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Moot 3/6/02

You unlock the door marked Wooden Door .

Tsukikage unlocks the door marked Wooden Door .

You open the wooden door, and walk through several darkened chambers before entering...

The Switching Yard

The place you are in gives the impression of being a wide open space... albeit a dark one.

Sandy ground crumbles about the edges of ancient, dusty boulders. Clouds of dust seem to have been stirred up recently. However, the main thing you notice are the railroad tracks running all about the ground... there seems to be one main route with several switches leading off of it. In fact, all of the traditional railroad trappings seem to be in evidence here, even a tiny wooden booth for either shelter or ticket sales - but you imagine business has not been brisk lately, if the latter. Each end of the main track disappears distantly into its own individual tunnel. Though you peer, you can discern nothing. In fact, everything outside of easy sight is extremely difficult to ascertain, you can't so much as tell where this space begins or ends, or what its environs are.

Typing 'silver' will allow you access to the Silver Record.
Obvious exits:

Leo is sitting in the center of the yard, a hand on one of the rails. He glances up as you enter, then nods, respectfully. "'Kage-rhya," he rumbles.

Tsukikage nods and inclines her head in a bow, with a small smile, "Rio... How things going?"

Leo shrugs. "Katlin seems better. Eliza's still missing." He clenches his jaw, tensely. "Full moon. At least the cadaver thing seems to be resolved, as far as we can tell."

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. I will see what I can do to find her. I been meaning to learn a new gift recently that more effective than my rite. But maybe Rite will help for start."

There is a knocking upon the door, coming from the direction of New Dawn Enterprises -- Administration and Housing -- Albuquerque.
You peer out and see Katlin in the hallway outside.
Tsukikage unlocks the door marked Out .

Katlin comes in from New Dawn.
Katlin has arrived.

The Red Cell Phone rings.
Katlin answers her Red Cell Phone

Katlin walks carefully through the chambers.. pausing just in the shadows before entering to answer the phone..

Katlin continues to speak into her cellular phone.

Katlin murmurs her name into the phone, casting an apologetic glance over the others that turns sour after a moment.


You notice a small, determined looking asian girl. Quick chestnut eyes survey those about her. Her long black hair flows freely to the middle of her back. The wispy front tendrils have been dyed a bright shade of deep crimson, framing her small face. You'd guess she stands about 5'3 and is in her mid twenties.
Tsuki is dressed rather traditionally. She wears a wide-sleeved, short, silk, patterned kimono with various deep red hues, and a black divided skirt. Her kimono is gathered about her with a wide white and red patterned obi sash. A simple, platinum pendant with an abstract peony design hangs from her neck. On her feet are a pair of split toed socks and straw sandals. Tucked behind her sash, are two swords, housed in carved black scabbards: A longer katana, and a smaller wakazashi.
Tsukikage looks at you.
Tsukikage smells pure.

Current VR Time - Wed Apr 24 04:51:23 2013 - Early Morning - Dark - Full Moon

Katlin hangs up the Red Cell Phone.

Leo glances up. "So, what's going on up there?"

Tsukikage shrugs and shakes her head, "I not sure..."

Katlin turns the ringer off on her phone as she finishes with a long conversation and then moves further into the chamber.. "Wasn't sure what the dress code would be.. umm up there? A ton of people.."

Leo shakes his head. "Damn them."

Katlin sighs softly then.. offering, "You want me to call Steven and give him some sort of excuse to get in here? I mean if I asked them to move a piano.. they could even grab Ben.. but I'm afraid it might leave Greta hanging.. " She leans back out of the way, looking down at the toes of her shoes.

Leo nods. "Yeah. Something."

Ben comes in from New Dawn.
Ben has arrived.
Ben locks the door marked Out .

Tsukikage glances up as Ben arrives and bows, "Ahh. We just wondering what keeping everyone..."

Ben slips in. "Whew!" he sighs, locking the door behind him. "Some gypsy walked in and started talking to Greta and I, and some other fella came in and started reading the paper. Looked fishy to me, but I gave 'em the slip. I think Greta and Gerald and Steven'll try working the same angle and be here soon... I hope."

Katlin picks up the Red Cell Phone and begins to dial.

Tsukikage nods, frowning a bit, she looks over to Katlin, "Katlin trying to call right now."

Ben says "Oh, I almost forgot Megumi. She's out there, too."

Ben nods toward Tsuki with a respectful nod.

Katlin taps the side of her phone as she mutters.. then looks to the exit. "He's not answering.. I could go out and ask them?" the woman inquires of Leo.

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. I may have to get her if she not follow the others."

Leo grunts, and nods.

Ben grunts back at Leo.


Katlin passes Ben with a chuckle and heads out..
Katlin heads back into New Dawn.
Katlin has left.

Greta comes in from New Dawn.
Greta has arrived.

Leo whistles. "Another one escaped."

Tsukikage nods to Greta as she walks in, "Hello, glad you could make it."

Ben grins sidelong at Greta after Leo makes his comment. "I hope that gypsy guy bought my story," he says to her.

Greta slips inside almost hesitantly. She looks tired, even still, though she did take the time to shower the grime off. "Thanks for allowing me..." she says to Tsuki, "..and yeah, I think he did, Ben...."

Ben nods to himself.

Tsukikage glances up to the door a moment, then shakes her head slowly.

Leo sighs, a bit.

Ben says to Tsukikage, "It won't be much longer." His voice is optimistic.

Gerald comes in from New Dawn.
Gerald has arrived.

Ben smiles, "See?" he says as Gerald walks in.

Tsukikage nods to Ben with a smile, then inclines her head to Gerald in greeting.

Leo hrms, dubiously.

Ben givs Leo a brief look.

You peer out and see Katlin Megumi and Steven in the hallway outside.
Tsukikage peers toward New Dawn.

Gerald raises his coffee cup to Tsuki by way of greeting.

"It's good to see everyone again," Ben says pleasantly, as an ice-breaker while you all wait for the others to arrive.

Leo is sitting near the center of the switching yards, a hand on one of the old, rusted rails. He keeps glancing up as more people arrive.

Tsukikage nods to Ben and smiles faintly, glancing at the door.

Gerald eyes Ben sidelong, bleary-eyed. "Mmf." comes his elaborate reply. He's still waking up. Honest. He meanders vaguely toward Leo to take up a seat on a patch of ground.

Ben glances over to Leo and asks in a more solemn tone, "Any luck finding your friend so far?"

Tsukikage moves over to the circle of boulders and leans against one for a moment.

Leo shakes his head to Ben, sadly. "Nah, not yet." He frowns, unhappily.

Tsukikage looks over to Ben, "I'll see what I can do with my Rite of Questing. I also been trying to learn a more effective Gift of finding people. Hopefully, one will help."

