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Moot 4/1/02

Sandia National Park -- Parking Lot
The parking lot hasn't been paved; just year after year, a fresh coat of white gravel is applied. Year after year, it is packed down and the result is a flat, hard surface that manages to resist the worst of the spring runoff. The mountains are all around you, their timeless silence having stilled sound even in this location. Stepping from the parking lot is like stepping away from civilization to turn back to the old ways.
Trails lead off in several directions, little signs marking the way. To the northeast is the beginning of the La Luz Trail, a little footnote stating it's an 8 mile hike to the Sandia Peak. Other signs tell you that the Ranger station is to the south, and the campgrounds to the east. To the west is the winding road out of the park.
Green Ford F-150
Honda Accord
Black Night Train
Battered Chevy Truck
Obvious exits:
West (W) Northeast (NE) South (S) East (E)

Min gets out of the taxi.
Min has arrived.

Leo salutes Tsukikage. "Yo."

Leo grins at Tsukikage. "I love a woman in uniform."

Min climbs out of the taxi, shooting Leo and Pyotr a weird look and moving away from them.

Tsukikage heads up the trail from the South. She bows to Leo, "Oh. Hello. Good timing." She grins a bit. Then gives Leo a mock angry look.

The taxi drives down the street.

Pyotr gets out of the taxi.
Pyotr has arrived.

The taxi drives down the street.
Taxi has left.

Leo grins back to Tsukikage.

Rumbles steps out of the cab. When it pulls away he strolls to a car and looks left then right and shifts. A dark wolf approaches and bows it head at Tsu. Leo scowls at the mention of Irma's name, then does a poor imitation of a decidedly neutral look.

Min shrugs her shoulders and says quietly to Tsuki, "I wasn't meeting her anywhere, I just thought she might be here."

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. Let us head out then."

Min shoots the wolf a half angry, half shocked look and waits for everyone to head out so she can bring up the rear.

Mutt has arrived.

You hike to the northeast, a long trail in front of you.

Mutt has arrived.
Mutt pads along, already biting at annoying bugs. ((We do this in palace...much bugs.)) He grunts.

Leo glances down at the mutt. He grumbles, "Yeah, bugs."

Leo chooses the northeastern path, hiking into the dense forest and disappearing almost instantly from view.
Leo has left.

You choose the overgrown path and head into the forest.

Mutt has arrived.
Mutt looks up at Leo, ((You know all about them, yeah?))

Rumbles arrives from the southwestern path.
Rumbles has arrived.

Min arrives from the southwestern path.
Min has arrived.

Leo glances back down. "Enough to know I don't like 'em. All part of Gaia's cosmic plan to annoy me and bring peace to the world, no doubt."

You choose the overgrown path and head more deeply into the forest.
Sandia National Park -- Overlook
Obvious exits:
Southwest (SW)

Mutt arrives from the southwestern path.
Mutt has arrived.

Min arrives from the southwestern path.
Min has arrived.

Leo walks in, with Rumbles, Tsukikage, Min, and a mutt. He's chatting amiably with the mutt about bugs.

"Only good things," promises Brian with a warm smile to Gerald where he stands in the bawn, speaking to him. "Ah, here they are now."

((Only bug I like is vroom vroom bug.)) The mutt snorts and bites at a fly.

Irma is standing at the very edge of the overlook. She has her arms crossed in front of her, with her broad back to the clearing and its occupants. She's looking out over the valley below, still as a statue.

Tsukikage nods to those already gathered, "Hai." She offers a small smile as she spots Irma, "Good to see you again, Irma."

Rumbles strolls about the place sniffing around amiably. He looks up now and again to look each person over in turn, and says in the language of the Garou, "

Mutt sits down, then jumps up, snapping his jaws down on the fly. The mutt then looks to Irma, ((Ah, smell good lady with bad attitude, yeah?)) He licks his chops.

Leo scowls at the mention of Irma's name. He spies the muscular woman, and looks at her, suspiciously. He hrms, watching her for a second.

Irma turns her head slightly so that she can look over her shoulder to offer Tsuki a dark gaze out of the corner of her eye. A grunt is her only response.

Gerald is unconsciously mimicking Irma, arms folded over his chest, staring out over the valley, but he stands near Brian, some distance back from her. "Well, she's kind to say so," he tells Brian before turning to glance at the others arriving.

Min comes up the path last, bringing up the rear. She adopts a similar pose to the woman, but isn't as convincing with a less large and broad frame. She seems to be glaring intently at the hind legs of Rumbles at the moment.

"Well, shall we all head in so we can begin?" questions Brian, tossing his head a little bit. "And sort of break up the chat out here? Unless we're going to have h'ors orderves and cocktails?"

Rumbles says to Min, and says in the language of the Garou, "You still unsettled??"

Mutt lifts a leg and leaves a mark on a near by tree, then sits, staring the whole time at Irma with a wolfish grin.

Tsukikage glances over to Brian, "I must speak with Irma before allowing her in. However, those who wish to enter the caern may."

Mutt waits, in his strange lupine way, for the 'alpha' to lead...Which brings him to remaining where he is.

Min sniffs once and says in a smooth, bland voice for the benefit of Rumbles, "I was not raised to believe that standing behind a car in a parking lot is sufficient coverage if one decides to shift into another form in public."

Irma uncrosses her arms slowly and she brings up her hands in front of her, popping her knuckles. Slowly. Slowly. She turns around to face the rest of the group. Her dark, judging gaze sweeps over them.

Gerald remains where he is, glancing around with a bland expression.

Leo shifts his scrutiny off of Irma to Tsukikage. He nods to her, "You know how I feel on the subject," he rumbles, neutrally, then turns to the assembled. "You heard 'Kage." He turns and walks to the southeast.

Leo disappears into the boulders.
Leo has left.

Mutt stares blankly back at Irma, his tail thumping. The gnawer finds humor in something.

Tsukikage stands tall, she glances over to Min, then looks to Irma, "You have had time to think?"

Brian disappears into the boulders.
Brian has left.

Rumbles sneers, ((Perhaps you were not aware that human's don't have good memories for such things. Or didn't...)) he pauses, ((... you know that? Do you wish to persist as an irritant? I hold no animosity to you.))

Ben arrives from the southwestern path.
Ben has arrived.

Rumbles sits down peacefully by mutt.

Irma takes in a deep breath through her nose, holding it for a moment, then releasing it. Her eyes fix on Tsuki. Her expression is dark an unreadable. After a long moment, she says in a low growling voice. "I have."

Gerald turns without a word and starts walking toward the southeast.
Gerald disappears into the boulders.
Gerald has left.

Mutt looks to Rumbles, ((I like vans...Much bigger for hiding behind, okay.))

Ben can be heard before he can be seen, most likely. He climbs to the overlook and brushes thistles of his slacks before giving everyone a smile and mumbles an apology, "Sorry I'm late."

Tsukikage looks over to Rumbles with a frown, "She is right. Next time, wait until farther from civilization until you shift. We cannot afford if someone were to see. It not always so easy by just checking windows."

Tsukikage nods, focusing all her attention back to Irma, "What have you decided?"

Min gives the wolf a hard glare, saying, "When I've seen something in you that I can respect enough to call you friend, then I will treat you as such." She then gives Tsukikage a respectful nod at her words and turns and shoots Irma a sort of 'see?' look then waits to see what will happen next.

Ben, noticing that no one's heard him yet, quickly slips past and down into the caern,
Ben disappears into the boulders.
Ben has left.

Mutt bites at a duo of flies swarming about his head.

