kit was what we need." She glances to the spirit wolf. "If we must find a way to bring her back or find another...we will."

Hotpaws absently, apparently without even realizing he's doing it, draws his wrench from it's belt loop, and scratches at his head with it. Then he reholsters it.

Gerald continues to watch Tallie, too stricken to speak. Or rush her, which is probably a good thing.

Dylan falls forward once more as he shudders violently. A soft gagging sound comes from his throat, as if he's fighting back the urge to vomit. A hand shoots out to stop his descent, luckily Burn's has him by the shoulder, holding him up. He speaks between gags, "no.. no.. she's not dreaming.." he shudders convulsively, "I remember," his eyes close, "I remember. Something is wrong." he starts to hum, some may recognize the tune from their childhood. 'One of these things is not like the other', rocking with his shudders as he hums. His eyes pop open then, "One of the items is wrong!"

Irma's expression is inscrutable as she watches Tsuki speak with Tallie.

Whispers-With-Spirits tries very hard to stay focused on everything, and actually has a great deal of success. Yet he does occasionally lapse into moments of disconnection and daydreaming.

Steven holds the drum again, quietly, apparently not overly concerned by whatever's troubling Gerald. Dylan's exclamation, on the other hand. *That* worries him.

Whispers-With-Spirits says in a language, ".. ........ ......... . ....... ........ .. ... ..... ..... .. ....... ..... .... .... ....... ....."

Tsukikage looks to Dylan, "Do you know which one? Is it a robe we need?"

Leo turns to look at Dylan. He mutters, "Sonofabitch," fatalistically.

Tallie frowns, "The line is drawn from the first who helped bind it. For years, we have puzzled over where it had gone. I do not know the human name you speak, but the last must do as the first once did. It is to protect those in the ritual."

Whispers-With-Spirits blurts out, "Megan is Ailinn." But he's barely paying attention at the moment.

Maddy glances at Whispers, then looks back out at the adren anxiously. Tsukikage looks to Whispers, "The one who must make the robe?" She looks to Dylan frantically, "Did she wake up?"

Dylan continues to rock, humming once again as he tries to remember, small tremors rushing through him as the memories seem to flood back into him. He babbles them out as he catches them, "A robe.. a robe for protection.. Verda.. Aunt Verda knew how to make it with the sewing kit! She didn't get to teach Megan!" he rocks forward, relying on Burn's to hold him up. He hums again quietly, then his gaze shoots up at Tsukikage, staring through her. "One of these things is not like the other.. one of these... the needle? It's not man made, like the others. Is that what you meant wise woman?"

Whispers-With-Spirits asks the wind, "Is that even possible?" His voice has a near-whimsical timbre.

Tsukikage frowns, "Is Aunt Verda dead?"

Leo continues to look faintly baffled. He scratches his head.

Dylan must be hearing something of Tsukikage's words as he stammers out, "no, no. I got her to leave. I.." another tremor, his eyes closing. "I spoke to Megan.. Ailinn.. I got her to leave the castle.. she walked into the sunset. I thought she had passed on." At this point, he does get ill, gagging as he jerks forward, a little of what he had to eat earlier making it as far as his hand before he catches himself. His hand drops, covered in his vomit.

Gerald eyes Dylan, now looking too confused to be distressed.

Tsukikage nods to Dylan, frowning, "She left? She know how to make the robe? Can she be found?"

Tallie listens to Dylan with a thoughtful look on her face, nodding to some inner monologue.

Whispers-With-Spirits says in a language, ".... ....."

Min gives a kind of 'fuck this' gesture with her hands and heads off to get a bucket and scoop some water out of the pool so Dylan can clean himself up. Beats standing around scratching her ass while her gray matter seeps out her ears. Whispers-With-Spirits has the good sense to grab someone's... Greta's... shredded clothing, soaking it in the pool, and giving it to Dylan to wash up. He gives the Fianna a compassionate look, then inches back to his former position.

The vomiting. The questions. The discussion. None of this seems to interrupt Irma's dark stare and inscrutible expression. She still has not moved.

Dylan seems to recover just slightly after near-vomiting, his gaze is spacey as he stares at Tsukikage. He shakes his head slowly, the shuddering seeming a bit less violent, his voice more distant. "No.. Aunt Verda.. yes, she's dead. She started to make the robe.. Elmo.. no, Elmer. She thought he threw it away. She thought she would be the one to make it. She died before she could teach Megan.. it's in their heritage.." His hand grips the wet towel loosely. "Megan does not know.. she doesn't know." Another, small shudder.

