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Moot - Tue, May 21st, 2002
IC Time: ~ Fri, Aug. 16th, 2013

Tsukikage nods to the new arrivals, waiting for the Sept the gather. She stands calmly in the middle for now. Breathing deeply and evenly as if trying to clear her thoughts.

Whispers-With-Spirits materializes somewhere near Ian and Irma, his hulking Crinos form towering over their heads. His own head is bowed, and he's silent as the dead.

Dylan reaches down, sliding off his white t-shirt next, revealing his chest and upper arms are covered with symbols painted there in a deep blue color. He examines them for a moment before turning back, shifting into his glabro form.

Tsukikage steps into the center of the group and looks around, "Has everyone been formally introduced?" She glances over towards Dylan for a moment.

Brian glances around and nods, apparently knowing everyone around the circle, and settling down to listen to the beginning of the moot.

Irma turns her dark gaze upon Tsuki as she speaks, but she says nothing.

Kenyon's attention flickers over Irma as he looks to Tsukikage, his gaze averted to her chin. "No Tsukikage-rhya, there are those I have not been formally introduced to." he rumbles out in plain english.

Leo keeps his arms folded. He watches Dylan/Kenyon

Ian gives Whispers a friendly supportive pat on the foot from where he sits on the floor, shivers, blurs, shifts to crinos and goes back to idling.

Whispers-With-Spirits seems to let out a quiet, rumbling sigh.

Tsukikage nods, "Hai." She looks to Dylan, "Please introduce yourself, followed by those who have not yet met." She glances around the group once.

Kenyon nods in response to Tsukikage before taking another step forward. He takes a deep breath to prepare for the introduction, puffing up with a small amount of pride as he repeats what he's repeated so many times before. "I am Dylan mac Alexander of the Walker clan, rite-named Fire's-Promise, cliath half-moon of the Fianna tribe. I thank you all for welcoming me to your sept, and this rite tonight."

Tsukikage nods as Dylan introduces himself, then looks around the group again.

Leo studies Kenyon. He steps forward to introduce himself, watching Kenyon distrustfully. "Welcome Fire's-Promise of the Fianna. I am Leo 'Lightning Walker' Calus, a Fostern Warrior of the Shadow Lords, and Beta of the Sept of the Forgotten." He steps back, then, moving to Irma, Ian, and Whispers-with-Spirits.

Kenyon turns to Leo as he introduces himself, his eyes widening just slightly as he hears the man's rank, his eyes dropping politely to Leo's chin quickly. He nods to the greeting, then looks to the others he has yet to meet.

After waiting for her pack leader to speak, Irma then speaks up. Her face is etched with her nearly perpetual frown and she stares at the newcomer darkly. Her voice rumbles from her chest in a low growl. "I am Scent-Of-Red-Rain, Cliath, born on two legs unto the Get of Fenris. I am ranked Cliath, young among my kind, but honored for many bloody deeds in my homeland. I was born under the raging Full Moon, blessed to be Ahroun. My mother, an honored Kinfolk of my tribe, named me Irma after the war goddess of my homeland's myths. My last name is Stelloh, which in my native tongue means protector of the holy places in the forest. You may use this name when you speak to me."

Hotpaws raises a gloved, clawless hand, from where he sits. He says simply, "Yo, Hotpaws, Cliath Glasswalker Moon-dancer Metis. Monkeywrencher, Umbral Pilot, and member of the Pack with No Name."

Kenyon nods politely to Irma's greeting, his gaze meeting hers for a moment as he says, "I am honored to meet you both. Thank you." he then looks to Tsukikage's chin, nodding in indication that he's met the rest.

Tsukikage steps forward again nodding, "Hai, we will now begin the opening howl." Her form begins to blur and shimmer as she shifts to her crinos form." You start to shift into Crinos form.

The Switching Yard
The place you are in gives the impression of being a wide open space... albeit a dark one. Sandy ground crumbles about the edges of ancient, dusty boulders. Clouds of dust seem to have been stirred up recently. However, the main thing you notice are the railroad tracks running all about the ground... there seems to be one main route with several switches leading off of it. In fact, all of the traditional railroad trappings seem to be in evidence here, even a tiny wooden booth for either shelter or ticket sales - but you imagine business has not been brisk lately, if the latter. Each end of the main track disappears distantly into its own individual tunnel. Though you peer, you can discern nothing. In fact, everything outside of easy sight is extremely difficult to ascertain, you can't so much as tell where this space begins or ends, or what its environs are.
+views are available here.
Typing 'silver' will allow you access to the Silver Record.
Metal Safe(#4088Os)
Whispering Spirits
Obvious exits:
Out (O)

Min takes a few moments to pull off her clothes before shifting into her war form.

Kenyon follows Crane Shadow's lead as he drops to his knees, assuming his warform, the blue markings on his skin disappearing behind fur as the change takes him.

Brian shifts into Crinos as well, though he at least has the decency to have his clothes his shift with him, due to a lack of goo on his set, though it is obvious that he is missing three 'fingers' on his right paw once he shifts.

Crane Shadow raises her head towards Luna and lets forth an eery howl. It is filled with pride, but the edges tinged with a hint of sorrow.

Leo shifts, slowly, but with intensity. The raking scars covering his back show when he shifts into his war form.

LightningWalker lifts his head back, offering a bass rumble of a howl slightly discordant with the others, in true wolf form.

Moirai's Wrath throws her proud head back and bellows out a howl of aching grief, her fur shuddering from the rage held in check.

Fire's-Promise remains on his knees, tilting his head back to howl along with Crane Shadow, the tone deep and resonating powerfully. His eyes close, his claws in the dirt.

Advocate-for-Gaia adds his voice to the howl. He isn't lyrical. Heck, he can't even do Bob Dylan songs in homid form, but he does manage to get his vocal chords vibrating for the howl, mixing his voice with the Alpha's own cry.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain releases a powerful howl that thunders from within her, rising, with a fierce energy behind it, full of pride and rage boiling under the surface.

From Whispers-With-Spirits' maw comes a mournful howl that sounds more like a valediction for the dead than anything. His curly beard rustles as he cries out.

Fire's-Promise's howl takes on the ethereal quality his tribe is so well known for as the opening reaches it's climax, holding it as he lets his voice fade away just after Crane Shadow's own.

Crane Shadow weaves her voice throughout the howls as they offer their voices. Eventually, as the energy ebbs, she brings the tone of the howling down to a soft tone, and then slowly lets her howl fade and echo throughout the tunnels.

Whispers-With-Spirits falls quiet a moment later.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain's howl becomes a low rumbling growl before it fades off into silence. She crouches down, settling her powerful body toward the ground, placing her clawed hands on the ground between her feet, looking almost as if ready to pounce.

Advocate-for-Gaia also falls quiet as the howl ends, then waiting for the next step of the moot to take place, the Philodox living for this sort of thing.