Irma tips her head up slightly, looking proud. Her dark gaze continues to burn at Tsuki. "It is good that Min is a part of this Sept. If not for her, my decision may very well have been different." She rolls her shoulders, causing muscle and bone to pop loudly. "There is a greater threat to face here... far worse than the leeches. I will abide by your Truce with them... as long as the understanding is clear... once we gut the Wrym here... the bloodsuckers are next." she growls.

Mutt comments to no one in particular, ((They pretend their big tits are really balls, okay. Make good cat fight, yeah?))

Mutt looks to Tsuki, ((Gnawer live in city okay. Vampires big problem if made mad by some stupid big bonehead, yeah? Onion Jon won't like if palace gets torched, Okay.))

Min looks down at her flat chest, so hardened with muscle that there is no room for fat and looks to the mutt. "I assume you are talking about overweight men and not the maiden warriors before you."

Tsukikage crosses her arms and looks up at the woman, "Although I agree with your sentiment, I not think you in position to be giving me orders. You seem to forget that you speak to an Elder and the Alpha of this Sept here."

Rumbles doesn't have much in response to that. he stands and prowls closer to Min, he says quietly with his sharp white teeth clenched, ((Whelp. When I ask for your respect, believe me you shall know it. But when I get venom from your lips at every meeting, I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself."

Mutt snorts at Min, ((Pretend be man, we go drink Crow, okay.))

Irma nods her head slowly. "Your rank and your status are what have allowed me to even consider this... out of respect for both. Any further homage from me, will have to be earned. I offer you my strength, claws and fangs... to use at your whim, for the good of the Holy Places. I will die to protect them, and any member of this group, including you. Is that not enough?" She watches Tsuki darkly.

Min spits on the ground and shoots a dark glare between both wolves. "I have proven myself to the Sept, I don't need to prove myself to you." With that she turns and focuses on what Tsukikage and Irma are saying to one another.

Mutt looks to Tsuki now. In fact, the animal seems to be watching her hard, as if he will judge her entirely from her next response.

Tsukikage tilts her head, "It pleases me you would give your life for Gaia. However, if you are to stay here, you will show your Elders the respect they have earned, as fits your station."

Irma begins to walk toward Tsuki, keeping her eyes locked on hers. "I would be more than willing to show my Elders the respect they have earned. I know my station, and if you are to be my Alpha, one that I bow to... you should know what you have to do to make it so. I am Get! You know my people. Teach me." She grins, stopping right in front of her.

Mutt lays down and yawns, ((Me make new song. Lady get ass kicked by Alpha for being stupid. Okay.))

Rumbles turns his own attention from Min. Surprised by Irma's outburst. He bark's loudly and viciously, then says, "Hold on. Irma. Come walk with me. Before hot words are said that only feed the wyrm."

Tsukikage stares back at Irma, her eyes locked with the larger woman's if she does not look away.

Irma does not look away.

Rumbles simmers, ((Alpha with your permission let me just take a breathier here. The wyrm feeds off moments of our failures greater then it's own successes." he turns to Irma, (( Allow me a brief walk with you.))

Min glares at both the mutt and the wolf. "Shut up, both of you. This is a tradition of the Get, Irma is not threatening the Alpha at all."

Irma's lips curl up into a toothy snarl and she stares directly into Tsuki's eyes. Her black gaze threatening to burn into the shorter woman's eyes. Her hands clench partway, as if they are clawing into something invisible. Her hackles are obviously raised.

Steven arrives from the southwestern path.
Steven has arrived.

Mutt looks upside down at everyone, ((Moot go by without much happening. I bring lots of beer for afterwards...Maybe I drink some now, yeah?))

Rumbles doesn't pay mind to Min but shuts up as it is already to late. He mouth twitches as he waits to speak.

Min looks at the mutt and says to him, "This isn't the moot. The moot is on the caern, maybe you should go there and entertain them with your wit." She gestures to entrance everyone else has just passed through.

(Dice rolling deleted)

Brian arrives from exploring the boulders.
Brian has arrived.

"Oh, my," sighs Brian softly as he comes from the caern, stopping as he sees the staredown taking place. "I know what the Litany says, but couldn't they pick a better time?"

Min glares at Brian and says in a hiss, "This is a tradition, shut up Brian. Tsukikage must prove that she's worthy of being Irma's Alpha. I'm a Black Fury and I can understand that, what is wrong with the rest of you?"

Mutt looks over to Min, then snorts, ((Get tradition. Me no get. Me no care, okay. Just stupid monkey having monkey ego, okay. Waist time for Onion Jon and everyone, Okay.))

Tsukikage keeps her eyes fixed with Irma's intently. Not listening to the commotion around her.

Greta pads up, looking rather sweaty and out of breath, much like she'd run a great distance. She pulls up short and doesn't speak, instead interestedly taking in the scene with wide eyes. And definitely a little concern.

Brian shakes his head slightly. "I'm just saying," Brian replies to Min. "Sure, the Alpha can be challenged at any time outside of war, but I wish they wouldn't do it when we have a moot waiting to go on." He glances at his watch.

Irma's lips are curled into a wicked, toothy grin and she glares blackly into Tsuki's eyes. The rest of the world is totally gone to her, there is only those eyes before her, that she burns hotly with her intense gaze.

Rumbles remains silent. His tail hits the ground as he sits. He watches peacefully.

Min starts growling as much as she can in this form, saying through grit teeth. "Do not say things in haste that you don't understand Brian. Remain silent to show both of these women respect, or I will carry you back onto the caern where you can complain there."

Brian glances at his watch. "Well, when they are done, perhaps then we can start the moot," replies Brian, sighing heavily and making his way back towards the caern. "I understand perfectly well, Min, but wish that they could have chosen a more opportune moment."

Brian disappears into the boulders.
Brian has left.

Steven sidles around the group quietly, following Brian.
Steven disappears into the boulders.
Steven has left.

Rumbles looks as Brian leaves then watches the group again. Slowly he morphs homid again.

Greta travels her attention among those assembled, searching first one face, then another...and so forth. Quiet footsteps lead her to stand by Min, for some reason, though she doesn't speak to the other woman, or communicate with anything other than a quick, inquisitive glance.

Min looks sharply to the side when she feels someone standing nearby, tensing defensively, then relaxes slightly when she sees it's Greta. She gives her an 'explain later' expression and a nod of greeting, then looks back to the facedown.

Tsukikage continues to stare back at Irma. Her look not as dark and menacing as the woman before her, but determined nonetheless.

Irma's eyes suddenly flash with rage, breaking the calm, icy stare she was giving Tsuki. She grits her teeth and tears her eyes away, turning her head. Her jaw clenches tight as she fights the frenzy that was threatening to build within her. It is plain to see, she lost her cool. The Alpha has beaten this hulking warrior before her. Irma staggers back, closing her eyes, panting heavily, her large body shuddering somewhat. Her fists clench and unclench repeatedly at her sides.

Tsukikage nods to Irma, looking after her for a few moments, then lets out a deep breath. She blinks a few times, and shakes her head slightly back and forth. She offers softly, "If you wish to join, we would be honored to have you." Finally, she takes her eyes off the woman and looks around at the others waiting there before glancing back to Irma.

Min gives a short grunt of approval at the outcome and then turns to Greta, explaining, "Irma had to know that Tsukikage-rhya was a worthy Alpha. Now she knows."

Pyotr is sitting to the right of Tsuki and remains so. Not barking a word as it were.

Irma's eyes remain averted for a long moment. She just breathes heavily, each breath slowly calming more than the previous. Finally she turns to face the Alpha, and she drops down to one knee before Tsukikage, bowing her head. "I have seen it in your eyes... and I honor you. You are more than worthy of my service... may I only prove to be as worthy to serve."

Greta nods slowly to Min, seeming to understand, though she still isn't talking much.