Leo watches Dylan. "So what you're saying is," he murmurs, drily, "That we're fucked."

Maddy looks a bit haunted. "Maybe... not."

Dylan starts at Leo's words, dropping the wet towel. Thankfully it seems to take some of the vomit from his hand with it. "I don't know." He looks to Tallie, starting to say something, then stops as Maddy speaks, shivering at her words as he turns his distant gaze on her.

Gerald glances toward Leo, then Maddy. Confusion makes him irritable, apparently. He's glowering again.

Leo glances at Maddy. "What do you mean?"

Maddy stands slowly, swallowing hard. "If... if one of you knows how to call, I don't know. Call a spirit of someone. A ghost, maybe I can... they can. You know." She gestures to herself, eyes wide in a 'I can't believe I'm suggesting this' way.

Tsukikage looks to Maddy, raising a brow. Then looks to Tallie. "Do you what we can do? The robe was we need to find that? Can Megan be taught by the dead?" She glances to Maddy, "Our kin...she channels spirits..." She glances back to Tallie, confused, impatient, and full of questions.

Hotpaws doesn't seem all that confused anymore, but he does seem to be getting impatient, and annoyed. He drums his fingers against the sides of his legs.

Tallie raises her hand, as if to shush the talk. "If the child of the Red Running into Water people can not make the sacred garment, the ritual will be that much more dangerous, but it can still be done." She looks around the area, before having to ask, "Where have you placed the fourth item?"

Dylan starts to mumble to himself, "plain sight.. in plain sight." his gaze drops from Maddy, brow furrowing as he tries to figure out some of his memories.

Tsukikage motions to the rock and gathers the bundle of cloth. "Here is the needle...I believe it is the item, though I not sure." She unwraps the cloth so that the Needle rests inside of it." She gives Dylan a curious sidelong glance.

Dylan's eyes roll back in his head as he swoons forward once more, hopefully still held up by Burn's. He hangs there limply.

Gerald glances to Maddy suddenly and says, "Do what you have to." It isn't a question, or a suggestion, for that matter.

Leo rubs his face. He steps back, glancing at Dylan again. His expression turns faintly to contempt as he faints.

Maddy hugs herself, glancing at Gerald. She looks at Tallie, and just waits to see what the plan is.

Tallie looks at the needle, mumbling something incomprehensible.

Hotpaws gives Dylan a disgusted look. He shakes his head dismissively, then looks back to T&T.

Tsukikage watches Tallie inspect the Needle, "Is something wrong?"

Tallie picks up the needle and holds it between two fingers gently, looking it over closely. There is an ageless quality to her, a hint to the wealth of knowledge known only to her people in her eyes. The moment is broken by the tiny snapping sound of the needle as she breaks it in two, and throws it to the ground dismissively, a step forward and it's ground beneath her foot.

Tsukikage frowns and says evenly, "What is it that we need then?" She looks to the cloth it was wrapped in. "The cloth?"

Hotpaws lets out a low short growl.

The very corners of Irma's mouth curl up just slightly as she continues to watch the scene unfold in silence, her dark gaze still on the Alpha.

Leo blinks at that. Again, he looks confused.

Gerald grimaces and mutters, "Guess that was the wrong one." He glances around vaguely. "Is anyone following this?"

Whispers-With-Spirits nods earnestly at Gerald. "Well of course!"

Whispers-With-Spirits says "You're not?"

Dylan is lowered to the ground by Burn's, laying on his side. He lays still expertly, an real pro at the unconscious thing.

Tallie gives Hotpaws a harsh look, growing impatient now. "Quiet, pup."

Gerald gives Whispers a withering look. "Is anyone with a clue following this?" he asks. He quiets at Tallie's words.

Maddy draws back at the action, still hiding out at the mouth of the enclosure. She spares a glance for Dylan, bites her lower lip, then watches this crazy woman without saying a word. This may be the longest stretch of silence she's ever willing undergone.

Whispers-With-Spirits frowns faintly at Gerald and then gives him a forgiving smile all in the same breath. He resumes his quiet observence of all things - visible and otherwise - without making another peep for the rest of the evening.

Steven glances aside at Gerald, then, hastily, away from everyone else. Not saying a thing. Definitely not cracking a smile.

Tsukikage looks over towards Tallie, "Please share your wisdom with us, Rhya."