Crane Shadow looks around the group as the howls fade and nods, ~Now we offer what we can to this sacred ground. To Chimera, and her guardians, Owl.~ She steps forward and faces the East, raising up her arms,

~Hear me spirits of the East, Power of Air, we call on you, Chimera, Starseeker, Whirlwind, Rising Sun, Come! By air that is your breath, send forth your light, be here now...~ She pauses, then turns to the North, ~Spirits of North, Power of Fire, we call on you. Flaming one, summer warmth, Spark of life. By Fire that is your spirit, send forth your flame, be here now...~ She then pauses again and turns to the West, ~Spirits of the West, Power of Water, we call on you. You of the watery abyss, Rainmakers, Grey-Robed twilight, Evening star...Luna. Come! By waters of your life, send forth your flow, be here now...~ She pauses again a little longer then faces South, ~Spirit of the South! Power of Gaia, Lady of Life, Southern Sky, center of all... Stone, Mountain, Fertile Field. Come! By earth that is your body, Send forth your strength! Be here now!~ Crane Shadow's form shimmers for a moment, as a faint light coalesces around her. She opens her arms to the caern as energy flows from her.

Fire's-Promise rises to his full height as Crane Shadow invokes the spirits, his clawed hands dropping to his sides as he watches his Alpha respectfully.

Advocate-for-Gaia doesn't have too much to offer to the caern, but he does offer what he can, opening himself up so that part of him might flow into the caern and he might regain it later - the cycle of gnosis - from Gaia's children to her Caerns and back to her Children.

Whispers-With-Spirits bows his great shaggy head and slowly lowers himself to all four. As his claws rake the dusty, dry ground, he lets his spiritual energy drip from his body to moisten and nourish this sacred spot. He murmurs something at that moment, in a strange language. It has the timbre of a reverent prayer.

LightningWalker hunkers down to all fours, shutting his eyes briefly as a calmness settles in over him. A rumbling hum comes over him as he attunes himself with the place.

Fire's-Promise's eyes narrow slightly as the spiritual energy surrounds Crane Shadow, then closes his eyes, growling something under his breath in the high tongue. Shortly thereafter, the spiritual energy pours forth in the shapes of the symbols hidden by his fur. His arms reach out to his sides as the power drains from him.

Hotpaws closes his eyes, removes a glove, showing the pale, clawless and hairless tips of his fingers. He places his hand on the ground and does what he can to infuse it with power.

Hotpaws looks at his fingers for a moment, after he opens his eyes back, slides his glove back on and goes back to watching the proceedings.

Crane Shadow lets out a deep breath, then looks around the group. Her mood seeming lifted somehow. ~Now, for the Cracking of the Bone...~ She reaches down and picks up a chipped railroad spike which rests at her feet. ~We will speak in turn. Please indicate you wish to speak on a subject and I will pass the spike to you. First, though, I wish to inform you all of a new shifter in town called Raeth. He a cat, though claims is of different tribe than Rose. I not sure what those differences are. He has offered his hand in friendship and I have accepted it. He claims the area of the Petroglyphs as his home and asks we show some respect there. I have told him of the bane in the volcano and to stay away from the area. He has said he will notify us if he senses any change there...~ She glances around the group a moment.

Fire's-Promise's muzzle curls back just a bit at the mention of a cat, but he nods his head, remaining silent.

Pyotr comes in from New Dawn.
Pyotr has arrived.
Pyotr locks the door marked Out (O).

A low growl rumbles from Rain's chest and her gleaming teeth grind in her gaping maw.

LightningWalker gets a distasteful look at the mention of a new Bete in town. He turns, glances down one of the dark tunnels, baring his teeth. Pyotr slips into the room quietly, slowly he shifts into a war form. Brian has disconnected.

LightningWalker looks back. He motions for the spike, respectfully.

Crane Shadow looks to LightningWalker and nods, passing him the Spike.

Rumbles approaches the group and meads to be a part of the circle. Slowly he crouches as his shoulder arch in a balancing stance. His right arm drops down to balance his mass on three limbs.

Whispers-With-Spirits looks toward LightningWalker with weary eyes but a deep respect, awaiting his words.

Fire's-Promise turns his gaze on LightningWalker, his eyes lowered with the respect the elder garou deserves.

LightningWalker steps into the center, holding the spike with his clawed hands. He looks around at the assembled group. ~I wish to announce the formation of a pack, under the guidance of Owl. Whispers-with-Spirits here successfully invoked the Rite of the Totem and our new pack tracked Owl through the alleys of the Warzone and convinced her to join us. The members are Hotpaws of the Glasswalkers, Scent-of-Red-Rain of the Get of Fenris, Rumbles-in-the-Wind of the Shadow Lords, Whispers-with-Spirits of the Children of Gaia, and myself, the Alpha of the pack, Lightning Walker of the Shadow Lords. We have united with a purpose, to cleanse the Warzone of the taint and rescue this caern, and we have a name, gleaned from the story told during the Rite. We shall be known as the Speckled Wings, after the Owl's feathers.~

Growing into the Crinos form, Cleanses-the-Streets unleashes his inner rage.

Whispers-With-Spirits bows his head toward LightningWalker, Alpha of his new pack.

LightningWalker passes the spike back to Crane Shadow, with that. Whispers-With-Spirits raises his hand, to capture Crane Shadow's attention. Crane Shadow nods and takes the railroad spike, then looks around the group. She nods to Ben, then passes the spike to him.

LightningWalker turns to regard Whispers-with-Spirits, stepping back next to Scent-of-Red-Rain and Hotpaws.

Whispers-With-Spirits takes the old railroad spike and stares at it, turning it over in his hand, then moves to the center of the circle. In a rumbling baritone, thick with emotion, he says, "My friends of the Sept of the Forgotten, it's no secret that our lands and lives were - for a long time - beset by worry for the actions of the late Katlin Silver, Kinfolk to the Fianna...." he pauses, finding it difficulty to speak her name. Then he goes on, "Let it be known that this woman may have committed high crimes against us, her own people, but that in the end she was seeking reprieve. She wanted nothing more than to absolve herself of any grief and pain she'd caused us. Several nights ago, when judgement had finally been passed and it was decided that she must take her own life, I was summoned. As once I saved her life, she asked me that night to take it back. This was not easy for me. Life, over all things, is precious to my tribe. But in the end, I did as she requested. Let me only say that Katlin was once a proud and fine woman, and that I pray each night that the spirits have safely delivered her back to the bossom of the Mother." With that, he steps back, and passes the spike back to Crane Shadow.

Whispers-With-Spirits returns to his spot with his packmates.

Crane Shadow nods and takes the spike back, ~Hai. A weed grows even though we hate it; a flower falls, even though we love it.~ She looks around the group, ~Anyone else wish to speak of Katlin?~

LightningWalker listens to Whispers' speech. At first his countenance is cold and hard, unforgiving. He flips his ears back, narrows his eyes, bares his teeth a little. As the Theurge speaks, he bows his head thoughtfully. He glances away, looking faintly sad.

Fire's-Promise's attention follows the spike to Crane Shadow, then over to Whispers-With-Spirits, his eyes hardening as they settle on the metis. He shows no emotion to Whispers' words, but when Whispers' hands the spike back, he growls under his breat briefly. He lets it go however as Crane Shadow asks for any other words, nodding his head as he holds his large hand out for the spike.

Crane Shadow nods, then looks to Dylan, passing the spike to him.

Cleanses-The-Streets's gaze moves to rest upon Fire's Promise, the muscles in his arms tensing and relaxing, his paws flexing, as he watches the Philodox take the spike.