Megumi comes in from New Dawn.
Megumi has arrived.

Ben nods slowly at Leo, just as a faint breeze seems to pick up and blow past him. He cants his head to the side, and whispers, "The spirits don't think you should give up hope." He gives Tsukikage a nod as well.

Leo glances up at Ben, he offers a faint smile back. "I won't." He turns as Megumi enters. He frowns, then looks at Tsukikage, but says nothing to her.

Tsukikage glances at Leo, then bows politely as Megumi enters.

Megumi strolls in with a giggle and then returns Tsukikage's bow, before finding a place near the edge of the caern where she will be out of the way, at least for the moment.

Ben also bows his head politely and smiles as Megumi finally wanders in and moves to the fringes of the group.

Leo glances and looks down at the rail, putting his hand on it.

Tsukikage glances around, then stands up and moves towards the center of the gathering area, "Well, it seem our kin do not find it important to be on time, so I think it probably a good time to start things."

Gerald eyes Leo sidelong, then glances toward Tsuki. He keeps quiet.

Ben blinks at Tsukikage and then nods in respectful silence, sitting down Indian-style right in the middle of a dusty patch of ground.

Tsukikage looks around the group, "Does everyone know each other here?" She glances over to Megumi.

Megumi glances up to Tsukikage to return the gaze, glancing about at the others - both known and unknown - but staying quiet.

Leo looks to Megumi as well, expectantly.

Gerald glances to Megumi, commenting, "Don't know her. I've met the rest."

Greta is also quiet, looking around the room, waiting politely. She nods at Gerald's comment..

Tsukikage looks over to Megumi, and hearing no response, looks back to the group, "For those who not yet meet, this is Megumi...a kitsune cousin of ours." She glances over to Leo, "She has sworn to protect our caerns and their location and has allied with us."

Katlin comes in from New Dawn.
Katlin has arrived.

Ben nods quietly to himself, studying Megumi thoughtfully.

Steven comes in from New Dawn.
Steven has arrived.

Megumi stays quiet even at this direct mention, eyes glancing about a bit but otherwise staying still.

Steven follows Katlin in, looking distinctly disturbed, but staying close to her.

"You do speak English, right, Megumi?" Ben asks, grinning.

Gerald lifts his coffee cup toward Megumi in what might be some kind of vague greeting. He then glances toward the arriving pair, eyeing them suspiciously.

Katlin walks in with Steven, her lips purchased in an equally distressed frown.. however nothing is said as she tip toes towards the rest of the group, trying not to disturb them..

Ben suddenly frowns and flushes at his own remark.

Leo says to the others, smirking. "The Kitsune are blessed in the east with a competency in etiquette that puts the other shifting breeds to shame. Unfortunately, the Sept of the Forgotten seems to have gotten the only tactless one."

Tsukikage seems to be introducing Megumi and getting things started as the kin walk in. She nods over to them, then turns to the group again, and motions to each person in turn, "Rio, Gerar-ld, Ben, Greta...and Steven and Kat-rlin. If everyone wish to make more formal introduction, as we not all possibly properly introduced..." She pauses to glance at Leo calmly for a moment after his comment, " a good time."

Megumi cast a glare at Leo for a moment before resetting her stance, "And you who live in the sunset are as crude as I have heard if you are to be my example."

Leo lifts his chin to Megumi. He leans to one side and farts in response.

Gerald lifts a hand to his face briefly, shaking his head as he mutters, "There's a witty rebuttal."

Steven leans to whisper to Katlin, almost inaudibly, as the two of them approach.

Katlin's hand comes to her face and the woman states clearly, "I don't /care/ if that's tradition, I'm NOT doing it."

Ben glances between Megumi and Leo and says, "Come on, we should look at our differences as opportunities to learn. Not reasons to argue."

Ben says "Tsuki's been waiting patiently all night to talk."

Gerald lets his hand drop as he turns to give Ben a mystified look.

Tsukikage stands up and waves her hand for attention, looking slightly annoyed, she recites firmly and loudly:

"I am Tsukikage no kami Fujiwara, ~Crane Shadow~, Fostern Ragabash of the Shadow Lord, Alpha of the Sept of the Forgotten." She stops a moment, then looks to Leo expectantly.

Ben gives Gerald a shrug and a sheepish grin as the introductions begin.

Leo glances at Ben. He grumbles, is about to say something, then catches Tsukikage's glance. He nods and rises, obediently. He turns to Megumi and says,

"I am Leo 'Lightning-Walker' Calus, Fostern warrior of the Shadow Lords, of Homid birth, the ahroun of the Sept of the Forgotten."

Leo does not in the least look offended at Megumi's lower bow to Tsukikage. Indeed, it seems to appeal to his sense of propriety and etiquette.

Megumi speaks softly but loudly enough to be heard by the occupants, "and as Tsukikage-domo introduced me, I am called Megumi. Gukutsushi of the court of Inari. Child of Mamarou and Sakura, honored Kitsune of the same court, and I am Shinju thereof, my sempai Jusen the thrice-tailed. It is my honor to be here, and I hope to provide service to the caern in all affairs proper to the mother.

Katlin's hand lifts to curl around her mouth as she exchanges a few little whispers with Steven.. she then looks from him to Megumi barely managing to stifle a snicker, and onlt the majority of one at that.

Tsukikage nods to Megumi, then looks over to Gerald.

Steven keeps whatever he's saying to Katlin more than low enough not to disturb the others, as he escorts her - more or less in Gerald's direction, if he's got much to say about it.

Leo nods to Megumi with that as well. Whatever slight it was that Megumi made earlier that so wounded his sense of honor and dignity, seems patched up a bit, if only with a band-aid. He turns to Gerald as well, stepping back and sitting down next to Ben.

Gerald shoots Katlin a dour glance at the snicker, frowning faintly. His attention darts to Tsukikage as she looks his way, and he gets to his feet. "I'm Gerald Hazeldine, known as Walks On Water, Cliath of the Get of Fenris, of Homid birth, born beneath the new moon." He rattles off the words, not precisely disinterested, but not entirely thrilled, either.

Tsukikage nods approvingly to Gerald, then looks over to Ben.

With limited success.. Steven manages to steer Katlin towards Gerald.. though she sticks briefly nearer to Leo.. especially after the dour look that only seems to intensify her giggles.

Megumi gives a curt bow to Gerald, again less deep than that of Tsukikage and this time of Leo as well.

Steven elbows Katlin very gently, in a perhaps misguided attempt to calm the laughter.

Ben also stands up without much pomp, not bothering to brush off any dust he picked up from the ground. "I am Whispers-With-Spirits, also called Ben, born far to the north of here under the Crescent Moon. Cliath seer of the Children of Gaia." He smiles around at everyone, nods at Megumi, then sits back down.