Tallie frowns, "There are no times for these games. Where is the fourth sacred item?"

Dylan stirs from his uncomfortable position, eyes blinking open. He lets out a small groan, rolling to sit up slowly. Some of his color has returned from his short rest, though he still looks a little ill as he glances around.

Hotpaws grunts, turns around and walks over to the tree his backpack is under. He sits down, leaning against the tree, and watching the procedings from a distance.

Dylan frowns at Tallie's words, glancing down at her feet. He mumbles softly, "Tsukikage-rhya, what was the hint we received about the final item? Something bound..? was that all?"

Gerald frowns. He does that. "What about the sewing machine?" he asks no one in particular. Raking a hand through his hair, he just resigns to looking hopelessly clueless.

Maddy ventures a quiet, "Isn't the spirit itself bound? The one you're trying to keep...quiet, or whatever?"

Tsukikage looks to Tallie, "Perhaps we do not have time for games, but that seems to be what spirits like to play. The only hint we know is that it was bound, nothing else. Another Garou brought that Needle from the Wendigo in the desert, claiming it would help to save the city. If that is not the fourth item, perhaps you might share what you know."

Tsukikage looks to Maddy, raising an eyebrow, "Perhaps that is it."

Leo rumbles to Tallie, "With all due respect, we've made best with what we have. The spirits seemed to think that was it, and now you've gone and broken it."

Tallie frowns, "The spirits? What do you know of spirits? No spirits had ever been close to that useless piece of plant life. Any competent Theurge could have divined that." She grinds the remnants of the needle underfoot, "So you took what was easily offered? Nothing is easy, ever."

Tsukikage looks to Tallie, "We don't expect it to be easy. Perhaps we have made a mistake, Rhya. But you yourself said we have no time for games. Do you have any guidance to offer us or are you as in the dark as we?"

Leo flushes, angrily, but turns away before acting disrespectful, lowering his gaze respectfully. As he turns, he mutters "...Gonna find that Bone Gnawer and rip his useless throat out.."

Tallie says "Time is of the essence, now, more than ever. I had thought the four were gathered, now I see they have not been. I must go back and meditate, for I do not know what the Bound of the four is. If it were that easy to gather these sacred items, do you not suppose the Agents of the Wyrm would have long since done so?""

Leo glances back at Tallie. "One would assume, Tallie-rhya, that were they in our possession, they would not have fallen into the Wyrm's hands."

Dylan's shoulders slump with a sigh at Tallie's words. He mumbles quietly, "there has to be something we're missing. Some clue."

Maddy stays where she is, gnawing her lip and saying nothing, though she appears thoughtful.

Gerald sits on the ground again, glowering at Tallie, all broody-like. He doesn't seem to have any great revelation to add, alas.

Tsukikage shakes her head incredulously at Tallie, "If you, an Adren Theurge have no clue what-so-ever, not even a hint...are we better equipped?" She sighs, then looks back towards the woman, "No need to answer, we will find it. We already accomplish what so many others could not."

Tallie's tone is cold with contempt, "Had you actually gathered them all, I would not have to concern myself so much. The gathering is *your* task, for each is given a task. If the Sept hadn't let the caern fall, the items would still be safely hidden, the bonds we set so long ago would still be holding. Now I must set the bonds again, because they are beyond your means." She turns her back to walk away, "I will go and consult the sacred writings to see if they offer further insight. It is possible that the answer has already been given, for the greatest mysteries are often hidden in plain sight."

Dylan blinks a few times, his attention rising to Tallie. "in plain sight.. plain sight."

Tsukikage glances towards Dylan then back to Tallie.

Tsukikage tilts her head towards Tallie, "Do you not think it could be the Bane which now struggles to break it's bond?"

Leo flinches with Tallie's tone of contempt, but it only furthers a resigned look he already has on his face. His eyes focus on the trees, looking, for a moment, like one very used to recieving scorn, warranted or unwarranted, from elders.

Tsukikage frowns, and furrows her brow, thinking hard for a moment.

Dylan squints at Tallie, grasping straws. He moves to stand, then stumbles back to his pack. He pulls from it an old, dried up looking branch, gazing down at it quietly as he turns, concentrating.

Tallie's glare falls on Maddy, "The great Wyrm is not one which bites its own tail. How can you bind a bane with itself?"

Maddy shrugs. "If anyone could figure out how to do it, it'd be the Uktena."