Fire's-Promise takes the spike, crossing his arms as he straightens a bit to talk of Kaitlin. "I arrived here not long ago, and it distressed me to hear of the crimes of my kin. I spoke with many involved, and thought over the matter. Her sins were great, and so when I felt it came time to judge her, the judgement was mine." he pauses, taking a breath as he looks about the gathered garou with proper respect. "In the end, she knew the honorable thing to do. She released her soul to Gaia and father Stag to be cleansed. If her life before that point was dishonorable, it was perhaps because she was not raised on the legends of Fionn Mac Cumhail as all Fianna should be. But that night she learned, and taught what it was to be of Fionn's line. Whispers-with-Spirits-yuff did an honorable thing, being her blade, and I thank him for helping her find the strength to both live, and helping her leave this life." He finishes looking at Whispers with spirits for a moment, and though his words were of praise, the look tells that there's something quite wrong between the two garou. He offers the spike back to Tsukikage.

Whispers-With-Spirits heaves a heavy sigh but looks toward Fire's-Promise with deep respect and undeniable anguish. Clearly, yes, there is something wrong between them. And it is eating the Metis.

Crane Shadow nods to Dylan, taking the spike back. She glances around the group once more. She says solemnly, ~Any more words for Katlin?~

LightningWalker watches Crane Shadow. He wants to say something, it's obvious from the expression on his face and the way his ears flick, but in the end, he decides not to.

Moirai's Wrath's eyes dart towards Lightning Walker and Crane Shadow. If/when she is sure both do not intend to speak, she then gestures that she would like to hold the spike.

Crane Shadow sighs and nods to the group. She says softly, ~To what shall I compare this life of ours? Even before I can say it is like a lightning flash or a dewdrop, it is no more.~ She then catches Min's gesture and passes the spike to her.

Moirai's Wrath takes the spike and holds it up like a sort of torch and gestures with it towards everyone. ((I have much to address tonight but I will start by saying this. There have been many amongst this Sept who have taken offense to words I have spoken and have taken up these problems with our Sept leaders. I am often called upon to explain myself and it has confused me for some time as to why. It is only the wisdom of our new philodox that has made me understand some of what these problems are.)) She folds her arms and looks around at everyone with dark eyes. ((I was born under the raging full moon. I do not possess social skills nor will I ever possess them. My opinions I share freely because you are my family and I love each of you and I expect and encourage each of you to share your opinions as freely with me.)) She pauses to give everyone another meaningful look. ((That said, I have to make clear to you all, that my opinions are just that, thoughts on my mind that I share to express what I am feeling as I have not the skills nor the inclination to indicate with facial expressions or whatever other ways people do such things. I do not pass judgements when I say these things, I only offer opinions for the sake of conversation and understanding. It is my place to act, not to judge, and that is what I do. I hope that each of you will come to understand this in time and not grow so indisposed towards me with every word I say.)) She then turns and passes the spike back to Crane Shadow.

LightningWalker's eyes gleam as Crane Shadow mentions the flash of lightning. He turns, and regards Moirai's Wrath. He listens to what she says, but his expression is masked.

Whispers-With-Spirits eyes Moirai's Wrath with the sort of gentle look that speaks of compassion. Whoever has had issues with her behavior, he does not appear to count himself as one of them.

Fire's-Promise nods respectfully to Moirai's-Wrath's words, some of the darkness left over from looking to Whispers fading from his gaze.

Crane Shadow nods to Min thoughtfully. She looks around the group, ~When some seem to show anger or malice, listen for truth in the message, ignoring the way it was said.~ She looks about the group again.

Rumbles listens to what Moirai's Wrath says ... at first his snout was furrowed in concentration then as the conversation went on his left brow rose curiously.

Another low growl emits from deep within Rain's chest. Her viciously clawed fingers begins to claw at the ground between her feet as Moirai's-Wrath nears the end of her address. Her teeth clench as her claws slowly continue to drag along the ground. Her muscles tense visibly and her posture looks all the more like she just might spring forward at any moment.

Cleanses-The-Streets's intent gaze on Moira's Wrath is distracted by the clear anger of Red Rain, and his eyes flick to her before returning to Moira's Wrath, and then to Crane Shadow when she speaks.

Whispers-With-Spirits inches a half-step closer to Scent-of-Red-Rain, and he murmurs something softly, not meant for the Sept at large.

Crane Shadow looks around the group, ~Any one else wish to speak on this subject or move to another?~

Scent-Of-Red-Rain's black gaze flashes at Whispers-With-Spirits, buring through him before she turns it away to glare at the ground before her.

LightningWalker glances back at his two packmates, quirking an ear forward. He turns back to Crane Shadow, silently and respectfully.

Whispers-With-Spirits bows his head respectfully to Crane Shadow. Seems he is ready to move on.

Crane Shadow glances around the group, ~As Leo say, the pack of the Speckled Wing has formed. Soon, I will form a pack. The purpose will be to pursue more spiritual and enigmatic problems we encounter, while also protecting the healing caern. We will also be concerned with helping to heal this caern. Of those who have shown interest, there is myself, Min, Greta, and Gerald.~ She glances around, ~If any others wish to join, please let me know.~

Fire's-Promise remains silent, studying Crane Shadow's chin, his arms crossing over his chest.

Cleanses-The-Streets, too, remains quiet, resting back on his haunches.

Moirai's Wrath folds her arms across her torso and gives Crane Shadow a respectful nod and a polite grunt when her name is mentioned.

LightningWalker bows his head in agreement when the mention of healing the visions caern is brought up. Then he looks up and watches Crane Shadow silently.

Crane Shadow looks around again, ~Any other concerns any wish to bring up?~

Whispers-With-Spirits hrms softly, then nods to Crane Shadow. He seems loathe to speak up again, but he raises a claw.

Crane Shadow nods, then moves over to Whispers, handing him the spike again, and stepping back.

Fire's-Promise casts his dark gaze upon Whispers-With-Spirits as he receives the spike once more.

Whispers-With-Spirits holds the spike and says, "This in not my own wisdom I wish to share, but that of Burns-with-Silence. Because she is absent, I would like the honor of bringing to the Sept's attention a prophetic warning she has received, in the form of a dream. Although dreams are mysterious things, not easily interpreted, it is very possible that Burns-with-Silence has forseen the death of the Adren Leaping Waters of the Uktena, Bane Tender, and the one who put us all the quest of gathering the Four Sacred Relics. Should Leaping Water meet this fate before we've gathered the four relics, great danger will come our way. This is only a reminder that the Bane is restless, and that we should all re-double our efforts to find the last two relics. Please, if anyone has anything to add, seek out Burns-with-Silence or Crane Shadow, and share your knowledge with them." With that, he passes the spike back to Crane Shadow. Fire's-Promise's eyes narrow as if insulted yet again, his muzzle snapping back to Crane Shadow as the spike is returned.

Hotpaws has disconnected.

Crane Shadow nods, taking back the spike. She says in the garou tongue, ~Yes. Thank you. I tried to located the third object again earlier, and believe it may be in the area of University and Lomas, and surrounding blocks. We may need to appeal to spirits for their help. As for the forth, I have had dreams of Coyote. He has found me and I must visit him as soon as I can find my way.~

Rumbles motions to Crane shadow for the spike respectfully.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain's lips curl into a snarl and bare a bit more of her vicious looking teeth as she listens to Whispers-With-Spirits. Her teeth make an audible grinding as they clench together. Her claws dig into the floor beneath her and she bites back words that may be threatening to come out unbidden.