Mutt snorts, and begins to think up a song, then wanders off to the caern.
Mutt has disconnected.

Tsukikage nods to Irma with a gentle smile, "Hai. We are fortunate to have another warrior. There much strength in your eyes as well. You swore to protect the Holy Places with your life, and I grant you access within. Now, let us turn attention to other matters at hand." With that, she turns and heads towards the caern.

You slip between two boulders and start down the hidden trail.
Gray Wolf
Obvious exits:
Overlook (O)

Steven leans back on his hands, still looking around - then straightens up hastily to a more respectful position as Tsukikage comes into view.

Gray Wolf curls up near Ben, watching the others intently.

Ben studies the gray wolf curiously and with an open, unveiled expression. His strange whisperings are undoubtedly some form of communication with the wolf.

Brian glances up as Tsukikage enters. "Well," he murmurs under his breath, as is now waiting for her to say something that the matter outside has been dealt with, apparently.

Gerald glances over as Steven sits up, and he does the same as he notes Tsuki's arrival, somewhat half-heartedly.

Ben makes a soft noise.

Leo also straightens as Tsukikage walks in, and quiets down.

Tsukikage walks in glancing and nodding to those present. "A new warrior has joined us. She showed a certain lack of respect at first, but it has been resolved. I am sorry for the delay, but could not allow her in the caern without first knowing her true intentions."

Ben whispers to the Gray Wolf, then turns to listen to Tsukikage. He didn't even seem to notice her arrival at first.

Gray Wolf makes a soft noise.

Brian sighs softly, but nods his head in agreement, settling into his place in the circle, waiting for the proceedings to begin.

Ben nods to the Gray Wolf, and says, and says in the language of the Garou, "Yes, I remember."

Gray Wolf is curled up near Ben... it seems to be contemplating something.

Greta comes down the trail.
Greta has arrived.

Min comes down the trail.
Min has arrived.

Irma comes down the trail.
Irma has arrived.

Pyotr walks down the path, he walks over to Leo and mutters something to him.

Steven leans over to murmur to Gerald quietly, crouching beside him and Ben.

Gerald sits on the ground, staring at the dirt. He tilts his head slightly to Steven as he murmurs, showing that he is at least listening.

Leo leans down to listen to Pyotr. He watches Irma suspiciously out of the corner of his eye, scowling.

Gerald mutters to Steven, "Lucky..."

Irma enters the area, walking slowly, eyes carefully taking in the sight. The large, muscular woman definitely seems to have been taken down a notch, figuratively speaking anyway. The hard, dark 'edge' that radiated around her earlier is gone. She slowly walks toward the group.

Brian looks up as Greta enters, waving her over to him, offering a seat beside if she might want it or desire it any. He then goes back to politely waiting.

Ben peers briefly at Gerald as Steven leans in to whisper, then he strokes the Gray Wolf's fur and turns his attention to where the rest of the Sept is entering the glade. He smiles at Greta's and Min's arrival, and gives both Pyotr and Irma friendly nods.

Leo shakes his head to Pyotr, then goes back to watching over everyone.

Steven mutters to Gerald, "Lucky... I'm... one... could..."

Gerald shakes his head to Steven and says simply, "No."

Tsukikage glances around the group towards the center of the clearing, "This is Irma." She motions to the large woman. Then glances around the group, "There are several new members of the Sept since the last moot, and introductions need to be given again." She stands straight, then looks about the group one by one as she speaks,

"The crane's flight falters,
Red moon -- hidden and forgot,
Shadow of the past..."
"...I am Tsukikage no kami Fujiwara, Crane Shadow, Fostern New Moon of the Shadow Lords and Alpha of the Sept of the Forgotten. Human born." She then looks to Leo.

Steven starts to answer Gerald - then falls quiet promptly, as Tsuki speaks.

Leo nods. He steps forward. "I am Leo 'Lighting Walker' Calus, a Fostern Warrior of the Shadow Lords and Beta of the Sept of the Forgotten, human born, protector of the caerns. I would remind you all that there should be no violence in this caern of Healing. That's it." He steps back. .

Brian then speaks up from his cross-legged position to offer, "I am Brian Roth, Cliath Philodox of the Children of Gaia, human born, deed name of Advocate for Gaia." He keeps it short, at least.

Pyotr folds his arms across his chest and then says, "Pyotr Poyarkov of the Shadow Lords. Deed named Rumbles in Wind. Born on two legs under the Philodox moon. Cliath." his voice is slow and tinged with it's russian accent.

Gerald glances up and around, and he rattles off dully, "Gerald Hazeldine of the Get. Deed named Walks on Water. Born human under the new moon. Cliath."

Greta smiles thinly to those who smile her way, but seems both very tense, and very tired. She takes up a spot near the edge of the clearing, near Ben and Brian, and offers her own introduction:
"I am Greta Petrakis, also named Burns With Silence, a human-born cliath, and a child of the crescent moon. I came to this world as daughter of the Black Furies' line, and so shall I live out my days."

Ben calls out from where he sits near Gerald, Steven, and the Gray Wolf. "I'm Whispers-With-Spirits, Cliath Theurge and Child of Gaia. My kinfolk named me Ben, as most or all of you know, but I will now reveal something that some of you probably do not know." Standing up, Ben says, "I have no desire to hide my heritage from my Sept brothers and sisters any longer. I was not born of man or wolf. I am Metis." And with that, Ben shifts into Crinos form... his natural form. In the language of the Garou he adds, "And I thank Gaia for the warm welcome I've received from the Sept, despite the shame of my true heritage. I consider you all my friends." Then he sits back down.

Whispers-With-Spirits undergoes a startling transmogrification into the terrifying Wolf-Man form. His clothes are shredded from his body in the proccess.

Min who had not sat down yet, speaks once Ben has spoken before any silences form. She stands even taller as she announces proudly, "I am Philomina Syros, ritenamed Moirai's Wrath, cliath full moon of the Bacchantes kuklos of the Black Furies. I am the great-grand-daughter of Carlotta Heartrender, athro ahroun, grand-daughter of Haydee Stalks-the-Ways, adren ragabash and daughter of Gina Wyld-With-Whispers, adren theurge, all of the Bacchantes kuklos of the Black Furies. I was born on two legs on the caern of the Watchful Shadow."

Irma inclines her head slightly and says in her thick German accent, "I am Scent-Of-Red-Rain, Cliath, born on two legs unto the Get of Fenris under the Mother's raging Full Moon. My Kinfolk named me Irma, after the war goddess of my homeland's myths. This name... you may call me as well."


Towering at a height of nine or ten feet, this monstrous beast combines the features of a man with those of a snarling canine. His face is definitely wolf-like, with a long snout and a maw full of pointed carnivorous teeth. His amber eyes are alert and startlingly human-looking, alight with an undeniable spark of intelligence. He's got a huge barrel chest, a thick neck, and heavily muscled arms and shoulders... bigger than even the most dedicated body-builder could ever hope to be. At the ends of his fingers are deadly-looking claws. His legs are as huge as tree trunks and end in wolf-like paws rather than normal human feet. The wolf-man's entire body is covered in a short layer of soft brown fur, though under his chin it's a bit longer and slightly curly.

Tsukikage blinks as Ben speaks his introduction, studying him for a moment, but nods to him briefly, before she turns to listen to the introductions of the others as they speak.

Brian nods his head towards Ben, evaluating the Metis for one moment, but he doesn't seem as necessarily bothered by the admission or transformation. He waits for the rest of the introductions, especially of the kin.

Gerald glances up at the transformed Ben. His brows lift a touch in surprise, but his remains otherwise diffident.

Leo winces as Ben shreds his clothes. He mutters. Other than that, he stoically watches over the group.