Tsukikage inclines her head to Ben, then looks over to Greta.

Megumi glances back to Tsukikage for a moment after Ben finishes his introduction, before returning her gaze to the introductions where she bows again, this time bowing the same as before to Gerald.

Katlin's lips open in a ..squeak. Yes it was definitely a squeak that she produced when prodded by an elbow. Hands now cup doubly over her mouth as eyes water with effort to still the nervous laughter.

Greta rises in turn, her voice clear and warm as she speaks her own introduction. I am Greta Petrakis, aft-named 'Burns with Silence,' Cliath, and also a child of the crescent moon, Theurge of the Black Furies' line. I was raised and Rited in the Sept of the Windy Glade in Massachusetts." She sits back down, that said, eyes moving about the room intently.

Greta says "I'm here to help, in any way that I can."

Tsukikage nod to Greta as well, then looks over to Steven.

Ben grins at Greta.

Megumi bows again to Greta, a slight change in her impression from the woman's introduction - though for better or worse it is hard to tell.

Gerald sits as well and resumes drinking his coffee, tilting back his head to polish off the cup.

[Weather] The clouds drift away revealing the sunrise sky.

Steven has, at least, more composure than Katlin. Then again, he wasn't the one laughing in the first place. "Steven Nowicki, kinfolk to the Get of Fenris," he says aloud.

[Weather] In the east you see the sun slowly rising as dawn breaks.

Tsukikage nods to Steven then looks over to Katlin...

Katlin looks back at Tsuki after managing to compose herself.. "Me? Oh er.. Katlin O'Neill. I'm.. hell, no one really knows who I am.. but I wield a mean ashtray?" She manages a little grin towards Gerald at that.

Tsukikage nods to Katlin, "Hai," then looks around the group, "We think she may call from the Fianna."

Megumi gives a short bow to Steven and Katlin simotainiously, politely.

Gerald says ruefully, "She does, and she is." He rubs at his temple, where the observant might note a faded, jagged scar.

Megumi returns her gaze to Tsukikage but glances about to address the entire group as she speaks, "There is another here who has not been introduced... A companion of mine, on the other side of the webs..."

Leo grins at Katlin, giving her a surruptitious 'thumbs-up'. He leans back, placing a hand on the rusted rail, as it testing it somehow.

Tsukikage nods to Gerald with a slight smile then looks over to Megumi, "Ahh. I see. If you would like to introduce..."

Ben quirks a brow at Megumi and listens intently.

Steven looks faintly puzzled at Megumi's addition, and glances around the space, peering out into the darkness for a moment or two.

Katlin reaches up and scratches briefly at the back of her neck.. puzzlement running rampant over her features until she shrugs and takes to watching Leo.

Megumi smiles at the permission and bows, "Thank you. He is a spirit of the wild foxes... What you would call a - " she pauses as her tounge wraps around the word, " - Jaggling... And has been my friend and companion since childhood. He and I share the same court name - Himitsu no Hikage... 'Secret of the Shadows'."

Ben blinks and looks around, "What?"

Steven's expression echoes Ben's comment, albeit probably for different reasons.

Leo nods a bit, but doesn't look that surprised.

Megumi pauses a moment, and then smiles, "and he too wishes to extend his best wishes, as well as an offer of his services as needed..."

Tsukikage bows politely to Megumi in response, "We welcome you both." Then glances over to Ben curiously.

Ben says "Who does?"

Ben peers at Megumi. He looks thoroughly confused, and is glancing around her for signs of another presence.

Megumi looks at Ben, "Himitsu-chan of course...." she seems slightly confused as well

Gerald eyes Ben sidelong, then just shakes his head.

Leo kind of shrugs, sort of in Megumi's direction.

Katlin just takes her confuddlement and stores it with the rest of her wonders.. turning her attention from Leo to Steven with a shrug.

Ben ahhhhs and nods slowly to Megumi, his cheeks turning slightly red, then shuts up.

Tsukikage nods a moment, then looks around, "Ok. It seem that taken care of. I wish to start the moot with the Moot Rite to replenish the caern's energy. Any who wish to offer any spiritual energy to the caern, please do." She pauses and looks to Megumi, "Your ways of such offerings maybe different than ours. If wish, please make offering as you normally would."

You paged Riddle with 'I'm about to perform the moot rite'.

Ben nods toward Tsukikage and stands up again, this time brushing the dust off his bottom.

Megumi smiles and nods, "Of course." as she looks around, waiting for what she expects to be the beautiful yet haunting cacaphony that is the wolven howl.

Ben says to everyone, "Everyone should give as much of themselves as they can. The caern is weak, and it needs our strength right now."

Katlin raises a hand to her hair, smoothing a curl as an eyebrow is raised to Steven.. but she seems to have collected herself enough to stave off the giggles.

Greta watches, smiling and seeming somehow more energized by the actual beginnings of something. Ben's words bleed away her smile, tho, and she gives a quick nod, slipping back into watching intently.

Leo gets faintly embarrassed. "I have none to give. When we slaughtered the Fomori, I used what spiritual energy I had to fight it."

Ben glances at Leo, "I will give for you, too, then, Leo." He draws a deep breath.

Tsukikage nods then steps to the middle, she looks over to Steven and Katlin, "I will be changing for the howl at the end of the ritual, as may some others," She glances around the room, "So be prepared."

Gerald sits up a bit, and though he doesn't say anything, he seems to at least be paying attention.

Megumi begins to prepare for the rite, glancing to Steven and Katlin as she realizes she was more than likely going to shift in front of them without that warning. She stays silent about the realization and sits down on the dirt, taking the simple meditation stance and waits for the act to begin

Leo looks up to Ben. He lifts his chin and smiles, appreciatively. He steps back, though, and begins to shift.

Katlin glances towards Tsuki at the warning and moves behind Steven.. one hand fixing into his clothing. This apparently a little more then she was bargaining for, but good manners hold out and she mutters, "No sweat.." really, as long as she gets to keep Steven-Human-Shield-For-A-Night.

Ben rolls his shoulders and his heavy-lidded eyes take on a dreamy glaze. He then strips off his shirt and shoes, taking deep tranquil breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Tossing the shirt and shoes to the side, he returns to the group and shifts as well.

Whispers-With-Spirits undergoes a startling transmogrification into the terrifying Wolf-Man form. His clothes are shredded from his body in the proccess.

LightingWalker glances down at Katlin. He flicks his ears back, and gives her a rather toothy grin, some irony in the expression of his wolfish snout.

Megumi shifts a little more elegantly, her clothes fading into her body and new spirit-bound ones taking their place as she takes the half-form.