Crane Shadow looks around the group. Stopping for a moment on Rumbles, Advocate, and Irma, ~Thanks to all who have been searching so hard for the girl.~ She glances towards Irma curiously, then nods to Rumbles, passing him the spike.

Rumbles takes the spike and moves to the center of the group, ~Has Advocate of Gaia told you of this lead Rhya? Jase Conrad came to the dojo and dropped a similiar message that I will elaborate on unless you have heard it?~ Rumbles hands the spike back but awaits response.

Crane Shadow shakes her head to Rumbles and motions him to continue.

Rumbles takes back the spike, ~Jase Conrad off handedly mentioned as she walked out the door of the dojo a stripper named (Megan) had autumn hair in a joke about Brian-yuf's taste in women. (Megan) apparently works at pleasure island.~ (ooc I swear it was Megan she said but I wrote it down at work and am home right now)

LightningWalker peers at Rumbles.

Greta comes in from New Dawn.
Greta has arrived.
Greta locks the door marked Out (O).

Crane Shadow nods to Rumbles, her expression lighting up some. She glances to the railroad spike he is still holding, then looks back to see if he has more to say.

Rumbles hands back the spike as he says ~For what it's worth Rhya.~ He walks back to his pack.

Whispers-With-Spirits nods to Rumbles, and notes the arrival of his auspice-sister.

Crane Shadow nods to Rumbles, ~Hai. Thank you. I will look into finding her...~

Greta arrives in a quiet rush. She's rumpled and breathing hard, it's obvious she ran from somewhere. She doesn't interrupt, she creeps close to the edge of the gathering and lingers, in the back a bit, catching her breath.

Cleanses-The-Streets has disconnected.

LightningWalker snorts, a whuffing sound at Rumbles. Then he turns, favoring Greta a curious, almost confused look.

Crane Shadow glances over to Greta and nods to her, ~Whispers has mentioned your dream. The need to find the items quickly and the possible death of the Uktena Tender. Do you wish to add anything?~

Moirai's Wrath moves over towards her sister and stands close to her silently, her stance protective and concerned.

Whispers-With-Spirits bows his head slowly toward Greta, giving her some small but meaningful glance with his big amber wolf-eyes.

Fire's-Promise looks back to Greta, nodding his head politely in greeting.

Greta catches the glance from LightningWalker and drops to one knee, lowering her head. "Lateness was inexcusable." She says first, and makes it sound like an apology...then draws another heavy breath and continues. "The dream...much of it defies interpretation. Much was history.. the sons of Changing Woman, the great beast. "There is a place called open-mouth Bear, where blood wells in the earth. The blood from the body of the Beast, if it should meet the blood of that place, it will come to life again. I.." she frowns, and her frustration isn't hard to read. "If I can be granted aid from someone more gifted at finding things in obscure texts and researching such matters, I may be able to put the rest together. It...not all makes sense."

Whispers-With-Spirits hmmms softly, murmuring to himself.

Crane Shadow nods to Greta, putting her claw gently on the spike Greta holds, and says in the garou tongue, ~Yes, I believe we can find such help. Perhaps also the formation of our pack and the help of a wise totem...~

Whispers-With-Spirits mutters to himself, "... like... like..."

LightningWalker listens, then glances at Crane Shadow. He shoots her a confidant look. It's obvious from the expression that he doesn't think there's much she couldn't figure out. He settles back on his haunches.

Whispers-With-Spirits quickly hushes, forgetting himself.

Greta nods, and glances up first to Crane Shadow, then to LightningWalker. She passes the spike back over and drifts into crouched silence.

Dennis comes in from New Dawn.
Dennis has arrived.
Dennis locks the door marked Out (O).

Crane Shadow looks around the group again, ~Any more thoughts on the sleeping Bane in the Mountain before we move on?~

Whispers-With-Spirits is silent. For real, this time.

Dennis walks in quietly, slowly, trying to stay unnoticed.

Crane Shadow nods to Dennis as he nears the circle, inclining her lupine head towards him.

LightningWalker rises up, reaching out for the spike.

Crane Shadow nods to Lightning and hands the spike to him.

LightningWalker nods to Crane Shadow. ~I have but one thing to say on the subject. As much as it pains me to bring this up, we must prepare for the possibility that our efforts will end in failure. We must have a plan for who will stay and fight and who will run to alert the other Septs, even the Uktena who hate us, so that they may know what is going on. This may not be the time to discuss this fully, but I thought I should say this just to get it out in the open.~ It seems to pain him to discuss even the possibility of failure. His lips curl back in disgust. Glancing away, he hands the spike back to Crane Shadow. Fire's-Promise's body tenses at the mention of failure, the closest thing to a scowl settling on his wolf-like head. In the end, he nods however, seeing the wisdom in the elder's words.

Crane Shadow nods to LightningWalker stiffly. She seems uncomfortable with the idea as well and shifts her weight. She takes the spike back. She says flatly, ~Yes, we must prepare for all outcomes.~ She glances around the group and takes a deep breath, as if to shake off the thought. ~Once we find the items, it is said Four of us must go on a dangerous quest to fullfill this rite. I do not know what is needed, but we must think on this as well.~

LightningWalker nods, at that.

Dennis quietly sits down, staying out of the way.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain rumbles and she holds out her massive hand for the spike.

Crane Shadow looks around the group again, then nods to Irma, moving to hand her the spike, and then steps back to give her the floor.

Rumbles looks to Scent of Red Rain and nods respectfully.

Whispers-With-Spirits eyes Lightning Walker with a sort of passive awe for a moment, then turns to listen to his pack-sister.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain grips the spike in her hand tightly, rising up to her feet and standing at her full height. She growls deeply, (( As each day passes, my frustration builds. I hunt for what we seek every day, and yet I have no head for puzzles and enigmas. Mysteries of the spirits escape me. But if it comes to failure, then I shall stay to face the beast. I will hold it back as long as I can, buying time for help to arrive, even if it means my life.)) She snarls. (( As for your quest. If you need sharp claws and snapping teeth, I shall go with you, whatever the danager. My purpose is not to unravel mysteries. I have no head for it. But I KILL very well. )) Her black gaze burns with rage, smouldering beneath the surface. She then hands the spike back to the Alpha.

Moirai's Wrath turns her face towards Scent of Red Rain and gives her an understanding and approving dark look.

LightningWalker's look at Scent of Red Rain is a near mirror of Moirai's Wrath. Must be an Ahroun thing.

Whispers-With-Spirits is no Full Moon, but even he cannot surpress a look of admiration for Scent-of-Red-Rain. Maybe it's not so much her killing comments, but her selflessness that earns his respectful nod.

Crane Shadow nods to Red-Rain with a toothy lupine grin, ~Thank you. Your offer has been noted. I fear we will need your claws soon.~ She looks around the group, ~If any can travel fast, we may call on you to be our messanger should we...~ She coughs, ~fail.~ She then looks between the theurges, ~Perhaps we might give some spirits messages to ready as well...~ She looks around again, ~Think on these things and we will prepare soon.~

Crane Shadow looks around again, ~Any more thoughts tonight on the bane?~

Rumbles in the Wind motions for the spike, he then folds his arms across his chest and stands stautly.