Whispers-With-Spirits takes all the sudden glances in stride.

Steven says aloud, from where he's placed himself by Gerald - and by Whispers-With-Spirits, whose neighborhood he hasn't fled despite the predictable startled glance - "Steven Nowicki, kinfolk to the Get of Fenris."

Gray Wolf sits amiably enough, near Ben, listening to all the introductions with an ear half-cocked.

Tsukikage nods, then looks around the group. "A few others are not here. There is a new Galliard, lupus Bone Gnawer by name of Onion Jon. Maddy Clark, kinfolk of the Glasswalkers, Chief Dennis Stratton, kinfolk of the Glasswalkers, and finally, Katlin Silver, kinfolk of the Fianna."

Brian seems a little bit surprised at the mention of the Police Chief's name, but also seems pleased, nodding his head as each name is said.

Whispers-With-Spirits nods toward Tsukikage.

Whispers-With-Spirits says in the language of the Garou, "For those of you who haven't met our spirit-brother..."
Whispers-With-Spirits gestures to the Gray Wolf. "His presence is a good omen."
Whispers-With-Spirits murmurs something.

Tsukikage nods to Whispers and the wolf spirit. "Hai. We welcome our brother as well." She then looks around the group. "Now we shall start with the opening howl..." Her form begins to shimmer and blur as she shifts through her forms to crinos.

Leo nods, to that. He remains silent, though lifts his chin to the wolf.

Gerald regards the gray wolf silently. As Tsuki speaks, he leans back against the stone behind him and sits there, watching her instead.

Leo steps back, with that, and shifts himself, his form shimmering into a large black Crinosed wolf with jagged claw scars on his back.

Gray Wolf howls a greeting in the language of Wolf.

Advocate-for-Gaia also shifts to Crinos, his clothes forming into his body with him rather than falling to the ground, at least. He waits to add his own voice to the howl that will fill the night air and wet a few sleeping bags over in the camp grounds.

Min carefully takes her clothes off and leaves them in a heap near the circle before she too shifts into her crinos form with a nod spared in the direction of the wolf spirit.

Crane Shadow bows to the spirit wolf, then raises her head towards Luna, a high pitched eerie howl resonates through the breeze.

Gerald sits up, like he might actually get up and join in, but then he sighs, deflates, and leans back, watching his compatriots. He doesn't even ogle Min when she disrobes. He must be in a funk.

LightningWalker leans back, adding his bass, thunderous rumble to the howl.

Whispers-With-Spirits reaches a large, clawed hand down and rests it on Gerald's shoulder before he joins in the howl.

Gray Wolf adds its voice to the others, howling another greeting.

Irma's dark eyes flicker with intensity as she shifts into her crinos form. Her clothes, which have been dedicated, morph and disappear into her new form. The tall woman shifts into an unusually tall and muscular crinos.

Gerald glances to the clawed hand on his shoulder. He then closes his eyes, letting his head drop forward, and the sound he utters is easily lost in the howling, a quiet and listless keening sound that might pass for a human version of a howl.

Advocate-for-Gaia adds his own voice to the howl that goes up across the caern, bidding Luna a good evening and opening the Moot with the formality required of such a function and so on and so forth. Besides, it's fun to howl.

Steven, keeping quiet, nonetheless eyes Gerald sidelong, frowning a little.

Moirai's Wrath lends her own strong voice to the howling, putting her whole heart into it as she throws back her head.

Greta also slips her human shape, her body growing and changing into its Big Furry counterpart as she, too, echoes the call into the night.

Whispers-With-Spirits finally joins in the howl as well, once Gerald lends his human keening sound.
Whispers-With-Spirits says "Arooooo!"

Scent-Of-Red-Rain lets loose with a powerful howl, adding her own voice to the collective howl. This young warrior's howl is filled with a mixture of rage and respect.

Crane Shadow weaves her voice throughout the howls as they offer their voices. Eventually, as the energy ebbs, she brings the tone of the howling down to a soft tone, and then slowly lets her howl fade into the night.

Rumbles howls, tensing his whole body as he releases his call.

Gray Wolf murmurs something.

Advocate-for-Gaia finally allows his voice to taper off in the night howl, turning his attention towards Crane Shadow to allow her to lead the moot as would be appropriate to do so.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain falls silent with the rest, crossing her arms over her chest and looking to the Alpha, inclining her head to her.

Whispers-With-Spirits lets his howl subside, and then translates the Wolf-Spirit's words, and says in the language of the Garou, "It is time for the Inner Sky. When the horizon and the past are made one."

Crane Shadow looks around the group as the howls fade and nods, ~Now we offer what we can to this sacred ground. To Unicorn and her guardians.~

LightningWalker lets his bass rumble fall quiet. He opens his yellow eyes and flicks his ears forward.

Gerald falls quiet, lifting his hands to hide his face, rubbing at his eyes wearily with the heels of his hands.

Whispers-With-Spirits murmurs, and says in the language of the Garou, "Unicorn and Bear, receive what I can offer." He closes his big wolfish eyes, and draws a deep breath - in through his nose, out through his maw. He keeps his hand resting reassuringly on Gerald's shoulder.

Crane Shadow glances over to Ben and nods, then steps to the middle of the clearing. She faces East,

~Hear me spirits of the East, Power of Air, we call on you, Starseeker, Whirlwind, Rising Sun, Come! By air that is your breath, send forth your light, be here now...~ She pauses, then turns to the North, ~Spirits of North, Power of Fire, we call on you. Flaming one, summer warmth, Spark of life. By Fire that is your spirit, send forth your flame, be here now...~ She then pauses again and turns to the West, ~Spirits of the West, Power of Water, we call on you. You of the watery abyss, Rainmakers, Grey-Robed twilight, Unicorn, Evening star...Luna. Come! By waters of your life, send forth your flow, be here now...~ She pauses again a little longer then faces South, ~Spirit of the South! Power of Gaia, Lady of Life, Southern Sky, center of all... Stone, Mountain, Fertile Field. Come! By earth that is your body, Send forth your strength! Be here now!~

Rumbles stops his howl and folds his arms across his chest. He wiggles his left leg funny as he settles down.

Whispers-With-Spirits smiles with wolfish respect at the Alpha's eloquent ritual words.

LightningWalker flattens his ears at the mention of Bear, and snorts a bit. He closes his eyes, concentrating on the words.

Gerald remains still, face hidden, and he doesn't seem to mind terribly much that there is a clawed hand on his shoulder.

) Crane Shadow spends a point of willpower.

Advocate-for-Gaia takes a deep breath and gives what he can of himself to the spirits that rush around, despite the fact he is barely in touch with his own nature. He murmurs softly as the moot continues, the rituals carried out.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain listens carefully to the words of the ritual, watching Crane Shadow as she carries it out.

VERIFY(WOJX) Crane Shadow rolls Gnosis at a difficulty of 7 and gets 4 Successes.

) Crane Shadow spends a point of Gnosis.

Crane Shadow glances around the group, as everyone offers their share of gnosis to the caern. She stands in silence a moment respectfully, then her form begins to blur and shift down to homid form once again.

Advocate-for-Gaia sighs softly as the ritual and moot continues, the caern replenished. That done, he shifts back to Homid as well, following the Alpha's lead, reappearing, clothes and all.

LightningWalker stays in his war form, but settles down in a crouch next to Rumbles, lifting his snout to sniff the air for a moment.

Whispers-With-Spirits remains in Crinos form as well. He peers down at Gerald, then removes his hand from the Get's shoulder and sits down next to him again, opposite Steven.

Gray Wolf watches the proceedings quietly.

Gerald lets his hands drop to the dirt, and he lifts his head, looking haggard, tired, and old. At least he keeps quiet.