Gerald groans quietly and gets to his feet, muttering as he wanders off, "I am not getting naked in front of you people again." It isn't a long absence, just enough to strip and shift in relative seclusion.

Steven glances behind himself to Katlin and offers a faint grin. Very faint. Whispers-With-Spirits smiles at Gerald with his big scary wolf mouth.

Tsukikage stands in the middle of the room and faces east, raising her arms:

"Hear me spirits of the East, Power of Air, we call on you, Starseeker, Whirlwind, Rising Sun, Come! By air that is your breath, send forth your light, be here now..." She pauses, then turns to the North, "Spirits of North, Power of Fire, we call on you. Flaming one, summer warmth, Spark of life. Come! By Fire that is your spirit, send forth your flame, be here now..." She then pauses again and turns to the West, "Spirits of the West, Power of Water, we call on you. You of the watery abyss, Rainmakers, Grey-Robed twilight, Evening star...Luna. Come! By waters of your life, send forth your flow, be here now..." She pauses again a little longer then faces South, "Spirit of the South! Power of Gaia, Lady of Life, Southern Sky, center of the sky... Stone, Mountain, Fertile Field. Come! By earth that is your body, Send forth your strength! Be here now!"

WalksOnWater bares his teeth at Whispers, rumbling a quiet snarl, 'friendly' like. Sure.

You paged Riddle with 'I wanna spend a willpower point too'.
Riddle pages: Ok...

VERIFY(IOCR) Tsukikage rolls Charisma + Rituals at a difficulty of 7 and gets 1 successes.

Tsukikage finishes her chanting, then her form begins to blur and change.
You start to shift into Crinos form.

Crane Shadow finishes shifting, then lets out an eery, high pitched howl, her voice warbling a bit with the tone.

You burn a point of Gnosis, lowering it to 0.
> Crane Shadow spends a point of Gnosis.

LightingWalker joins in with his own - not an impressive howl, but deep and resonating in it's own way, off-key to Crane Shadow's in that way wolves have of singing.

Himitsu watches Tsukikage intently as the rite is enacted, while letting her own wells of power build up. She breathes deeply, listening to the howl and trying, as best a fox can, to attune herself to it's feeling.

Whispers-With-Spirits kneels down and wipes the dusty earth in front of him with a great paw, symbolically. He bows his head and then raises it up again, lending a deep and forlorn howl that smacks of sadness.

WalksOnWater starts to howl as well, a rumbling and low sound.

Burns-with-Silence remains in the position she held before her shift, palms pressed to the earth, but lifts her muzzle and lends her own voice to the chorus with redoubled force and feeling.

Himitsu breathes deeply and fades away from the physical, finding part of herself drifting to the Umbra for a moment as she finds the wells within herself. Then, with a great force of will and relaxation in strange combination she releases it into the caern.

Crane Shadow takes a deep breath, then her form begins to blur and change again, shrinking back to her human form.
You start to shift into Homid form.

Whispers-With-Spirits does not shift back to homid form, though he does slowly cease his howl and then kneels down.

Burns-with-Silence takes queue from the Alpha, also returning to her human visage with a shiver and a blur of fur and flesh. She's...still kneeling.

WalksOnWater quiets his howl, not shifting either. Instead, the massive, monstrous canine head turns to pin Steven with a pointed look.

Steven half-turns, facing Katlin as he plays human shield, and lays a hand carefully on her shoulder. Then he glances back at WalksOnWater, momentarily uneasy.

Katlin? What Katlin... the she-kin is curled up behind Steven so madly one might think she was trying on his shirt.. while he was still wearing it. A bit green about the cheeks she takes a couple short breaths, whispering to him.

Himitsu shudders a moment, then opens her eyes and watches the wolf's alpha returning to human form, decides - despite her comfort in her breed form - to return to the human guise. Her form blurs and melts, quickly taking up the human guise as her bones and skin reknit themselves at an impressive rate.

Megumi finishes taking her human form and promptly shudders again, half collapsing in a dizzy spell but catching herself with her palms before making a scene of herself. She breathes deep a moment, letting her spirit recover from it's expenditure.

Tsukikage looks around then smiles at everyone, "I choose return to this form so that kin may understand some of what goes on. Feel free to stay as most comfortable."

LightningWalker glances back at Katlin and Steven. He flicks both ears back, an expression that's probably lost on the kinfolk. He paces away from the two, then shifts back, though, like Megumi, he seems like he'd rather stay in that form.

WalksOnWater snorts at Steven, stalking back to where he had shifted before. Steven mutters aside to WalksOnWater, "Give me a minute," as he strokes Katlin's shoulder carefully.

Leo dusts himself off. Once he's done, he turns and wanders towards Katlin and Steven, concern etched on his expression.

Whispers-With-Spirits turns his big lupine head in Tsukikage's direction and asks, "Should Sept ritual hunt?" He uses the human tongue, albeit with difficulty.

Gerald emerges from his little hidey-spot, clothed and human'ish again, and grumpy, but this is hardly new.

Megumi breaths a moment, the haze in her vision clearing. Then sits back up, before standing in a single flush movement - half giving the impression she might collapse as soon as she is on two feet again. Yet she manages to hold herself, and her recovery seems to become more and more rapid as her preternatural graces and body language return.

Whispers-With-Spirits peers at Megumi with large yellow lupine eyes.

Katlin looks a bit more shyly on Leo then she had in the past.. hands finally disengaging from their death grip on Steven's clothing. Hands shift to her pockets as Gerald too returns, and she keeps her mouth buttoned tightly, staring at some speck on the floor with great intensity.

Tsukikage looks around, "Now on to matters of importance. We have many before us. I would like to discuss several things tonight. The fomor we dealt with. The vampires, formation of a pack, the restless bane in the volcano and spirits, this caern weakening, and any other matters which are brought up." She glances around, looking a Megumi directly for a moment, then continuing her gaze to everyone else, "Everything we speak of here, stays here and between us. If I hear of otherwise, it will not be taken lightly." She then looks to Whispers, "We will hunt after our discussion."

Leo leans in to mutter something to Katlin.

Whispers-With-Spirits nods to Tsukikage.

Megumi nods towards Tsukikage, with a sense of a 'well duh' or 'of course' in her gesture, though understated to the point that she hopes it will not be taken as rude.

Tsukikage looks around and nods, "I like to thank all of you who helped in dealing with the fomor a few weeks ago. I still concerned about how such a thing happen to her and would like to look into it more." She glances around the group, "Does anyone wish to speak on this subject?"

Katlin's gaze sweeps to Leo in one explosive moment of crimson rage, "Wot t' fook d' ye ken 'o bein' 'froid?!" as quickly as the anger reared, it subsides in a tremor with the woman clasping a hand over her mouth though too late to draw back the words of challenge.