Crane Shadow nods to Rumbles and passes him the spike.

Greta just nods once, her dark eyes travelling the circuit of the room as she continues to crouch in silence at the edge of the circle. She looks proud, and faintly sad all at once, listening to the conversation. Since she has nothing to add of note, though, she keeps silence.

Rumbles in the Wind takes the spike, ~If we are to prepare ourselves for such a thing we should prepare those we plan to call apon. It would not hurt anyway to establish contacts. I suggest a emmisary be sent now to prepare the road way so they too would be ready to assemble, respond, and know what they are dealing with. I Suggest Sante Fe as it is an hour or two away and the Glass walkers are good at spreading communication.~

Rumbles in the Wind hands back the spike and returns to his pack.

Fire's-Promise bobs it's head in agreement with his fellow half-moon.

Whispers-With-Spirits looks to Cleanses-the-Streets and Hotpaws (despite their "silence"). He nods, slowly and thoughtfully, but it almost seems as if he's daydreaming or otherwise lost in his own world.

Crane Shadow takes back the Sept and nods to Pyotr, ~Yes. We should open up communication again. It has been some time since we passed information freely.~ She looks around the group, ~However, we are the Sept of the Forgotten. This is our territory and our charge. We need not admit failure before it happens.~

Crane Shadow looks around the group again to see if anyone wishes to speak.

Moirai's Wrath indicates that she would like to take the spike.

Crane Shadow moves over to Moirai and hands her the spike, stepping back again to let her talk.

Moirai's Wrath grasps the spike and looks at it thoughtfully, before growling out in High Tongue ((This may seem trivial compared to the grave circumstances we're talking about, but I still feel it is important considering the deep affection I have grown to feel for the caern in the national park. I would like to know what our Sept Alpha's final decision is on the matter of people bringing weapons onto the healing caern.)) Her black eyes shift towards Hotpaws and then look back to the group in general as she explains. ((One amongst us has been using a)) she spits out the human word 'gun' ((to step sideways into the Umbra within the caern. It seems very harsh considering the reflective pool that exists within the caern that can be used for this without insult to the purpose of a caern of healing. I would like to know what the official etiquette is regarding weapons and behaviour in general on the healing caern so I may enforce these rules while I guard.)) She gives Crane Shadow a respectful bow and returns the spike.

LightningWalker lifts his head up, and puts out a clawed hand for the spike.

Crane Shadow nods to Moirai and takes back the spike. She glances over as Leo motions, and passes the spike to him, then steps back again.

Fire's-Promise tilts his head at Moirai's words, extending his hand for the spike, but it's too late as Crane takes the spike to LightningWalker.

LightningWalker takes the spike. ~Moirai's Wrath has concern for the healing caern, that heartens me that someone is there to watch over it, to care for it and make it their own. It is a role that is needed, and the Sept should know of her honor. However, with all due respect, I think she takes her job too seriously. Our claws are our weapons, as are our teeth. It is our Rage that boils within us that fuels us, that we must ever watch to master. My claw is more dangerous than any gun created, and can cut through more. Surely the Ahroun of the Black Furies does not suggest we should shed our claws when we enter the healing caern. Were the guns drawn with violent intent, this would be a grave matter. But why should we spend our time on such trivial details if they were not? We have *much* to do. This is beneath us.~ LightningWalker passes the spike back.

> Moirai's Wrath spends a point of willpower.

Whispers-With-Spirits hmmms softly, and nods to the railroad track.

Crane Shadow nods to LightningWalker, then passes the spike over to Fire's Promise if he still wishes to speak.

Moirai's Wrath stiffens at Lightning Walker's words and she closes her eyes to try and contain her rage.

LightningWalker glances at Moirai's Wrath, blandly.

Rumbles in the Wind watches the spike passing, after listening to the words. He really doesn't respond though.

Whispers-With-Spirits eyes the rails suspiciously, then blinks a few times and peers around.

Dennis just sits there quietly, not wishing to interrupt anything, but still alive (for now).

Fire's-Promise takes the spike, bowing his head to LightningWalker. He speaks in the high tongue, "With all respect, LightningWalker-rhya, I believe that Moirai's Wrath's concerns are still valid. From my experience, Spirits are flighty and often times easily disturbed by things that we would normally not take offense from." he glances to Moirai's, then back to LightningWalker's chin. "I have spoken with a fellow half-moon about a specific incident that Moirai's Wrath shared with me. We agreed that drawing Weaver weapons in the caern of healing, without good reason, is unnecessary. I then spoke with Hotpaws-yuff, and he agreed to avoid raising Moirai's-Wrath-yuff's ire. There is a reflective pool in the caern of healing, it is just as easy to gaze into it as any Weaver tool." he then holds the spike back out to Crane Shadow.

Moirai's Wrath indicates that she would like to take the spike again, her hand shaking with barely contained rage.

LightningWalker also wishes to take the spike. He doesn't seem to be barely controlling his rage.

Crane Shadow tilts her head curiously towards Min, and passes the spike back towards her.

Moirai's Wrath offers the spike to Lightning Walker as her better so that he may speak first, her head lowered respectfully.

Whispers-With-Spirits finally seems to be paying more attention to what's going on, and his drowsy eyes flits between the two Ahroun.

Greta has made it a point of quietly, subtly drifting toward the Ahroun Fury. She doesn't interrupt, and keeps her attention on what's being said, but quietly leans a little against the crinos' furry flank. Her outward appearance is placid.

LightningWalker bows his head back to Moirai's Wrath. He turns to Fire's Promise. ~You are a guest here, not even of our Sept yet. But if the other Philodoxes confer with your judgement, I will abide by it. As far as the matter of Spirits go, they may be flighty, but far too many of our kind spend every waking moment at their beck and call, abiding by every minute whim they may have. This is not wisdom. Completing our mission we were put on this planet, that is far more important.~ He turns to Moirai's Wrath, ~You seem angered by my words, yet retain the honor of respect for your elders. Understand that my passion for the many tasks we have at hand is so great, it is overwhelming at times. I meant no disrespect.~

LightningWalker hands the spike back to Moirai's Wrath.

Fire's-Promise's teeth grind together at LightningWalker's words, remaining silent.

Moirai's Wrath takes the spike and turns to Lightning Walker. ((I am plagued nightly with visions of the death of every one of you should we fail to contain the bane, it is not necessary to remind me what needs to be done, it is burned into my mind every time I try to sleep. This is what angers and frustrates me, rhya, not your words. However, it was you yourself Lightning Walker-rhya who said that the caern I protect is more important than anything I will ever become. When it comes to guarding such a sacred place, I do not think there is any such thing as too serious. As an Ahroun of a tribe whose charge is to protect the few remaining Wyld places left I very much feel concern for the respect a sacred place, be it wyld or otherwise, is shown. All I asked was for the proper etiquette while we are within its bounds to be announced publicly at this moot so all will understand it, as many of us are unable to communicate with the caern spirits and know of their wishes.)) She bows her head towards Lightning Walker again and then passes the spike back to Crane Shadow with a heavy sigh.