Maddy sighs, shrugs, and pauses, then looks around the clearing.

Tallie ignores Maddy to cast a searching gaze over the gathered, then her figure fades from view, and she's gone.

Leo glances at Irma, he shakes his head. "Great," he rumbles. "More riddles. I was hoping this could get dealt with so we could get on with our mission: purging the Wyrm from the Warzone."

Maddy sighs. "Okay. Let me know if I can help at all." She glances at her watch. "I really need to get to work."

Irma flashes Leo a toothy grin. "Tell ya what. I'm planning on killing -something- to figure this one out. Even if we don' really have ta."

Leo hehs to Irma, giving her a wry grin. He turns to look at the spot Tallie faded from. "Elders," he rumbles, "I fuckin' hate 'em." There's not a trace of irony in his voice. He then glances at Tsukikage and says, almost apologetically, "'Cept you, 'Kage-rhya."

Gerald glances to Maddy and says quietly, "I'll be in touch." He looks subdued, cranky. In other words, not so unusual.

Tsukikage looks over to Leo, "The Visions caern...Chimera...Owl. How are Owl and Coyote connected?"

Maddy arches an eyebrow at Leo's sentiments, then nods to Gerald. "Okay. Talk to you later." She smiles gratefully at Gerald then looks at Steven. "You wanna head out, or..?"

Leo furrows his brow. "Coyote gave Owl his spots on his wings. Coyote played the flute, but"

Dylan glances to the sept leaders, looking between Leo and Tsukikage with a soft sigh. "I'm sorry for not remembering sooner, Leo-rhya, Tsukikage-rhya." he stops as he hears Tsukikage's words, brow furrowing.

Irma says "Rattle."

Leo scratches his head. He glances at Irma. "Rattle?"

Tsukikage looks to Irma, "Rattle?"

Steven admits to Maddy quietly, "I'll hang around and try to learn something."

Leo looks at Tsukikage as if he really wants to murmur, 'jinx'.

Tsukikage gives Leo a wry grin out of the corner of her eye.

Gerald gets up wearily and admits, "I don't think I have anything intelligent to add. Someone call me if you need something beaten up."

Irma smirks as she replies darkly. "It was in the glyphs that we saw on our Rite of the Totem."

Tsukikage tilts her head to Irma, "What of the rattle? Owl played a rattle?"

Leo gives Irma a patently annoyed look. "Yeah. It was."

Irma grins toothily at the Alpha, "Owl defeated Coyote with a rattle. Owl outplayed Coyote, who was playing a flute." She continues to grin. "But what do I know."

Tsukikage glances over to Dylan momentarly and nods, giving him a comforting look. "It's alright. You remembered now." She then looks over to Irma, "I thought it place of New Moon to be snide, not Full. Indeed, it seem I asking you what you know."

Maddy smiles at Gerald. "Walk me to my car?"

Steven offers to Gerald, "See you at home?"

Leo says to Irma, drily, "Little in the ways of respect or honor, Cliath. But you were right about the dress, at least." He turns to Tsukikage.

Irma bows her head to the Alpha respectfully, remaining silent.

Dylan nods half-heartedly to Tsukikage, glancing briefly at Leo before turning his gaze over to Maddy, Gerald and Steven. He watches them quietly for a moment, looking drained. The wild adventure of his short attention span takes his gaze to Irma next, frowning just slightly.

Min raises her eyebrows slightly as she looks at Irma, then looks to her elders with an approving expression and down to Dylan. She thumps a hand on his shoulder heavily and leans down to murmur, "You're okay now then?"

Gerald nods to Maddy, then Steven. "Yeah, pay attention," he tells the latter gruffly. He follows after Maddy without another word. Preoccupied.

Maddy heads on up the hill.
Maddy makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.
Maddy has left.
Gerald makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.
Gerald has left.

Dylan buckles a bit under Min's hand, though he seems to have regained at least some of his strength from earlier. He glances back at her, nodding his head slowly. "I'll live." he mumbles, smiling faintly back at her before returning to watching Irma thoughtfully.

Tsukikage looks back to Leo, "Perhaps Chimera or Owl knows what we need. Perhaps Ben might speak with your totem...ask about this rattle?"

Leo nods his head. "I'll speak with him about it as soon as possible. 'Kage-rhya, my pack is still at your disposal, though we may still make another foray into the Warzone. Our claws need sharpening."

Irma stands behind her pack leader and pops her knuckles loudly in agreement.