Gerald folds his arms over his chest and listens to Tsuki, pointedly keeping his attention on her.

Steven puts his arm physically around Katlin, though stopping just short of drawing her physically back.

Leo glances from Katlin to Tsukikage and the group. It's clear from his expression he doesn't want to disturb the Moot. He shakes his head and murmurs to Katlin, then walks away.

Tsukikage glances at Katlin a moment, then continues to look around the group for a moment.

Greta kinda half-raises a hand, looking to Tsukikage for permission to jump in.

Whispers-With-Spirits nods briefly at Tsukikage. in the language of the garou, "Greta and I talked about it. Even though it may sound strange, she thought it might have something to do with the bubble gum. I wanted to agree, because Leo and I talked to a bum that mentioned something about meal coupons at the homeless shelter, which I think has to do with the strong Wyrm taint in that alley of the 'zone. It's possible that food additives could cause taint."

(OOC) Whispers-With-Spirits says, "Yikes, sorry Greta."

Tsukikage nods to Whispers, "Hai. Then looks to Greta as well. "You are both free to speak."

Whispers-With-Spirits turns to Megumi, bowing his head. "Forgot talk makes confusion."

Katlin doesn't fight the arms of Steven, rather she just looks as if she might shatter should he squeeze.. hands remain clasped over her lips as she closes her eyes, turning her face away from Leo.

Greta smiles faintly, and points to Whispers. "What he said. Fomori are made, and with the numbers of Tainted folk and places in this city, something common must be touching them."

Leo finds a place to lean against, on the other side of the switching yard. A shadowy place. When Whispers-with-Spirits refers to him, he nods a bit, but that's it.

Tsukikage nods to Greta, "Hai. I think there maybe some corrupting influence in Zone. We should try to scout it out some and see what we can find. This seems to fit with what the spirits trying to tell us as well. We also have concern with other creatures that emerge there." She glances to Leo, "As well as large rats who seem to be attacking the corrupted."

Megumi listens to Whispers-With-Spirits as he speaks in the wolven tounge, though seemingly furrowing her brow at every 3rd word. Then listens Greta and finally Tsukikage.

Dennis comes in from New Dawn.
Dennis has arrived.

Tsukikage glances up as the Chief walks in. She bows to him, "Aaa. Chief Stratton, glad you could make it." She looks around the group, "You already miss introductions, but this is Chief Stratton, a kin of the Glasswalkers, and Chief of Police here."

Whispers-With-Spirits nods at Dennis slowly, hoping his appearance doesn't catch the older man off guard.

Steven comments, quietly, "Aubren passed that one on months back, that is was more than 'maybe' a corrupting influence." He glances toward Tsuki and Leo, without stepping away from Katlin, and adds a fairly solemn nod toward Dennis.

Leo steps in, offering to speak. After a pause, he says, "The bum mentioned something about people passing out vouchers - and said his friends 'changed' after that. There definitely seems to be something to investigate, though it could be a dead end."

Dennis walks in, looking about with a quiet, gruff sort of reticence. He bows politely at Tsukikage, "Ms. Fujiawara, forgive my tardiness. Early morning phone call at work... I should be free until lunch now."

Katlin's hands push over her face to her hair and she turns away from the others, burrowing her face against Steven..

Tsukikage gives Steven a sharp look.

Megumi hangs back, having little knowledge on the going-ons being discussed as well as a new member it would be best for her to just listen and infer what she can.

Leo turns and nods respectfully to Chief Stratton as well.

Steven glances down at the look from Tsukikage, shutting up.

Greta develops a wry smile at the mention of police, and also politely offers

Dennis a nod. "I don't know if anyone's ever done this..." she says softly, "But as I tried to learn the city, I've been slowly working on mapping where the Tainted areas lie, to see if there's an epicenter. It does seem to huddle around the east Lomas alleyways.

Whispers-With-Spirits turns to Greta with those big yellow eyes, and nods very slowly. "Volcano too," he says in the human tongue. "Volcano more," he adds.

Katlin's hand clenches against Steven's shoulder as she blurts something into his ear.. shoulders trembling and her breath short. Afterwards she mutters, "I want to go home."

Gerald sits on the ground, keeping sullenly silent.

Leo winces at the mention of the Volcano.

Whispers-With-Spirits regards Leo with the same eyes. Big, round, yellow pools of wisdom.

Tsukikage nods to Greta, "Ah. Thank you. I hoping to some of that myself."

She nods to Whispers, "Yes, it been that way for some time. We talk about that next."

Megumi looks down at the dirt at mention of the Volcano, seemingly ashamed of something all of a sudden

Whispers-With-Spirits nods at Tsuki respectfully.

Dennis listens quietly, staying back for now.

Tsukikage looks over to the Chief, then glances at Katlin a moment, before looking back to him, "We just finish talking a bit about what might have caused such things to happen to the little girl."

Steven guides Katlin a little back from the rest of the circle, at least.

Leo looks over at Katlin, at that, then turns back to watch the debate.

Tsukikage looks to the Chief, "Is there anything you like to add to subject before we decide what to be done and move on?"

Katlin nods her head slowly against Steven.. allowing him to pull her back from the rest.. she does pick up her head and glance towards Leo and Gerald both for but a moment with utter misery before turning to face only Steven.

Whispers-With-Spirits also peers in the general direction of Katlin and Steven. His attention seems to remain then for some time.

Dennis runs his hands through his hair, "Well... the child... is... she has a history of running away. So there's not been... well, it has not been as bad as it could be."

Tsukikage nods to him, then glances from the Chief for a moment, holding up her hand in apology, then looks to Katlin questioningly, "Is something wrong?"

Gerald glances toward Steven and Katlin, though his attention mostly is upon the discussion of the child.

Dennis glances at Katlin also, a faint look of worry (or perhaps vague irritation) on his craggy features.

Steven hesitates just long enough to see whether Katlin is going to answer Tsukikage.

Katlin's head swivels towards the others, rather then answer she reiterates her earlier statement to Steven, "I'd like to go home, please."

Tsukikage tilts her head to Katlin, "You not feeling well?"

Greta opens her mouth to say something to Katlin and then very quickly closes it again, realizing the badness of that idea. She lets the Sept members speak to the issue.

Leo glances at Katlin. A look of irritation crosses his features, and he glances away.

Whispers-With-Spirits shifts from one knee to the other. "Kin not act well," he says in the broken language.

Gerald sighs softly and lifts his gaze skyward, keeping his temper, albeit with some visible effort.

"I can't.." Katlin tells Steven, almost whining as she tries now to step away.. "I'm fine, just tired.. I don't belong here. Not.. now."