Whispers-With-Spirits listens thoughtfully to everything that is being said. After Moirai's Wrather finishes speaking and seems to calm slightly, he raises a clawed hand and gives Crane Shadow a brief glance as if he'd like to add something.

Crane Shadow looks between those who have spoken and appears as if she's about to speak, but passes the spike to Whispers first and nods to him. LightningWalker nods to Moirai's Wrath, a look of understanding passing across his gruff features. However, it's quickly replaced by the usual guarded, dismissive look as he turns to look on the rest of the group.

Fire's-Promise rolls something over in his mind, glowering at the earth, his hands balling into fists. He starts to raise his hand for the spike, but Whispers beats him to it.

Whispers-With-Spirits takes the spike and steps forward, saying, "I don't want to take much more time on this matter, but I'd like to offer my supposition - as a Child of Gaia and one who has been closed to the spirits of the healing caern - that if Wise Unicorn was offended by the presence of Weaver-weapons, Mighty Bear would not suffer those who bear such items to enter the caern. I don't presume to speak for the spirits, but if this matter is still hotly contested after we've all had our say..." here, he pauses and looks to Fire's-Promise "...then I would be happy to contact Unicorn and her Brood, and ask them plainly what their opinion is. However, I suspect She does not fret over this as much as we do." That said, he glances to Crane Shadow and looks at the Philodox, wondering if he should pass the spike to him.

Crane Shadow nods to Whispers with a nod and unmistakable smile, then glances towards Fire's Promise again.

Whispers-With-Spirits passes said spike to Fire's-Promise and steps back.

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Fire's-Promise takes the spike, growling out. "A guest I may be, but that doesn't preclude me from carrying out Luna's will. I am sure, that if respected LightningWalker-rhya had been nearby when I passed my judgement upon my own kin, he would understand that I've little tolerance for spirits toying with our kind. However, this is no foolish spirit playing with the Garou in it's arrogance. This spirit is bound to the caern, and to displease it would bring far greater consequences, as I'm sure my elder understands. I was told by my mentor that the path to the least resistance which leaves all parties satisfied is the best one. I sought to take that path. If the sept wishes to ignore their guests work, then I'll cease offering my help." He doesn't acknowledge Whispers words, simply handing the spike back to Tsukikage.

Crane Shadow nods to Dylan and takes the spike. She glances to LightningWalker and nods to him respectfully, "LightningWalker-yuf. I apologive for not communicating with you sooner. Fire's Promise has offered us a gift of carving when he arrived as a gesture of good will.~ She glances around the group again, ~Also, here at the Sept of the Forgotten, one must prove themself by some deed before being fully accepted.~ She glances to Fire again, ~I believe that his judgement and help in dealing with Katlin has proven his honor and wisdom and I welcome him as a trusted member of this Sept.~

LightningWalker flicks an ear back when Fire's Promise speaks. He looks surpised when Katlin is mentioned. When Fire's Promise talks of ceasing offering his help, his expression pulls into a disgusted snarl. He turns when Crane Shadow speaks, listening to her words. When she is finished, he bows his head to her, silently acknowledging what she says.

Whispers-With-Spirits regards LightningWalker's rapid changes in expression with a thoughtful, discerning gaze. He steps back slightly, giving the Ahroun plenty of room as he returns to the pack.

Fire's-Promise turns to Crane Shadow as she speaks, nodding his head in thanks as she accepts him into the sept. His dark pride lightens up a bit.

Rumbles in the Wind motions for the spike, though he looks reluctant.

Crane Shadow nods between all that have spoken, then looks to the group, ~Unless I am told otherwise by the spirits or those who speak with them,~ She glances to Whispers, ~I see no reason to ban weapons from any of the caerns. Our protection of our sacred places is the most important task we have under Gaia. If a gun can help in our protection, I see no issue. I agree a weapon should not be pulled unecessarily, there are many reflective surfaces in these caerns. To clarify, I have no issue with the bringing of guns to the caern. It is honor which keeps us from fighting with Claw or Gun. However, I also agree they should not be drawn unless absolutely necessary.~

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Rumbles in the Wind lowers his hand as he nods in agreement with Tsuki.

Whispers-With-Spirits also nods agreeably at Crane Shadow.

Crane Shadow nods to Rumbles with a smile, then looks around the group again. ~I believe that issue settled for now.~ She sighs a moment, then looks up again, ~As for the situation with Danny. I still do not trust him and believe he may have evil intentions. I do not know for sure if he traffics with dark powers, but it a threat we cannot ignore. Zef has said he would try to look into it for us, as he is close to them. However, I do not know how much I can trust Zef. If any others have ideas on how to look into Danny without arousing suspicion, Please let me know. We have agreed to stay away from him and Rose for now and are no longer allied. I am still not sure if Rose is innocent and honorable and perhaps does not know of his deeds or if she is covering for him. We need to find some proof one way or the other.~ She pauses for a moment, looking around, ~I saw him earlier today and he made a strange comment about the death of babies. I do not know if there any meaning behind it, but I would like to try to recover Katlin's child, Morrigan.~

Fire's-Promise growls softly at the mention of Katlin's child, remaining otherwise silent on the issue as he nods.

Crane Shadow adds, ~Though we are not allied, unless we have proof, we must still show some respect for Rose, a daughter of Gaia.~

Whispers-With-Spirits seems to fidget for a moment as Crane Shadow speaks of the Bastet.

LightningWalker nods with this. His features darken about the whole business. Anger quickly masking a small amount of shame. He looks down one of the tunnels, glowering.

Crane Shadow glances over to Whispers and seems to remember something. ~We believe that there may have been witnesses to strange behavior concerning them. But, they are not cooperative. I do not know how we can determine the nature of what has been seen. They refuse to speak with us and be questioned, which causes more suspicion.~ She shakes her head for a moment. Crane Shadow looks around, ~Any thoughts on this now?~

LightningWalker holds out a hand for the spike.

Fire's-Promise remains thoughtfully silent, shaking his head.

Crane Shadow hands the spike over to Leo and nods to him.

LightningWalker growls ~I trust not Danny, though he has some skill in fighting. He may even make a good opponent for me,~ he says, confidantly. ~Rose swore an oath to us to respect our territory, then swore a competing oath to hide the wherabouts of Zef, who tread on our territory and arrogantly thought we would not notice. Once I was friends with Rose, before Danny and Zef came into town. Her heart was pure back then. But like all bete, she turned out to be...~ He growls, angrily, his voice leaden with rage ~...untrustworthy. Whatever Danny and Zef are up to, it matters not to us as long as they do not get in our way. But if they do, they are a threat to us, and should be killed. That is what I think.~ He hands the spike back.

Whispers-With-Spirits seems like to wants to move or speak, but doesn't. Gripping his furry forearms in his claws, he keeps quiet.

LightningWalker leaves out the part about the Zef-skin boots he wants to make. But it's probably for the best. The Sept might give him looks.

Crane Shadow nods thoughtfully to LightningWalker, ~It is true we have much more to concentrate our energy on. If we can find some way to be sure, I would be glad to know it. I also do not wish them to gain more power and be a problem later, if indeed they a threat. For now, we focus most on what concerns the Sept, but keep an eye and thought out for them.~

LightningWalker just nods. He seems emotional about the issue, but keeps quiet.