Steven stays silent, as usual, and off to the side. Just watching. And listening. And occasionally glancing after the way Maddy and Gerald went.

Tsukikage sighs, "Hai. It seem the next step is to talk to Chimera and Owl."

Leo glances around, as if just noticing Maddy and Gerald have left. He blinks, then turns back to Tsukikage. "It does."

Min heads over to Steven to stand with him so he's not a little kin on his lonesome. She gives him an approving nod and watches the discussion silently with him.

Irma crosses her arms again and waits behind Leo until he says it's time to go.

Steven breaks silence, but - only a little. He mutters to Min, "... any... the... is going..."

Tsukikage sighs, then looks around. "Hai. So, is there any other business people wish to bring up?"

Leo glances around. "Gerald had some...but I guess he left."

Min laughs gruffly at Steven and nods, clapping a hand heavily on his shoulder. "I'll come over later," she says to him, then turns to Tsukikage and pauses. "Are we to form the healing caern pack once this Rite has been completed, rhya?" she asks, keeping her eyes lowered respectfully.

Tsukikage nods, "Perhaps we will form it sooner. I have even considered Chimera as a totem, if she will take us."

Dylan runs a hand back through his hair.. the clean hand. He seems to realize that one of his hands isn't quite clean at that moment, making his way to the pool. He dips his hand in the pool, cleaning it off before cupping his hands and dumping the water over his head. He does this a few times, then takes a sip from the water, crouching quietly by the edge of the pool, staring down into it. Steven only buckles a little under the clap of Min's hand, which for someone as skinny as he is, is verging on impressive.

Min nods in agreement with Tsukikage. "Gerald and I have discussed this in the past, we both agree it would make an excellent totem. I cannot speak for my sister however."

Tsukikage sighs thoughtfully, "I guess it is late." She glances around, "We can discuss Sept positions next time perhaps." She then seems to remember something. "Oh. And I will soon try to challenge for the rank of Adren. I am not sure yet who I will contact."

Leo blinks at that, and nods. "Ah, congratulations, Tsukikage-rhya. I wish you luck in that."

Irma says simply. "Damn."

Dylan stands slowly, still a little unsteady. He bows his head respectfully to Tsukikage. "I'm sure that we will find what we are looking for, Tsukikage-rhya." He raises a brow in something akin to awe as Tsukikage mentions challenging for rank. "I look forward to hearing the tale of you gaining the status you surely deserve."

Tsukikage smiles to Leo, "Hai. Congratulations not in order yet, however. I must prove worthy first." She then nods towards Dylan, "Hai. We have no choice but to find it."

Tsukikage glances around, "If nothing else, we can call a close to the formal proceedings."

Leo bows his head respectfully to Tsukikage, "Again, good luck. I Should get back to the visions caern, do some umbral patrols." He then glances back at

Irma, nods to her in a comradely way, and wanders out.

Dylan nods to Tsukikage, "It will probably do us all good to go away and think about what has happened to night. It'll help us clear our minds at least." he smiles a bit thinly, "I think I'll take up drinking to help."

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. Speak to Ben if you see him before me."

Tsukikage grins to Dylan, "I think perhaps I will find something to hunt."

Irma follows Leo out, looking like an Umbral patrol sounds real good to her.

Leo makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.
Leo has left.
Irma makes their way back up the trail to the Overlook.
Irma has left.

Gerald comes down the trail.
Gerald has arrived.

Min looks around with a blank expression, like she's missed something. She shrugs her shoulders and looks to Steven. "Do you need an escort home?"

Dylan nods once more to Tsukikage, then proceeds to make his way back over to his bag. He pulls out an old looking towl thats stained blue, carrying it back to the water and dipping it in. He then starts to clean off the symbols, his hand a little shakey.

Steven admits to Min, "I don't *need* one, but I wouldn't exactly mind."

Min nods shortly to Steven and glances to everyone gathered. "Rhya," she says to Tsukikage, then nods to Dylan and gives the wolf spirit a sort of wary ... nod.. thing... and looks back to Steven. "You lead," she says.

Tsukikage nods to Min, "Good night."

Dylan finishes cleaning himself off, then dries himself with the other end of the towel. He stands once more, giving Min and crew a nod each. "Take it easy, good luck." He then makes his way over to his pack, putting the towel away.

Tsukikage shifts to lupus and runs off into the forest with a howl, letting out all her frustration as she bounds into the tress.