Tsukikage looks around the group, "Now we will discuss matters of importance to us. Things I wish to address tonight: The formation of packs, The investigation of Lisa and the bubblegum, the Great Bane in the volcano, and perhaps Katlin."

Scent-Of-Red-Rain also remains in war form. She slips down into a crouch with her hands on the ground between her feet. She listens carefully to Tsukikage.

Rumbles crouches best he can as well. His right arm drops to maintain his balance. His forearm wrapped in jewelry hides any muscles that might flex as it takes on some of his mammoth weight. Slowly he morphs to a homid again.

Steven glances toward Leo as Tsuki says that last name; his hand moves to cover Gerald's forearm for a moment before he draws it back. As usual, he keeps quiet.

Brian nods his head in quiet agreement with the agenda, settling in to listen to it and the inevitable discussion that may follow afterwards.

Whispers-With-Spirits asks Tsukikage, "What of the ritual hunt?"

Moirai's Wrath remains in crinos also, bending down to seat herself near Greta as she watches the proceedings with broody silence, darting a look over at Gerald once or twice. The only noise she makes is a rumbling at the back of her throat when Katlin's name is mentioned.

Tsukikage straightens, "On the issue of packs. Leo and I been talking and think it would be wise to form two packs. One based mainly in vision caern, one here. Both packs would guard and look after well being of the caerns. The Vision caern one would have most emphasis on investigating matters of that caern and clearing out corruption in the zone. Leo would lead this pack. The other, to serve the Healing caern, led by myself. To pursue more spiritual and enigmatic matters which threaten us. Both would of course join together as a Sept to fight whatever foes may be found." She looks around, then glances at Whispers with a nod, "Does anyone wish to speak on the matter of the packs?"

Whispers-With-Spirits nods to Tsukikage and says in the language of the Garou, "I think that's a great idea, Kage-rhya."

Gerald draws away from Steven, briefly, settling again as the touch recedes. He watches Tsuki as she speaks, frowning faintly, more thoughtful than disapproving.

Brian looks up towards Tsukikage, perhaps waiting to be recognized by the Alpha to speak. Tsukikage looks over to Brian and nods.

"Has it been established which members of the Sept shall be in which pack?" questions the Philodox with a furrowed brow as Brian settles back.

LightningWalker glances over to Brian as well. He sniffs the air again, then turns to Tsukikage to speak.

Whispers-With-Spirits peers at the Alpha, then at Leo at Brian's question.

Tsukikage nods to Leo as he seems to wish to speak.

LightningWalker rumbles. ~The formation of the packs should be decided at a later date. No decision has been made within the Sept leadership as to whom would be in either pack.~

Moirai's Wrath nods slowly at Lightning Walker's words and then fixes her eyes on Tsukikage to indicate she wishes to speak.

Tsukikage nods towards Leo, "Hai." Then looks around the group, "I just wish to bring this to the front. If any of you particularly interested in either... Please speak with me or Leo."

Brian nods his head slightly and settles back. "I believe I would be better suited to deal in the urban caern, but that is all." He seems satisfied, at least.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain quirks a large, wolfen eyebrow at Brian's statement, but she says nothing.

Moirai's Wrath shoots a sharp look at Brian and then looks to Tsukikage again patiently.

Tsukikage glances around, then nods to Brian, "Hai. I will keep that in mind." Another glance around the group, "Think on it if wish and let us know if interested later. Any other thoughts regarding the packs?"

Whispers-With-Spirits doesn't seem to want to interrupt the proceedings, but he points out, and says in the language of the Garou, "To really know which pack and caern fits us each, a communion with the spirits is VERY important. I will help with that, if anyone cannot choose on their own."

Whispers-With-Spirits adds, and says in the language of the Garou, "Or if the Alpha and Beta ask it of me.

Tsukikage inclines her head to Whispers, "Thank you." She then looks over to Moirai and nods to her. "Please..."

LightningWalker inclines his head to Whispers, then glances at Moirai's Wrath.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain still crouches in crinos form, hands on the ground between her feet. Her long, vicious looking claws idly scratch at the earth beneath her hands as she listens to what is being said. Attentive. Silent. Watchful.

Moirai's Wrath nods at Tsukikage and rumbles ((I would prefer if the totems that will be bound to each pack be known before we make a decision as some may offend the beliefs of some of us here.))

Whispers-With-Spirits nods, which is sort of what he meant, too - in a sense.

Gerald's gaze flits to Scent-Of-Red-Rain, and he watches her silently, or rather watches her claws tracing the dirt.

Tsukikage nods to Moirai, "Hai. That is understandable. The totems not yet decided, but we will let you know."

Tsukikage glances around the group once more, an eyebrow raised to see if anyone else moves to speak.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain inclines her head to the Alpha to be recognized.

Gerald's shoulders slump and he goes back to drawing in the dirt, looking away. No motion to speak from here.

Tsukikage looks over to Red-Rain and nods to her.

Brian has disconnected.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain says in a gruff growl. "I am new here, and know little of the woes of this city. But I offer myself to whichever pack you feel needs me. Where I can begin to tear out the bloody entrails of the taint that threatens the holy places. No danger is too great." You feel something -- well, not pinch you, exactly, but there's a little ripple in the air toward whatever it is Gerald might be drawing in the dirt.

Tsukikage nods to Red Rain with a slightly quirked smile, "Hai. Thank you, I will remember that as well."

Moirai's Wrath has disconnected.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain bows her head to Tsukikage and goes back to clawing at the dirt while she listens.

Tsukikage then seems to straighten up quickly. More alert for some reason, as she glances around the clearing.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain snaps her head around, her dark gaze searching the area, noting Tsuki's reaction. She sniffs the air and begins to rise to her feet, hands curling as she does.

Gerald stops drawing, wiping his hand across the dirt as he glances up again, more or less attentive.

Whispers-With-Spirits notices Tsukikage and Scent-Of-Red-Rain's curious change in demeanor and peers around.

Tsukikage warily seems to eye the grounds of the caern, then says, "We will discuss who will join which more later..." She pauses then looks to Whispers, "Do you sense a spirit present here? Perhaps Coyote?"

LightningWalker flicks an ear forward, then back.

Whispers-With-Spirits sighs to himself.

Pyotr looks to Whispers-with-Spirits. His brow furrowed in curiosity.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain continues to sniff the air and her keen eyes sweep around, looking for any intruder that might be lurking in the shadows. She seems to have snapped instantly from being relatively calm to alert and ready to fight.

Gerald shakes his head in reply to Tsukikage. He continues looking around, drudging up something akin to alertness.

Whispers-With-Spirits seems to be peering past the gauntlet separating Gaia from the spiritual realm. He whispers into the silence, oblivious to what's happening around him.

Whispers-With-Spirits mumbles under his breath.

Tsukikage glances around as Ben whispers to the air, and notices the alert nature of those around her. She frowns slightly, then explains softly, "Since we visited the Mountain, I believe Coyote or one of his children been following me. I need visit him soon. I not think he means ill-will...I apologize for the interruption." A flustered look seems to pass her normally businesslike face momentarily, then she glances back towards Whispers.

LightningWalker tilts his head, watching Whispers-With-Spirits curiously. He glances at Tsukikage, then back.

Whispers-With-Spirits peers curiously at Tsukikage, then at Gerald... for a moment, it breaks him out of his trance as he seems to be considering something... and then he stares off dreamily again, whispering to into nothingness.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain eyes Tsukikage and she relaxes visibly. With one last glance around the edges of the area, she returns to her place, crouching down.

Whispers-With-Spirits murmurs something.

Gerald sighs as he looks up to Whispers, his brow furrowing faintly. With a snort, he shakes his head and turns his attention to Tsukikage.