Steven shakes his head at Katlin, and in turn, tries to keep his arm around her - though perhaps not comforting quite so much, now. "Demons, she says," he says quietly.

Tsukikage glances at Whispers, wrinkling her brow as if not exactly sure which way to take the statement, then looks back to Katlin, "These meetings very important to our kind... You are of our kind and we wish to include you. It is a great honor for you to attend." She pauses, "What is it that makes you feel you not belong?" She looks to Steven, "Demons?"

Whispers-With-Spirits hmmms. He just looks down, and runs his claws through the curly tangled beard under his snout.

Katlin groans under her breath, no longer waiting permission to leave she starts walking towards the cavern entrance that brought her in this evening..

Tsukikage frowns as Katlin goes, "You have much to learn, I hope you cause no further trouble this evening."

Leo turns to look back at Katlin. He steps in to the circle, waits to be acknowledged, then says, "The kin should go - she was having a rough time the other night with the leeches around. Her resourcefulness will be of little use to us if we run her ragged trying to keep up with our ways."

Whispers-With-Spirits says something softly to everyone as Katlin turns to leave, in the language of the garou, "Maybe her treatement from the leeches has hurt her more than we realize."

Dennis frowns slightly, but does not speak.

Gerald as well keeps quiet as he watches Katlin walk off.

Leo watches Katlin, furrowing his brow.

Steven doesn't say anything further, but his eyes close tightly; still, he stays where he is, back from the circle.

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. I not have problem with her leaving now. She has been through much, but in future," She addresses Katlin, "I hope you know you can talk to me of such things. We risk much for you the other night with the leeches, I hope you appreciate it. We wish to help you, and I not angry if something bothering you, but, please, do not be afraid to say so."

Katlin answers as she keeps walking away.. "You're so self centered you'd never begin to believe.. I hope you never need to... and I have a bloody name, it's not Kin."

Dennis frowns, hoping to get Leo's attention as he approaches the man.

Tsukikage raises an eyebrow at Katlin, "We also have been through much you would never believe, Katlin."

Gerald rumbles from where he sits, "Pot. Kettle. Black."

Whispers-With-Spirits paws the ground restlessly as Katlin pipes up. He says, "Blood thicker than water."

Greta watches the scene with grim resignation, and little surprise, as if it were one she had seen before. "Katlin. If you need some time to reflect, you can rest in my flat upstairs. If you want to talk, later, I, too, offer an ear."

Leo watches Katlin leave. "I have a mission, Katlin. That mission is higher than anything, higher than my life, higher than my soul and ego. Someday you may see that."

Whispers-With-Spirits regards Leo thoughtfully for a moment, then gazes down one of the tunnels at nothing in particular.

Katlin's hand takes pause on the rock wall as she listens to the cacophony of voices.. and turns to look over her shoulder. "Some things just can't be given real value until you've already lost them Leo.. maybe someday you'll be right, maybe today you're all right.. but I can't help you until I can help myself. I'm only going to cause more trouble. If it's okay, I'm going to go home and try not to think about all of this long enough to get a couple minutes of peace."

Tsukikage nods to Katlin, "If that is what you wish to do. Be careful out there."

Leo is studying Katlin. He suddenly, visibly flinches, as if struck. Then, as soon as that errant look crosses his face, it's gone. He gets a very...bland look on his face. "Maybe," he says, lowly. "Go now, Katlin. Rest. Stay out of trouble."

Whispers-With-Spirits would say something very wise and concillatory right now, if he weren't totally distracted by nothing whatsoever.

Gerald remains quiet, staring at the ground until his attention gets drawn to Whispers, and he eyes him oddly.

Greta turns back to Tsuki. "Apoligies, Leader. We should probably return to the tasks you've set for us this night."

Katlin nods quietly to Tsuki and Leo.. then turns and leaves without another word.

Katlin heads back into New Dawn.
Katlin has left.

Tsukikage nods as Katlin takes her leave, then turns back to the group and nods to Greta, "Hai. As I saying, I think we should investigate zone further. Try to find areas of taint, follow leads we have. And also form small group to scout out Umbra as best we can without too much danger."

Leo watches Katlin leave, his face bland and without emotion. WHen she leaves, however, he momentarily looks...faintly ill. He gives Tsukikage an inscrutible look as only tribemates are wont to do, and turns and leaves the circle, moving to a shadowy part of the caern.

Whispers-With-Spirits turns suddenly, as if someone said his name. "Hrr?" he grunts softly, then clears his wolf-throat; a deep and rumbling sound that sounds almost like a cough.

Gerald glances to Tsuki and asks, "Do we know who's handing out the vouchers?"

You sense Leo's look is an obvious 'We should talk' look, though he looks worried.

Tsukikage looks to Gerald, then Leo, "The homeless shelter it was?"

Whispers-With-Spirits says "Shelter."

Long distance to Leo: Tsukikage catches your look out of the corner of her eye and nods ever so slightly.

Gerald nods a bit, then clarifies, "But not their source, right?"

Tsukikage shakes her head, "No, that what we need to find."

Dennis looks around questioningly, "What do you mean, sir... the source?" He immediately seems to look contrite, as though ashamed to have somehow spoken out of turn.

Gerald glances to Dennis, seeming none too offended as he replies, "Who's distributing them. Who is giving them to the shelter to give out. I'm assuming someone is sponsoring them."

Whispers-With-Spirits turns and heads a little bit closer to Leo, his hulking hairy form moving slowly and gracefully along one of the tracks. His head is turned toward the conversation, however.

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. It may be the food that they get in return which causing actual damage."

Leo glances over as the giant bearded Theurge moves over, and lifts his chin in acknowledgement.

Whispers-With-Spirits mentions, both to Tsukikage and Gerald, in the language of the garou, "I asked a doctor at the hospital. She works with the shelter sometimes, she said. She is looking into it, also."

Tsukikage looks to Whispers, "Can this doctor be trusted?"

Dennis says "That's something I can probably find out without too much trouble."

Gerald nods a bit and muses, "If that doesn't turn anything up, we might try to get hold of the Shelter's financial records." He glances toward Dennis, adding thoughtfully, "Maybe generate a search warrant."

Dennis says "I mean... regarding these vouchers."

Whispers-With-Spirits says in the language of the garou, "She's not just a regular doctor. She is a magic-user of some kind, but she claims to be a friend."

Tsukikage looks over to Dennis and nods, "Hai. Any information you can gather would help."

Dennis says "Well... the Shelter, I can tell you this right now, is not sponsored in any way by the City."

Tsukikage looks over to Whispers and nods, "I see. Be careful with them. She maybe useful, though."

Gerald nods firmly and says, "Right. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like a look-see at its sponsor roster."