Crane Shadow glances around the group once more.

Rumbles in the Wind is quiet and he folds his arms across his chest having nothing to say.

Fire's-Promise remains quiet, trusting in the elders on this matter as he doesn't have much knowledge of the bete and their affairs.

Crane Shadow glances around the group, ~Anything else?~ She glances over as Morai's Wrath raises a hand.

(OOC) Crane Shadow says, "Min gave me a pose to put out"

Crane Shadow moves over and passes the spike to Min.

Moirai's Wrath takes a deep breath and growls lightly in the back of her throat, clenching the spike tightly in her large fist. ((We have seen one of our kin suffer because of neglect, not only during her life, but after her death when her body was abused by spirits for their own selfish reasons. There is a kin to the Children of Gaia, Adrienne, who has displayed unnatural abilities that both Irma-yuf and myself have seen, in which she broke a window in the New Dawn building with a hand gesture. I am concerned as she admitted that she has not firm control of this ability and when she feels threatened she will use it without thinking. It also concerns me that no one seems to have spoken about her abilities and what manner of creature she learned them from. Until it is made clear what these abilities are capable of, where she got them and what she intends to do with them, I find myself incapable of trusting her.)) She looks more to Whispers-With-Spirits than anyone else as she says this, then looks to Lightning Walker and Crane Shadow before passing back the spike.

LightningWalker looks deeply annoyed. He asks for the spike.

Crane Shadow nods to Leo and passes the spike to him.

LightningWalker growls. ~Moirai's Wrath, you /yourself/ suggested to me that we should look into it. I gave you my word that I would. Sadly, she hasn't been around to interrogate and send word back to her Sept of her powers. But this was a matter that /I/ specifically said I would personally handle. Bringing this up after I had spoken to you about it stings of you intentionally embarrassing me. We will talk of this after the Sept. If your wish is truly to insult, then we will duel on the matter. If your wish was concern over the kin's abilities, you may have approached me.~

LightningWalker passes the spike back to Crane Shadow.

Crane Shadow blinks, looking between LightningWalker and Moirai's Wrath, then the rest of the group. She holds the spike out for any others to talk on the matter if they wish.

Fire's-Promise's brow rises first at Moirai's words, frowning slightly at her lack of trust. He does his best to mask anything he feels about

LightningWalker's statements, remaining silent after the spike is passed on.

Moirai's Wrath looks suitably ashamed and looks towards Crane Shadow so that she may take the spike again.

Crane Shadow nods and passes the spike back to Moirai.

LightningWalker is tensed, ready for a challenge. He sees the look of shame and settles down. Confusion crosses his face. He turns and looks down a tunnel.

Rumbles in the Wind listens with his arms still crossed.

Whispers-With-Spirits is quiet, though he remains near LightningWalker as if his mere nearness might have some calming influence. He looks at Moirai's Wrath. It's not his place to speak, so he doesn't make any gesture to ask for the spike.

Moirai's Wrath takes a deep breath and focuses on what she is going to say. She frowns and then begins. ((It was not my intention to embarrass or accuse you, Lightning Walker-rhya, I just felt concern for the rest of the Sept if they are to deal with this kinfolk so that they may prepare themselves for such an attack that she is capable of, as I have not seen her discuss her.. abilities with anyone. Many people see my open distrust of this kin and mistake it for something else and this was my attempt at being open and honest with the reasons why I am wary of her.)) She gives Lightning Walker a respectful nod of her head and passes back the spike.

LightningWalker takes the spike. ~People should be wary,~ he rumbles. ~Moirai's Wrath is right to be concerned. But the matter /is/ being looked into.~ He hands the spike back to Crane Shadow, looking tired and worn.

Dennis wrote the book on tired and worn. But still, he says nothing, just sitting there.

Whispers-With-Spirits himself appears wired and torn.

Crane Shadow nods to LightningWalker and Moirai's Wrath, ~Yes. Thank you for bringing this up.~ She looks around again, ~Any more thoughts on this?~

Whispers-With-Spirits shakes his head.

Rumbles in the Wind shakes his head.

Fire's-Promise shakes his head as well, arms crossing his chest.

Crane Shadow looks around the group again, ~I would also like to bring up the matter of Sept positions for those who are interested. As you know, I am the Alpha and LightningWalker the Beta. I also hold the position of Caern Warder at this time. Unfortunately, we are not blessed with many elders who might guide us with their wisdom. The packs we have formed will all act to guard the respective caerns. All of us have filled each of the needed duties in one way or another. However, if any wish to challenge for a formal position, please do. The open positions we have are: Master of the Rite, Keeper of the Land, Master of the Challenge, Master of the Howl, Caller of the Wyld, Truthcatcher, Talesinger, and Wyrm Foe.~ She stops a moment, ~If I have overlooked something which interests you, please bring it to my attention.~

Crane Shadow adds, ~We can think on these and challenge again soon if the time is late now...~

Crane Shadow glances around the group to see if any wish to talk.

Fire's-Promise nods his quiet response, considering the options. He shakes his head as Crane Shadow looks to him, not wishing to speak at this moment.

Moirai's Wrath, for once, has shut up. She is set on studying Lightning Walker thoughtfully and refolding her arms every now and then.

LightningWalker holds out a clawed hand for the spike.

Crane Shadow passes the spike to LightningWalker.

LightningWalker rumbles ~I'd recommend we adjourn and let people consider the positions in deep thought, and give others who are not here time to think about them.~

Whispers-With-Spirits nods to LightningWalker thoughtfully.

Crane Shadow nods to LightningWalker, ~Yes. That is perhaps most fair.~

LightningWalker wurfles quietly in response to Crane Shadow.

Crane Shadow looks around the group, ~If there is no more business for now, we can call a close to the cracking...~ She looks around the group again.

Fire's-Promise nods in agreement.

Crane Shadow adds, ~I have no new information on the bubblegum or fomori of the Zone. When more information is found, those who know will update us.~

Fire's-Promise tilts his head slightly at the mention of fomori, a low growl fading away quickly as it is muffled.

LightningWalker nods, lazily. The large wolf cracks his neck, twisting his lupine head in a casual fashion.

Dennis coughs delicately.

Whispers-With-Spirits drags a clawed hand through his tangled, curly beard.

Crane Shadow glances to Dennis, then shifts to homid form, so as to more easily address him.

Tsukikage looks around again, nods to Dennis momentarily, "As for Shelley, some say it may have been her blowing up the churches on Blake street. I do not know. We should be careful not to provoke her into targetting the mall. She seems to be obsessed with her brother who is having and art show soon. I was hoping others might take care of this problem..." She frowns, then passes the spike over to Dennis. "Do you wish to add anything, honored kin?"

Dennis shuffles a little bit. He seems to be screwing up the courage to say something. A blush seems to settle over his craggy face as Tsukikage speaks to him.

LightningWalker eyes Dennis. Perhaps out of instinct, or just not thinking, he licks his chops.

Moirai's Wrath turns to face Dennis also. There's that look of pride and honor on her muzzled face that Dennis would probably remember when she insisted on piggy backing him to the next moot. Her eyes drift to his legs thoughtfully. Fire's-Promise turns his gaze on Dennis, watching him with an impassive look. Dennis coughs, clearing his throat a bunch of times. He finally says, "Mr. Roth, he wanted to know more information on that Lisa girl, about her personal effects or belongings..."