Whispers-With-Spirits says in the language of the Garou, "Kage-rhya, let's talk after the moot?"

Whispers-With-Spirits returns his attention to the 'real world.' He shakes his massive, furry head as if to clear it.

Tsukikage glances at Whispers and nods, "Hai, thank you." She then looks to the rest of the group. "Please bring any other thoughts of the Packs to Leo or my attention later. We also wish to call more guardian spirits to strengthen the defenses of the caern spiritually. We will be speaking with the Theurges of such." She glances towards Ben and Greta. Whispers-With-Spirits nods.

Tsukikage looks around again, "I was to next speak of the situation with Lisa, the bubblegum, and the housing project." She looks over to the newer faces, "It seem a fomori was spawned in a little girl who we fought. We believe perhaps her bubblegum, to which she addicted, changed her. We also hear of homeless turning possibly due to tainted food passed out at the homeless shelter. Does anyone present have any information regarding that?"

Gerald shakes his head and says quietly, "I haven't found anything yet. I'll keep looking."

Tsukikage nods, and glances around again. "Hai. I believe Brian and Greta also possibly looking into the gum, as well as the Chief on these matters."

Scent-Of-Red-Rain remains silent, taking this all in.

Whispers-With-Spirits looks down at Gerald, then sits down. He also is to shakes his head at the Alpha's question. "I wish I did," he answers in the language of the Garou. "But I trust Greta and Brian to learn and tell us what they discover."

Whispers-With-Spirits shrugs. "It's not going to be an easy task, I bet."

LightningWalker rumbles a bit, but is no more eloquent than that.

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. We will await what they have found until later." She then thinks a moment, "Next, the matter of the Great Bane whose bounds are weakening in the volcano. It seems we are closer to a solution." She pauses, "I spoke with a brother wolf spirit," She glances to the spirit, "And accompanied a group to Mt. Taylor, where we spoke with other spirits and an elder Uktena. It seems there are four items needed to carry out the ritual to bind the bane." She glances to Gerald, "I believe one to be a drum passed on to Walks-On-Water. Another, may possibly be the thorn brought to us by Onion Jon. I was told another is held by a girl with hair the color of Autumn, who I must find. She is in this city and may be known to us. The forth, I believe is held by Coyote..."

LightningWalker listens intently to this. When Gerald is mentioned, he glances over at him, then glances back at Tsukikage.

Whispers-With-Spirits blinks his big wolf eyes and turns a surprised gaze to Gerald. Whispers-With-Spirits mutters to himself, "... Gerald?"

Gerald blinks a bit, sitting up a little. The mention of the drum gets his attention. "I have it," he says. "Not with me, but."

Whispers-With-Spirits says in the language of the Garou, "I was wrong, Kage-rhya. It's Walks-On-Water I must speak with... not you."

Scent-Of-Red-Rain watches the Alpha as she speaks. She absorbs all this carefully. Those claws still scratching at the earth beneath her.

Gerald eyes Whispers sidelong, a touch warily.

Tsukikage tilts her head, and nods with a smile to Gerald, "Hai. The wolf told me of it and you." Tsukikage looks to Whispers, "Hai. I would ask that you fill me in on what you find later." She looks around the group, then back to whispers, "A spirit spoke to Whispers in his dreams of this as well. Perhaps, you have some wisdom to share on matter of the spirits?"

Whispers-With-Spirits returns with an ominous gaze at Gerald. He then turns half-way to Tsukikage and says, "Soon."

LightningWalker wurfles, suspiciously.

Gerald sidles away from Whispers, looking a touch perturbed.

Whispers-With-Spirits says in the language of the Garou, "Don't be afraid, Walks-On-Water."

Whispers-With-Spirits backs away, hoping that will put Gerald more at ease. Then he turns back to the Alpha so she can continue.

Gerald assures, "It's not fear." Shaking his head faintly, he turns his attention to Tsuki and says, "The drum is in safe keeping, yours if you want it."

Tsukikage tilts her head towards Whispers, "If you have nothing to add now. That is fine." She looks back to Gerald, "I remember you telling me of your drum, and realized it was you the wolf spoke of to me. I will come see the drum soon. I trust it safe now, but perhaps we move it to one of the caerns." She glances at Whispers, then looks to the group, "Please inform me if you see or know a woman with red hair. I know there is many, but that is all I have for now." She lowers her voice, "I know it is not Katlin that we seek...Once the items are found, I believe we are to bring them to the Elder Uktena, Tallie, who will perform a ritual when the time is right." She thinks a moment, "There are four worlds, four items, and four must go, she said. She also warned of great danger..."

Whispers-With-Spirits runs a clawed hand through his curly, tangled beard and looks thoughtful. "But there's also a great hope waiting to be discovered," he murmurs in the Garou tongue, sagely.

Tsukikage nods to Whispers a moment, then looks around. "Does anyone else have any questions or thoughts on this?"

Gerald shakes his head quietly.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain rumbles quietly but simply continues to listen and absorb.

Gray Wolf quietly wanders off...
Gray Wolf has disconnected.

Tsukikage nods, "As I said, I believe Coyote has been following me, and has invited me to his Kiva. Perhaps I can find him and the other item we seek. I not sure if I must go alone or not..."

Whispers-With-Spirits says in the language of the Garou, "If you do, go carefully, Kage-rhya. He is crafty and strong."

LightningWalker listens. At one point he leans his wolfen head to one side and cracks his neck. He nods, listening to Tsukikage respectfully.

Tsukikage nods to Whispers, "Hai. Perhaps it is wise to try to bring a small group, if possible."

Scent-Of-Red-Rain growls, "If you need someone to watch your back... on this... or any other task. I will be there for you."

Tsukikage nods to Rain and smiles, "Thank you." She then looks around the group a moment, "Is that all until more is found on this?"

Whispers-With-Spirits bows his head toward Tsukikage with respect, then nods over at Scent-Of-Red-Rain. "I don't have anything else to add," he admits.

Pyotr remains silent.

Gerald as well.

LightningWalker rumbles, ~We must complete this soon. The danger in the volcanoes grow with each passing days. But the Sept has already completed much towards this goal, to this you should be proud.~

Tsukikage nods to Leo with a slight bow, "Hai." She looks around, "Oh. I still would like assistance in cleaning out the actual Volcano, if we can. The taint there is strong and corrupted much. It hard to endure."

Gerald notes quietly, "To that I will lend myself, if you wish it."

LightningWalker inclines his head. ~You have my help.~

Pyotr responds, "And I."

Scent-Of-Red-Rain nods her head slowly, "And mine."

Tsukikage nods to everyone, "I will try to arrange a time soon to deal with it. A vampire once nested there and a dead body lies there. As well as twisted bones." She grimaces a bit,

"They will need be cleansed and destroyed as well."

Whispers-With-Spirits chuckles, an odd sound in his Crinos form, and says, and says in the language of the Garou, "Well, of course I will, too. How could any Garou say no?"

Tsukikage smiles slightly, then looks around the group. "As for Katlin and the demons, it a complicated situation. She left this caern, and was found wandering around the city. We have moved her back to the vision caern where she now rests. Until we hear her story and find the truth, no decision will be made concerning her." She looks around, "I also wish a truthcatcher present to speak with Rose after hearing Katlin, and possibly Danny. Though, if Danny indeed a danger, a group may be needed nearby in case something happens."

Gerald drops his gaze to the ground at the mention of Katlin, and he withdraws a bit, quietly.

LightningWalker rumbles. ~I cannot be with you when you question the Bastet, but I would like to be nearby. I do not trust her mate not to attack if cornered.~ He gets a fierce look.