Dennis adds, "The Shelter is a state public corporation, it's funded through Federal and State monies as well as private donations and grants. No level of government has any part in the management of the Shelter." He trails off, then says, gruffly, "I learned this during a fundraiser there at one point."

Leo glances over at Dennis when he says this. He hrms.

Whispers-With-Spirits shrugs a bit at Tsukikage, his huge shoulder rising and falling slowly as he nods back. "She knew me first. Don't trust completely, friends with dead things, but honest," he says, struggling with the words.

Whispers-With-Spirits also looks at Dennis.

Tsukikage nods to Gerald, "Hai. Good idea." She looks around the group, "Let's all try to see what we can find and keep each other informed. Once we know more, we move in and look around physically. See what we up against."

Gerald nods to Tsukikage and replies, "Got it. I'll see what I can do."

Whispers-With-Spirits seems to want to communicate with Chief Stratton about something, then closes his eyes and slowly makes the transformation back into homid form. It takes very little time. He wore extra baggy pants, and still the seams split a bit, but at least's he modestly garbed when the change is complete. That's all he has are the pants, however.
Ben shifts into human form.

Leo grunts in assent, though an information-gatherer he's obviously not.

Tsukikage looks over to Dennis and Gerald, "You two look into records and monies more. See what find. Greta can continue her search of tainted areas. We all keep our ears open for anything else..." She glances over as Whispers shifts back.

Dennis clears his throat. "Ms. Fujiwara," he murmurs, "I would be very grateful for any advice as to the cadaver's servant that may have infiltrated the department. Perhaps this, uh, corruption extends further even than that."

Ben was just about to say something, but he falls silent and grins as Dennis speaks so politely and meekly to Tsukikage.

Tsukikage nods to Dennis, "Hai. Unfortunately, I still not able to locate him. It something we urgently need to look into. Have he been acting strangely at all?"

Dennis sighs, "Well... the thing is, his psychological evaluation was pretty good. Dr. Palmer just said that he needed to have a stronger partner to supervise him. So I assigned him to one of our best detectives. But... "

Tsukikage frowns, "Unfortunately, the one who know much about them, just leave earlier..." She looks around the group, "Any of you know of a man named, Jeremiah Alberts? He an officer, and may be a servant of the vampire."

Gerald shakes his head, murmuring, "Never heard of him."

Ben scratches his beard and says, "Me either."

Leo shakes his head.

Steven adds a shake of his own head. No recognition there.

Tsukikage nods, "Ok. We need to look into this. I try to find way to run into him and sniff him out. Katlin and Maddy may also be useful for finding information."

Leo rumbles, "Or Maddy, at least."

Tsukikage looks to Dennis and frowns, "I deeply apologize we not yet able to resolve this."

Dennis sighs, "I do not know how far the corruption might go. Who knows who else is... one of them? I don't know whom to trust anymore."

Ben says in a helpful voice, "If the taint runs deep, I would be able to sense it. But it's not very common that the leeches' blood slaves get that corrupted. At least that I've seen in my time."

Tsukikage nods to Dennis, "I try to stop by the station sometime and see what I can sense."

Tsukikage nods to Ben thoughtfully, "They still may be working to help them. Which not help us."

Ben nods, drawing a deep breath.

Dennis frets, "I had everyone evaluated -- psychological evaluations -- after the incident with that poor child. But almost everyone seemed to pass fairly well."

Tsukikage smiles to Dennis and says reassuringly, "We do all that we can to help you in this."

Dennis laces his fingers together; they are trembling slightly. "Do you know of anyone, any other names? Thank you..." He smiles, sllightly, "What's that saying? Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?"

Ben says "I think it's 'never a judge a book by its cover,' Chief."

Tsukikage shakes her head at Dennis, "No. I assure you I look into it more though. I will see if Katlin have any names and will try to stop by the station."

Dennis nods, "Thank you very much."

Tsukikage looks around the group, "If any of you hear anything on this matter, please let me know also."

Leo nods. "Will do, 'Kage-rhya."

Gerald nods agreeably. "Will do."

Ben says "Ok."

Tsukikage looks around the group again. "Ok. So, on to volcano. We know there a large bane being kept there. I worried that recent earthquakes perhaps disrupt his seal. Ben have visions of spirits, which we think maybe spirits of the mountains. They tell us to speak with their brother in the blue world. Ben and I consult a spirit at the healing caern about such things and she confirm that the brother spirit is Mt. Taylor in Grants. We need to find out about this spirit and see what it can do to help keep the Bane asleep." She pauses, "The theurges should try to contact the spirit there. If I can, I will accompany you, but if not, please feel free to investigate yourself."

Leo's eyes glaze over at the mention of spirits. He nods with what Tsukikage says.

Gerald echoes Leo unconsciously, nodding to Tsukikage without a word.

Tsukikage looks to Ben and Greta, "The two of you can coordinate on this."

Ben says to the group, "I have been to Mount Taylor not long ago, and I definitely think that the Turquoise Boy is there. As for the Bane..." he rubs his arms, and shrugs. "It's very very powerful. I'm not going to lie... it really worries me."

Leo snorts. "It gets released, we kill it," he says, confidantly.

Ben turns to Leo. "That's the spirit, Leo," he says with a nod.

Dennis nods, looking at Leo with something closely resembling admiration.

Tsukikage nods to Ben, "It worry us as well. I also recently explore the old area inside the volcano. It seem a vampire had taken residence there. I find his old lair, a dead body, and many scatter bones, as well as a journal of his. I like to organize a group to clean out the inside of the volcano as best we can and get rid of such corrupting influence. I also worried that any glyphs there may have cracked in the earthquakes and would like to investigate that as well."

Tsukikage adds, "Glyphs that maybe keep the bane sealed..."

Leo nods. "I'll help with the cleanup, however I can."

Tsukikage nods, "Mostly moving stuff out, cleansing and burning."

Leo hmms. "Ok."

Tsukikage tilts her head, "Or just burning there..."

Ben nods. "The spirits there will not want to help us," he guesses, "But we can force them if we have to."

Tsukikage nods to Ben. "Hai. For now, arrange time with Greta to find this spirit in Mt. Taylor."

Tsukikage looks around, "Oh, I like to officially welcome Ben and Greta to the Sept of the Forgotten. They have already both helped greatly and we are honored by their presence."

"I will, 'Kage-rhya," Ben says to Tsuki. "And thank you." He looks pretty darn humble, if truth be told.

Gerald glances from Greta to Ben, nodding to each, but still holding his silence.

Leo nods to Greta and Ben, each in turn. There is a faint look of relief in his expression.

Tsukikage glances around, "I also like to state that Leo has been acting as Beta for some time now. I like to officially extend that position to him at this point..."