Hotpaws has connected.

Ben shifts into human form.

Tsukikage nods to Dennis, listening to him intently.

Ian would have shifted when Dennis was introduced, so back to homid this Glasswalker goes.

Dennis clears his throat a few times, "Well, I pulled a few strings... not that there was much in the way of belongings. But I was able to go to Social Services and look through what little things the child had." He brings out a plastic Ziploc bag, which contains a bright, rainbow colored gumball, the type you might get from a machine. The gumball looks more than a little squashed. "This was in the pocket of her blue jumper," he says.

LightningWalker tilts his head as he peers at the gumball in Dennis' hand.

Rumbles in the Wind has disconnected.

Fire's-Promise seems a bit confused, but remains silent as he squints at the gumball in the bag.

Tsukikage grins and smiles to Dennis, "Ahh. Hai. Thank you very much." She glances around at the others and approches Dennis, taking the baggie gently at the corner in a pinching motion, as if there were something utterly vile inside. She studies it for a moment, then sniffs at it curiously.

Dennis hands the Ziploc bag over to Tsukikage, bowing courteously to the woman.

Ian gives Dennis a curious and supportive smile.

Tsukikage returns the bow to Dennis, still eyeing the bag. She glances to Dylan, "We fought a fomori girl who addicted to bubblegum. When we lure her out with normal bubblegum, she say it not like hers. We wonder if perhaps there something tainted or corrupted in it..."

Fire's-Promise nods in response to the explanation, growling faintly.

Moirai's Wrath leans in to Fire's Promise, She mutters to Fire's-Promise, "... sister,... the... fomori... used... frequent.... he... ashamed of."

Fire's-Promise rumbles softly as Moirai's Wrath mutters to him. "Ah" Ian looks around, eventually dragging his gaze away from Dennis, he looks like he'd like the bone at some point soon.

Tsukikage wrinkles her nose and sneezes, covering her mouth, then glances around. "It indeed tainted." She frowns, "Though, the girl tainted as well. I not know if it her influence... We should try to find someone who can find the ingredients in here..."

LightningWalker growls from somewhere within him, a low rumble. He peers at the gum in Tsukikage's hand.

Tsukikage frowns at the bag. "We should not keep this here for now..."

Tsukikage adds, "I keep it upstairs in my safe until we get it analyzed, unless others have good idea?" She glances towards Ian to see if he still wishes to speak on the subject.

Ian says "I have a question on another subject, Ma'am."

Tsukikage nods, then passes the Railroad spike over to him.

Ian holds the spike, smiles to Dennis again, then says, "It pleases me to see a kinsman of mine here, though I have not had a chance to talk to him. But, I have other kinfolk in this city, and I have learned that Madeline is welcome and trusted, but it seems to me the Leon, is not? Why is that?"

LightningWalker asks for the spike.

Ian quickly hands the spike over to the Beta.

Dennis stifles a cough.

Tsukikage tilts her head, and takes the spike, "Maddy or Madeleine Clark, Hai." She then passes it over to Leo.

LightningWalker takes the spike. He shifts to homid.

Fire's-Promise glances to Moirai's Wrath, the only other crinos in the room, before looking to Leo, interested in what he has to say.

Leo ahems. "I met Leon a few weeks ago. Our Chief alerted us to his presence, and of the fact that his family has a poor reputation with us. For that I was wary. I spoke with him, but found him extremely naiive and foolish. He told me flat out that he wouldn't break the laws of the city and expected us to follow the laws of the city. He said in fact that we should reveal ourselves to the police force and work with them to fight the Wyrm - giving them the information to fight the Wyrm themselves, make arrests where needed. I found this to shall we say...staggeringly stupid. On a collossal scale. We got in an argument on the matter, in which I attempted to persuade him that it may be risky for mortal police to be fighting fomori and sometimes Garou need to kill fomori in order to reduce a threat, but he was uncompromising. He isn't trusted becasue of that, Ian. Because someone like that shouldn't know about us, and shouldn't know where our caerns are. He's a danger to us. He may have his uses in the future, but I will *never* recommend that he be trusted."

Tsukikage nods as Leo speaks, then looks back to Ian.

Moirai's Wrath snorts loudly at that, in typical Min fashion.

Ian listens attentively, but gets a bit of a confused look on his face. He motions in a way that says, 'I would like the bone, if you're done with it, sir.'

Fire's-Promise snorts along with Moirai's at that, his gaze shifting to Ian with a bit of an incredulous look.

Leo passes the bone over to Ian, a respectful look on his face as he regards the Glasswalker and his packmate.

Dennis sighs, quietly, to himself. He seems tired and more than a bit sad.

Ian holds the 'bone' in both hands this time, wringing it gently as he speaks, "I am confused and not sure that we are talking about the same Leon. Leon McNichol, detective at the APD? Same APD that Chief Stratton over here runs? He has seemed perfectly respectful every time I have talked with him, and immenently helpful, both in matters Garou, and matters of highly dubious legality."

Dennis's face grows red and he seems on the verge of speaking, but, of course, he doesn't. He just holds it in.

Leo nods. "This is the same Leon I spoke to."

Ian nods to Leo, saying, "Then I will follow your lead in this," then he turns, stands and walks the 'bone' over to Dennis.

Tsukikage looks to Dennis and offers him the spike, "You have anything you wish to add on this matter?"

Fire's-Promise has disconnected.

Dennis takes the spike, gingerly, staring at it for a long, long moment. He finally speaks, "That boy Leon doesn't have a lot of sense, nor respect. I warned him to keep a civil tongue in his head, but... his family is not exactly well regarded, or trusted. I had hoped..." he sighs, heavily, "I had hoped that he would be an asset to the Force and to this Sept. But so far, I am not certain that either has come to pass."

Tsukikage nods. She places her hand on the spike, then looks around. "We will give him time." She looks to Ian, "If you wish to stress the importance of the Litany to him and make sure he understand his place, please do. He must know there are secrets which need keeping. We understand need for human law, but somethings must be hidden from mankind and their laws. With time, perhaps he will prove himself trustworthy..."

Ian gives a confused shrug and sits on the ground next to the Chief of Police, giving him a strangely familiar pat on the foot. He nods to Tsuki.

Tsukikage looks around again, ~Anything else?~

Leo has disconnected.

Ian thinks, shrugs, and shakes his head.

Moirai's Wrath frowns hard, then shakes her head with a grunt.

Tsukikage nods, then looks around. "Hai. I believe that concludes the cracking.~

(OOC) Tsukikage says, "Now we sing songs and get drunk and dance around."

Moirai's Wrath shifts down into her homid form and goes to put on her clothes.

Ian sings songs, gets drunk, and dances around.

Ian looks to Dennis sometime in the revelry, saying, "Hey, you want to go out for coffee some time, maybe hit the firing range?"

Tsukikage revels around for a bit, then passes out.

Dennis actually seems overwhelmed by this, "You... ah... want to spend time with me, sir?" he asks, with a kind of respectful, almost obsequious note in his voice. "It would be an honor."

Ian chuckles, "You're old enough to be my grandfather and have no need to call -me- 'sir'... You're family and I'm sure there's lots I could learn from you."

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