Steven just stays crouched beside Gerald, watching Tsuki - more or less as he's been doing since the moot started.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain watches Tsuki as she speaks and then asks, "What happened to this... Katlin? And who are Rose and Danny?"

Tsukikage nods to Leo, "Hai. That a concern of mine as well. I like to find out as much of this as possible before going to them. I also believe one named Shelley Wadsworth-Forbes may have something to do with this. And the one called Garrek has some knowledge of her, though he a servant of a vampire. Pyotr has been investigating him to see what he can find there."

Pyotr pipes in, "I will try to hasten my pace. I believe who ever did this to Katlin. Shelly, Garrek, and Danny deserve my attention as to the nature of the abilities and what they do with it."

Tsukikage then glances over to Red-Rain, "It is a difficult situation, and we not know all of it. She is a Glasswalker Kin who was lost to us until recently. She has been through much trouble, and was tortured by a vampire, who now dead. She claims that Rose and Danny saved her, and at some point, she traded her soul to Danny for protection and possibly help of demons. We also have reason to believe she traffic with demons," She glances to Leo, then continues, "She claim Danny stole her soul, but Rose, a Bastet of some sort and his mate, returned it in exchange for Oath not to say anything of them. But the kin broke her Oath eventually and told us this. She claims she cold when the Oath broken, but thinks she maybe still have her soul." Tsuki sighs, "I not sure who to believe, which is why I call one who can seek truth to hear her story, at least to find what she believes to be true. I also not certain what Rose knows or believes of this situation or of her mate Danny." She looks around, "I have put some files in a cabinet in the vision caern for those interested." She then glances at Gerald a moment, then the rest of the group, "Is there any other information we should know concerning this?"

Gerald glances up again, looking puzzled, "Is she Glasswalker Kin? I was led to believe she was of the Fianna."

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. Sorry, Fianna."

Gerald nods a bit, half-smiling as he says, "I know I'm usually confused." He inclines his head to Tsuki respectfully.

Scent-Of-Red-Rain nods her head as she listens to Tsukikage's words. She grits her teeth as she listens but says nothing. When Tsuki is finished, she says in a low growl, "Thank you..."

Steven shakes his head slightly, in response to Tsukikage's request for information.

Tsukikage then looks over to Pyotr with a nod to his previous comment, "It not be wise to question Danny or Shelley alone. He is quick to anger, and if it true he deals with unknown powers, we not sure what they may be. As for this Shelley, I not even sure where she is, though I think she still in city. I may have ways to find her, if needed."

LightningWalker rumbles. ~The situation is confusing. The Kinfolk speaks many half-truths. The path of honor in this situation may be a twisting road to walk.~

Gerald asks, "Who is taking care of her child while she is endlessly getting herself into one disaster after another?"

Whispers-With-Spirits sits quietly and listens to the discussion.

Tsukikage nods to Leo, "Hai. I do not believe all the kin says, and she changes her story when she seem to think it what we want to hear." She glances over to Gerald, "She is resting in the visions caern. Several of us have been looking after her."

Gerald glances around, then says cautiously, "She told me once she wanted me to take her daughter. I'm half-tempted."

Tsukikage nods to Gerald, "Hai. She has asked the same of me, and I intend to get the girl. I know who watches after her now, and have promised Katlin at least that."

Whispers-With-Spirits says in the language of the Garou, "Katlin's insane."

Gerald nods a bit. The momentary spark of life in him starts to fade again, and he says quietly, "As you deem fit, Alpha."

Tsukikage sighs, "The child is another matter. It seems that the father of the child is one called Austin, who was a servant of a vampire when the child born. Austin's sister is one named Kat, who is known to me as a Changeling. She can be a disagreeable one at that and has the girl, Morrigan. So, the child perhaps has both wolf and fae blood in her. We at least need determine if she a werewolf, and find a suitable home for her."

Gerald nods quietly, dropping his glance to the dirt again.

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Tsukikage looks over to Gerald, "If you wish to locate Kat's home, and look into the matter of the girl, that would be helpful. I not sure if we will need negotiate with Kat or what situation will arise."

Gerald asks, "Does this 'Kat' have a last name?"

Tsukikage shakes her head, "I believe it Silver, as Katlin's last name. Katlin was married to Austin, so they have same last name. I know she rides motorcycles and worked at Wheels of Fire..."

Gerald nods a bit and says, "I'll look into it. I have contact with one of the fae. He might know something I don't."

Ben has disconnected.

Tsukikage nods and smiles, "Hai. That would be helpful."

Gerald smiles wanly as he says, "I'll let you know what I discover."

Tsukikage looks over to Gerald, "Was there anything else that Katlin told you when you spoke with her?"

Tsukikage glances over to Steven as well, curiously.

Gerald considers, then replies, "She hated me, um... let's see. Wanted me to take her daughter. She told me everything she knew about vampires, which was a lot more than I did. I haven't spoken to her for awhile."

Tsukikage nods thoughtfully, "Did she mention the matter of demons to you?"

Steven says quietly, "Most of what I picked up over the last year or two, you just said. The rest is outdated."

Gerald's brow furrows as he thinks, then shaking his head, he says, "Not as such. She mentioned the volcano and the banes, but no demons."

LightningWalker wurfles at one point. He keeps his own counsel, though.

Tsukikage nods and hrms. "She has said much that I not know what to believe, but claims she told you of them. She also claims you told her not to tell us of them, or we would all have to go out and fight them and get killed?" She tilts her head at Gerald, "Would you say these more of her tall tales?"

Moirai's Wrath has connected.

Gerald arches a brow quizzically. "I did? That's news to me. She told me she was scared to speak to you on the matter of the vampires, so I offered to her to impart that knowledge to you myself."

Tsukikage nods, and frowns, "Hai. It hard to get the truth out of her, I imagine." She sighs then looks over to Steven, "You hear anything over the last few years of Demons?"

Steven says, "If Danny's last name is Mitt, pretty much exactly what you just told us, minus Rose's involvement; she never mentioned that to me." He keeps his eyes down; apparently he's taken over the staring-at-the-dirt task from Gerald.

Tsukikage looks over to Steven now curiously, "You hear of Daniel Mitt from Katlin, or others?"

LightningWalker turns to regard Steven now, as well.

Steven says "From Katlin." He pauses, then adds, "Two, maybe three years ago by now, I think. I tried to pass that on at the time, but couldn't get hold of anyone."

Tsukikage blinks at Steven a moment, incredulously. "I see. I not realized it had been that long."

LightningWalker just blinks. ~Two years?~ he muses.

Tsukikage tilts her head at Steven, "Did she mention Shelley as well?"

Gerald keeps quiet, glancing between Tsuki and Steven.

Steven shakes his head. "Not that I remember."

Tsukikage nods and hmms, she seems perplexed, then looks up again curiously. There doesn't seem to be any anger in her voice as she continues, just a sense of urgency, "Did she say if she made her agreement with Danny after the Baxter incident?"

Steven says "I didn't hear about the Baxter incident till recently, though she implied at the time she told me about Danny that there were things she couldn't talk about; that could've been it."

Tsukikage nods to Steven, "Hai. So did she mention demons to you at all?"

LightningWalker listens to this all. At one point he flinches, then scratches the side of his face. He gets a twitch, then shifts back to his breed form.

Steven says "Yes. Specifically in relation to Danny and the soul-trading. At the time, she said that she was still, uh, owned. In a later conversation she said that she'd been bought back, but didn't say by whom. The first conversation she spent most of the time too close to being incoherent for me to push her very far."

Steven says "I think she told Aubren more, but it's not likely he passed it on."

Tsukikage shakes her head with a frown. "No. Not a word, as could be expected of him." She actually seems to get a distasteful look on her face at the mention of Aubren and sighs.