Ben hoots and nods respectfully at Leo.

Ben gets distracted by something soon after that...

Leo glances up. He blinks, then nods to Tsukikage, de-leaning from the wall of the old switchyard and looking around to people. "I hope I bring honor ot the position, and act as a strong second," he says. That's about it.

Tsukikage smiles to Leo and nods, glancing around the group. "I also would like all of the wolves here to think about forming a pack with me and Leo. That something we can discuss more later."

Gerald nods a bit. He's paying attention. He's just quiet.

Leo nods, too. "Yeah. Find a good Totem. Like Slug. or the little green Peyote guy, Mescalito."

Tsukikage nods, then looks around, "The non-aggression pact with the vampires still stands at this time. We not strong enough to go to war with them. If we have problem with one of theirs, come to me and I will bring it up with one of their representatives. The same goes for us and ours. It a very fragile agreement, but it allow us to fight more powerful corrupting forces like banes for now. However, it still in our interest for them not to get too stong."

Tsukikage grins at Leo's comment.

Leo mumbles, "Slug, an underrated Totem."

Leo says "Poor Slug. The saddest of the totem spirits."

Gerald clears his throat and says, "Has anyone explained Baxter to you, Tsukikage? Or what he did to Katlin?"

Leo nods to Gerald, but lets Tsukikage speak.

You say "One last thing. Eliza seems to be missing. We not sure what happened to her. Rose and Danny seem to no longer be friend with her. I not trust Danny at all, and I beginning to worry about Rose, though I not sure if she know what she into. If anyone have information about Eliza, let me know. I will be performing a rite to find her soon if I can.""

Tsukikage looks over to Gerald and nods, "Hai. Katlin tell me of it the other night. The other vampires concerned about her, so I allow her to exchange the journal I find of one called Nik, a Sabbatt, in exchange for her safety from the rest of them. While Baxter a good distraction for the main group of vampires, he unpredictable and I not allow him to torture one of ours. So, in exchange for the journal and Katlin's safetly, I also ask them to take care of Baxter for us."

Leo rumbles. "If he tortured her."

Leo says "We have no Truthcatcher to tell if she lies."

Tsukikage looks over to Leo, "You think he maybe not torture her?"

Dennis clears his throat, "Who's Eliza? I've heard the name..."

Leo says "She may have a vendetta against Baxter and use us to fight him. She has done such things in the past."

Leo glances at Dennis. "Eliza Andrade. Owner of the FUBAR."

Tsukikage looks over to Leo, "If that the case, then it will be other vampires who take care of him. I have a feeling, that something they planning on doing anyway."

Leo says, regarding Katlin, "I'm thinking he did, but I don't know if he would have tried to garner information about us that way. I think the info he wanted was on the other vampires."

Gerald glances to Leo, nodding glumly. "She was upset when I talked to her, but she gets upset pretty easily, I've noticed."

Leo nods. "Aye, you're right," he says to Tsukikage. He grins a bit to Gerald. "Yeah. Seems that way."

Dennis nods, "Is she someone who is... mmm... related?"

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. Anything he heard of us, was little. She actually not know much of our ways. She did tell him much of the others, which is why I traded her safety from them. The one called Kiira was watching her and I think they maybe try to do something about her. If there a problem with her, I rather it be us who deal with it, than them."

Leo shakes his head to Dennis. "No, Chief Stratton, she's not. She's my mortal employer."

Tsukikage nods to Dennis.

Tsukikage frowns, "I fear that Katlin not the most stable of persons. She seem to take vendettas to the extreme."

Gerald clears his throat and asks, "Am I continuing Xavier's instruction to educate her? If she is a liability, and if she can't seem to leave the leeches alone and vice versa, I hesitate to tell her too much, but if she is kept in ignorance, that may not help us either."

Steven lifts one hand, quietly, as if for permission to speak.

Leo gets a...pained look. "There is something I need to discuss with Tsukikage about Katlin." He turns to Gerald. "And possibly Gerald, as he's her instructor. But it is not appropriate for me to speak of it here."

Tsukikage nods to Gerald and frowns, "I think it probably good to try to explain our goals and why we do what we do. Our ways, but also keep a close eye on her....She already know much more now.." She nods over to Leo, a serious expression, then looks to Steven, "Yes?"

Steven hesitates, glancing toward Leo. "Uh - I might be about to ask the same thing Leo just suggested discussing. If so, I should probably hold back."

Gerald glances to Leo, frowning faintly, but he nods.

Tsukikage nods, "Perhaps the four of us should arrange to talk privately soon."

Leo shakes his head. "It would be dishonorable of me to bring up unfounded accu-...speculations in a public forum."

Tsukikage glances over to Leo a moment and nods once.

Dennis nods to Leo.

Gerald suggests, "Why not both of you come over sometime?" This to Leo and Tsuki. "I've got a few things to discuss with both of you, myself."

Tsukikage nods to Gerald, "Hai. We will try to do that in the next few days."

Tsukikage glances around, "It seem our time is running low. I will call another moot to discuss these other matters I mention again soon. For now, we focus on the zone, the food vouchers, the volcano, and the possible servant police officers."

Leo nods.

Gerald nods firmly and says, "Will do. I'll figure something out with the vouchers."

Dennis nods quietly. "I'd best be getting back to the office..." He nods politely to all those present, and makes a low, almost obsequious bow to Tsukikage.

Tsukikage bows back politely to Dennis, "Thank you again for all your help."

Leo nods respectfully to Dennis.

Gerald waves a bit to Dennis. "See you around," he says.

Dennis nods again and wanders out.
Dennis unlocks the door marked Out .
Dennis heads back into New Dawn.
Dennis has left.

Tsukikage nods and glances around, "Ok. I think that brings us to the end for the time being..."

Gerald gets to his feet, remembering his cup, which he snaps up in one hand. "I'll be in touch. Do you have my number? It's listed, I think."

Leo nods. "Yeah, I got it."

Tsukikage nods, "Hai. Mine is listed also."

Tsukikage bows to everyone, "Thank you all for coming."

Leo wanders off down one of the tunnels and curls up, like one of those weird people who live underground in New York that people make documentaries of sometimes.

Gerald gestures to Steven as he starts to head out. "Good to see you again," he replies, inclining his head to both Tsuki and Leo, each in turn.

Leo mumbles a response to either Gerald or Tsukikage, or both, and then drifts off to sleep.

Tsukikage smiles in reply to Gerald and nods, waving.

Steven bows his head to Tsukikage, and to the tunnel, and stays fairly close at Gerald's heel.

Gerald unlocks the door marked Out .
Gerald heads back into New Dawn.
Gerald has left.

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