Leo cracks his neck upon shifting back, stretching his body out. "Weird," he says, when he's finished. "She was going on last I talked to her about how she had heard it all from Aubren or something." He shakes his head. "Gah. She makes no sense sometimes."

Steven mutters, "Under the circumstances, she's maybe not so much on the sanity department."

Tsukikage frowns, "Oh well. We will see what Truth of Gaia can find, and must eventually find those involved." She looks around, "Anything more on this?"

Gerald shakes his head and replies, "I have nothing more to offer. If I remember anything else, I'll be in touch."

Tsukikage nods to Steven, "She seems to regain sanity quick enough when she feels in danger, I noticed."

Tsukikage glances over to Moirai's Wrath a moment, then looks around the group again.

Pyotr asks, "What was this Baxter's involvement in the Katlin saga?"

Moirai's Wrath grunts and shifts her weight, speaking for the first time in ages, in Garou. ((Once I attacked her character flaws the spirits vanished and only the kin remained to profess her innocence.))

Tsukikage nods to Moirai's Wrath, then looks over to Pyotr, "He tortured her and forced her to write a confession about the what she knew of the vampires and the werewolves. At that time, we lucky she know more about them than us. But there a copy of her letter in the vision caern."

Leo rumbles. "Baxter, a leech that tortured Katlin to find out information about the other vampires...and us. He is now dead."

Tsukikage sighs, "She also set Xavier's house on fire and claims he raped her."

Gerald comments, "Which I am starting to question, given her penchant for elaboration."

Pyotr nods to Leo, "I overheard two leeches discuss Baxter's death."

Tsukikage nods, "I find it hard to believe about the rape, but claims she hired people to carry out the incineration of his house." She then adds, "Xavier was the former Alpha of the Sept, Still-Claw, an Adren of the Glasswalkers. He left town."

Tsukikage glances over to Pyotr, "What did they say of Baxter?" Leo glances over at Pyotr as well.

Pyotr shakes his head, "Not much. Two female leeches, One named Athena. Apparently saying she was safe. Baxter had kidnapped Athena at one point from Lost Souls Cafe."

Leo shakes his head. "Ah." He turns back to Tsukikage. "Well, I guess what's left is to try to find some truth from Katlin. What happens if we find out that this Dan Mitt really is a demonist, however?"

Tsukikage nods thoughtfully, then looks to Leo. "That only what she believe to be true. We will probably have to question Rose, and see what she say, and possibly Danny himself. Unless we can find proof another way. If we confront Danny, we should be ready for a fight. I have feeling he not take it well."

Leo nods. "All right." He cracks his neck. "I've sparred with Dan before all this came up. He's one tough bastard."

Pyotr says, "Then things become even more complex. His relation to Rose might rally Shifters like Zef rally to her banner against us."

Tsukikage nods to Leo, "Hai. And if he have other powers..." She then looks to Pyotr, "Hopefully, we can convince Zef otherwise. If not, he claim he the more spiritual type and I get feeling he not want us on his bad side. However, I also not wish to move in and confront Danny too soon. If we think he does deal with demons, we have no idea how powerful he may be."

Leo glances at Pyotr. "The bete are not to be trusted. Too many of them have come to our Sept with masks of arrogance, or hiding ill intent. Rose, at least, has honor, though she may be...deluded by Dan, if he consorts with demons." He shrugs.

Leo glances at Tsukikage. He gives her a lopsided grin. "Eh, I think I can take him," he says, confidently.

Pyotr adds, "Killing Danny will be one part muscle and the other part finesse when we deal with how Rose takes Dan's death. Even alone she will be a force of nature."

Tsukikage nods to Pyotr. "I hope that if we can uncover the truth of Danny, Rose's honor to Gaia will come first and we can convince her of his actions."

Tsukikage adds, "If she not already know of them..."

Leo turns to Pyotr, and nods. He turns back to Tsukikage. "The path of honor..." he muses.

Tsukikage looks around, "Well, there not much more we can speculate on now." She glances around, "Is there anything else anyone wishes to bring up before we go?"

Gerald shakes his head slowly.

Leo shakes his. "Nothing."

Pyotr shakes his head no.

Min shifts back down to her homid form, bending over to pick up her clothes and dress herself. "I have one thing to say but it's not really a conversation topic, if I may."

Tsukikage looks over to Min and nods, "Please."

Leo glances over to Min.

Once she is dressed enough not to be a mostly naked lump of female muscle with a mouth, Min looks to everyone and says, "Greta and I will to return to Mount Taylor alone for some personal business. I just wanted people to know, so that if we disappear, you'll know where to start forming a search party first."

Leo raises an eyebrow, but says nothing.

Gerald eyes Min sidelong. "All right," he says tentatively.

Tsukikage nods thoughtfully, "Hai. I hope it not come to that, at least."

Pyotr says, "If you like. Before you go. I can bind those clothes to you?" He folds his arms across his chest.

Gerald coughs a bit, dropping his gaze again, but he keeps quiet. Alas.

Tsukikage adds, "I may have to visit Coyote soon myself."

Min shrugs her shoulders lightly and says to Tsukikage, "I do not think it will, but Coyote lives in that mountain, it's best not to leave things to chance." She turns and gives Pyotr and smooth look and shakes her head. "That won't be necessary, my sister will perform the Rite when she has a moment."

Tsukikage looks up interested, "You are going to deal with Coyote? He still follows me and has invited me to speak with him..."

Min shakes her head shortly. "No, we have no business with Coyote outside the Sept. Greta and I need to spend some time there for personal reasons." She gives Tsukikage a vaguely imploring look.

Pyotr smiles at Min's response, he turns to Leo, and asks in hushed tones, "Do you happen to know what Dan typically keeps in that duffle bag?"

Leo shakes his head. "Nope. Big fucking gun, probably."

Tsukikage nods, "Ahh. I see. Hai." A flustered look quickly passes her face, before it becomes neutral again. "In case Coyote interfere and you are lost. Hai..." She takes a breath. "I will need to visit Coyote soon."

Leo glances at Tsukikage, raising an eyebrow.

Min looks steadily at Tsukikage, pauses, and then mentions blandly, "He seems to have taken a great interest in you, Tsukikage-rhya, both Greta and myself believe that he will deal only with you for what we need."

Tsukikage looks over to Leo and glances behind herself for a moment. She says in a grumbly tone "He seems to enjoy pinching me." She then looks over to Min a moment and hrms. "Well, I hope you both return safe from your journey. I think we have run out of time for now and will wait until next time for other matters?" She glances around those left again.

Gerald shrugs agreeably, still quiet.

Leo nods to Tsukikage, rising up and stretching again.

Pyotr remains quiet as he already was.

Leo shakes his head. "I can't think of anything else."

Tsukikage looks around again. "Hai. Then all else can be discussed non-officially, and brought up officially at the next Moot."

Leo has disconnected.

Steven glances sidelong toward Gerald. "Do you need a ride back, later?"

Pyotr has disconnected.

Gerald shakes his head and says quietly, "Nah, I brought the truck." Later? He looks a bit confused.

Tsukikage heads over to the pool and stands looking into a for a moment, then sits down in a meditative mood for now.

The following gnosis was given to the Healing Caern during the moot:
Greta: 2 Gnosis
Ben: 2 Gnosis
Min: 1 Gnosis
Pyotr: 1 Gnosis
Brian: 1 Gnosis
Leo: 1 Gnosis
Tsukikage: 1 Gnosis
Tsukikage led the Moot Rite and rolled 5 succs on it. The Healing Caern has been mightily replenished.
Mortal/Mortal+ Wizard & Shifter Co-Wizard

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